Monday, October 09, 2006

Shella On Carson's Health

Jim Shella shares some thoughts on Rep. Julia Carson's health at his blog today. It seems Rep. Carson had trouble staying awake during a cermony today at which she was one of the inductees into the Indianpolis Public Schools Hall of Fame. Shella writes:

Folks are talking about Julia Carson's health again. Its not all bad.

She walked in the Circle City Classic Parade on Saturday and even danced at one point in the route. That had parade-goers speculating that she was trying to put health questions behind her.

Then today, at a ceremony where she was inducted into the Indianapolis Public Schools Hall of Fame, she appeared to nod off on stage. So much for putting things behind her.

Will folks criticize Shella for raising the issue of Carson's health as they did AI?


Wilson46201 said...

AI and Eric's crew of AnonyMice overdo it a little! And Eric pledged not to speak against Ms. Carson... but his faceless, nameless minions spread the shit for him.

Here the AnonyMice have charged cancer, Alzheimers, etc. Jim Shella observed behavior - here the AnonyMice do full medical write-ups on Ms. Carson, repeatedly and incessantly...

Anonymous said...


I am surprised that Shella would even mention her physical condition at the dinner. Maybe he is finally realizing that Carson needs to be retired on November 7th.

Carson didn't take her pep pills today prior to going to the IPS dinner. She was sitting down and couldn't stay awake. I wonder if she sleeps in committee hearings in Washington when no one is looking.

Usually most senior citizens take catnaps when they have to sit for long periods of time, their ability to concentrate is limited.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, she's got almost 20years on me, and sometimes, I nod off once in a while...

That being said, Wilson, it's still a valid topic.

We can all form our own opinions.

I can't get past the news tape of her re-election announcement, where she rambled on for ten minutes about identity theft. Drool coming out of her mouth. Glazed look in her eyes.

Everyone around her nervously lookin at the sky, their feet...

Wilson46201 said...

I was there, photographing the event at that homeless veterans home she had donated in her block. Your memories of the announcement that day vary considerably from mine. It was fiercely cold and windy but well-attended outdoors. I recall nothing about oddities of speech or peculiarities of appearance. I think my high-resolution photos would confirm it.

Laura said...

Wilson cracks me up. How can anyone take the poster seriously?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes people are so blinded by loyalty that reality becomes just a distant memory. C'mon Wilson, if you think Shella is a Dickerson minion...geez you have LOST your grip.

Wilson46201 said...

Jim Shella uses his name - he is known - he stated an observation - the cowardly AnonyMice can spout whatever they wish repeatedly with no regard for truth, proof or self-reputation ...

Anonymous said...

Wilson 'ghost employee of the years 1991-2004" Allen:

You just can't accept the fact that Eric Dickerson does not campaign on the same level as Carson. He's busy meeting and greeting potential voters. He doesn't need minions or goons to speak for him.

Did it ever occur to you that some of these anonyMice are disgruntled former employees or precinct committeepersons who have been used and dumped by Carson? You have assumed that they are Dickerson supporters out right.
Everybody does not love The Ghetto Mafia Queen.

Your frustration is showing beacuse you don't know who they are, and you won't be able to slander them on the blogs for speaking out.

You have attempted to smear Dickerson on every turn in this campaign, and it has back fired on you.

Anonymous said...

Wilson, the last time I looked, Jim Shella is his own man. HE reported what he saw. Period. Let her stand up on stage and debate Dickerson and prove she can REALLY represent the people of the 7th. These are just the facts, nothing else.

indyernie said...

All that a voter needs to do is show up at a Carson function. One that she really attends (they are few in number, usually a proxy will attend for her) and see for themselves. Clothes askew (that means messed up Wilson) and tacky. Someone walking on each of her arms to assistance her. And when she talks, she makes no sense at all. She appears DRUNK. These are facts. If this is overdoing it, then show us a debate with Eric Dickerson and disprove it all. Dickerson has said repealy that he will debate anytime, anyplace and with no limitations. Its up to Carson to say ok. Wilson, I'm not faceless or nameless. I sat right in front of you in Glendale. Next time tap me on the shoulder and call me the coward that you say we all are...I would be happy to discuss the subject with you. Unless you are the true coward.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the mainstream media is starting to acknowledge Julia's health and inability to remain cognizant while in public.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the re-election announcement, Wilson:

I wasn't there. Four different media representatives told me about with. With shock. And they all used the same adjectives.

I watched video of it and it was confirmed.

Your rose-colored lenses may not have seen it, but it is a fact.
Her car pulled up close to the door, I'm told,. and she hobbled over to a podium. Windy, cold, but she talked. For five minutes. Without notes. About identity theft.

At her re-election announcement.

Wilson46201 said...

IndyErnie - a quick Google on your name told me all I wanted to know about you - shall we say charitably you do not share "Traditional GOP Family Values"?

You do seem to have a propensity for personal invective as well as intimations of violence. You fit in well with the Dickerson entourage.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Did ya pull something reahcing for that one, Wilson?


Unknown said...

I think Ms. Carson's health is something that should be brought up. If she wins re-election, and I bet she will, I really think that this should be her last term in office.

Anonymous said...

Wilson "ghost employee of the year" Allen"

You have bashed and smeared the names and characters of everyone not supporting Julia Carson on these blogs. Why don't you face reality? Julia is on her last leg in politics and you can't save her!
It is time for her retirement.

Wilson46201 said...

Carson's health is the only issue Dickerson has to run on. He sure as hell isn't proud of being a Republican!

Carson has a proven political track record with a voting history to back up her assertions. Voters know who she is. Dickerson is a car salesman with fuzzy promises and a fancy RV. That Mitch magic only strikes once ...

indyernie said...

Family Values humm. I thought that Americans on both sides of the political isle shared them, to some extent. And as to your statement reguarding "intimations of violence" this is characteristic of an unstable mind. I have not suggested anything violent and I can do nothing reguarding your perception of someones opinions. However I do disagree with you on most issues.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the mainstream media is starting to acknowledge Julia's health and inability to remain cognizant while in public.


Anyone notice on 13 and 59's bit about the IPS school ceremony and on 13 Julia only got a passing mention. Dick Lugar got several seconds of video of his speech. 59 just showed Julia at the podium being with Dick Lugar but she was not heard saying a word. Also on 59 many of the honorees were interviewed - except Big O, Vivica Fox, Mrs. Letterman, and of course Julia. Now this may not seem like big news but what congressional candidate wouldn't pass up a few free seconds of face time on TV? Dick Lugar is unopposed and he took every free second of TV time he could get.

I'm guessing if she was at least coherent she'd been shown on TV so unless proven otherwise I'd say she was the same ol' Julia. Slurred speech and all.

Anonymous said...

Vivica Fox couldn't even attend cause she missed her plane, and she got more mention than Julia!

I wasn't aware Julia was a high school graduatel. Seriously. I'm happy for her. It was a nice honor.

Anonymous said...

From "The Hill," the newspaper for/about Congress:

Julia Carson spotted on House Floor in sweats

Rep. Julia Carson (D-Ind.) was spotted on the House Floor and in the Speaker’s Lobby in a gray sweat suit and sneakers last week. Her attire, which is forbidden by House rules, and the fact that the 68-year-old lawmaker is often seen getting physical help from an aide, is causing comment.
But Chad Chitwood, her spokesman, insisted that his boss is not sick. “She’s doing fine, she’s going back and forth [to the district],” Chitwood said Monday. Carson had bypass heart surgery in 1996.

As for concerns about her health, Carson in January told WISH-TV8 in Indianapolis, “I think people thought I was too sick to run. I’m not too sick to do anything.”

She's breaking rules, doesn't vote the majority of the time, and is a bad representative not only for her district but all of Indiana.

Anonymous said...

Vivica Fox couldn't even attend cause she missed her plane

I understood she got on the wrong plane but the airline got her here just later than expected. Side note that really says a lot - Ms. Fox for not reading the sign at the gate or the airline staff for not paying attention to her ticket & boarding pass

Anonymous said...


Julia Carson sold out her own people and poor people. Under the radar!

Published on Friday, June 16, 2006 by the Black Commentator

Black Caucus Caves to Corporate Power: Two-Thirds Vote Against Black Interests
by Bruce Dixon

The independence of black American leadership is under assault by a tsunami of cash. Unprecedented levels of corporate underwriting are subverting black civic organizations. Tens of millions in faith-based federal grants have been deployed to suborn black clergy. Rivers of charitable and campaign contributions have been invested in subduing or silencing the voices of African America elected officials. Predictably, the onslaught is taking its toll.
Last week the House of Representatives passed the COPE Act, which will turn the free and open Information Superhighway into a corporate toll road, and lift regulations that force cable and telephone companies to serve poor and minority areas. Only 46% of Democrats in the House of Representatives voted against it. But in a stunning repudiation of its own historic claims to be the “conscience of the congress” and the authentic voice of African America in national affairs, a mere 13 out of 40 voting CBC members in the House summoned the courage to buck the tide of corporate cash and stand up for their constituents. (The two delegates from Washington, DC and the U.S. Virgin Islands cannot vote on the House floor.) Two-thirds of the Caucus capitulated to corporate power, a more shameful showing than Democratic members as a whole. As “conscience of the congress,” the Congressional Black Caucus is pretty much over.
To comprehend the depths of this betrayal we must understand that there are absolutely no economic development cases which can be made with a straight face for turning the free Internet into a corporate toll road, or for allowing cable and phone companies to deny premium broadband service to all but the wealthiest customers.
The dirty little secret the telecommunications companies will never tell us is that despite the incessant prattle about being the most technologically advanced nation on the planet, the US ranks 16th, according to the International Telecommunications Union, in the percentage of its citizens provided with some form of broadband Internet access. When we can get that access at all, broadband Internet in the US is the slowest and most expensive in the developed world, well behind Japan, South Korea, and all of Western Europe. Bruce Kushnick of offers this useful comparison between proposed broadband services in the US and those in South Korea and Japan.
The top broadband speed available to home and business consumers in the US is only 1.5 megabits per second, and most customers pay about $30 per month for that. In France customers get 25 megabits per second for less than a third the price. Singapore is about to offer its citizens 1000 megabits per second. American telcos, on the other hand, say they cannot give us more than 6 megabits per second without the end of network neutrality as a financial incentive.
The claims of cable and telecommunications monopolies that deregulating them and handing the keys of the Internet over to them will erase the digital divide inside the US, provide universal access and keep us competitive with the rest of the world, are simply lies. US consumers have already paid AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, BellSouth, Qwest and the rest of their telecom and cable cousins hundreds of billions in corporate tax breaks and excess fees – the highest phone, cable and Internet charges in the world – to provide universal high-speed access which we have never received.
Other provisions of the COPE Act favored by 27 out of 40 members of the Congressional Black Caucus which allow cable companies to deny service to entire demographic areas are indefensible on their face, given the sorry track record of these same outfits over the years. The votes of CBC members went the way they did because of the generous campaign and charitable contributions of telecommunications companies. “I’ve been here more than ten years," said one CBC member, “and I have never seen a full court press like this.”
These are the 13 voting members of the Congressional Black Caucus in the House who should he applauded for upholding its tradition, the interests of African American communities, and the interests of the whole American public.
Barbara Lee – CA, Diane E. Watson – CA, Maxine Waters – CA, Juanita Millender-McDonald -- CA
Cynthia McKinney – GA, John Lewis – GA, Carolyn Kilpatrick – MI, John Conyers, Jr. -- MI
Emanuel Cleaver, II – MO, Donald M. Payne – NJ, Chaka Fattah – PA, Robert Scott -- VA
Gwen Moore -- WI
And these are the twenty-seven who caved to corporate cash, voting to end the Internet as we know it. They voted to allow phone and Internet companies to raise long distance charges, and to exempt cable companies from the oversight of local governments who might prohibit discrimination against their constituents.
Artur Davis – AL, Corrine Brown – FL, Kendrick B. Meek – FL, Alcee L. Hastings -- FL
Sanford Bishop, Jr. – GA, David Scott – GA, Bobby L. Rush – IL, Jesse Jackson, Jr. -- IL
Danny Davis – IL, Julia Carson – IN, William J. Jefferson – LA, Albert Wynn -- MD
Elijah E. Cummings – MD, William Lacy Clay, Jr. – MO, Bennie G. Thompson -- MS
G. K. Butterfield, Jr. – NC, Melvin L. Watt – NC, Gregory W. Meeks – NY, Edolphus Towns – NY,
Major R. Owens – NY, Charles B. Rangel – NY, Stephanie T. Jones – OH, James E. Clyburn –
SC, Harold E. Ford, Jr. – TN, Al Green – TX, Sheila Jackson-Lee – TX, Eddie Bernice Johnson -- TX
It’s Later Than You Think
From a legal and regulatory standpoint the free and open Internet as we know it has been on borrowed time for many months. A 6 to 3 Supreme court decision led by Clarence Thomas back in June of 2005 split an imaginary legal hair to exempt cable companies from the “common carrier” rule that compels the owners of phone networks to route traffic from outside their own networks on a non-discriminatory basis. That was the first regulatory nail in the coffin of network neutrality. Phone companies, who provide most of the broadband Internet to homes and businesses in the US immediately appealed for the FCC to extend the ruling to them, and they did, with a 12 month moratorium before the new ruling takes effect. So even if the Senate version of the COPE Act dies, and the congress does nothing this year, telecommunications monopolies will be free to end network neutrality beginning some time in August.
The COPE Act and its Senate version merely makes the existing situation even worse, by explicitly forbidding the FCC from enforcing anything resembling network neutrality. But even without it, the telecommunications companies have already bought the court decisions and regulations they want.
Without network neutrality, those of us who enjoy cheap long distance phone calling over the Internet will see our Internet providers block or ban services other than theirs, and raise the prices. Many of us who imagine we don’t even use the Internet, but who depend on long distance calling cards to stay in touch with relatives or friends will find those services more expensive or unavailable. And those who download music, who read foreign newspapers, who share pictures and news and opinions are about to experience a new Internet regime. It’s not too late to fight it, or to roll it back, but it is coming. It’s later than we think.

Wilson46201 said...

Indianapolis Crispus Attucks High School - 1955 - I finally saw her class photo last week - Julia Mae Porter, looking good!

I've explained the slurred speech before - as a child she had a severe speech impediment and it took years of vocal training to be able to say much at all. She still knows ASL that she used to use herself...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that was 1955. Wake up, it's 51 years later. Even the government says you can collect social security at 65. If the government is willing to give up cash, then you know it's time to retire.

indyernie said...

Hey Wilson I saw what you were refering to in Google. Sorry to burst your bubble, but its not me.
I'm not 55 yrs old and I'm 6'3". Nice try though. I didn't check out any other ads...but, I bet you did.