Tuesday, October 17, 2006

ICLU Sues Mooresville School Over Voluntary Bible Study

The Indiana Civil Liberties Union has brought suit against the Mooresville school system in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana on behalf of the mother of a child enrolled in the school system who does not participate in a voluntary, weekly Bible study allowed by the school. Because the study is voluntary, my first reaction was to wonder why the ICLU was bothering with a lawsuit. That is until I read the facts the ICLU lays out in its request for injunctive relief. They are quite compelling.

According to the suit, the Bible study is run by a religious, nonprofit organization called Morgan County Schools of Weekday Religious Education, Inc. This organization is permitted to park a trailer on school property at which the weekly, one-hour study sessions are conducted. Enrollment in the Bible study is administered by the school. Teachers hand out an enrollment form for students to take home to their parents, along with an introductory letter. Although the program is supposed to be non-denominational, the letter notes that the program involves the study of the Bible, the life of Jesus Christ, the Old Testament, Psalms, and the history of the Bible. Those who receive parental permission return them to their teachers and are permitted to attend the weekly study program. Offerings are collected from the students who attend the study sessions to offset the program's costs. Students who do not participate remain behind in the school building and receive no school instruction while the Bible study is taking place.

All students are required to return the enrollment forms for the Bible study, even if they do not wish to participate in the program. The child of the plaintiff in this case was asked by his teacher when he returned his form why he wasn't participating in the Bible study. The child's mother claims he came home on several occasions crying because he felt like he was being singled out as one of the few students who didn't participate in the Bible study. She believes what the school is doing amounts to the establishment of religion at the school. I have to say that I agree with the mother entirely on this one. Clearly, the school has completely over-stepped its bounds in actively promoting and administering a religious study program for some students, which is distinctly Christian in orientation. It's amazing in this day and age that the school system would actually think it could get by with this.


Wilson46201 said...

On the Indpls Star's new Talkback feature this topic is the hottest story ever - it has over 300 comments already - Eric Miller has ginned up his noise machine to LOUD !

Anonymous said...

One of these days that pendulum is going to swing back very hard and I can hear them all whining and crying about the ICLU already. Bottom line folks, you are bringing this on yourself.

Wolfrham Hart said...

FYI: the ICLU changed their name earlier this year to the ACLU of Indiana. I guess they wanted to be more closely affiliated to the national organization.

If the facts alleged are true this school system is very stupid about the law and deserved to be slapped hard.

Anonymous said...

The facts are true, Wolfram. Have you ever been to Mooresville?

I've been to athletic events there. The racism is pungent...in the air and everywhere.

These are not open minds. And, as a sidebar, most appear to be very, uh...well-fed.

Anonymous said...

You libs should want kids to have the choice of having a bible study. Who does it really hurt? Noone except those who are out to destroy religion in America. Socialists and Communists are not religious friendly. It doesn't go along with all of the things they do that all religions consider sin.

Abandon your efforts to destroy religion in America. Being on the side of the terrorists because you don't like christianity is not a good idea. As soon as they take over, you libs would be the first on the chopping block.

The terrorists, socialists and communists are not your friend. We won't let you find that out the hard way though.

By the way, religions don't create war and all of the problems of society. The behind the scenes manipulators of religions do. Stop taking your frustrations out on religion and take it out on the manipulators of religion. They said that blacks should be slaves in the name of Jesus. Now was it Christianity that said that or the manipulators of Christianity? I think the latter.

Stop taking religion away from kids. They need all the help they can get.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. I see Mooresville finally got the Internet and someone found your Blog.

Look-- it's really clear here-- they have a trailer parked on PUBLIC SCHOOL GROUNDS where they give religious instruction -- in a particular religion-- and they encoruage kids with permission slips and "getting out of school" to do the "voluntary" prayer programs.

When one kid was asked dirtectoy by a teacher-- what was he/she thinking?-- why he didn't participate in front of other kids-- he was being pressured.


As far as I am concerned, you will never get rid of prayer in school so long as there are math tests.


Anonymous said...

Easy AI...you're sounding a bit like some ACLU-loving liberal there.


Anonymous said...

12:14 is correct. Prayer exists.

10:38, just in case you haven't read it yet, here's some real good words:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..."

You should pay particular attention to the first ten words. They're salient. In present-day terms, it means no unit of government can promote any religion of any kind. I think if you pull real hard you can get your head out of your a-- and read this.

If any government employoee, allows or directs students, on government property, toward any religion, of any kind, whether it's promoting God or Bud Light, it is illegal and unconstitutional.

What part of that do you not understand? It's really not difficult.

The Bible Study Trailer can be parked across the street, and students can be directed to it after school. Simple solution.

Good people of Mooresville, and I know there are some, your good name is being dragged down by some sloths who don't understand the constitution. When it protects the least among us, it performs best. Gee, that's kinda Biblical, dontcha think?

For more insight into the Founding Fathers' intent, see:


Marla R. Stevens said...

The Indiana Constitution is even clearer and stricter regarding church/state separation -- a brilliant document.

Anonymous said...

My daughter attends neil armstrong and it is a very good school, Despite what others that do not even live in our town are saying. I am confident that the school and the church will have the bible class moved. That i have no problem with but the mother is saying that she wants to be compensated for attorney fees and costs and other proper relief.
And that the actions of the defendant are causing irreparable harm to her and her son. This is public knowledge, You can read it by going to:


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Well she should of thought about what she was doing before she went any further.
If this mother receives any MONEY from this lawsuit then i am taking my child out of the mooresville school system. They should have the backbone to stand up to this parent,Like i said move the bible study but give her no money, Because she knew what she was getting into when she started this. I am sure other towns will except my money to send my child to their school along with tax money they get for each child. Also i am not so sure other parents won't do the same if this mother gets her way. It will be interesting to wait and see.