Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Brian Bosma = Eric Miller

House Speaker Brian Bosma confirms that his platform for a House GOP majority in Indiana is the platform of Eric Miller. The other day he and his colleagues were touting an education plan that asked taxpayers to finance private, religious schools. Today, he picks up the anti-immigrant mantra. And in a couple of days, he will be proclaiming that a constitutional ban on gay marriages is the answer to protecting traditional marriages. If former Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon D.C. Stephenson weren't burning in hell, he would be tipping his hood and burning crosses in support of Bosma's determination to turn the House Chambers into a Klonvocation.

Bosma's anti-immigrant plan targets only the immigrants and not Indiana employers who lure them here with the promise of jobs. End state benefits, give state police immigration authority exercised by federal authorities, require local law enforcement to notify federal authorities of undocumented aliens and stiffen penalties on false IDs. That's Bosma's plan. His Democratic counterpart, Rep. Pat Bauer, says that a crackdown on employers is the only effective way of controlling illegal immigration. "If you don't cut off the profit motive in this, you cannot cut off illegal immigration," reports the Star. Bosma's plan imposes no penalities on employers (i.e., his campaign contributors). Bosma and his colleagues want to leave it to the feds to handle violations by employers.

So there you have it folks. The choice is clear. Re-elect a House Republican majority in the State House and you get a sectarian-run institution, which is committed to stripping gays and immigrants of basic rights. Elect a Democratic majority and you will return to the Speakership Pat Bauer, who doesn't particularly like Eric Miller and his agenda, probably won't allow any anti-immigrant measures to go anywhere and probably won't allow an amendment to write discrimination into the constitution to go before the state's voters. He will also probably do everything humanly possible to be a thorn in the side of Gov. Mitch Daniels and serve as a roadblock to progress on other fronts. But given the two choices, I choose the latter. A big-time loss at the State House is exactly what the Indiana Republican Party needs to give it some incentive to return to its roots as the Party of Lincoln.


Anonymous said...

I'm no big fan of Brian Bosma. He's a pandering, pompous a**. But you have really lost it, Gary. You can't possibly care about economic development and all the other issues that you write about on this blog while also choosing Pat Bauer as speaker.

Despite your excellent range of issues over the past year, it has become clear in the last week that you are really a single issue voter. Homosexual "rights' are clearly all that matters to you.

Well, I got news for you, Gary. it doesn't matter which party wins if that's all you care about. At least Republicans will tell you to your face that they won't support your issues. Democrats will pander to you, just like they pander to black voters, but they will never support your issues. At least, not in this state.

Gary R. Welsh said...

I'm far from being a single-issue voter. I wouldn't have voted for 90% of the people I've voted for in my lifetime if I were a single-issue voter. Bosma made the choice to turn over the Speaker's podium to Eric Miller instead of staying focused on progressive economic development solutions and true education reform. He's forfeited the right to be the leader of the people's House. There will still be a Republican Senate after this November and a Republican governor. They will have to find some middle ground to get their best ideas advanced. It's happened before. It will happen again.

Jeff Newman said...

The potential blocking of Daniels' economic policies is a bitter pill to swallow, but I have to agree with both your analysis and conclusion, Gary.

And it's way more then just a couple of issues like immigration and GLBT rights. It's about a Republican party run amok, with people on the fringe like Eric Miller pulling the strings while the moderates (our father's Republicans) are forced to stand on the sidelines.

When they lose the House, and there's a good chance they will this cycle, moderate Republicans would be wise to start kicking ass and taking names within their own party. The blame for their loss will lie squarely with people like Bosma and Miller.

Anonymous said...

The longer you pander to these far-right elements, Mr. Speaker, the more they have their hooks into you.

I've known BB for a long time. This is not how he truly feels. He has done the nose count, and is already running for minority leader. The only way he can hold onto any leadership position is to pander to the rural ultra conservative GOP reps. With them, he might get to 22-23 votes, which is enough.

Kinda like GHWB did in 1980, when he called Reagon's economic plan what it was: voodoo economics. Then, when offered a seat at the table, he flipped.

Brian, we hardly knew 'ye.

The first poster may have a slight point with regards to tenor, Gary...the Klan thing made me whince a little.

But overall, you're on target.

You're becoming one of my favorite Republicans. Right after Chris Douglas. The two of you need to hang in there and keep fighting within your own party. I know it's tough.

I'm not a Bauer fan, and inside my party, that's heretical right now. I think he's an egotistical blowhard and a poor spokesman for the party. But he's gonna be Speaker.

We all fight our own battles, and, hopefully, live to fight another day.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Anon 9:23, I recommend you study the Klan's Americanization agenda during the 1920s when they controlled the state of Indiana. The similarities in platforms is striking.

Gary R. Welsh said...

From the Centennial History of the Indiana General Assembly:

The Klan called its school agenda "Americanization" because it centered on the American flag, the Bible and federal and state constitutions. "The politicians are either for it or against it, there is no middle ground" . . Anti-Catholic measures including a bill that forbade teachers in public schools to wear religious garb . . a bill mandating the same textbooks and curriculum for private as for public schools . . bill would have barred graduates of parochial schools from teaching at public schools . . . certain non-public schools such as Culver Military Academy were exempted from the requirement . . the most extreme anti-Catholic measure, a bill that would specifically abolish parochial schools.

You see, back then the enemy was the parochial schools because the public schools were all run as protestant Christian schools. The legislation was targeted at the undesirables--the latest wave of immigrants from Europe who were primarily Catholic. If you made the state inhospitable to them, they wouldn't move here. Note, last year, the legislature approved the Eric Miller Patriot Act which requires all classrooms to display the American flag, the students must recite the pledge of allegiance and a moment of silent prayer or reflection must be allowed. The crackdown on illegal immigration is designed to stop the wave of Hispanic immigrants into Indiana. The constitutional amendment against gay marriage, proposals to ban gay adoptions, etc.

Wilson46201 said...

Another important part of the Klan agenda was opposition to radicalism, syndicalism, unionism, socialism, anarchism and communism ... and Bolsheviks!

Nowadays it's "the liberals" and unions. No flag burning!

Anonymous said...

Don't be so sure that the Democrats won't select someone else to be Speaker. Many of us are anxious for a much better public face.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Democrat and I don't always agree with Gary, but he is hardly "One-note Nancy." Let's remember something elemental - homos are humans. We are your children, your siblings, your relatives, your co-workers and your friends. Gary speaks in favor of human rights. If the position held by some wing-nuts were taken to the logical extreme, gays would likely be denied human existence; by those who advocate a so-called "Culture of Life" that justifies killing 30, 100, 600 thousand or more innocent Iraqis. Hypocrites, hypocrites, hypocrites ...

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the intelligent design Bosma wanted to mandate on our public schools until the public reaction grew negative.

Charles Eaton said...

My name is Charles Eaton of Indianapolis.And right now Im not a fan of any local politician because none of them really care to hear the true voice of this country which is us "The People".They our nothing more than represenatives for our voices.Thats why I am running for state rep. next year.Now will I win NO why you might ask.Simple come November of 08 no one is really going to remember all this madness and the house will do some little B.S. proposal that will do JUST enough to apease us the voters for another term.

Anonymous said...

Indiana Authors Bookstore will be hosting a Taxation Forum this Saturday. (See the attached press release)

I want to invite anyone who is interested to attend.

Daniel Fischer
Executive Vice President
New Century Publishing

“Taxation” Public Forum
Our Politicians “Just Don’t Get It!”.
Indianapolis, IN August 16th 2007: Abdul Hakim Shabazz of WXNT Newstalk 1430 will moderate a public forum at “Indiana Authors Bookstore” 36 East Maryland Street on August 25th 2007 from 10:oo AM - 12:30 PM
Public officials from the state of Indiana, will be invited to participate, as well as candidates, including Indianapolis Mayoral candidate Greg Ballard. Issues to be discussed will include property tax assessment, proposed increase in local income tax, government accountability and their use of our public funds, legal requirements for a tax increase, and the methods for appealing and opposing tax increases.
Every citizen who is concerned about the future of our state and local community can benefit from this discussion. There is no cost for this event but seating is limited and available by reservation. Any one wishing to participate on a citizen panel for this forum, or simply wanting to attend should call (317) 633-4050 for reservations.

Anonymous said...

When I read today's Star article about Eric Miller's organized efforts to abolish property taxes, I came to the web to see how to join him. After reading your articles, I don't want to be affiliated with Eric. Is there another group working to abolish property taxes on anyone's personal residence? Star articles and responses to my own letters act like the ONLY way to do this is to increase sales and income taxes alone. We can be more creative than that. If other states can manage to do this, Indiana can also.