Saturday, October 07, 2006

Carson Can Walk

Rep. Julia Carson's number one fan, Wilson Allen, assures AI that she is capable of walking without the assistance of an aide. In response to our earlier post on a recent item in The Hill about Carson's requiring the assistance of an aide to get around the Capitol and dressing inappropriately on the House floor, Allen furnished us this photo of her walking in today's Circle City Classic parade.


Anonymous said...

She walks but she looks pathetic.

I've seen her, as recently as a few weeks ago at the airport, looking pale, invalid, unable to walk...helped by an aide via wheelchair.


Anonymous said...

Advance Indiana:

Carson took her pep pill for the parade. Let's see how many more public appearances and debates she can keep. She won't last through the election.

No more excuses about her health if she can't show up. Or, maybe she is faking to get sympathy votes again.

Anonymous said...

And just how are all these personal attacks on this woman any better than the attacks on Dickerson?

You all are shameful. Wilson, if you have any gloves on you should take them off. They asked for it.

Anonymous said...

I posted the first one. And I stand by it.

Saw it. With my own eyes. Wheelchair. Looking very feeble.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:46 pm: Who in the hell are you?

Julia Carson needs to speak for herself not Wilson. Nobody voted for him. Most voters don't even know who he is, we are intitled to our opinions, thank you.

Wilson46201 said...

Imelda Marcos had a large closet full of shoes. Sometimes, a little tremblor would shake one loose and it would fall ... you just can never tell when!

Jeff Newman said...

I am appalled.

Anyone who has been around Julia Carson the last few years knows she occasionally needs a little help getting around.

But to use someone's physical challenges as fodder for electoral politics is simply unaccaptable and you all should be ashamed of yourselves. Gary, I'm stunned if you are participating in this along with your commenters.

If you want to talk about her voting record, fine. If you want to say her "Eric Dickerson is a wife beater" comment was inappropriate, fine. It was.

If you want to talk about the way she runs the district, and all this Ghetto Mafia crap, well fine, although a little more proof would be nice.

But to lower this debate to the level of attacking someone's physical disabilities is absolutely deplorable.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Jeff, the issue of a politician's health is of utmost concern. Ms. Carson has had to miss many important votes throughout her 10 years in Congress due to health issues. She was absent for an entire 3-month period at one time. I deal with employees all the time in my legal practice who call me because they want to sue their employer for firing them for missing too many days of work, often related to health issues. The Hill is read by every legislator and lobbyist in Washington. If they are talking about her health, why shouldn't the voters of her district. Incidentally, I do live in her district. I don't think anyone is entitled to hold an office until they drop dead. Ms. Carson has held public office continuously for 40 years. At some point, her constituents interest in having a full-time able-bodied legislator trumps her selfish desire to continue serving in the face of her declining health.

Anonymous said...

While there have unquestionably been some personal attacks on Carson, who could possibly argue that a voter doens't have the right to examine whether or not a person who represents them in the US House of Representatives is fit to serve?

Fact: Carson sometimes has trouble getting around. Will it affect her ability to travel to and from DC and also do and from her daily votes and committee meetings in the House?

Fact: She has visibly shown that her health isn't good. Does it affect her ability to spend time she needs with fellow caucas and party members? One committees? and preparing to effecitively execute her office.

Fact: She is starting to take liberties with dress code and professionalism (slurred and incoherent speech, seeming tiredness, inappropriately dressed in the House floor) that should concern any voter. Is she a liability or embarrament to the State of Indiana and her district?

It's not a personal attack if a voter answers "yes" to any of these questions. It's just an observation of fact and one that should be considered before we send her back to DC on the taxpayers dime for another two years. Frankly, it's a question that Dickerson should be making sure voters know to ask.

Wilson46201 said...

Gary: even a simple country lawyer knows that 1972 to 2006 doesnt equal 40 years. Ms. Carson was first elected as Representative to the Indiana General Assembly in 1972. She has been in elective office ever since...

Wilson46201 said...

As far as health goes, FDR was a better President in a wheelchair than George W. Bush on both feet could ever be...

Gary R. Welsh said...

Okay, Wilson, we'll substact the years she worked for Rep. Andy Jacobs, and that will leave us with 34 years. That's still a long time. I was still in grade school when she first was elected to public office.

Anonymous said...

AI, are you sure that's Julia in the parade photo. It looks like someone wearing a wig. Julia wasn't wearing a wig the last time I saw her.

Anonymous said...

I'm appalled at Jeff for attacking Gary and others who question if Carson is physically able to continue serving in Congress. Is it fair for someone who is very sick to insist on keeping one of the most important jobs in our country?

Anonymous said...

That parade was all of what? 50 feet?

Wilson46201 said...

90,000 people saw Congresswoman Julia Carson in person in the Parade today - more saw her on TV. That AnonyMouse questioning her presence must be awfully desperate ...

Kim: somebody who is 'very sick' wouldn't be out and about marching in a parade. I'm certainly glad you aren't a medical professional!

Wilson46201 said...

Julia Carson worked for Congressman Andy Jacobs for eight years - I just found out last weekend she was even a class officer in high school. Precocious!

Anonymous said...

she was even a class officer in high school

Before she dropped out?

Anonymous said...

Someone said:

"As far as health goes, FDR was a better President in a wheelchair than George W. Bush on both feet could ever be..."

My reponse:

FDR was handicapped and mentally lucid, Julia is "SICK" and suffers from signs of dementia--she should be checked for Alzheimer's disease.

I think the public should require that her illness be "disagnosed" and "publicly disclosed". The voters have a right to know if she suffer's from Alzheimers.

Julia Carson can't perform her duty as the 7th Congressional District Representative if Julia Carson has Alzheimers. Come on, let's be sensible, she's just a human being and we can be very frail.

I think some people's love for Julia should be questioned. I wouldn't want my grandmother, godmother, mother, aunt, daughter niece or friend serving in such a rigorous public job at 68 and ill--my God in January they had this old lady standing out in the dead of winter conducting a press conference--for the mere purpose of once again, like today's infrequent and staged public appearance, demonstrating she can stand and talk for a few minutes. Her comments are usually limited to 1 to 3 scripted, but crude statements. She had snot running all down her nose and no one even cared enough about her to wipe it away or give her their handkerchief. Of course today, well she doesn't look the part. Just like her dress code violation last month on the House Floor in Congress. She looks like they just picked her up out of bed, pulled some clothes on her, slapped her wig on and pumped her up with coffee and uppers and.

Julia has been wearing wigs for years now...I hear she's practically bald, possibly from chemotherapy... We have a right to know the truth about her health condition and her failing to disclose her true health condition--the exact medical diagnosis from an Independent Medical Examiner, is further indication of her possible declining condition. A person who lacks the mental capacity may not make the right decision regarding one's health and a doctors needs to make a determination of her mental capacity.

Personally, I think the Ghetto Mafia is exploiting this sick old lady and don't care about her health or ability to perfrom, only on their continuing to live their current existence. Their life as it exist now will change tremendously when Julia is gone.

The people that she has empowered could never have survived so well without her [and] her "self-wealth generating on public funds" philosophy, so there is plenty of M.O.

Has anyone come up with case law or know if there have been similar situations of a public servant who can't perform due to a medical condition but who refuses to step down or provide a true diagnosis? I'd be interested to know...

Is there a provision to petition congress or any other body for a independent medical exam.

Is there an annual physical required before entering the halls of congress--for liability purposes?

If someone already has these answers let us know...

Anonymous said...

Response to Wilson 46201:

Based on your information, the voters have a right to expect Carson to show up for debates with Dickerson before the election.

No more talk, no more excuses, just do it. Does she have the time?

Answer the question?

Anonymous said...

Advance Indiana:

With five weeks to go, lets get down to the real deal.

When is Julia Carson going to run on her own merits and track record in public office and agree to debate Eric Dickerson?

The incumbents in congressional districts 8 and 9 have agreed to several debates to allow voters to hear what they are planning for the next session of Congress. Voters in the 7th disrtict deserve to hear from their next elected representative before the election.

Leave Andy Jacobs out of this election please. He has been gone for over 10 years. Maybe he is still running that office and not Julia.

Piggybacking will not be allowed in this election. No voter is voting for him anymore. So don't try it. New voters don't know anything about him.

The 7th District contest is between Eric Dickerson and Julia Carson. Only their names will be on the ballot November 7th.

Voters will be evaluating qualifications, issues, physiclal health, public image, etc.

All other names are irrelevant in this race. Stay focused on these two candidates.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Newman:

If health is not an issue, why does the national media give us an account on the health of the president and vice president annually?

The phycial condition of our elected officials is important to voters. They were elected to serve us.

When they become incapacitated over a long period of time and can not function properly, they need to step down voluntarily if hey really care about progress for this nation. Missing important votes in Congress is an important issue.

Their extened absences in committee hearings and on the floor of congress amounts to no representation at all.

Wet don' need excuses or attempts to get sympathy votes for absenteeism.

Wilson46201 said...

Ms. Carson has a 96% attendance record this year - 94% last year (which was better than Steve Buyer's).

Voters, not doctors or whiners, determine a candidate's fitness to serve as Representative in the U.S. House. It's called "Democracy" - get used to it!

We see in previous comments the open surfacing of rumors spread by the "haters" - for years the AnonyMice whispered that Ms. Carson was dying of AIDS with all the homophobia associated with that illness. Now its Alzheimers...and all of it is shamefully said by cowardly "anonymous".

Anonymous said...

Wilson, I will say it one more time, nobody has voted for you in the 7th district. If you are not on the paid staff of the representative for this district.
Everybody knows where you are coming from and we all have a vote in the election. Shut the hell up!

People want to hear from Julia once and for all, anonymous or not.

Anonymous said...

If Carson isn’t sick then why can’t we hear a debate between her and Dickerson?
After hearing a few comments from her on several occasions, I don’t think that she can’t carry on a conversation, let alone concentrate on issues in a debate.
At the Hispanic Festival, I was told that she had alcohol on her breath...or was that her medicine?
Who knows? All I know is that we deserve a debate.
Dickerson has said on the radio that she won’t show up at public functions where both are scheduled to attend...she always has a proxy, this has happened several times.
As to her voting record in congress, casting a vote with the party without hearing the issues is hardly being active.
We deserve better.

Anonymous said...

Jocleyn-Tandy Adande said...
Jeff Newman:

"If health is not an issue, why does the national media give us an account on the health of the president and vice president annually?

The phycial condition of our elected officials is important to voters. They were elected to serve us.

When they become incapacitated over a long period of time and can not function properly, they need to step down voluntarily if hey really care about progress for this nation. Missing important votes in Congress is an important issue." mean step down like President Reagan did. I agree with Jeff Newman. This topic has really brought out some nastiness. I found the information about the bar at the Carson center to be interesting and thought provoking as well as the piece about racism against black republicans but the responses have continued to get uglier and way over the top as time has gone on.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Lori, Ronald Reagan's health was an open book. His office fully disclosed his health issues throughout his presidency. Despite a near fatal gunshot wound from a would-be assassin, colon cancer and skin cancer, he was a symbol of good health for a man of his age. He was not diagnosed with Azheimer's until several years after he left the presidency. Anyone who listened to Carson's interview on WXNT with Matt Tully awhile back when he was filling in for Abdul could not help but ask questions about her health. She struggled to speak her words, she seemed to be gasping for breath, and she coughed incessantly throughout the short interview. You can choose to ignore her health if you want. That's your perogative. But don't attack people who are raising a legitimate issue by any standard.

Anonymous said...

I am not choosing to ignore anything Gary. I am simply saying that the hateful rhetoric (homophobia included) from many of the posters here lately is way over the top. I do not care what someone"s hair or clothing looks like but I do however care about how they vote. We will just have to disagree about Reagan's illness and we he had it.

Anonymous said...

lori you said:
I am simply saying that the hateful rhetoric (homophobia included) from many of the posters

Speak with the Carson Campaign. They have Wilson posting on all the blogs for the campaign and he is the ONLY one who mentions homophobia or calls the other bloggers names.

I'm shocked they have him on these blogs, he's only hurting her campaign.

I guess this is another sign that she isn't paying attention to what's happening with her office or her campaign. She appears really sick.

Anonymous said...

Lori, who are you or what or you?

I don't need you, Jeff or Wilson telling me what is important to me in this campaign. It is obvious that we do not agree on the same issues are candidate, but don't accuse other bloggers of being nasty because her health is an issue in this electionm. We will talk about it.

In the past Julia has used her health to get sympathy votes in all of her races.

If she is not ill, why are people speaking for her. To Date she hasn't answered any questions posed by the voters in this district. She has not been available. If she is well, where is she? What are her excuses this time?

For the record Lori, I hope you are not one of her anonymous hatchet women? Are is it Julia in hiding?

Marti said...

Generally, I love your blog Gary...but this is just lame.

Can she make informed, logical decisions about the issues, and then vote? That's all that should matter.

Obviously, Republican's of all stripes are jealous of her hold on the 7th. Carson will walk...

away with another victory.

Anonymous said...

Jocelyn-Tandy Adande said...
"Lori, who are you or what or you?"

I am a gay Indianapolis resident that votes for candidates that support equality for all people. I followed your ignorant, homophobic, bigoted rantings in In Touch after the HRO was passed. No, I don't work for Carson but I will continue to support one of the few politicians that has openly supported me and my family.

Anonymous said...

8:49 is probably right. Julia will likely win easily.

But the time has come to question and get answers on her ability to serve. It's a fair question, judging, without bias, her multiple appearance on media outlets and at public events over the last ten months or so.

If she can explain her demeanor, appearance, and general decorum, so be it. There may be an explanation. I know what I've seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears. I don't need Wilson or Jocelyn to interpret for me.

And what I've seen and heard is alarming.

One way or another, I sense this will be her last election. People just won't buy it any more, if they do buy it in a month.

Deeply probing personal details about a politician's health are not appropriate. Questions about generally-held observations are perfectly fair game.

Anonymous said...

Wilson, thanks for the picture of Carson walking in the parade Saturday. Yes, the crowd saw her on her feet, by the way she did not walk the entire parade route. Was it about 50 feet without assistance? Please stop deceiving the public!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for reading my blogs, however, I am entitled to my views on homosexuality. You are hateful and vicious when others do not support your views. Yet you want people to accept you. You don't know me. You and your assoicates will not win very many new friends with that attitude.

Eric Dickerson will win by a close margin on November 7th.

Wilson46201 said...

She walked about a mile, including her "stepping". She was a cheerleader in high school - all that band music got her dancing!

Just today some neighbors told me they saw me on TV with Ms. Carson. On Saturday, registrars doing door-to-door work told me some folk commented about seeing their Congresslady "stepping" on TV during the Parade...

... but AnonyMice never do have anything positive to say. Why so negative?

Marla Randolph Stevens said...

Now what will you do? Who will be your next target now that dear Ms. Julia is steppin' with the angels?

Aside to JTA: We're not seeking your approval -- that's reserved for people who matter personally to us beyond the simple regard we hold for all sentient beings.

We just want what we ought to have a right to -- equality under the law, freedom from violence and defamation, equal opportunity. The problem we have with you is that you have opposed the latter, earning you shame and discredit among the fair-minded.