Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Turner Endorses Brizzi

In a slap at his former boss, Mayor Bart Peterson (D), and fellow co-worker in the Peterson administration, Melina Kennedy, former Public Safety Director Robert Turner announced this morning on WXNT's "Abdul in the Morning" that he is endorsing the re-election of Marion Co. Prosecutor Carl Brizzi (R) over Kennedy (D). Turner, a long-time attorney and career law enforcement officer, tells Abdul this morning that it comes down to experience. Turner insists it's nothing personal against either Peterson or Kennedy. He did, however, say that Peterson's folks have been after him for some time with "guns ablazing."

Is there a political motive behind Turner's announcement? He tells Adbul that he has given consideration to running for political office, but his real interest lies in becoming a criminal court judge, or perhaps doing a little teaching at an area university. He does not rule out running for public office altogether, but he has no immediate plans to seek public office.

Turner stepped down as Public Safety Director for the Peterson administration this past summer after he had differences over the direction and management of public safety with the Mayor and his staff. It was later revealed that Peterson had tried to offer Turner a six-figure job as head of security at Indianapolis International Airport before he departed the administration in an apparent effort to smooth tensions with Turner. Turner declined the offer.


Anonymous said...

I heard the interview, too.

Ike, ya better watch out...if Bob decides to run for mayor, we could have a real contest on our hands.

I'm not sure of Bob's politics--think he's a Dem.

Anonymous said...

8:26 - wrong.

Two things on this "big news" from Abdul.

1) Bob Turner has always been, and will always be a Republican.

2) Bob Turner, as Director of Public Safety was required to both serve at the pleasure of the Mayor and to implement the vision of the Mayor onto public safety. He both outstayed his welcome and put his personal beliefs above those of his boss.

This isn't a big news, it isn't even a drop in the proverbial bucket.

As for big Bob Turner running for Mayor, Peterson would beat him by 15 points (of course, he's going to beat Ika by a bunch too, so...)

Anonymous said...

Agree with 9:46. Turner is a negative-thinker. Seemingly always bummed out about how life's treating him.

This is no big deal at all. Just sour grapes, and a way to jab at the Democrats.

Unnecessarily so, at that.

Anonymous said...

"Peterson would beat him by 15 points"

Unfortunately, the Lake County Dem Machine will see to Mayor Dipstick's victory next year.

Anonymous said...

Okay, 8:26. So why, then, did the mayor offer Turner a six-figure salary? That little tidbit has been out there for a long time - even reported in the Star - and yet nobody on the 25th floor has ever denied it. That certainly strains the credibility of your comments - if not outright counters them.

Anonymous said...

To 9:46p: putting his personal beliefs above those of his boss? That my friend is called INTEGRITY. Mayor Bart is only interested in the next notch in his gunbelt...he is clueless about what public safety really is. If Turner's "personal beliefs" are what is best to keep the citizens of this city safe, then I will go with personal beliefs over a corrupt politician ANY day. As far as overstaying his welcome...you are full of hogwash...the Mayor had no clue what to do because the minions surrounding him have zero leadership capability and even less integrity.

Anonymous said...

10:45, my guess is your knowledge of public service is nil.

When serving as an aide to an elected official, your agenda doesn't matter, you implement your boss's. Moreover, a disagreement is to be made in private, not in public.

Anonymous said...

Melina Kennedy for prosecutor and the Democrats are good at twisting the issues to make them fit their agenda.
If she stretches the facts now, what will she do if elected? She says anything and everything to get voter attention, but she won't be getting my vote. She has no experience in fighting crime.
Each of us have an opinion on fighting crime and that is all she has to offer.

She doesn't seem to have an opinion for fighting the present corruption in her own Party.

Carl Brizzi deserves a second term in office to keep the Democrats honest in Marion County.

Anonymous said...

My! my! my! It seems Mayor Bart's minions are at work here.
Why do Democrats always cry "sour grapes" when an individuals sees the light and goes Republican, especially an African American.

The Democrat Party uses the black community to get elected but delivers nothing in Marion County.

Then they spread rumors and lies about the ones who do leave the Party. Blame the Republicans for the lack of services being delivered to the tax payers.

Democrats are in controll of the City-County Council and the police departments. Where is their accountability?

When you live on the plantation you are required to vote a straight Democrat ballot. Don't analyze the qualifications of candidates, or think for yourself.
Just be a puppet and go along with the program. Don't ask too many questions. They won't give you answers.

I applaud Bob Turner for making the right choice in this race, and I am sure other African American voters will do the same on election day.