Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Minister Tells Bush To Go To Hell

In a complete defiance of federal nonprofit tax laws barring churches from engaging in partisan politics, Indianapolis' Eastern Star Church is playing host to a conference called "National Dialogue and Revival for Social Justice," which is nothing more than a partisan, Bush-bashing event intended to mobilize black voters to get out and vote for Democratic candidates. In a shocking, Christian defying statement, one of the keynote speakers at the event, the Rev. Frederick D. Haynes, told an applauding audience that President Bush is going to hell. The Star's Robert King had a similar reaction in his news report today on Haynes' speech:

There are probably few places in Indiana -- typically a Republican stronghold -- where you can hear a preacher stand in a church and say President Bush is going to hell, but it happened Monday in Indianapolis.

The Rev. Frederick D. Haynes III, pastor of an 8,000-member church in Dallas, told an applauding audience at Eastern Star Church that the Bush administration has been exposed "for the hypocrites they are" by abandoning the poor.

"Jesus is going to say, 'Inasmuch as you do to the least of these, you also did to me. Go to hell, George Bush,' " Haynes said, in a raucous crescendo to a fiery message met with a standing ovation from an afternoon crowd of nearly 200 people.

Haynes' fury was just one of the expressions of political concern voiced Monday during the first day of a two-day conference at Eastern Star called The National Dialogue and Revival for Social Justice in the Black Church.

Concluding tonight with a speech from the Rev. Al Sharpton, the conference is aimed at turning the public's attention to issues dear to the black community at a time when some leaders say moral issues are too often limited to abortion and same-sex marriage.

While the Eastern Star's audience may have liked what Rev. Haynes had to say, the IRS might think differently. The church might want to take a look at a letter the IRS sent to the All Saints Church in Pasadena, California after a minister delivered a sermon during the 2004 presidential election condemning Bush and urging parishioners to support Sen. John Kerry (D).

The Rev. Al Sharpton, a former Democratic presidential candidate, is also scheduled to speak at the event. He is renowned for engaging in race-based politics. He's also had an anti-Semitic past, having referred to Jews as "diamond merchants" and stood by as a supporter threatened to burn down a Jewish shopkeeper's store, who Sharpton called a "white interloper." One supporter in a crowd outside the man's shop set the store afire after Sharpton left, resulting in the killing of several people.

According to a supporter of Rep. Julia Carson (D), she also spoke at yesterday's event at Eastern Star church. Wilson Allen, in a comment posted on AI yesterday, said, "I was out today with incumbent Congresswoman Julia Carson where she was the invited keynote speaker at a major church conference on social justice at Eastern Star." He added, "She was warmly received."


Anonymous said...

Only two hundred in attendance, what does that tell you about the level of interest? More people will read about his statements than acutally heard it.

Wilson46201 said...

You forgot to mention that the only politicking going on out there was when a gaudy RV pulled into the lot and the Republican candidate (and a township minor candidate) and his mostly white supporters (all in full scarlet campaign gear) entered the church univited. Very tacky. Ignorant open campaigning like that genuinely could affect a church's tax status.

AI would probably have been the first to decry Dr. Martin Luther King for daring to speak truth to power. Many folk back then hollered about how the Negroes were just dupes controlled by Kremlin puppet-masters. Nowadays the racists descendants holler how church conferences on social justice are fronts for the Democrats.

The more things change, the more things stay the same...

Gary R. Welsh said...

Sorry Wilson, observant AI readers know that I equally attack those on the right who misuse churches and other nonprofit organizations for political purposes.

Wilson46201 said...

That conference was for local church leadership - it wasnt intended for the general public - most folk there were pastors...

Anonymous said...

Wilson, were you and Julia applauding when Haynes' told Bush to go to hell? If not, will she denounce Haynes' comment?

Anonymous said...

Wilson, you and Julia are not pastors. Why were you there? The life both of you really live, may cause you to be stuck by lightning, hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Wilson - you may want to check your facts.

The pastor invited Mr. Dickerson that day to attend and speak to the crowd when he saw Congresswomen Carson was going to attend and speak. He wanted the crowd to hear both candidates.

Mr. Dickerson and his volunteers were invited.

Wilson46201 said...

Congresswoman Julia Carson is a well-known leader in the Indiana African-American community - she was invited to speak as a social justice activist, not as a politician. Incumbency has its usefulness.

The ED crew were decked out in campaign gear in full politicking mode. The IRS indeed might like the photos I took of them in the church.

Ms. Carson was not present when the President of SCLC made his remarks concerning the likely fate of George W. Bush. Ms. Carson knows only God will make such judgments however I personally expect Bush to burn in hellfire for the evil he has wrought upon America and the world. Republicans worship him as a saint and consider any criticism to be blasphemy. Oh well...

indyernie said...

I did hear Julia Carson tell Wilson46201 to stop taking photos. She was rather sharp and to the point. Something like "That's enough, stop that". Wilson was being a jerk by annoying folks trying to attend a church function. One man stepped between Wilson and the people he was harassing by constantly photographing them. Finally Carson chastised Wilson. He acted like a spanked toddler. He didn’t say a word but followed her out sulking.
Sorry I have to ask Wilson. Do you ever bathe and change clothes? I know its not Saturday, but a little soap and water go a long way. And you must have more than one shirt. If not, I'm sure that the Center Township Trustee can help.

Wilson46201 said...

After over 300 flash photos in less than 2 hours, the bright blinding light gets irritating. Julia and I have long had a friendly tug-of-war about pictures. She's inherently shy but forces herself to be a public person with many photos being taken. She knows the pictures are useful but the constant brilliant xenon-flash bothers her. By now I can judge from her voice whether to back off or not.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Julia Carson is well known, and [The Ghetto Mafia Queen]everything about her is not positive!

indyernie said...

You looked like a puppy caught peeing on the floor.
Don't tap dance around the fact that you where an ass and Carson had to call you down.

Anonymous said...

Congresswoman Julia Carson is a well-known leader in the Indiana African-American community - she was invited to speak as a social justice activist, not as a politician. Incumbency has its usefulness.

The Federal Election Commission and the IRS would not agree on your opinion of the situation. It's within 60 days of a Federal Election. Everything she does (as well as Eric Dickerson) is because she is a candidate for Congress.

Without giving Eric Dickerson equal time, Eastern Star would be risking their 501(c)(3) status. With this event today with Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters it's already on thin ice as it is.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I have to ask Wilson. Do you ever bathe and change clothes? I know its not Saturday, but a little soap and water go a long way. And you must have more than one shirt. If not, I'm sure that the Center Township Trustee can help.

Not that he doesn't bathe but after a hard day of dumpster diving the smell tends to linger. His wardrobe is limited to what Goodwill has in stock.

Anonymous said...

Go to go hell is not a political endorsement. The Rev. is entitled to his opinion. Did he say do not vote for George, or that Jesus said stay on the course straight to hell?

Karen Speaks said...

I see it as a personal comment in a Church. Isn't hell often referred to in church?

As for anonymous calling Carson a Ghetto Mafia Queen, that is absurd. Say what you want, but she is active in the community and that makes the difference. More Indiana politicians needs to figure that out.

While we're tossing stones, what is Bush then? The Texas Oil King robbing the people by doing little to bring down gas prices while he and his cronies get enjoy record profits at the expense of American taxpayers?

Let's cast some stones, shall we?

Anonymous said...

While we're tossing stones, what is Bush then? The Texas Oil King robbing the people by doing little to bring down gas prices while he and his cronies get enjoy record profits at the expense of American taxpayers?

Funny. I recall gas prices were at record lows (adjusted for inflation) under Bush41. The early days of Bush43 I regularly purchased fuel for less than $1.00 per gallon. In fact not that long ago I found a vehicle fuel log for a vehicle I formerly owned and saw an entry where I paid 76c per gallon in May of 2001.

I don't see you blaming Jimmy Carter for his incompetence in fuel situations back in 1978-1979. His answers? limit hours gas stations could be open, add 10c per gallon, and finally propose rationing. Luckily we didn't have to go the route of rationing.

Karen Speaks said...

Welcome to 2006. Look at the gas prices. Look at the record oil company profits.

Perhaps 2001 gas prices were the leftovers from the previous administration.

Using your own experiences... an increase of over 2.00 per gallon in only 5 years? Record oil company prices? You do the math and see who is paying the difference!

Anonymous said...

Uh, Wilson, it was NOT a pastor-only crowd. Look at Sunday's and today's newspapers, with complete schedules. In today's paper, it included address and speakers under the headline, "If you go", which I took to mean the public is invited.

I know Jeffrey Johnson and he'd never refer to such an event as closed. The comment about his invitation to Eric Dickerson sounds a lot like Rev. Johnson.

I, too, believe Bush could stand some more pew time. But as for going to hell, well, that is best left to the One who knows best.

That being said, I was there in 1996, the night before election, in the same church...and I'm sure Wilson can remember. Jesse Jackson (Sr.) gave a fire-and-brimstone endorsement of Julia that sparked enthusiasm. I will forever remember that speech. He was two hours late and not a soul left the room.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the minister of Eastern Star was one of the black ministers who is trying to extort the city out of $25 million by threatening Mayor Peterson if he doesn't give taxpayers money to them to "fight crime." We all know how that money will get spent--the same way their current church offerings are being squandered by these self-serving ministers.

Bryant S. said...

Hello from the voice of reason:

I have read the banter between Sir Hailstone and Karen W. I have to agree with the lady. She's right about the Oil situation in this country. To say that the President isn't behind the oil situation is the equal to saying that Dr. Suess had no control over the Cat in the hat. President Bush is a Texas oilman whose family has benefited from the fruits of Oil Industry, so it stands to reason that we'll never know the real reason behind the crap that hits everyone at the gas pump. Surely, if the cost of acquring oil, it's refinement, and demand have gone up, then how can the Oil companies show record profits in each and every quarter. It's a huge scam placed upon the public. The Republicans, who I give credit for freeing the Slaves, have turned against the needs of the public by making the economy almost unbearable. The market for new homes has plummeted. New car sales aren't reaching expected projections and this causes the closing of plants around the country Clinton wasn't the greatest President to ever sit in the White House, but the economy wasn't in the shape that it currently is in. Will Mr. Bush go to Hell? No, the Devil doesn't need the competition over who causes the most pain to the Average Joe.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1215 - is that you John P?

Sorry Wilson, Dickerson was invited, so get over yourself.

As far as profits, the company I work for just had another record breaking quarter (no, it is not an oil company) I guess making money is bad, or is making money only allowed for certain people?

indyernie said...

When Julia Carson is defeated she will keep $300.000.00. It is the balance in her campaign fund. I think the pastors need to ask Julia to refund the money given to her by Indy's needy and give it back to Indy's needy.

Anonymous said...

Democrats have brainwashed voters. The economy was changing during the last years of the Clinton administration. Bill Clinton signed the NAFTA Agreement during his last year in office. When the jobs began to go to Mexico, and out sourced to India and other countries, George Bush was elected as president.

The economic shift was more evident under Bush with major corporations downsizing and eliminating jobs in America. The age of new technology have replaced thousands of jobs. We live in a global economy today and Democrats in Congress voted for NAFTA right along with the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying real hard not to fault the pastors for wanting the youth of their communities to get needed services.

Paying for it is, well, a challenge.

Let's not throw around generalities that end up making everyon look stupid.

Until we get guns off the streets, we'll have more senseless killings like the one early Sun. AM at 41st/Arlington, when two high school seniors tried to outrun some thugs they'd unintentionally angered a few minutes earlier. Only to get a shotgun blast to the head after a half-mile chase.

If we want to truly help, the first thing we can do is encourage programs like the one at the black church this weekend, that bought guns NQA.

They got something like 45 guns. Off the streets forever.

A piddle in an ocean, maybe, but a good start.

That, along with some home training that emphasizes, we don't solve every disagreement with bullets.

It's like it goes from argument straight to the funeral home. No middle ground. These kids have no sense of proportion whatsoever.

Give the pastors a break. They're trying. Misguided in carrying out thier plan, perhaps, but they're trying.

If this conference helps one iota with that issue, it's worthwhile.

And yeah, some of the speakers are verbal bomb-throwers. Big deal.

As listeners, it's our job to hear and sift through the crap.

There are some gems in there.

And, fwiw, I'd havhe paid to see Julia swatting Wilson away. Kinda like the old waitress on that skit on In Living Color, who calls everyone "baby" and makes no sense whatever.

Wait a minute, that's Mae's mother...

Anonymous said...

The reverend Al Sharpton spoke against republicans today on a local talk show that pimps victimology to blacks in Indianapolis. What Rev. Sharpton failed to tell the blacks of Indianapolis is that in 1997 he spoke in Evansville at the Indiana Black Expo's end of Summer Celebration at the Executive Inn.

He came to Evansville "specifically" to endorse Russell Lloyd for Mayor against a Democrat candidate. Russell Lloyd won. Russell Lloyd was a republican.

Al Sharpton was paid $5,000.00 for the endorsement.

I guess it's okay to endorse a republican, as long as they are not black republicans [and] he gets a fat check.

Reverend Al Sharptons's endorsements should be given NO WEIGHT whatsoever.

Wilson46201 said...

"fed up" is Jocelyn Tandy again using another fake name - she pasted the identical comment on the Indpls Star but using a different fake name. I bet she hit IndyU and Abdul and IMMR with the same pasted comment.

This blog seems to be sock-puppetry run rampant! AnonyMice and fake names everywhere.

indyernie said...

Whats the big deal Wilson? You've posted on assumed names before. Give JT a break, and while your at it take a bath.

Doug said...

The idea that it's the Democrats getting carried away using the churches for political purposes is amusing to me. But I'll fully concede that AI is even handed in bashing right along with left for using tax exempt religion for political gain. (See the relentless posts exposing Advance America.)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Carson is about to spend $100,000.00 on television. She is too sick to campaign, so she is going to put her ugly face on the tube. Bring it on Julia, you will need more than TV ads to win this one! Cant' play the race card, can't steal votes this time with Voter ID. Maybe you will try greasing some palms along the way to? That is illegal too!

Anonymous said...

Congress approves budget spending in Washington. The Democrats voted for the war in Iraq after 911 along with the Republicans. I find it interesting the Democrats are in denial after the fact. They have no solutions to problems, only play the blame game.

If Bush is going to hell for his decisions for the nation, there will be others in Washington going with him and all are not Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Wilson stinks. Where is your pride? No wonder you are attacking people on these blogs. When you are prancing around with your camera spreading your body odor throughout the room, did it ever occur to you to bathe and use deodorant before you mingle with the rest of us? I am surprised Carson and Breaux allows a funk master like you to represent them in public. Your body odor will surely run voters away.

Anonymous said...

Wilson; since Carson does not make herself available to answer questions, I will ask you.

How many earned credit hours does the Congresswoman have towards a college degree?

I know so very little about her educational background.

Anonymous said...

Record of not supporting immigration laws
November 1, 2006

We believe Rep Julia Carson, Democrat representing the 7th Congressional District, should not be re-elected for another term.
Carson voted against the Community Protection Act of 2006. This legislation would have detained illegal aliens to ensure that they would be deported and not released back onto our streets. Carson has a terrible record when it comes to enforcing our immigration laws and seems to support illegal immigration. On a scale from A to F for her efforts on illegal immigration, Americans for Better Immigration gives Carson a D.
Her opponent, Eric Dickerson, states he doesn't support amnesty for the illegal immigrants in our country. Dickerson, being a newcomer to national politics, should be given a chance to represent Indiana in the House of Representatives for the next term.
Greg Serbon
State Director, Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement

Anonymous said...

Julia Carson is trifling, after all those years on the public dole, she has not improved herself with a college degree. All those universities she allegedly attended.

Yes, I'd like to know how many credits she earned.

It's quite apparent she never took public speaking...poor diction and grammar:

"I ain't got no nickle in dat dime."

"day can't beat me so day want me ta dy"

"What's up playa"---to the Governor, despicable.

No wonder she can't get anything in Washington, they all laugh at her, it's not the republicans keeping her down, she's keeping herself down.

Julia, if you had not spent all those years "drinking and getting high" you might be able to compare yourself to Lugar and Teddy, but they lived healthy social lives, you didn't and it has caught up with you. We understand them when they speak, they are alert and coherent, you aren't.

Anonymous said...

and yes, Teddy is more coherent dead than you are alive...

Anonymous said...

I see Julia is slinging mud, again! Julia, you said you weren't going negative, I guess we just can't believe anything you said.

Anonymous said...

Julia is a hoodrat.

Anonymous said...

Fedup 11:25 AM

Please tell Wilson that you are not Jocelyn Tandy.

Andy Jacobs told her she didn't need a college degree. All she needed was him to move up in the Democrat Party and He shows up every election. She a political prostitute, go to the highest bigger selling out black people.