Tuesday, July 18, 2006

WTHR: Peterson Tried To Buy Off Turner With Job Offer

Two major scandals rock the administration of Mayor Bart Peterson, and WTHR-TV has the scoop on both. On the same day it is learned that mismanagement at the city's parks department allowed a city employee to steal $350,000 over a 6-year period, WTHR-TV reports that Mayor Peterson personally tried to buy off former Public Safety Director Robert Turner with a six-figure job offer as the public safety director for Indianapolis' new midfield airport to quash a public spat with Turner.

WTHR reports that Turner first tendered his resignation back in February after a directive from Mayor Peterson gave Jerry McCrory authority he believed belonged to him under city ordinances. Indianapolis airport head John Kish confirmed to WTHR-TV that the newly-created position of public safety director existed, although there was no public posting for the position. He told WTHR that the airport doesn't post any job positions. Deputy Mayor Steve Campbell confirmed that Turner was offered the job with a pay in the six-figure range, more than the $98,000 he was paid as the city's Public Safety Director. Turner turned the offer down.

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