Monday, October 30, 2006

Congressional Candidates On The Issues

The Star gave Indiana's congressional candidates an entire free page to respond with their position on three key issues, including the war in Iraq, illegal immigration and reducing gas prices and dependency on foreign oil. Three candidates didn't bother to provide any response, including the 1st District's Rep. Pete Visclosky (D), 7th District candidate Eric Dickerson (R) and the 8th District's Rep. John Hostettler (R). It is beyond me why any candidate would turn down a free opportunity to communicate their position on the issues to the voters. Perhaps Visclosky and Hostettler didn't feel the need to respond to a questionnaire from a newspaper outside their district, but in the case of Dickerson, it is the single, largest medium for reaching the district's voters. It costs absolutely nothing to complete a questionnaire, and it has the potential of picking up a few thousand votes for you from undecided voters. I've heard Dickerson provide very thoughtful answers to each of these pressing questions. Unfortunately, most of the voters in the district will never hear about those positions because he didn't fill out a simple questionnaire.

As for the rest who responded to the questions, the responses are pretty brief; however, to be fair, the Star notes that their responses were edited for space. In the 7th District, Rep. Julia Carson said we "should transfer power and training over to Iraqis" as part of a major strategic change in strategy in Iraq. As for illegal immigrants, Carson's answer is confusing. She says illegal immigrants already in the country should be allowed to work toward citizenship, "but only following the path provided by law." As an immigration attorney, I can tell you that there is no path to legalization under current law for the vast majority of the 12 million undocumented workers in the U.S. The current law must be changed to allow a path to legalization for these undocumented workers. Carson also said she "support[s] subsidizing the development and production of alternative fuels and have written and passed legislation to help do that."


Anonymous said...

Sad-- maybe he thinks all of the bloggers will take care of spreading his gospel for him. I can't fathom why any candidate would refuse to fill such a thing out-- doesn't even have any hard-hitting questions on it.

By the way-- Citizens for Civiol Rights has posted their election survey at -- on races around the Lafayette area. Some in-depth stuff on civil rights issues across the board. Not a single Republican bothered to answer -- even after being contacted again and again.

Respect? For whom?

Anonymous said...

I'm very familiar with the Star's practice of providing questionaires (in this case, free space).

My bet is, they sent it out on a Friday and asked for a response rapidly...that's their usual tactic. I could be wrong, and ED should've responded at any rate. But it won't make a hill's beans worth of difference.

People around here have become accustomed to looking elsewhere for campaign coverage already anyway.

Too little too late, Matt and Dennis.

Damn...I can't beleive Wilson hasn't weighed in yet.

Anonymous said...

I forgot. It's Monday. This morning Wilson always babysits Mae.

Dave Sanders said...

Is there a link to the article on-line anywhere? I can't seem to find anything on the Star's page.

I agree. EVERY campaign in this day and age needs to have someone who does nothing but answer position questions on every blog, issues tracking website, and newspaper that comes around. Its amazing to me how many candidates haven't filled out their positions on some of the major sites. I can't tell if they are just ignorant about how the world works now, or if they are so afraid to actually stand on an issue that they just stay away. (Though, I'm leaning toward the latter...)

Gary R. Welsh said...

There wasn'a link to that page.

Gary R. Welsh said...

If you click on the new link I've added, you can find a link to the graphic of that page in today's Star.

Wilson46201 said...

I was out today with incumbent Congresswoman Julia Carson where she was the invited keynote speaker at a major church conference on social justice at Eastern Star. She was warmly received.

As we were leaving, a gaudy RV arrived with her opponent and also a minor township candidate - all wearing scarlet Republican campaign regalia! Terribly out of place at a church conference to do partisan campaigning. Tacky to the max! But Eric isnt a church member so he wouldnt know propriety...

Wilson46201 said...

ED has ducked issues - his campaign material is all glib, unsubstantial fluff. He told the A.P. he had been against going in to Iraq but even AI heard ED say at Robin Run that he agreed with going in to take out Saddam. Flip-flop!

Non-partisan Operation Vote-Smart has been trying to get ED pinned down with specific answers to their issues questionnaire but he wont answer. He's a used car salesman who'll say whatever it takes to make the sale. has the completed questionnaire by our Congresswoman Julia Carson. She has replied since 1996.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Wilson, would that be the same event at which Rev. Al Sharpton, a former Democratic presidential candidate and Rep. Maxine Walters (D) were also appearing at--two Democrats who are quite known for their anti-Semitism--you know--the event which is cover for what is really a GOTV effort being conducted within the churches.

Anonymous said...

I think Eric Dickerson might just be so fed up with the Star and their biased coverage, that he feels like he hasn't had them for this long and he pulled off a 23 point swing, so why bother with them now?

The Star in no way helped produce Eric's 23 point swing. They wrote him off from the beginning. The only thing they felt like talking about was a charge that was dismissed 15 years ago. I wouldn't be running to the Star if I was Eric now. For what?

Eric will prove that you don't need the Star to win a campaign. We'll see who's trying to reach who after election day. He is obviously spreading his message in a very effective manner. If he wasn't, then how on earth did he pull off a 23 point swing within a six week period. Money obviously wasn't the answer and neither was the Star.

I wouldn't jump and run for the Star now just because it's free. They didn't help get him where he is now, and he won't need them to win the election.

Vote for Eric!!!

Anonymous said...

Elect Eric Dickerson!!!

Wilson46201 said...

Ah yes - the old GOP anti-semitism card for Black Congresspeople! Whatever it takes to smear leaders chosen by African-Americans. We know you wouldnt vote for them if you were ever asked about choosing Black leadership. Didja ever return that ballot or did it get lost in the mail?

This event is just a part of a 3-year multi-city process to return the Black church away from the selfish "Gospel of Prosperity" back to a Christian social justice ministry. Republican lawyers are not expected to be major players in this activity. But thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

Eric has been pretty consistent on every issue. He has the answers on his website. He is obviously spreading that message too. Everyone wrote him off from the beginning, but they are seeing how serious of a competitor he truly is now. Who cares if the Star won't cover him? Maybe if they were with him from the beginning or even the middle for that matter he'd be quicker to respond or take them seriously.

Thanks for the great coverage on the campaign Gary. It is truly appreciated. I wouldn't make much of him not responding to the Star. If he was not responding to Advance Indiana, I would worry. Eric is a loyal guy, and he will win it his way.

Wilson46201 said...

Does anybody besides me feel that Eric himself is doing sock-puppetry like he used to do over at TakingDownWords? AI should do a trackback on that IP address - I bet its

Anonymous said...

You are so lame Wilson. Eric does have supporters, like it or not. They are willing to volunteer, and blog, meaning free, for Eric. That is when you know you have support, when people just volunteer their time that they could be doing other things.

That's part of the reason he doesn't have to waste all of his time raising money. He has the time to raise real issues with real voters, that will call this election.

When you are genuine, sincere, and right, then people follow you for free.

That is a concept that you will never understand. For ten years, millions of dollars have been spent to unseat Julia to no avail. So, maybe, just maybe, it is not about the money.

As far as tracing back IP addresses and saying that this must be Eric, it is very flattering. Being compared to Eric is a great compliment, even if it comes from you! Maybe I will run for something one day. You have enough headaches already for now, so don't worry, I won't anytime soon.

Thanks for the compliment though.

Anonymous said...

Elect Eric Dickerson!!!

Anonymous said...

Wilson reamins confused. Once again, you can't speak for black people, let alone the black church. Pandering to the church community for votes and not praticing what is preached in the church from The Holy Bible is hypocritical. Don't lie to His people. God almighty will protect and guide them!

Anonymous said...

Church folk, are conservative people. They will look past the democratic propoganda and Elect Dickerson. He is reaching out to them and everyone else in the district. Dickerson wants everyone in the 7th to do better.

Wilson46201 said...

Lest anybody forget: Black Republican activist Jocelyn Tandy was consorting with some backward Black preachers during the Indpls HRO battle - publishing antigay Op-Eds in the Star. After the homophobes were defeated in the Council, I heard Jocelyn muttering "It's Sodom and Gomorrah! It's Sodom and Gomorrah!"

Tandy jinxes whatever she's associated with - she will wreck the schemes of false preachers who holler "Jay-suz!" but teach hatred of gays!

Anonymous said...

Vote Republican for a Change,
get the vote out on November 7th!

Richard Lugar for U.S. Senate
Eric Dickerson for 7th District Congress
Todd Rokita for Secretary of State
Tim Berry for State Auditor
Richard Mourdock for State Treasurer

Carl Brizzi for County Prosecutor
Angela Cypress for County Recorder
Donna Edgar for County Clerk
Jennifer Ping for County Auditor
Janis Wilson for County Assessor
Steve Davis for County Sheriff

Gary Loveless for Center Township Assessor
Kent Smith for Center Township Constable
Linda Ivey for Center Township Trustee
Atty. Darla Williams for Center Township Small Claims Court

Voter ID will protect your right to vote!

Anonymous said...

Homosexuality nor adultery is condoned by the Church of Christ.
Read your Bible.

Anonymous said...

Advance Indiana:

My adversaries do not define me.
I am a Christian and a Civil Rights Activist first before I am anything else.

Enough side on the subject.

Anonymous said...

Response to Wilson:

If you are going to church, read your Bible.

Leviticus 18: 22
Thous shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind: it is an abomination.

Levitcus 20:13
If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them,

indyernie said...

I did hear Julia Carson tell Wilson46201 to stop taking photos. She was rather sharp and to the point. Something like "That's enough, stop that". Wilson was being a jerk by annoying folks trying to attend a church function. One man stepped between Wilson and the people he was harassing by constantly photographing them. Finally Carson chastised Wilson. He acted like a spanked toddler. He didn’t say a word but followed her out sulking.
Sorry I have to ask Wilson. Do you ever bathe and change clothes? I know its not Saturday, but a little soap and water go a long way. And you must have more than one shirt. If not, I'm sure that the Center Township Trustee can help.

Anonymous said...

omg.. have you ever read the REST of Leviticus? Do you really believe we should enforce all of that? And as a matter of constitutional government -- which religious authorities must we contact before we make laws?

Can we just find some basic American values we all agree on and leave the sinning/ hell and repentance to the church?

Anonymous said...

lafblog 1113 AM:

God's laws are above man's laws. You make the choice which ones you will live by.

Anonymous said...
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Gary R. Welsh said...

Anon 5:15, either put a name to your charge of fraud or take your crap over to Taking Down Words where your comment will remain posted.