Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Star Endorses Rokita

Secretary of State Todd Rokita (R) gets the Star's blessing in his re-election bid. His efforts to clean up the state's voter rolls and stem investment fraud earns him the Star's endorsement. The Star applauds some of his Democratic opponent Joe Pearson's ideas, such as moving the BMV to the Secretary of State's office, and it thinks Libertarian candidate Mike Kole "is a thoughtful representative of his party."

The Star also gives its endorsement for the state auditor's office to current State Treasurer Tim Berry. It chooses Michael Griffin (D) over Richard Mourdock for State Treasurer.


Anonymous said...

Their reasoning makes no sense...the Murdock endorsement is a limp attempt to appear bipartisan.

Todd Rokita may be the dimmest SOS we've ever had. He's shoved this Voter ID nonsense down our throats on the suspision that there's massive Voter Fraud, and there isn't. He mailed millions of postcards to vet this fraud, and all he found ws duplicate registrations that could easioly have been handled internally. This new sophisticated voter database didn't have me listed as a registered voter, and I haven't missed an election since 1976. He presided over the selection of qualified electronic voting machine companies that should be the subject of an investigation.

I deal regularly with the corproations division of the SOS office, and it's a bureaucratic joke--the worst it's been in 30 years.

So this is his performance, and we should vote for him again?

Not on your life.

Anonymous said...

It's MIKE Kole.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Sorry about that. I've corrected it.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what The Star would do if a Democrat SOS awarded a $100K no-bid contract to a personal friend for work that staffers in the AG's office could do.

I wonder what The Star would say if scores of party hacks and minor office holders from outside Indiana stormed a county clerk's office here to raise a ruckus over a disputed election ala' T.R. in Florida in 2000.

I wonder . . .

Anonymous said...

Todd Rokita is a joke. I guess the gay Republicans think he can be made to be appealing to the LGBT community, just because he's "okay on our issues", or whatever it is they've said about him.

But the SOS's office needs a house-cleaning. Joe Pearson needs to come in and clean it up.

Anonymous said...

Granted, I like Rokita and appreciate the Star's endorsement for him, I think that the Star is an absolute joke. I mean come on, did you read it's endorsement for Julia Carson that they snuck in the back section of this past Sunday's paper? Their writers make NO SENSE whatsoever!! I really don't think they have any idea of what they are talking about.