Friday, October 20, 2006

Legislative Candidates Meet Bloggers

Three Democratic legislative candidates in Marion County's most hotly-contested legislative races met with area bloggers this afternoon at the Pike Township Library. The forum was organized by Bilerico's Bil Browning and was attended by bloggers from Taking Down Words, StAllio's Way, A Commonplace Book, Resisting Inertia, ManfredEye and Confessions of a Hoosier Democrat, in addition to your's truly. Rep. David Orentlicher, state representative candidate John Barnes and and state senate candidate Russell Brown took time to share their views on a variety of issues. Orentlicher, Barnes and Brown are all highly-informed and well-qualified candidates. AI will share with you their views on the issues in a later post.


Wilson46201 said...

By happenstance I encountered that Densborn woman running against David O. today. She just looks like a snooty Republican lady - haughty.

Anonymous said...

Were no Republicans candidates asked to attend ?

Any reason it was just Democrats ?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Bil Browning organized the event. You need to ask him. I don't know who all he originally invited.

Anonymous said...

Wilson tsk tsk again with the insults to the republics. Did Ms Densborn talk about a missing little girl? If not then she is doing better than your friend.

But we are not allowed to talk about that issue are we?

Wilson46201 said...

At least Densborn doesnt campaign with a white hood covering her face and no name tag. She is proud of who she is - AnonyMice are chattering cowards, spreading political gossip and lies - the very epitome of negative campaigning!

Society long ago recognized the corrosive effects of such anonymous politicking - identification disclaimers are required on candidates materials and advertisements. The AnonyMice would wither in the bright light of public scrutiny...

Anonymous said...

Looks like just a "Kum-bye-yah" session for the Leftists. What? no Julia? She'd felt right at home with dirtslingers like David Orentlicher.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great affair. It might have bene better if bipartisan, but I bet Bil asked all parties.

I think this kind of cyber meetup is the wave of the future. I know Sen. Bayh is planning on doing it in Iowa soon. He is not alone.

uh, Wilson, lest you once more cast doubt on the little girl search: it was YOUR candidate who blew a mental gasket on television last Sunday and started talking about some imaginary friend. It happened. Denial is not an option. Calling those of us who saw it racists, is insulting and stupid.

And you have a way of stepping back from Ms. CArson's detractors and hulring a holier-than-thou insult at them.

Try as I might, I cannot escape the conclusion that it's exactly what you accused Ms. Densborn of being: haughty.

She's not haughty. She's a loser. There's a difference.

You're both. Oddly, you have no reason to be haughty.

Anonymous said...

"Sounds like a great affair. It might have bene better if bipartisan, but I bet Bil asked all parties."

Doubt it. Otherwise someone even if it were a township clerk would have shown up. This was just a Dem lovefest.

stAllio! said...

libertarian mike kole was supposed to be there, but he had to pull out at the last minute.

Anonymous said...

Wilson, such ugly words that come out of your fingertips. You really do speak on Julia's behalf so these the words she uses and you just repeat them to public? But if Julia speaks like you write, maybe that little girl isn't safe in your care. Please tell Frank Anderson, he will come and take her somewhere safe.

indyernie said...

Lets talk about white hoods again Wilson. The KKK was organized by Nathan Bedford Forrest an officer in the Confederate Army and the Southern Democrats. This happened at the end of the Civil War. The Democrat Party with the support of President Andrew Johnson (a pro-southern Democrat) kept the KKK active throughout the reconsolidation of the USA. This kept African Americans on the plantations post Civil War.
The KKK terrorized African Americans to keep them from registering for the vote. Generations of African Americans resisted registering for the vote because of the KKK and the Democrat Party and the “Black Codes“ put into place by Johnson. The Republicans in the Senate at that time, where the first to overwrite a President.
Put your hood back on Wilson, we know what you are about.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, IndyErnie some of what you say is sadly true but Indiana has had a somewhat different past where the Klan is concerned. You might want read a bit about Republican governor Ed Jackson and his buddy DC Stephenson.

Most of the Dixiecrats switched teams years ago.

Nice try though.

Anonymous said...

Indyernie has done his homework. That whole "Republicans freed the slaves" thing kinda gets smashed with reality, too. History is a funny thing...the bigots of old kept records, which were found and archived.

Lincoln freed the slaves. He did it by Executive Order. Congress was livid, including:

Speaker Schuyler Colfax (R, former Whig), of Indiana...who rounded up like-minded Republicans to try to override Lincoln's "feeble and misguided" attempt to enter, as they saw it, millions of "darkies" (yep, that's the term he used) into equality, or onto the voter rolls. His cohorts were many, including Republican Sen. Anthony Brown (RI), Sen. James Wilsom Grimes (Iowa), and two "Unconditional Unionists" (nee Republicans) who were fearful for the Union if blacks were emancipated: Reps. Garrett Davis (Ky.) and Lemuel Bowden (Va.). They wre a powerful cabal in their time, and counted most Republicans as fellow conspirators.

Organizations similar to the Klan were rampant then, especially in the districts/states of the above-noted men. Hmmmmm.

Lincoln swam upstream on this issue and deserves much credit. His detractors in his own party were legion, and some openly gossiped about Lincoln's mental illness. Multiple plots were underway at the time of his assassination, to remove him from power somehow. If they'd been smart enough to team up, they might have gotten the job done...but Booth intervened and accomplished their goal for them, albeit sadly.

Or was he part of the scheme...? Conspiracy theorists, have at it.

Wilson46201 said...

Black voters know who the racists are: that's why they vote over 90% Democratic - partly in abhorrence of contemporary Republicans.

Anonymous said...

"Black voters know who the racists are: that's why they vote over 90% Democratic - partly in abhorrence of contemporary Republicans."

Sorry. Wrong again. Please keep trying though it's entertaining to see your attempts at facts. It was once a Democratic governor that once said "Segregation Today. Segregation Tomorrow. Segregation Forever." It was also same Democratic governor who "stood at the schoolhouse door" to keep blacks from entering.

No, blacks vote Democrat because they've been hoodwinked into thinking that Republicans want to get rid of entitlement programs they (as a group) have become dependent upon.

And in response to a previous comment by Wilson, you should have learned by now that black candidates don't support LGBT rights. They only pander to LGBT just to get their vote.

Wilson46201 said...

and the GOP doesnt even try to pander to the LGBT voters - Republican candidates usually just spit in their faces to pander to the Eric Miller crowd !