Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Brizzi Not Cutting Jackson Any Slack

Marion Co. Prosecutor Carl Brizzi (R) showed no favoritism towards Pacer Stephen Jackson when he charged him with felony criminal recklessness, battery and disorderly conduct for his role in a brawl outside Club Rio strip club last Friday morning. If convicted of all the charges, Jackson could face up to three years in prison.

New details reported today by WTHR-TV paint an entirely different picture than Jackson originally told police the night of the altercation. Their report indicates that the dispute began over a dancer inside the bar, which spilled out into the club's parking lot. Jackson reportedly pulled out his gun, kicked a disabled man who was down on the ground and fired several shots from his gun into the air before being struck by a car. WTHR reports:

An eyewitness to the fight says it all started when Quentin "Fingers" Willford tried to befriend one of the dancers performing for the players.

"They started to get into an altercation and Fingers started to put his hand in somebody's face," said the witness.

Eventually the disagreement spilled over into the parking lot. That's where prosecutors and the eyewitness say Jackson took part in beating "Fingers"
before firing his gun.

"The guy was holding down Fingers and they were beating him up and he yelled out, 'Dino, Dino, Dino, help me, Dino,'" said the witness.

"He kicked the person on the ground, fired the rounds in the air, walked back to his car when the car Mr. Willford was driving strikes him," said Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi, who announced the charges at a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

Brizzi also charged a friend of several of the Pacer friends, Raymel Mattox, with battery, disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana. "Mr. Mattox struck Fingers and started the fight and the other information we have is that Mr. Jackson kicked Fingers while he was down," Brizzi said.

Finger's cousin, Deon Willford, who drove the car that struck Jackson, was earlier charged with criminal recklessness, leaving the scene of an accident involving personal injury and operating a vehicle without a license.


Anonymous said...

Unreal. Who knew that being a low life thug could be so profitable. I'm speechless.

Anonymous said...

There had to be more to this story.

I am one Dem who takes my hat off to Brizzi for slowing down and doing the kind of investigative work that needed to be done.

Sounds like the police on the scene were only slightly helpful. I listened to Brizzi during three interviews last night, and he sounded miffed at law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

Professional sports in general is really becoming a joke, especially the NBA. Taking a bunch of alley-ball players and handing out benjamins to let them play alley-ball in front of a crowd.

Now I know why I watch a nice Republican sport like golf :)

Anonymous said...

Of course Brizzi is being tough on Jackson. It's great publicity right at election time and plays off public outrage. It also has the benefit of being the right thing to do. I went to State with Mr. Bird and have great respect for him, but it's past time to knock some heads together and fire some spolied thugs.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but Tiger is a big ole Dem, Hail.

Big time.

Anonymous said...

Tiger will change his stripes when the Dems want to come and take all his money.

Anonymous said...

This whole incident just disgust me.