Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dickerson Launches Radio Blitz

Eric Dickerson (R) has launched the first of a 3-week blitz of radio ads in his bid to unseat 7th District Rep. Julia Carson (D). The first of three ads takes dead aim at the issue of Carson's declining health. Calling attention to a Carson campaign slogan, "I♥Julia", the ad features two female voters discussing the race and one explaining to the other that she supports Dickerson because of her love for her community, not any one person. The ad reminds voters that Dickerson is not a career politician, and that he has the energy to get out and meet with the voters. Carson fired back in a typical fashion. She fires back, "Nothing is a guarantee that my opponent is going to live until the end of the year." Is that a threat Julia?

It's an effective ad, and it's getting the attention of the mainstream media as well as the voters. WTHR-TV did a story tonight on Dickerson's media buy. It forced Carson to appear on camera to answer charges that she's no longer physically up to the job. Carson assured WTHR-TV she would resign when her health problems became too much of a problem--hinting that she may not complete her next term if she is re-elected. Carson, addressing the same issue to an audience at Robin Run Village Sunday night said, "I hope I know when to quit." Apparently the folks at Robin Run Village think that time has come. AI hears that residents met Monday night following both candidates appearance at the retirement village on Sunday night to discuss the candidates. The consensus of the folks gathered at the meeting, AI is told, was that they will be supporting Dickerson and voting to retire Carson.


Anonymous said...

Well during the interview with Julia on Channel 13 she said, "My opponent may not live to the end of the year." Is that a threat?

The radio commercials are great. Time for a change. Time for leadership. Dickerson is winning the 7th!

indyernie said...

There is an alleged threat against Dickerson, his youngest son has already been approached.

Anonymous said...

Advance Indiana:

When Queen Julia looses her seat, the rest of the group will have to find a new way to support themselves. The Ghetto Mafia is at work again making threats and harassing people. Intimidation won't work this time. Can't vote dead people, they won't have a voter ID. Each of the political prostitutes will have to find a new "pimp". The taxpayers will no longer finance their soldiers or pay their bills.

Wilson46201 said...

"There is an alleged threat against Dickerson, his youngest son has already been approached."

Interestingly enough, there's no police report on that alleged incident. It sounds like a desperate last-minute election lie ...

Wilson46201 said...

Four years ago Republican Brose McVeigh spent over $1,000,000 on TV ads saying the same crap Dickerson is repeating this cycle in a few radio spots. As usual, that Republican lost.

Voters all over the country are disgusted by George Bush's endless wars and the culture of corruption and cronyism of the GOP Rubber-Stamp Congress. Indianapolis doesnt need to send yet another Republican to that dysfunctional cesspool!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, there's no police report on that alleged incident. It sounds like a desperate last-minute election lie

Did you go digging through the right dumpster? That occured quite some time ago.

Voters in Indianapolis are disgusted by the inaction of their dysfunctional congressperson.
She's out of it. When she was asked about nuclear energy she responded about nuclear bombs. It's not about loving someone it's about leadership.

Anonymous said...

Amber Alert! There's a young girl wandering around out there, according to Julia.

On her Ch. 13 appearance Sun. morning, when asked about an important issue, she looked dazed for a second, then, said "What I wanna know is..." and then proceeded to tell about a little girl who came up to her (when?), talked to her, climbed up in her lap, and ate her food. If you listen carefully, you can hear one of the panelists gasp. I wish to hell I'd taped it.

The mental meandering needs to be reviewed. It was frightening.

The same exact thing happened to my grandma when she was 85, and within three days my parents took away her car keys.

We've all seen similar dimentia moments among older friends and relatives. It is a sad sight, but it happens.

Wilson--we need your expert detective work here. Did she have a meds-mixing accident? Or is this mental lapse frequent? You seem to know everything about everyone else. Give us the benefit of your intensive knowledge.

Inquiring minds really want to know, because we're really concerned for Julia. Seriously.

I've spoken directly to the Dickerson son. It was a blind threat, not necessarily directed toward his dad's campaign. I am not sure if a police report was filed. I do know of similar direct threats and acts of violence against people who supported Julia's opponents in the very recent past. Fact. Make of it what you will. I doubt JC knows of these things--her minions are eager to please the Congressperson, and who knows to what lengths they'll go to impress her? Hell, they've subverted rules, laws and regulations to spend a half mil on a bar. And then acted annoyed, aloof and genuinely hurt by opposition. Go figure. Some people have no moral compass at all, or sense of the public's outrage regarding some actions.

We're waiting, Wilson...what about the little girl? We needs pictures for the milk cartons. Time is wasting. A little girl may die if we don't act promptly.

indyernie said...

Talk about a "Rubber Stamp". Carson's votes, the few she has cast, rubber stamp the views of the far left. If the Dems. want it she votes for it, who cares about substance or what is needed across America.
Wilson go back to sleep. Mc Veigh isn't runing against Carson this time, who cares what he did.
Like Carson your stuck in the past.
Eric Dickerson is about the future.

Anonymous said...

Is there a guarantee that Dickerson's going to live through the year? He could have a heart attack, get hit by a bus or be struck by lightning.

And if you seriously think I'm threating Dickerson with lightning by pointing that out, well, you're giving me a lot of credit.

Wilson46201 said...

If $1,000,000 of TV ads knocking Julia 4 years ago didnt work, why would a paltry $6000 worth of radio ads do the job? Dickerson says he is a very successful businessman - why hasnt he put some more money into his own race? He's got supporters knocking themselves out working hard but Eric sits on big personal bank accounts unspent. He projected a $200,000 budget but he couldnt even get 1/3 of that. Pitiful !

Eric's all about the future alright - his own and his little 5 acre "farm" up in Boone County. Couldnt he mortgage it to pay for a winning campaign? Or Maggie Moos (if he really owns it) ?

Anonymous said...

Oh Wilson just stop alreayd with attacking Dickerson. You're moving voters toward him.

You haven't answered the little girl question.

Wilson46201 said...

I tend not to answer stupid questions from cowardly Republican AnonyMice - in 1776 John Hancock risked hanging with his signature - Dickerson supporters use the modern technological equivalent of white hoods to work their cowardly ways ...

Anonymous said...

uh, I'm NOT a Republican. The thought kinda repulses me.

But I am fair-minded.

And the little girl question is fair, Wilson. She had a huge senior moment on TV and it was ugly.

But then, you never see that in her, do you?

Anonymous said...

Wilson, it isn't a stupid question about the little girl - Julia brought it up!

Anonymous said...

I tend not to answer stupid questions from cowardly Republican AnonyMice

You don't see me hiding now do you? So where is that little girl that was eating Julia's food?

"Because a seat in Congress is a terrible thing to waste"

Anonymous said...

Little girl bulletin: we need a name and description for the Amber Alert, Wilson.

indyernie said...

Wilson has made a comment on this blog reguarding "white hoods" meaning the KKK and Eric Dickerson's (an African American) supporters. If you are going to allow this slander then I feel that you should post replys that are based on history.

indyernie said...

Lets talk about "white hoods" Wilson. The KKK was organized by Nathan Bedford Forrest an officer in the Confederate Army and the Southern Democrats. This happened at the end of the Civil War. The Democrat Party with the support of President Andrew Johnson (a pro-southern Democrat) kept the KKK active throughout the reconsolidation of the USA. This kept African Americans on the plantations post Civil War.
The KKK terrorized African Americans to keep them from registering for the vote. Generations of African Americans resisted registering for the vote, because of the KKK, the Democrat Party and the “Black Codes“ put into place by Johnson.
The Republicans in the Senate at that time, where the first to overwrite a President.
I assume you are a Democrat because of the nonsense you project.
It was the Democrats who first wore the white hoods Wilson, not the Republicans.
Wilson, we know what you are about.

indyernie said...

Thank you Gary, I love this blog.