Friday, October 27, 2006

Johnson Pleads Guilty To DWI

The Star reports today that Lacy Johnson, III, one of the lead partners in the controversial proposed bar in the Julia Carson Government Center, has pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated:

The majority partner in a proposed bar in the Carson Government Center pleaded guilty Thursday to driving while intoxicated.

Lacy Johnson III, 27, is leading a group of investors in the 300 East venture, which has faced opposition.

He was pulled over Aug. 26 on Michigan Road near 68th Street. He pleaded guilty in Marion Superior Court, and a public intoxication charge was dropped.

Roger Rayl, spokesman for the Marion County prosecutor, said Johnson's penalties include a $100 fine, six months on probation and 24 hours of community service. He must undergo alcohol evaluation and treatment, Rayl said, and his license will be suspended for another month.

I wasn't aware that Johnson was the majority partner in the bar as this story indicates. Businessman Bill Mays, who says he's personally invested over a $100,000 in the bar, has been the most outspoken investor associated with the bar.


Anonymous said...

Calling Mayor Peterson, Melina Kennedy, Julia Carson, Carl Drummer, Lacy Johnson, Bill Mays, Tony Duncan, and puppet master Wilson Allen.

What about this illegal bar? Talk about corruption!

Anonymous said...

A $100 fine? Is that a typo -- should be at least $1000 for DUI/DWI, no? Or did he plead poverty? With the Savoy closed he is out of job, I suppose.

Wilson46201 said...

woohoo! I am now the puppet master - "concerned citizen" is so incredibly racist that it imagines only a white person like me could possibly run such alleged puppets ...

Dont the GOP AnonyMice have any shame whatsoever? They hide behind their technological white hoods to harass leaders in the African-American community...

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding AI?

$100?? ONE HUNDRED FREAKING DOLLARS? I thought speeding tickets were around $125 now (not that I know I haven't received one in several years - back when they were only around $55 and 2 points)

Must be nice for Daddy to step in and fix your cases for you. Wanna bet it'll be expunged in about a year?

Anonymous said...

Oh and for "community service" .. I'll bet he performs that at the Mozel Sanders thanksgiving dinner, walking around shooting the bull with everyone else there trying to get work done.

Regular folks like us have to go around picking up garbage along the side of the roads.

Anonymous said...

Bill Mays still drives the bus, this is just keeping it all in the family. 300 East is still wrong. Period.

Wilson46201 said...

"hailstone" - by now you have become the very garbage you have been forced to pick up so often ...

Anonymous said...

Just like Jack Cafferty said, vote all the incumbents out!!!!!!We are in a mess. Wake up Indiana, get rid of these ppl!!!!Tell them we wont tolerate their inside schemes at our expense. I have never seen so much abuse in my life! How have we let this happen to our State?

Gary R. Welsh said...

I'm assuming the "$100" fine referenced in the article is a typo. DWI fines are not $100.

Wilson46201 said...

I quite agree with dumping Chocola, Hostetler and Sodrel. Dont forget to dump Souder, Buyer, Pence and Burton that have aided and abetted the
Republican Rubber-Stamp Congress. Homophobes all! They've made quite a mess of the War in Iraq -- we need a new direction for sure.

Brian Bosma and the rest of the Statehouse GOP need to go too! Stop that Republican Marriage Discrimination Amendment.

Boot out incumbent Carl Brizzi.

Anonymous said...

For a refusal to take the breathalizer that state requires a mandatory 1 year license suspension. He refused to take the breathalizer.

Gary R. Welsh said...

The license only being suspended for another year doesn't sound right. The original Star report did show that he originally consented to a breathalyzer, but later changed his mind and refused to take it. It has always been my understanding of the law that you automatically lost your driver's license for a year. Something doesn't add up in this story.

indyernie said...

The only racist here is you Wilson.
You want to be accepted so badly, that you entrench yourself into issues of which you know nothing about. You have aligned yourself with a political party that is founded on hate and prejudice. A party that enslaves people of color even today. Take the hood of Wilson. Let the folks in Center Township make up their own minds without having to read the hate and lies spewing from your mouth. Give me, no... Give us all a break

hehehe,... works here too Wilson

Are we going to see your ugly mug on the west side tonight Wilson?
How about Old Girl is she going to come out and play or send Megan?

Tony can abuse us again if she comes.

Wilson46201 said...

IndyErnie is a white man who is fully convinced Democrats are racist. Isnt it peculiar that African-Americans vote overwhelmingly Democratic and have since 1932? Get with the times, Ernie - Black folk dont need you to tell them how awful their preferred political party is. African-American voters intelligently and freely make their choice: it aint the Republicans for sure!

Wilson46201 said...

FYI: the GOP has no Black Congresspeople whatsoever. They're all Democrats. The GOP has no African-Americans elected to the State Legislature whatsoever. They're all Democrats. There is just one Black city councilor: "Ike the Snake" who lied egregiously to the LGBT community to get elected and then turned his back. All other Blacks in the Council are Democrats. Except for 2 judges, the GOP has never ever had any Black elected county officials. Ever!

African-Americans choose Democrats as their own representatives despite the "educating" by the "Ernies" and "Jocelyns". Americans arent dumb: respect the voters choices. It's called democracy!

Anonymous said...

Dumb Wilson:

Wrong again:

You are no authority on my people.
Will you please stop speaking for the black community. We have elected black Republicans in the past to at-large council seats before Democrats were elected. Serveral have run but lost their races in Democrat districts.

Alvachino Reeves, State Represdentative, Eulala Currence ran for Center Township Trustee, Jackie Cissell, at-large,Joseph Watkins, Dr. Marvin Scott, James Cummings, 10th District Congress, Atty. Frank Beckwith for President, Atty. Harriet Bailey Conn, State Representative. Just like other Democrats have. There can only be one winner in a race. Except for judges and school board candidates.

If I have told you once, I have told you twice Wilson, you do not know the history of the African American Community in Indianapolis.

These were elected with the help of black Democrat coss over votes. City-County Council, former Pacer Roger Brown, Paula Parker Sawyers, Julius Shaw, Beverly Mutes-Gaither, each at-large councilors District Councilor Stanley,

State Senator Robert Brokenbur
Victoria Crawford, State Representative, Superior Court Judge Rufus Kykendall,IPS School Board Mr.Rufus Myers, Lillian Davis, Rev. Thomas Brown, just to name a few.

Once again Wilson, you should stick to what you know!

Anonymous said...

Jocelyn has just succeeded in completing muddying the water...she mixed a BUNCH of losing candidates with a few winners, a couple of them Republicans, and several names I think may have been made up (just kidding...but there was no Sen. Brokenbur)...

(sigh) Make it stop, AI...make it stop.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dumb Wilson:

Go back to school and take a course in black history.
Check out the Black Republican website:

Candidates for 2006:

Eric Dickerson, 7th District Congress, Atty. Reuben Hill, Superior Court Judge, Atty. Darla Williams, Small Claims Court Judge, Kent Smith, Constable,
Linda Ivey, Trustee

Jeffery Ray Jones for Alabama Senate District 33

Tim Bryson for Probate Judge of Walker County


Chris Morris for Arkansas State Treasurer

Alphonso Nation, Arkansas Representative District 6

Amata Aumua for US Congress

Raymond L. Chukwu, US Congress (CA-15th)

Senator Ed Jones re-elect to Colorado State Senate District 11

Marcus Skelton for At-Large City Council

Tony Williams for DC Council Ward 6

Dennis Moore For Mayor

Representative Jennifer S. Carroll to re-elect to FL House District 13
Eddie Adams, Jr. for US Congress (FL 11)
Ken Anthony for Hillsborough County Commission District 3
Donald Foy for Florida House District 14
Willis "K.C." Bowick for Florida House District 59

Armando R. Grundy-Gom├ęs for Escambia Soil and Water Board, Group 2

Glorious J. Johnson - Re-elect to Jacksonville City Council, Group 5, At Large

Art Graham - Candidate for Jacksonville City Council, District 13

Representative Melvin Everson re-elect to Georgia House District 106
Representative Willie Talton re-elect to Georgia House District 145
Deborah Honeycutt For US Congress (GA 13th)

Catherine Davis For US Congress (GA 4th)

Mary Wilhite For Georgia House District 22

Eric Wallace, PhD for Illinois State Senate District 19

Marc A. Wiley for Illinois State House District 80

Karl J. Cook for Illinois State House District 38

Eric Dickerson for US Congress (IN-7)

Benita Williams Scott for Assessor 5th Municipal District (Algiers)
David Parker for District E in New Orleans
Harold Williams for East Baton Rouge School Board

Lt. Governor Michael Steele for US Senate
Ron Miller for Maryland Senate 27th district

Rene Swafford, Anne Arundel County Council Candidate

Monifais Tarjamo,Charles County Commissioner

Loretta Gaffney, Maryland House of Delegates District 13

Corey W. Pack, Candidate for the County Council of Talbot County

Clarence W. Bell, Jr., candidate for Baltimore County Executive

Bob Parks for Massachusetts State House 2nd Franklin District

Senator Bill Hardiman re-elect to Michigan Senate District 29
Larry DeShazor for State Representative District 61
Charity Jones for State Representative District 6
Melvin Byrd for State Representative District 8
Joel Wilson for State Representative District 95
Edith Floyd for State Representative District 2

Obi Sium for US Congress (MN 4th)

Dan Williams, State Sentate District 54

Yvonne R. Brown for US Congress (MS-2)

Senator Maurice Wasington re-elect to Nevada Senate District 11

Lynette Boggs McDonald, Clark County Commission

Jim Coleman for NY State Assembly 88th district

Sonya Harris for Atlantic County Clerk - Sonya Harris

Dr. Ada M. Fisher For US Congress (NC-12)

Vernon Robinson For US Congress (NC-13)
Olga Morgan Wright for General Assembly House District 58
Jim H Bention Sr., For North Carolina State House District 69

Frankie Roberts, North Carolina General Assemby District 18

Pearl Burris Floyd, re-elect as Gaston County Commissioner

Secretary of State Ken Blackwell for Govenor of Ohio

Jimmie Hicks, Jr. For Ohio State House District 9

Don McLaurin, State Senate District 5

Bruce Broussard for Oregon for US Congress (OR-3)
Senator Jackie Winters re-elect for Oregon State State District 10
Lynn Aiello for Oregon State Senator District 3

Lynn Swann for Governor of Pennsylvania
Ron Holt for Pennsylvania State Senate District 4

Lloyd Monre for State Senate District 18

Novella Smith Arnold for Shelby County County Commission

Derrick Bennett for US Congress (TN 9th)

Michael Williams re-elect to Texas Railroad Commissioner
Ken Bryant for Texas House District 27

State Auditor Randolph D. Brock, III re-elect as State Auditor of Accounts

Rick Baas for State Representative

Your sleezy propoganda nd insults don't work here!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:58:

You are just as stupid as Wilson. All black Democrats didn't win elections either. You can't win or lose unless you get in the race.

There is no shame in losing an election. At least they each had the guts to run. you and Wilson are cowards sitting on the sidelines watching the parade go by. Put up, or shut up!

Anonymous said...

Dumb Wilson and Anonymous 7:58

Your black history lesson:

Indiana State Senator Robert Brokenburr was before your time. All other names are real.

Clarence Thomas Justice of the United States Supreme Court Clarence Thomas was born in Savannah, Georgia. He attended Conception Seminary from 1967 to 1968 and received an A.B., cum laude, from Holy Cross College in 1971 and a J.D. from Yale Law School in 1974. He was admitted to law practice in Missouri in 1974, and served as an Assistant Attorney General of Missouri from 1974 to 1977. In President Ronald Reagan’s administration, he served as Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights at the United States Department of Education from 1981 to 1982 and Chairman of the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission from 1982 to 1990. He served as a Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit from 1990 to 1991. President George W. Bush nominated Thomas, a brilliant jurist, as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, and he took his seat on October 23, 1991
Edward William Brooke, III In 1966, Edward William Brooke was elected as a Republican to the United States Senate and re-elected in 1972. He was the first African American Senator born in Washington, DC and the first African American Senator to serve since the Reconstruction era. He graduated from Howard University in 1941 and from Boston University Law School in 1948. Brooke moved to Massachusetts and became the first African American to win a statewide office in Massachusetts when he was elected attorney general in 1962. He was re-elected in 1964. Brooke was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom on June 23, 2004 by President George W. Bush
Hiram Rhodes Revels (1822 – 1901) Hiram Rhodes Revels of Mississippi was the first black United States senator serving from 1870-1871 as a Republican. The only other African American to serve as United States Senators in the nineteenth century was Blanche K. Bruce also a Republicans from Mississippi. Revels completed the unfinished term of Jefferson Davis who was the former president of the confederacy. In the Senate, Revels supported civil rights for blacks. Born in Fayetteville, North Carolina attending Knox College, he became a minister of the African Methodist Episcope Church. After completing his term in the United States Senate, Revels was named president of Alcorn University (now known as Alcorn State University).
Blanche Bruce (1841 - 1898) Blanche Bruce was elected as a Republican to the United States Senate and served from March 4, 1875 to March 3, 1881. He was the first African American to serve a full term in the United States Senate. He was born in slavery near Farmville, Virginia . At the beginning of the Civil War, he taught school in Hannibal, Missouri and later attended Oberlin College in Ohio. After the Civil War, he became a member of the Mississippi Levee Board, a sheriff and tax collector of Bolivar County from 1872 to1875. He was appointed register of the treasury by President James Garfield in 1881 and was appointed to that position again in 1897. He served as the recorder of deeds for the Districtof Columbia from 1891to1893.

Anonymous said...

Dumb Wilson:

Black Republican Elected Officials - 2006

If you find errors or omissions below, please provide corrections via E-mail to

Alban Isaac Niles - Judge, Superior Court

Ed Jones - Senator District 11

Jennifer Carroll - Representative District 13
Art Graham - Council member District 13, Jacksonville
Glorious Johnson - Council member-at-Large, Jacksonville
Elizabeth Wade - Chair of City Council, Riviera Beach
Esther Berry - Commissioner, City of South Bay
David O. Archie - Vice-Mayor, Tarpon Springs
Gow B. Fields - Commissioner, Lakeland

Willie Talton - Representative District 145
Melvin Everson - Representative District 106
Ralph Moore - Mayor, Union City

Leon Mosley - Supervisor, Black Hawk County

Michael Cunegin II - Council member, Fort Wayne
Isaac Randolph - City-County Council member, Indianapolis
Curtis Hill - Prosecuting Attorney of Elkart County

Frank G. Cousins, Jr. - Sheriff, Essex County

Michael S. Steele - Lieutenant Governor

Bill Hardiman - Senator District 29

Yvonne Brown - Mayor, Tchula,
Maurice Fulton Lucas - Mayor, Renova

Sherman Parker - Representative District 12

North Carolina
Vernon Robinson - Alderman, Winston Salem
Pearl Burris-Floyd - Commissioner, Gaston County

New Jersey
Theresa Brown - Freeholder, Burlington County

New Mexico
Jane E. Powdrell-Culbert - Representative District 44

Lynette Boggs McDonald - Council member, Las Vegas
Maurice Washington - Senator District 2

New York
Joseph Davis - Supervisor, Town of Poughkeepsie
Marquette L. Floyd - Justice, Supreme Court
Joan B. Johnson - Clerk, Islip
Joseph K. West - Judge, County Court, Westchester County

North Carolina
Thomas A. Stith, Councilmember, City of Durham

J. Kenneth Blackwell - Secretary of State
Jeanette Bradley - Treasurer
Clara Pugh - Vice-Mayor Forest Park
Lee Espirit - Councilman, Xenia
Richard Atkinson - Councilman, Youngstown
Bob Fountain - Councilman, Painsville
Jeff Harris - Councilman, Newark
William Richardson - Councilman, Waynesburg
Virgil Brown Jr. - Cuyahoga County School Board
Kim Brown - Judge, Domestic Relations, Franklin County
Guy Reese - Judge, Common Pleas, Franklin County
Dwayne Maynard - Judge, Municipal Court, Franklin County
James Greene - Judge, Municipal Court, Franklin County
Kim Wilson Burke - Judge, Common Pleas, Hamilton County
Kendal Coes - Judge, Municipal Court, Hamilton County
John West - Judge, Common Pleas, Hamilton County
John Burlew - Judge, Municipal Court, Hamilton County
William Littlejohn - Judge, Municipal Court, Montgomery County
James Cannon - Judge, Municipal Court, Dayton
Melba D. Marsh - Judge, Court of Common Pleas, Hamilton County
Alice O. McCollum- Judge, Municipal Court, Dayton
Donald K. McLaurin - Mayor, Trotwood

Charles L. Owens - Judge, District Court

Jackie Winters - Senator District 10

Horace A. Davenport - Senior Judge, Court of Common Pleas, Montgomery County
Richelle Reid - Council member, Middletown
Robert Reid - Mayor, Middletown
Robert A. Wright - Senior Judge, Court of Common Pleas, Delaware County
Robert C. Wright - Judge, Court of Common Pleas, Delaware County
Frances Pierce - Register of Wills, Montgomery County
Garrett Page - Treasurer, Montgomery County

South Carolina
Timothy E. Scott - Council member, Charleston County
Starletta Hairston, Beaufort County Councilwoman

George H. Brown, Jr. - Judge, Circuit Court
Daryl K. Hubbard - Court Clerk, City Court, Jackson

Wallace Jefferson - Justice, State Supreme Court
Gwen Morrison - Trustee, Tarrant County Junior College
Dale Wainwright - Justice, State Supreme Court
Michael L. Williams - Chair, Railroad Commission
Gregory Parker, Commissioner, Comal County
Bobbie J, Mitchell, Commissioner, Denton County
Ken Bryant, Trustee, Fort Bend County

Dr. Robin Armstrong, Vice Chairman, Republican Party of Texas

Randy Brock - State Auditor

John E. Gordon - Supervisor, Hanover County-South Anna
Rudolph Harmon, Sr. - Council member, Burkeville
Octavia L. Johnson - Sheriff, Roanoke
Gabe A. Morgan - Sheriff, Newport News
Glendell Hill - Sheriff, Prince William County
C. E. "Cliff" Hayes, Jr., Councilman, City of Chesapeake

U.S. Virgin Islands
Lawrence Boschulte - Member, Board of Elections
Reuben Fenton - Member, Board of Elections

David A. Clarke Jr. - Sheriff, Milwaukee County

Wilson46201 said...

Nice cut and paste spamming history but the GOP in Indiana is thoroughly racist and African-Americans select only Democrats as their representatives.

Black Republicans are about as rare as Gay Republicans. They do stand out in that Party by being so oddly out of place.

In 2006 no Black Republicans are in Congress and none in our State Legislature. All Democrats. And the Democrats expelled you for general goofiness!

Quod erat demonstratum!

Wilson46201 said...

Black Republicans wont ever get too many LGBT votes with spokespeople like Jocelyn Tandy screaming FAGGOT at gay activists. Or fulminating at Human Rights Ordinance council hearings about "Sodom and Gomorrah". Or publishing anti-gay screeds. It isn't a smart political move to have such deleriously homophobic creatures advocating for the GOP.

Anonymous said...

Wilson said at - 5:49 PM EDT

That was a quick bus ride to 3131 W. 16th street Wilson. Good thing Julia showed up late to give you some extra time.

Do you give lessons on how Semi-proressional photographers actually use their cameras correctly ?

Anonymous said...

Dumb Wilson:

With the truth starring you in your face, you choose to remain stupid.

In the late 1800s, the first black United States Senators to be elected were Hiram Rhodes Revels 1870-1871, and Blanches K. Bruce 1875-1881, both from Mississippi Edward Brookes,1966-1978, Massachusetts, Republicans.

African Americans are not in a majority across this country. They usually run in an area where they can get support and elected which makes good political sense.

It just so happens that a majority of African Americans who decide to seek a public office run on the Democrat Party ticket for the same reasons white liberal Democrats like Bill Clinton and others pander for votes in our community. Blacks want the support of their people.

When you compare the list of Black Republican officeholders, they were elected to offices in some states where there is not a large black population.

Response to Retarded Wilson5:49

Wrong again dummy!
You have failed to realize that African Americans support both Democrat and Republican candidates when they run. We do not separate them from our race because of Party politics.

As a white "?", you are confused. An individual has to want to run. These cnadidates are not forced to run for office by either party.

For the Record: Adam and Eve syndrome. Most African Americans do not wish to discuss homosexual lifestyles period, and yet your comments are limited to the subject. If they are not running for public office like Julia Carson, they really don't have to deal with the subject even though they are aware of it.

Your history lesson for the week!

Anonymous said...

Uh, Jocelyn--you're not qualified to teach much of anything. Enough with the history lessons. A couple dozen Black elected Republicans do not a mandate make.

And don't EVER cite Clarence Thomas as an example of anything other than mediocrity rising to the top. What a complete judicial disappointment. Shaky, at best.

As for Ike, well, Ike's Ike. The air is just about out of that balloon. His 15 minutes of fame are gone.

But, Jocelyn's comment regarding most African-Americans and gays may be the most succinct comment I've heard on the matter.

She's right, regretably. The black church in America has protelicized about this isssue so much, and most of it incorrectly citing Scripture, that it'll take decades to undo this drivel.

Dr. Wheller, (black) president of CTS, said at best the Amendment Forum Wednesday night:

For him, it's a matter of putting Biblcal passages into proper perspective. Most of the Biblical passages were recited by apostles and Jesus himself, 2000 years or so ago. Much has changed, including interpretation of the spoken word. And for Wheeler, it's a civil rights issue, as much as anything.

And, he said, the black church needs to get current on its Biblical interpretations, or allow that others have differing views.

Good luck on that one.

He also joked correctly, that there's no fight like a church fight.

Amen brutha.

Anonymous said...

Response to Anonymous 6:15 AM:

Who are you another coward?

None of us can change past history, but we can change the future.

You are wrong I am qualified. Are you? I do teach English, Mathematics and Social Studies in IPS since 2000.

No one said it was a mandate to vote for a Democrat or a Republican but Wilson.

Like him or not Justice Clarence Thomas sits on the U.S. Supreme Court for life. Whoever said all black people think alike anyway. There are plenty of black Democrat officials I don't approve of.

From the tone of your comments, it seems you learned something new today.

We do scratch in the General Elections and they will this time!

Wilson46201 said...

So Jocelyn passes herself off now as a substitute teacher? Last time she spoke at a place I was at in August, she said she was a mortgage consultant. Can't she hold a job? Anyways at her age, it was about time for her to change her "profession" I've heard...

Anonymous said...

Jocelyn, I wouldn't normally car,e but since you put yourself out there:

Do you have a college degree, qualified to teach?

And Gary, Wilson's last reference to the world's oldest profession should be deleted. It's tacky, even for him.

Anonymous said...

Having your name in a school district's substitute teachers pool doesn't mean that you receive assignments to fill in for absent teachers.

My understanding is that Ms. Adande is banned from teaching in the majority of IPS schools. I can cite at least three schools where she is banned: Crispus Attucks, Shortridge and Coleman.

Anonymous said...

Response to Anonymous 1.27 PM:

I have adjusted to the petty smear campaigns launched by the Ghetto Mafia over the years and I am aware of the behind the scenes manipulations with my work. While they were running around trying to block me and slandering my name in the political arena, I was earning my Bachelor Degree and other certifications. What are your credentials and what qualifies you or Wilson to question mine?

You are pathetic; it shows how much you really don't know about me. Stop listening to rumors. That is why you remain anonymous. You and Wilson are spreading innuendos on everyone who does not support the Ghetto Mafia Queen Julia Carson for re-election.
Does Julia Carson have enough 60 documented credit hours to teach or any of your other candidates?

I don't have to lie about my credentials, I have earned them. Why don’t you check out the credentials of some of the Democrats on your ballot, some are high school drop outs, and yet they are your elected officials?

My phone rings daily with assignments. Dr. White does not allow for dirty politics in his administration. I was recruited, in 2000 to teach. IPS recruited African American professionals to teach in the schools as needed to expose our children to the various professions and careers. I have taken long term assignments in the absence of the regular teachers, assigned homework, graded papers, report cards. For your information I am on the active substitute teacher's list and have been since October 2000, and can teach at any school in the IPS District when I have the time. I agreed to teach English Mathematics and Social Studies, these subjects are my majors. Get your facts straight.

Response to Dumb Wilson: I do both, I am multi-talented. 2001 Indiana University Graduate Political Science and Public Affairs Majors Presently, 1966 Crispus Attucks High School Graduate; Owner, J .E. Tandy Consulting Services, (9.5 yrs) Mortgage Banker and Broker, Certified SBA Intermediary, Notary Public to name a few of my credentials.

I will be more than happy to send you a copy of my ten page resume if you don't already have a copy for verification and references to.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:27 PM and Wilson:

Note: I am aware of everything and the people behind all of the dirty tactics used to block my progress in this community. They have failed! I would suggest to you and them to find another individual to mess with. I am here to stay and there is nothing they can do about it without being sued!

Anonymous said...

Advance Indiana:

It is evident that Democrats do not believe in individual rights.
From the tone of some of the comments, they appear to be abusive to anyone who does not agree with them. They are hypocrites. Rumors and innuendos repeatedly unsupported. If Julia Carson is such a shoo-in this time, why are Wilson and one Anonymous blogger attacking people? Wilson makes references to Dickerson’s family but says nothing about Carson’s family which he claims to be familiar, 2 divorces, dirty tricks and domestic violence. I am sure that if he were to research her family background he would discover that she is not without some of the same sins as her opponent. You can tell who the diehards are by their comments.

They appear to be desperate to scare individuals off from expressing their opinions. A lot of hostility and negative energy is being generated here. I can tell that neither Dickerson nor Carson has won or lost any votes here. However, the claim that Republicans do not have any black elected officials is an untrue. Indiana has had black elected officials in both political parties. Republicans before Democrats. The history is more extensive over a longer period of time than the Democrats as it relates to African Americans in elected offices. After the 1960’s there was a push to elect more African Americans, and they ran on the Democrat ticket in segregated black districts. Ignorance seems to prevail within the Democrat Party. When you don't know your true history, you will act accordingly. The Democrat Party has breaded a group of uninformed supporters who practice exclusion rather than inclusion when individuals do not agree with them. Blind support is given to anyone who runs on their ticket whether or not their interests are supported. Over time, the Democrat Party has taken their votes for granted and do very little to account for their actions in office when challenged. The “race card” is commonly used as a distraction to force sympathetic whites to support them and to prevent them from having to confront real issues of concern in the African American community.

Anonymous said...

Oh, look, another thread hijacked by Joceyln Tandy-Adande.

Better you than me, AI!