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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

She's Back

Just like clockwork, if there is a sex scandal involving a male celebrity or politician, you can bet on Gloria Allred holding a press conference to announce she is representing one of the women victims. This time it's porn actress Ginger Lee, who claims she received unsolicited sextings from U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner. Lee claims Weiner asked her to lie about the messages he sent to her. I'm not sure how she's been damaged by this, but I'm sure Allred will figure out some claim before the dust all settles. From TMZ:

"Ms. Lee has asked me to issue this statement, because an individual has threatened her with a release of another statement which purports to be from her, but which she has not authorized."

Allred would not say who the individual is or what the nature of the threat is, but says, "Ginger would like it to be known that she has not authorized any person, except me, her attorney, to issue statements on her behalf."

Allred adds, "Any unauthorized statement may contain inaccuracies and should be viewed with suspicion and not published."

Friday, April 29, 2011

Gloria Allred's Latest Dumb Lawsuit

You have to watch this video clip from Jimmy Kimmel's show last night to grasp the sheer absurdity of this latest lawsuit Gloria Allred has filed in the California courts. She supposedly has filed the lawsuit for the benefit of the two young twin girls who witnessed something little girls shouldn't have to see while watching a Major League Baseball game, but it is even more incredible that Allred would have the two young girls sit through the press conference where she recounts what they witnessed an Atlanta Braves pitching coach saying to the family in lurid detail and using a baseball bat to simulate sex as the pitching coach did while the two young girls look on.

Hat tip to Debbie Schlussel.

Allred demonstrating the obscene gesture made by the pitching coach with the assistance of an associate