Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Carson And Dickerson To Appear On Political Insiders

Matt Tully blogs today that he will interview both Rep. Julia Carson (D) and her Republican challenger Eric Dickerson this Friday for WTHR-TV's "Political Insiders" segment which will air this Sunday at 7:30 a.m. Last Sunday, AI complained about the lack of coverage in the Star about the candidates and issues in the 7th congressional district. AI predicted more coverage in the coming weeks, but that the focus would be on Dickerson's lack of campaign funds and support from the Republican Party. Tully seems to deliver on that promise a little today. He writes:

Congressional candidate Eric Dickerson called yesterday and insisted, "We're winning." Dickerson, of course, is the former car dealer challenging Democratic U.S. Rep. Julia Carson in the 7th Congressional district. (By the way, Kevin Rader and I will interview both candidates Friday for a WTHR "Political Insiders" segment that runs Sunday during the 7:30 a.m. half hour.)

Dickerson, who spent the weekend knocking on doors and campaigning at Circle City Classic events, told me his mid-October campaign finance report will show between $23,000 and $25,000 in the bank at the end of September. In politics circa 2006, that's obviously not a lot of money, but the Republican candidate said it will be enough for a 10-day radio advertisement buy at the end of the campaign season.

"I think most people are listening in the last 10 days of the campaign," he said Monday, the same day he spent hours in a recording studio preparing the commercials.

This is not a debate. Tully will be joined by WTHR's Kevin Rader in pre-recorded interviews with the candidates. A half hour leaves little time for questions between two different candidates. Let's see if Tully and Rader ask tough questions of both candidates. I'm disappointed that WTHR has chosen to air the interview only once early on a Sunday morning when very few people watch TV. I guess they're not really interested in their viewers hearing what the candidates have to say.


Wilson46201 said...

I am still so chuckling at Tully's column - $25K for Sept.30 will be one of the lowest campaign warchests in the entire country! I wouldnt be surprised if the 3 brave Democrats running against Buyer, Burton and Pence didnt have more than $25K each.

$25,000? Didnt Dickerson make big bucks selling off his car dealership? It doesnt look like he's putting much money where his mouth is! Can't he mortgage Maggie Moos or that body shop in Westfield? Or his farm in Sheridan?

In a striking coincidence, Julia Carson was also cutting commercials on Monday. Dunno how much she'll spend on them...her campaign aint exactly hurting for money!

Anonymous said...

It's real simple. They don't want Eric to be seen or heard because they know how good he his. He is a very powerful speaker. Everyone who has ever heard him speak would agree.

Eric is still going to win, because of his work ethic, among other things. His powerful speeches are the nuclear bombs of his political arsenal, but he knows how to fight in the trenches too.

Be very fearful Carson. Disabling his nuclear powers only ensures you to escape complete anihilation. This is the only reason the race will be close. Eric will win the war. The voters will have their say.

Gary R. Welsh said...

As I recall Wilson, Andy "Do Nothing" Jacobs never had much more than that in his campaign account at any given time. By the way Wilson, you and Julia brag Andy up so much. You know Andy Jacobs is the only invited guest to speak at IU-Indy law school while I was in school there who delivered an anti-gay speech. He was all bent out of shape that some folks thought gays should be allowed to serve in the military, as if they haven't served since the beginning of time. Yeah, you and Julia had no problem with his anti-gay bigotry.

Wilson46201 said...

I was unaware of what you state was Andy's position on gays in the military. Unfortunately, it was the same as Colin Powell's and the GOP official party position ... not good at all.

A while back the American Medical Association raised $500,000 to throw against Jacobs. No dent in the results. The Republican lost miserably. Again.

I hope Eric's coterie realizes that radioactivity is quite poisonous to be around. If he's so nuclear, the FBI should check him out! LOL - Metaphors running amok!

Wilson46201 said...

fwiw, Dickerson is only the 2nd GOP candidate running against Carson for Congress who didnt run on a gay-bashing platform. Hoffmeister was the worst - Scott was a goofball - McVeigh was a BushBaby (his words) flailing against Gay Marriage - poor sweet Horning was a Libertarian/Republican who opposed gays on religious grounds! The GOP certainly fielded a sorry lot of candidates there!

Anonymous said...

Since his nuclear arsenal is so weak, Wilson, then why won't she debate him, and why won't the lib press cover him?

They fear complete anihilation, that's why. It would only take one debate to deal a fatal blow to Ms. Carson's campaign. You know it too, Wilson. That's why she's desperately avoiding a debate with Dickerson.

Too bad for you, that's not his only weapon.

If you are so sure of yourself then get her to debate him as every person seeking an elected seat should feel obligated to do.

If you're not scared of the bomb, then push the button. Although you are quite ignorent, I don't think you and Ms. Carson are willing to commit political suicide.

indyernie said...

I guess grassroots campaigns are a thing of the past if Wilson is right. The difference between Dickersons and Carsons war chests is, Dickerson is doing it
(fundraising) by the book. Carson as always does what she wants, legal or not.
Hey Wilson was that you today?...registering the voters in Crown Hill)

Wilson46201 said...

Dickerson supporters whining for free media from debates sound like socialist drones demanding free welfare handouts from somebody. Let Eric orate and impress the listeners himself! A free-enterprise capitalist like Eric Dickerson should be proud to pay for his own campaigning, wouldn't you think?

I do voter registration in my own neighborhood mostly - this is the same neighborhood Eric told a reporter goes 400 votes for Carson and 10 for the GOP. Pretty good, huh?

indyernie said...

Yea lets see zip 46201?, hey guess what? Anderson Cemetary is just east on 10th st. Hey Wilson!, I bet the Carson team forgot to register those folks.

Federal law forbids a canidate using his/her own money to run for Congress. But you wouldn't know that, your only exposure to a congressional election has been Carson...and we all know she pays no attention to law.

Gary R. Welsh said...

indyernie, actually wealthy congressional candidates can and do self-finance their campaigns. The U.S. Senate is full of them. The odd thing is--most of them are Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Advance Indiana:

The African American Community is sponsoring a Meet the Candidates Forum and Debate. Everyone is invited to attend.

The invitations have been sent out. Waiting for confirmations for each candidate.

Sponsored by:

M.E.D.I.C. Neighborhood Association
Voter Education Project

Friday, November 3, 2006
6:00 – 9:00 P.M.
Crispus Attucks High School Auditorium
1140 Dr. Martin Luther King Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Agenda for Candidates Forum

6:00 p.m. Opening Remarks: Disa Watson Summers, president and introduction of moderator

6:05 p.m. Moderator: Eunice Trotter Richardson, Indianapolis Star City Editor

6:20 - 6:55 p.m. Introduction of other Candidates and a brief job description only

7:00 – 7:25 p.m. Township Trustee Candidates

7:30 - 7:55 p.m. County Sheriff Candidates

8:00 – 8:25 p.m. County Prosecutor Candidates

8:30 - 8:55 p.m. 7th Congressional District Candidates

9:00 – Closing Remarks and Dismissal

Anonymous said...

I've never seen so many ridiculous posts in one thread...

1. AI, I don't know how Andy's views on gay issues could've changed that much, but I assure you, he's a very good friend, and if your post is correct he's done a 180. And gotten whiplash doing it.

2. Andy never accepted a PAC contribution. His typical campaigns in later years ran $20-30K, mostly in $50, $25 contributions. He'd buy one half-hour of TV time on Sunday night before the election and take phone calls live from voters. The rest was direct mail and GOTV. His no-PAC stance won some top-level endorsements, I think from Robert Redford and maybe another actor or two, who cut commercials which Andy ran on his purchased half-hour call in show.

3. Candidates can, and do, use their own moeny. It must be reported as a loan. In fact, I'm pretty sure Dickerson did loan himself some money for the primary...I think it was something like $11,000. RV rental money, probably.

4. Dickerson cannot hope to be competitive if he won't drop $125K or so on last-minute media. Twenty thousand is a joke. In that district, that's what the pros would tell you, it would take to hit all the voters multiple times.

5. Yes, unfortunately grassroots campaigns have been dead. Around here for about 15 years, give or take. Nationally, maybe longer.
Retail politics only works in NW and Iowa caucuses. And it ain't cheap there.

(Sigh) Eric Dickerson won't pop 40% if he cannot get his message out over the conventional paid media. I'm not saying that's what I want to happen...just observing the political landscape.

I kinda got the impression ole Eric might drop a hundred thou or so of his own money. Maybe not.

Which frankly brings into more question, the moeny from the dealership sale, the lawsuit, etc. He certainyl let the impression sit with the community, uncorrected, that he'd have money from that venture, to help push into the campaign.

Live and learn.

Anonymous said...

AI is right on Jacobs. I'm a gay Democrat, and I remember reading in one of the local gay newspapers many years ago about his anti-gay views. Any gay Democrat who has been around Indianapolis for a long period of time will tell you he was no friend of gays. He did have a reputation as a skirt chaser.

indyernie said...

AI, I stand corrected. I talked to a friend who told me the same. Great Blog I learn something everyday.

Anonymous said...

Wilson46201 said...

In a striking coincidence, Julia Carson was also cutting commercials on Monday. Dunno how much she'll spend on them...her campaign aint exactly hurting for money!


Got my TIVO ready for these !


Anonymous said...

Advance Indiana:

Don't worry paid ads have been made.
Dickerson's radio adds begin next week on 4 stations.

Anonymous said...

9:57, I'm a gay Dem, too...known Andy for 34 years. Just don't recall the same things.

Regarding the Carson, Dickerson appearance on this pre-dawn gabfest:

I didn't even know it was a show until I was channel surfing two weeks ago. Robin Winston is on it...Peter Rusthoven. Tully is there as window dressing...on this particular show he aske done stupid question.

Are Julia and Eric sitting down together, or in two separate 15-minutes-each pre-taped sessions?

Will WTHR allow other media to be at the taping to witness the pre- and post- taping interactions?

Wait a minute, I just gave myself a good giggle...that would require the local media to actually work.
Forgive me.

Anonymous said...

(Sigh) Eric Dickerson won't pop 40% if he cannot get his message out over the conventional paid media. I'm not saying that's what I want to happen...just observing the political landscape.

A downward slide? C'Mon even Andy Horning and with his pockets turned out caught 45% of the vote. JC might have 7 times the money but doesn't she have 7 times the expenses with a full time paid campaign staff with paid campaign managers and all that? Even people think they are voting for the football player is worth a 2-3 point bump right there.

Apples to oranges. The problem with elections is that people like the above who do think grassroots is dead and everything is blasted via the liberal media. That elections are as simple as buying one. That is what is WRONG with elections. And why reward the same liberal media which constantly badmouths Republicans with ad buys?

Anonymous said...

A democrat insider has told me that Julia Carson plans to retire after this election. If she wins she plans to step down and Frank Anderson has the party's nod. If Sheriff Anderson is re-elected as Sheriff, how will that position be filled.
Ms Carson needs to be asked about this.

Anonymous said...

Alterego, I think this is Julia's last election one way or another. Frank is not the only favored successor. Who ultimately gets the nod will be a political battle royale. Julia moving aside will not mean she has much say in choosing her successor...we Dems will likely fuss about it for a year or so. Lots of political blood.

Hail, I'll stand by my prediction...Eric won't pop 40%. Not that that's what I want to happen, but, with no money, that's where it will end up.

$20K of radio in the last ten days is like pissing in the Ocean. IF there is any radio time LEFT, that hasn't bene purchased by Melina or Carl and their ridiculous jabfest.

Sorry to say. Media in this town ain't all that cheap. For its news-gathering quality, it SHOULD be cheap, but it's not. To hit targeted audiences, radio-only won't work, but if you wanted to hit the audience Eric needs to hit, you'd need to drop $10K a day on TV and radio from Oct.20 on.

Mind you, I'm not saying I like that determination, but that's what it'd take. Ask around. The political pros out there will pretty much agree, if you're not within a half-dozen points or so by Oct.20, the only way you move those kinds of numbers is massive, directed, targeted media buys. In the 10k a day range, or more. Direct mail is part of it, but the biggest chunk is electronic media.

In short, it's not probably not possible.

Good Lord we've got bigger troubles...the President is on the radio right now, talking about lots of things, and in the first three minutes he's misprounced "nuclear", "proliferation", "treaty" , "transcontinental" and "intransigent"...he really ought to stick to the mono-syllabic 3 X 5s his staff gives him.

Leader of the free world. Damn. Sorta diminishes the importance of Julia and Eric mixin it up at 7:30 am when 50 people are watching.

Wilson46201 said...

Nobody can go to Congress without a general public election. It would make absolutely no sense for Carson to step down after her re-election this November because to replace her in Congress would take yet another general public election rightaway. The Party cannot "appoint" Anderson or Peterson or anybody. It takes a public election - period!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Wilson....

I believe the poster meant that this will be here last election, and she'd serve out this next term, thru 2008.

(Do you have anything close to resembling a life?)

Anonymous said...

No need to worry about having a special election. Eric Dickerson will be our 7th District Representative by a close margin.

Anonymous said...

Hope spring eternal, 3:28. I admire that.

But you're so wrong.