Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Indiana's Stealth Race

Reacting to the latest WISH-TV poll showing that Republican Eric Dickerson has erased most of the 20-point lead the same poll showed Rep. Julia Carson (D) with just six weeks ago, the Star's Mary Beth Schneider and Theodore Kim contribute to a story which dubs the 7th District race as "Indiana's stealth race." They write, "Though garnering little national attention, it could be as close as or closer than the state's three races in the national spotlight." They cite her health as the major issue dragging her down in the polls. "Democratic U.S. Rep. Julia Carson, trailing in at least one recent poll, is confronting questions about her health and vigor as she tries to build on a personal connection with voters that has served her well in the past," the two write.

National pundits, such as one from the Cook Report, say they've seen it all before. "It's the same story every year," said Amy Walter, who tracks congressional races for the Washington-based Cook Political Report. "And then she pulls it off." I'm guessing Walter hasn't met Carson in person, at least in the past year. The speculation is that no national money will be sent in at the last minute to aid Dickerson. Ed Patru of the National Republican Congressional Committee tells the Star he thinks Carson is beatable because "she has gotten increasingly out-of-touch." "This race has the potential to be the sleeper race of the cycle," said Patru. Patru is the man who has been frequently quoted in Indiana's other three congressional races where the NRCC has dumped millions. The NRCC would have been better advised to have dumped that last $109,000 they put in the 8th District race here in the 7th District.

"She says she was instrumental in getting federal money to help repair local roads and streets, keep IndyGo running and redevelop blighted parts of Indianapolis as part of the Fall Creek Place project," the Star reports on Carson's defense of her record. "I've reached out from the heart," Carson said in an interview. "My record just shows up as hard work. I don't care what (Dickerson) says. I know what I've done." Actually, Carson had very little to do with the federal funding for these projects. The funding was actually handled by other members of Indiana's congressional delegation with the clout to get the earmarks with the assistance of lobbyists paid by the City of Indianapolis.

The proposed bar in the Julia Carson Government Center is another issue dogging Carson, in addition to her health. The Star writes, "Dickerson also has sought to tie Carson to an unpopular plan to add a restaurant and bar to a semipublic building in Indianapolis that bears Carson's name: the Julia Carson Government Center in Center Township." "Carson says she has no connection to the endeavor and no authority to stop it." Yeah, right. On that point, Abdul is reporting over at Indiana Barrister that Carson's financial supporters are seeking to block the slating of two Democratic members of the city-county council next year, Angela Mansfield and Patrice Abdullah. It seems Carson's backers aren't too happy with their opposition to the Savoy dance club and 300 East, respectively. To these folks, it's not a good thing to listen to your constituents as Mansfield and Abdullah did in this instance. We only help people who help put money in our pockets. It's all about us. The hell with the people.


Wilson46201 said...

The sheer, unadulterated hatred of Julia Carson displayed on this blog verges on the pathological. The venom is constant and astounding.

Her opponent is so issue-less that only by unremitting attack on our incumbent Congresswoman Julia Carson does he hope to be another Republican in that failed GOP mess of corruption and cronyism in Washington...

Anonymous said...


Confirm Carson's education. She attended Crispus Attucks did not graduate, when did she attend Martin University,94-95, what course of study, I don't think so!

7th Congressional District candidates
Julia Carson, Democrat
• Age: 68.
• Residence: Indianapolis.
• Personal: Two grown children.
• Education: Graduate, Attucks High School, 1955; attended St. Mary-of-the-Woods, 1982; attended Martin University, 1994-95; attended Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis; honorary doctorate, Martin University.
• Occupation: Incumbent congresswoman, 1997-present.
• Experience: Former Center Township trustee, state senator and state representative.

Eric Dickerson, Republican
• Age: 57.
• Residence: Indianapolis.
• Personal: Married; four children.
• Education: Detroit Northwestern High; undergraduate degree in engineering, Western Michigan University, 1971; U.S. Marine Corps Officer Candidate School; Naval Aviator Course; Naval Officers Law School.
• Occupation: Auto dealer.
• Experience: Former Marine officer. Served in Indiana National Guard. Leadership positions in auto industry.

Key issues
Among the issues the candidates have highlighted in the campaign so far:

Julia Carson
• Education: Carson says she would seek to increase funding for a number of educational initiatives, such as Head Start, Pell grants and child care, and development block grants.
• Credit watchdog: She supports curtailing predatory lending, cracking down on mortgage fraud and strengthening protections for individuals' credit ratings.
• Health care: She supports nonprofit-based community health groups to fill gaps for those who do not have access to traditional health-care services.

Eric Dickerson
• Iraq war: He says the U.S. should do more to train Iraqi troops so they can take over security of the country. (Carson was one of a handful of lawmakers who voted against the conflict. She has said the U.S. needs a "reasonable" exit strategy.)
• Transportation: He wants to use federal funds to build a "people mover," or monorail, system, in Indianapolis.
• Economic development: He wants to make it easier for small businesses to take out loans from local banks.

Anonymous said...

There's some talk of national money coming in to help Dickerson, although not necessarily from the NRCC.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Anon 8:44, she only claims to have attended Martin University and IUPUI. That could have meant she took a couple of night classes, which she may or may not have passed. She holds no college degree.

Wilson46201 said...

Once again, the AnonyMice lie - just a few weeks ago I saw hanging on the wall at Attucks H.S. photos of the graduating class of 1955 including a good-looking Julia Mae Porter (who was a class officer even back then!)

Any member of the public can view that photo of the graduating class.

Gary R. Welsh said...

When it comes to spewing negative attacks and hatred towards political opponents, nobody has you and Carson beat, Wilson.

Anonymous said...

Gary - what I just love is the feedback from the Flyover Media - the Cook Political Report. Then again I'm skeptical of any media called "Political report" look at the hatchet job that Brian Howey did one reporting rumor as fact and its ruined John Hostettler's campaign.

What the flyover media doesn't realize is with Voter ID the Ghetto Mafia is not going to be able to pull off last minute ballot box shenanigans as in years past. This combination can only mean one thing - Eric Dickerson will be the next 7th District congressman.

Wilson46201 said...

Just a couple of weeks ago, Indianapolis Public Schools honored 12 of its most outstanding graduates over the years - Congresswoman Julia Carson is one the jewels of that crown !

Anonymous said...

She has said the U.S. needs a "reasonable" exit strategy

"Reasonable" exit strategy = "Cut and run" to the Pelosi-Reid liberal groupthink like Julia Carson.

Anonymous said...

"My record just shows up as hard work. I don't care what (Dickerson) says. I know what I've done."

We know what you've done too. 43 bills introduced in TEN years. That is hardly breaking a sweat much less hard work. Your predecessor did more in just ONE term, his last one which was under GOP control also.

Actually, Carson had very little to do with the federal funding for these projects. The funding was actually handled by other members of Indiana's congressional delegation with the clout to get the earmarks with the assistance of lobbyists paid by the City of Indianapolis.

Thank you for pointing that out, Mr. Welsh. It's pitiful that the city of Indianapolis must use taxpayer dollars to lobbyists to do what the elected congressperson is supposed to do for them.

Eric Dickerson knows transit and transportation - he worked for GM for crying out loud. Eric knows what it means to have a strong military - he was a Captain in the USMC [Once a Marine always a Marine!] and he flew planes for the Corps. Eric knows what its like to grow up poor and make it through hard work and dedication - he's originally from Detroit!

Jeff Newman said...

I gotta say, I'm over it.

Gary, I'm really sorry, but I'm gonna take Advance Indiana off of my RSS feed until after the election, when I'll happily return.

I've reached my saturation point with this obsession with the Carson-Dickerson race. I just don't care any more.

Wilson46201 said...

Julia Carson voted against George Bush's now-failed War on Iraq in 2002. Her opponent still supports having waded into that MidEast quagmire.

Different leadership is required to end the Republican disaster in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Time for a few reality checks:


Howey didn't ruin Hostetler's campaign. What a giggle. He's done a perfect job of self-destruction, which he richly deserves because he's am embarrassment in Congress. He is not Indiana's only sorry Congressperson. Add Burton and Miss Carson to that list.


The "cut and run" nonsense is one more attempt by the Rove troops to brand anyone who disagrees with them. In case you haven't checked lately, even our President is changing his tune on this ridiculous civil war. The labels and name-calling, however suspicious, don't work.

Miss Carson:

Being in a photo does not gaurantee graduation. I think it's reasonable to check the official transcript. She's made a claim that is disputed. It can easily be solved. She has made no claims about college graduation, so there's no harm, no foul there. I would be surprised if she didn't graudate from high school, but I just don't know what to believe any more.

Wilson, you're the dumpster diver--get a copy of her diploma or transcript and post it here. Removing pertinent personal info, of course.

Some questions are easier-answered than nothers. The barking dogs are yapping at her feet because there's so much material there...and the dogs could easily be dispersed with some facts.

Facts, Wilson, not emotional harranging.

Wilson46201 said...

School graduation information is available to the public - if Julia Mae Porter did not graduate from Attucks, let the accusers prove the accusations. Otherwise it is just more campaign mud-throwing from the GOP camp with no proof.

Anonymous said...


Wrong again:
IPS Hall of Fame, not the most outstanding. This was the inaugural luncheon to be held annually. The committee recommends former students of IPS from several areas of accomplishment, sports, politicians, educators, entrepreneurs, professionals, and entertainers.

Don't over exaggerate the fact that The Ghetto Mafia Queen was included due to her Congressional seat, it was not that she was so outstanding.

Julia did not graduate, she was in the 1955 Class. Maybe she completed her GED later. The pictures in the halls at Crispus Attucks does not tell you who actually graduated. There are former students who did graduate with their class who are not in the pictures or did not have a senior picture taken.

Just correcting some facts.

Anonymous said...

Howey didn't ruin Hostetler's campaign

OK I'll give you that much. You'll have to admit - Howey stuck the sword in to finish him off. I was in B-Town recently and saw an RCCC ad against Brad Ellsworth. Sounds like they are doing a bit of damage control for pulling off the upset or preparing for 2008.

The "cut and run" nonsense...

Train and Support. We can take an American high school graduate and in 4-6 months have him or her ready to ship to Baghdad. We can do that for John Smith of Indianapolis, why can't we take Ahmed Burak of Tikrit and send him to one of our many overseas bases, train him in 4-6 months and send him back to Baghdad and let them fight their war? Al-Queda has training camps around the world. We have bases around the world.

So far the Dems have no strategy for exiting. They just all claim we need to "redeploy", or "leave the Middle East". Ask one how we should do this and you get a shrugged shoulder. Simple they don't want to admit to their strategy which is "cut and run".

Anonymous said...

I've actually heard some very articulate ideas from John Kerry and Hillary Clinton--yeah, I know, Hail, hold onto your hat--about retraining the Iraqi army for civil peace-keeping.

But 95% of our troops on the ground now are not trained one iota in civil war nonsense. Fact. They're trained to rush in and break things. That's war. And they're good at it.

So, to some degree, with all due respect to the soldiers, we have the blind leading the blind there.

All of which was predicted by some of the generals. And what did Rummy and W and Cheney say at the time?

"Hell no, we gotta go. Off with their heads!"

I have relatives there, one for the third time, and she's 22. Eleven weeks in basic training, and by the thirteenth week she was in combat. Without a BPVest and enough food to eat. Ask her family. We sent boxed food and a BP Vest. Ain't that a kick in the shorts? Eighteen years old and sitting in a freaking sandbox with no BP Vest and not enough food to eat. Her best bud came home in a box. Her second-best bud came home last year with no fingers on his right hand. And he's backlogged in a VA Hospital system for rehab. Thanks, Rep. Buyer...

The insane macho testosterone-driven Iraqi war effort will forever be known for its idiocy. History is already making that judgment. I just want out troops on the ground to be safer, and the Iraqi people to have a chance to make their new democracy work, because otherwise, it'll be a Mideast hotbed of terrorists.

But W effed this one up from the get-go. The fix may be more expensive, in all forms, than the problem.

Julia, to her credit, voted against this war. I'm pretty sure even she had no idea it would end up this disasterous. Cause that would've required some foresight.

And as far as high school graduation goes--I think Wilson has answered our question. He runs to the Courthouse to find dirt on enemies, but won't walk to The Finney Center to get Miss Porter-Carson's official high school status.

It's a trek from my southside home, but I may drive up there my damned self. If she's not a HS grad, I don't really care...if that's properly stated.

Wilson46201 said...

I called Attucks and they laughed at the very idea that Julia Carson wasnt a graduate. They are quite proud of her! I persisted and they said their old official records were all sent up to NorthWest HS. I called there and gave up after hanging on hold for 20 minutes. Stupid bureaucracy!

Because of segregation, Attucks was the sole Black H.S. for generations. Julia Carson is a well-known public figure and oft-elected leader who is proud of her Attucks education. Isnt it likely that somebody besides Jocelyn Tandy (Julia hater extraordinaire) would have called Ms. Carson out on it by now?

Anonymous said...

And he's backlogged in a VA Hospital system for rehab. Thanks, Rep. Buyer...

I must disagree with placing blame for VA's issues squarely on Rep. Steve Buyer's shoulders. VA was "effed up" since it was started. My maternal grandfather lost an eye during WW2 (stateside Jeep accident) and he banged heads against VA since 1945. At least the VA and it's parent agency at the time the War Department and later DoD came through with their monthly war disability checks. Losing an eye isn't just having a glass one put in and so long, good luck. After some years his eyesocket closed up and required surgery to fix. He went to the VA and after a couple of years of typical VA crap he finally got it taken care of. But to blame Rep. Steve Buyer for VA's faults - no. It's been a cluster for years and it'll continue to be a cluster long after we're gone.

Anonymous said...

Wilson for your information, I am a Crispus Attucks High School graduate, Class 1966, and 2001 Indiana University Graduate. I don't have to lie about my credentials.

Wilson46201 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I believe Julia can be quoted regarding the bar situation as, "I got no nickel in that dime."

She has flip flopped on this so many times in the media she can be held accountable. She says she never saw the place - where her offices are at- and turns around and says she got a tour of it earlier in the week. She says alcohol is a terrible thing and they don't need more in the neighborhood and turns around to say she has nothing to do with. What's it going to be? I know she would like to, but she can't have it both ways!

Time to let her have the rest she is deserved.

Eric Dickerson will win the 7th and FINALLY we will get some representation in DC.

Anonymous said...

They laughed at the insinuation, huh? Tough crowd. Easy document to find, Wilson. Look around. We're not laughing.

My dad uses the VA regularly, Hail. Has for 17 years. It was sailing along perfectly well until about 2002. And then all hell broke loose. Or, more accurately, fell out.

His VA health clinic closed four years ago. He now has to travel, and he doesn't drive much, 65 miles each way for monthly medicines and treatments. His disability is service-related, so in my mind, this nation has a pretty sacred contract with him. They're not breaking it, but under Bush, they've certainly bent it.

Rep. Buyer's position baffles me. He is, by all accounts, a victim of Agent Orange from the first Iraqi war. He lugs those boots everywhere with him to exploit his service, and even pre-announced his "callup" in 2004. Shamelessly. As a serviceman, his stewardship of the VA's mission to disabled former soldiers, is disgraceful.

No, he's not alone, but he chairs the GD committee. He, like Condoleezza on the war itself, is an unindicted co-conspirator.

Wilson46201 said...

It's odd that a anonymous coward who wont even use its own name is demanding proof of somebody else's high school graduation record after 51 of very visible public service in the same town as that high school.

If you are so quizzical call up IPS yourself and produce the proof against Congresswoman Carson. It'd certainly be newsworthy after 51 years...

You'll notice the original accusation was done anonymously although it has the hallmarks of the Jocelyn poison pen.

Anonymous said...

My dad uses the VA regularly, Hail. Has for 17 years. It was sailing along perfectly well until about 2002. And then all hell broke loose. Or, more accurately, fell out.

I see. Unfortunately my grandfather passed in 2003 and was no longer utilizing VA services in 2002 so I'll take your word for it on the quality of VA care.

On whether to blame Rep. Buyer is up to the reader.

Wilson46201 said...

Chairman Smith (R-NJ) was getting way too feisty advocating for veterans so the GOP House leadership dumped him in favor of Steve Buyer who is more amenable to cutting veterans benefits. The Republicans holler a good line about supporting the troops but treat them like used kleenex afterwards. Pitiful!

Anonymous said...
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Wilson46201 said...

once again, please delete the above obviously libelous statement by that babbling fool, J-T

Wilson46201 said...
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Anonymous said...

Wilson if your only response is a constant "please delete" and claiming libel .. why don't you get yourself a lawyer and sue? I'm fairly certain a group like Lambda Legal or whatever would represent you.

Or are there things you're rather not have come out in court?

Just sayin'

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Advance Indiana:

If you are going to delete comments randomly. Please delete all false comments Wilson "ghost employee" Allen has made using my name in them. He has used your blog as his personal playground.

Wilson, you can put up, or shut up! The game is over.

Thank you!

Wilson46201 said...

Once again, please delete the above comment containing plainly libelous material.

Poor Jocelyn seems to have no concept of decency nor of the law. The poor naif persists in posting libelous charges without a shred of proof. That's been her modus operandi all her life.

Wilson46201 said...

"hailstone", your crack about Lambda Legal did not go unnoticed. I know it hurts you bigtime to have to suppress your homophobia while posting on this blog.

Suing JT for anything would be trying to get blood from a turnip. If JT had the slightest proof of anything, she'd be waving it sky high.

Anonymous said...

And here I'm trying to be helpful. No good deed goes unpunished doesn't it?

And no I'm not homophobic. If that's what gets your motor running more power too you.

And how do you know suing you know who would be getting blood from a turnip? You been dumpster diving and checking into her finances? Perhaps doing some pretexting and obtaining her credit report? I hear that's standard procedure now for the Democrats these days (i.e. Michael Steele of Maryland).

I stand by my statement that perhaps it's because you don't want some things to come out in court.

Anonymous said...

OK, Hail, Wilson, Jocelyn, back to the original post topic: I know it's hard to pay attention sometimes, but please try.

This isn't a stealth race at all. Julia's gonna creep to a win, and spend almost nothing doing it. She'll not run again because if she tries, she'll face serious opposition in her own party. They're tired of propping her up.

So, she ends with a couple hundred large in her campaign account....hmmmm......all available for conversion to personal use, by conveninent Congressional rules.


Anonymous said...

She'll not run again because if she tries, she'll face serious opposition in her own party. They're tired of propping her up.

I disagree. The Dems will continue to prop her up (ooo ick I'm getting visuals of "Weekend At Bernie's" starring Carl Drummer and Tony Duncan) until the party faithful are serving as her pallbearers or she loses at the polls, or both. Because it really is a Ghetto Mafia and Julia is the Godmother.

Anonymous said...

Well. Hail, take it from me, most Dems are tired of propping her up. She won't run again, successfully at least. Bloodbath if she does run.

And Carl will win another term as trustee, also his last, because finally, someone with some sense will see that the township government system is a complete waste of money. He'll be job hunting in four years. That oughta be hilarious. Resume-passing from one of his Corvettes? What'll happen to the Crown Vic?

Weekend at Julia's with Carl, Bill M., Tony, Peashake, etc. all propping her up. Not a pretty picture. But funny.

Speedboat ride down White River?

Anonymous said...


I have a letter from her. It'll be posted.

Wilson46201 said...
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Wilson46201 said...
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Anonymous said...

Poor Wilson is having an identity crisis. He is confused and thinks he is black or wants to be black, but he is too pale and stupid.

Wilson46201 said...

Pale yes - concerned and involved with the African-American community and politics for 35 years: yes

IQ? last tested professionally at 159 ("above average")

as usual, it's a cowardly AnonyMouse hurling & spewing insults. Too ashamed to show your identity? You should be!

Anonymous said...

My name is Wile E. Coyote, Suuuuuper Genius!