Sunday, October 22, 2006

Star Picks Brizzi

Believe it or not, the Indianapolis Star editorial board finally made an endorsement that seems logical. Voters should re-elect Carl Brizzi as Marion Co. Prosecutor because he has a record and experience which merit re-election. They concluded his prosecutorial record on serious crimes was at least as good as the national average, notwithstanding Melina Kennedy's charges to the contrary. Under cross-examination, Kennedy told the editorial board she had only examined one witness in a court room and that was in small claims court.

The editorial also takes some hits at Brizzi. It says he spends too much time trying to "thrust himself into the center of media attention." It also says he is "too eager to score political points against his adversaries." The editorial doesn't mention that he's often been on the receiving end of Democratic efforts to score political points against him--a point the Star itself has made this past year. All in all, AI suspects Brizzi will be happy with today's endorsement.

For those of you interested in how the Star makes its endorsements, editor Dennis Ryerson explains the process here in today's Star. The editorial board is made up of persons with widely divergent political philosophies. They include Editorial Page Editor Tim Swarens, Jane Lichtenberg, RiShawn Biddle, Dan Carpenter, Beth Murphy, Russ Pulliam and cartoonist Gary Varvel.


Anonymous said...

I also read Dennis's explanation ofprocess hich was by the way, overdue.

By the way, Varvel is a psycho.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Varvel is a very talented political cartoonist regardless of whay you may think of his political views. I'm surprised the Star hasn't lost him to a larger publication.