Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mahern Amendment To Provide For Appointment Of Coroner

Rep. Ed Mahern (D) is drafting a constitutional amendment for the upcoming legislative session which would make the county coroner's position an appointed rather than an elected position. Mahern's amendment would provide for the appointment of the coroner by the county commissioners, except in Marion County, where the mayor would appoint the coroner.

Mahern made the announcement at a League of Women Voters legislative candidate's forum on the eastside. If it is approved during the 2007-08 legislative session, it would have to be approved a second time during the 2009-10 legislative session. The soonest the amendment could go before voters for approval is 2010.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Eddie when he's right, which is rare...

Now, Ed, how about those township trustees?

Thankfully, and at the same time sadly, it isn't just Marion County misfits who will be used as examples of poor coroner performance. The Grant County coroner was part of that tragic body ID mixup with the Taylor University accident victims.

So the traditional anti-Indianapolis legislative bent, has additional ammo.

This is the area of lawmaking where people had to be unfortunately jerked into the 21st century...a lot of innocent, already-grieving people had to get hurt before our third-rate legislature figured it out.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bart Simpson making the coroner's appointment? BZZT! WRONG!

Foxes, henhouses, etc.

Anonymous said...

Oh lighten up Hail.

Law changes require big-picture views. He won't be mayor forever.
Mayors and/or police chiefs across the country appoint medical examiners.

It'll be fine with the Mayor's appointment.

Anonymous said...

He won't be mayor forever.

Did someone forget the send that memo to the Daley family? between father and son they have 40+ years of regime between them.

For one in nearly every state in the union who can arrest the Sheriff? The coroner. With Sheriff Frankie at the helm that could come in handy. Having the mayor appoint the coroner would be way too chummy in the present Dem environment and give the sheriff and mayor way too much power than they deserve.

Some medical requirements - OK. After all to be prosecutor you at least need to be a lawyer. Even a lousy lawyer like Meliar. Should the coroner be an MD? maybe. Paramedic? OK. EMT? Sure. But not this political appointment shit. That's taking something broken and really f***ing it up beyond all recognition.

Wilson46201 said...

I'm old-fashioned: I like democracy! There seems to be an unfortunate tendency to want to eliminate elected offices. Some have suggested eliminating the Indiana Secretary of State - now the County Coroner. In Texas, even the State Printer is elected!

Anonymous said...

Democracy is one thing, Wilson.

Outright incompetence, as in Bones Ackles, is another thing.

Especially when that incompetence causes more grief than required. As in the cases in Marion County, and the horrible Grant COunty misidentification.

Most of us are brought into this world by a properly licensed person. We may as well go out wiht one.