Sunday, October 08, 2006

Brizzi and Kennedy Face Off

The televised debate between incumbent prosecutor Carl Brizzi (R) and his opponent Melina Kennedy (D) just concluded. Unfortunately, I tuned in a little late. What I did see of it was very good. I thought both candidates did a good job presenting their case. The candidates were asked to provide a single word that best described them. Brizzi answered "passionate" and Kennedy replied "relentless." Asked who they most admired, Brizzi named his mentor, former prosecutor Scott Newman, while Kennedy named Sheriff Frank Anderson (D).

Moderator Jim Shella asked the candidates how they felt about legalizing marijuana. Both candidates agreed that marijuana is a gateway drug and should never be legalized. Although her position has not been widely disseminated, Rep. Julia Carson (D) supports the legalization of marijuana. Other than some of the Libertarian candidates, I'm not aware of any other Indiana officeholders or candidates who advocate its legalization.

Shella touched on the recent shooting at Club Rio involving four Pace players and the lack of any arrest after a small amount of marijuana was found in the car of Pacer player Jimaal Tinsley. Brizzi commented that the investigation had just begun two days ago, and that he could not rule out an arrest being made. Kennedy assured voters she would not show any favoritism in handling cases involving high profile individuals.

On this issue of experience, both candidates got in good licks at the other. Consider this an open thread to share your thoughts on the race and your reaction to tonight's debate. I suspect supporters of both candidates were pleased with their candidate's performance tonight.


Wilson46201 said...

Damn you Gary: you didn't tell us in advance about this debate. Coulda been interesting. I missed it!

to be fair, I didnt see any info about it on other sites either ... generally lousy flacking and hyping by all concerned...

Anonymous said...

After talking to many people, I think Kennedy pulled out a small win. No knock-downs and certaintly no knock-outs.

Carl's fumble at the beginning couldn't have been worse timed.

I'm sure he's misrepresenting Kennedy's plan, but probably scored some points for wacking her on it.

All in all:

Brizzi: B-
Kennedy: B

First of many.

Anonymous said...

I'm just ready for both of them to stop already, and for one of them to be elected.

Anonymous said...

The forceful laugh milinda tried to squeeze out after making a "joke/point" against brizzi was utterly painful to watch. It was like when you tell the punch line of a joke & everyone just looks at you in silence.

Anyway, my opinion of this performance was that Milinda just seemed to be resighting memorized material. Not apearing natural at all. I really thought she would do better on camera, but guess not. I think this debate hurt her more than anything. Milinda just looked akward.

Anonymous said...

From Melina's plan..."giving a one-time prosecutorial amnesty to those young people who renounce their gangland affiliation in writing, have committed no major felony crime that could not be dismissed, and give-up any and all firearms they possess."

Doesn’t seem to be much mischaracterization by me, really pretty incredible that someone wanting to be prosecutor thinks amnesty for gang members in any form is a good idea. If I committed a crime I wouldn’t get amnesty why should a gang member?

Anonymous said...

I wish someone,anyone would tell me
what proven track record Kennedy has in any area. There is no doubt that she is a silver tongue devil
but no substance. Last, does anyone care that her personal agenda to be prosecutor could also
jeopardize cases pending by advertising them and talking about
them. Her carelessness now will be
carelessness in the courtroom.

Anonymous said...

After the last 3 posts clearly came from within Brizzi's camp I just can't help myself.

Purposefully mispelling Melina's name (i've seen this from this blogger on other sites) is childish and disappointing.

If you think Melina looked awkward than you must think Carl looked even worse after stammering through his opening (he couldn't remember some of the things his office has supposedly accomplished) and stuttering through the first few questions. He did get better but his start was abysmal. Melina knows her stuff and if, in your world, that's from memorization, that's your opinion. I guarantee if you stopped her on the street and engaged in conversation on this topic she would blow you away with her knowledge without note cards.

And lastly, trying to say that Melina's plan would give gang member amnesty is at best sloppy research and at worst blatant misdirection. Her plan clearly talks about aggressively going after gang leaders and attacking their infrastructure. That infrastructure consists of young gang members to be (kids). She wants to look at programs that have worked elsewhere and to intervene early with these kids and set them on a positive path before they are too deep into the gang life.

It's definitely something to consider since whatever Carl is doing about gangs for the last 4 years has not been working.

Anonymous said...

oh 2:02, go have a pity party b/c nobody likes your candidate. GOSH!