Sunday, October 15, 2006

Police Nab Teenagers For Monon Trail Beating

Indianapolis police announced today that they have arrested three teenagers in connection with the brutal beating of GLBT activist Darrell Arthur on the Monon Trail a week ago last Friday. A Monday morning news conference is planned. The Star's Diana Penner reports that a tip to police led them to the arrest of the teen-aged boys. We might just learn whether it was a hate crime afterall.


Anonymous said...

Per channel 13 11PM news cast it appears not to have been a hate crime. Rather, these kids/thugs were stoned. They wanted to steal a bike and went to the Monon Trail to do so. They chose Arthur, they say, because he stood out, he said simply said 'hi' to them as he went by.

There should be a death penalty for people like this. They're nothing more than rabid animals that need to be 'put down', just like the mean pit bulls these people breed and torture in their neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

Hate crime or not, this is good police work.

And prayers are still with the victim.

Anonymous said...

as much as you love to pin the world's troubles on "hate crimes" somehow I think this is just another bunch of punk kids that picked their target that just happened to be a gay activist.

hate crime or not aside these lowlifes need to visit the Board of Education.

Anonymous said...

A note from one of my neighbors:

"I received a phone call this afternoon from major lloyd crowe, IPD public relationsand he informed me that arrests have been made regarding darrell's assault."

"Apparently, they were a group of teenagers who were laying in wait to rob someone of a bike. After the attack, they were letting others know what they had done. One of these people saw the newscast and was horrified at the actual brutality of the attack which led them to phone the police department."