Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Miller Uses Nonprofit For More Campaign Events

Using the mantra of his tax-exempt, supposed nonpartisan Advance America organization, failed GOP gubernatorial candidate Eric Miller continues a statewide tour to rally support and votes for GOP candidates exclusively in this November's election. Stepping up the nonprofit violation another notch, Miller took his message to a church in Portage. The Gary Post-Tribune's Diane Kubiak writes:

Miller is on a five-city tour as founder of the group which advocates a ban on homosexual marriages, promotes vouchers for private schools, sees the states having to take up the abortion issue again and is against property taxes.

Miller had spoken at Fair Haven Baptist Church on Sunday and encouraged listeners there to attend Monday night's rally at Portage High School West.

"We got a call to bring out the army," said Ken Taylor, campaign worker for the Republican candidate for sheriff, Susan Resteau. Taylor described Miller's message as "bit of both" -- religion and politics. He said about 25-40 of those attending were from "Resteau's army."

Most of Monday night's program was about ending property tax. Miller wants to see Hoosiers pass a constitutional amendment banning property taxes and noted the Indiana House has already voted in that direction.

I grew up in a Methodist Church. It would have been unthinkable in my church to allow anyone like Eric Miller to stand up in the church and talk about partisan politics. Primarily, because it's against the law, but mostly because the people who attended that church didn't believe in mixing politics and religion. I guess Miller's been getting away with it for so many years he feels he's immuned from being cited for violating the federal nonprofit laws.

Some moderate Republicans are going to be disappointed to learn that Secretary of State Todd Rokita (R) joined Miller at his event in Portage. Kubiak also writes:

Miller also hosted two other speakers -- Secretary of State Todd Rokita and school choice advocate Bob Hoy.

Rokita commended the audience for exercising their freedom of association and urged them to value their right to pick a leader of their own choice.

Hoy is executive director of a foundation which gives grants to Marion County students wanting to attend private schools. He wants to see tax money, as vouchers, be able to flow to private schools because, he said, parents will hold the schools more accountable if they have the right to choose.

Miller also called for the state to cease the mental health testing of children and to further protect children from pornography by banning its access through public libraries. He urged listeners to pray, get informed, contribute to candidates and vote.

Kubiak also noted that retiring Rep. Ralph Ayres was in attendance with Sen. Vic Heinhold (R). As with all of Advance America's events, all candidates for public office are Republicans.


Anonymous said...

How in the Sam Hell does this blatantly political crap continue and they still have their IRS status?

They don't even attempt to be non-partisan any more.

It's shameful.

They're entitled to their views, God love 'em. And to spread their narrow-mindedness any way they want, but not with help from my tax dollars via exempt status.

Anyone file a request to get their expense report? I think they have to provide it. It would be intresting to see what Eric pays himself.

Gary R. Welsh said...

If you go back and check out the archives on this site, your question will be answered. Essentially, Miller pays himself an annual salary and benefits which amount to at least $100,000 per year. He also pays his law firm an annual retainer fee of abour $115,000. And his law firm uses the same rented space one block from the State House which Advance America uses for its offices.

Anonymous said...

Gary - maybe not within the UMC but some other churches would have politics from the pulpit. Doesn't Jesse Jackson still have his church up in Chicago area?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, AI.

Nothing blatantly wrong with the law firm and Advance America using the same leased space.

The salary amount doesn't appear too far out of line. God knows he's working hard at it. Does he even have a law practice, per sey?

But in addition to 501 (c) 3 violations, wouldn't attorney Miller be violating at least one of the Rules of Practice prescribed for lawyers? Presupposing, of coursee that he is violating tax-exempt status with his blatant poiliticking. Which he is.

One would think a practioncer of law would have to uphold by oath the laws of the state and federal govertments, which certainly include the (cumbersome) IRS Code.

Just askin'.

Jeff Newman said...

Rokita is rubbing elbows with the Despicable One?? **Sigh** I thought he was a little better than that.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me, Newman? Rokita is a pandering goof. Always has been.

I interact with the Corporation Division often...it's a kindergarten. Worse even than the times under Evan, and that was bad...everyone there knew Evan was a temporary occupant of the office.
Work habits then were, uh, lax.