Sunday, October 15, 2006

Enough On The Prosecutor's Race Already

The Star's coverage of the Marion Co. prosecutor's race pretty much reached the saturation point today. If there isn't another news story on this race the rest of the election, it will be just fine with me. The Star has front-page analyses of Carl Brizzi (R) and Melina Kennedy (D) today. The Star assigned three reporters to take apart the record of Brizzi, while only one reporter, Brendan O'Shaghnessy, had the task of looking at Kennedy's record. It turns out that Brizzi's record is pretty much on par with the national statistical averages for prosecutors despite Kennedy's attempts to portray him as having a bad prosecutorial record. It also turns out that Kennedy' biggest accomplishments while working for Mayor Bart Peterson (D) involved giving away huge public subsidies to the wealthy. That included about $23 million for the Simons to obliterate precious greenspace downtown to make room for its new corporate headquarters, which casts a shadow on our State House, and another $20 million for the developers of the ritzy Conrad Hilton Hotel. The editors also made space available on the editorial pages for the candidates to answer questions. Check it out and post your comments.


Anonymous said...

I read it, too. At least it was something about this year's election. If somehow you weren't aware of this year's most overadvertised race, you are now.

Interesting take on both candidates' prior public service. I'm not sure many will agree with you on Melina's past.

I'd love to see similar coverage on another important race: clerk. That office oversees elections, and its current occupant has pissed away something like a million dolaars in legal fees chasing cases from a partisan standpoint. Cases she never had a chance to win. And of course she's overseen purchase of new voting machines from a company that is barely solvent or capable.

Or sheriff, who will, Jan.1, oversee the state's largest police department, combined after much political gnashing of teeth. A very important office.

A voter/reader can hope.

Anonymous said...

You're right, Carl is an average prosecutor. But because Indianapolis isn't an average city, we need a good prosecutor. I would argue the Newman was a good prosecutor, and better than Brizzi (if you read beyond the headline, you'll get there Gary).

Secondly, to argue that the city and region under Peterson/Kennedy didn't do well, you're smoking something. In a period of national recession unseen in decades, Indianapolis held steady, and perhaps grew jobs. Look at the skyline, literally changing before your eyes.

Brizzi = "Average"
Kennedy = "Successes"

I wonder whom is more capable.

Anonymous said...

I still think it's a tossup.

The payback timeframes on the Simon HQ and Conrad Hotel are less than ten years each. In economic development circles nationwide, each was viewed as a coup.

In that high-stakes game, you win some, you lose some.

Now, if you want to argue that some other Peterson economic development decisions are questionable, like the new stadium, have at it. Bart and his brilliant sidekick Fred Glass did that deal.

As for prosecutor...I still want someone who will efficiently and effectively manage about 150 underpaid attorneys. With about 150 egos and twice as many agendas.

That's the real battleground here. Admit it AI--would YOU want to manage 150 colleagues?

Anonymous said...

Jeez, I just love the examples of democrat hachetry in these first two comments. The simple fact is Melina Kenney is asking to be the county's top legal officer without ever having conducted a trial--criminal or civil. As an attorney (who has really tried a case), that is simply offensive to me. Moreover, Melina's Econ Devo record is less than impressive. Our City is struggling under 7 years of another caretaker in the Evan Bayh model. The worst thing that can happen is another Peterson lackey being put in office so that no one is left to question his incompetence. As for Brizzi's record, I would say he is doing a great job even meeting the national averages in light of the fact that the Mayor has handcuffed him with budget reductions and the police with force reductions.

Anonymous said...

Would someone please set 11:25 straight?

The prosecutor's office budget has grown 17% in the last four years. According to the city, he has 11 more employees today than he did when he took office.

Please explain how that's a reduction.

Voodoo economics is how.

Anonymous said...

17% in four years which I doubt you are right but nevertheless. with crime also rising and then the budget who are you kidding. If you really were concerned about the issues, you would be asking why Bart P has refused to have anything to do with crime and its
preevenion. Jail beds that were rented will expire 12/31. the CCC
passed a budget full of holes and
no specific direction for the monies and a sheriff who inherits
power but hasen't yet told us his
plan. This is not a ticket race.
Although I am not a democrat I do
believe that Anderson will do a
better job now that Peterson is off
his back. Brizzi vs. Kennedy ????
My vote goes to Brizzi not only
because of the experience issue butone one important INTEGRITY.
Several issues of deliberate misleadings from Kennedy.

Anonymous said...

The real point about the Brizzi conviction rate according to the Star story is that it is significantly down from Newman's rate. We had a good Prosecutor in Newman and we have a subpar Prosecutor in Brizzi.