Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Nuvo Election Coverage Disappoints

Indy's alternative weekly newspaper, Nuvo, has all the appearances from its cover of having good local election coverage, but its looks are deceiving. As for the candidates, Nuvo's Kyle McClurg discusses only the three congressional races all the mainstream media have been discussing ad nauseum since the beginning of this election year--the 2nd, 8th and 9th Districts. He writes, "And with three congressional districts . . . projected to be tight races, all eyes are on Indiana." His discussion of the candidates in these three races is nothing but a regurgitation of what has been written countless times before. His complete failure to acknowledge the tight race in Indianapolis' 7th District is completely inexcusable. Afterall, 90% of Nuvo's readers live in the 7th, and nobody in those other three districts reads the publication. Has Nuvo forgotten what an alternative newspaper is all about?

The weekly redeems itself somewhat with Laura McPhee's story about "Sex and the Statehouse", which draws attention to the fact that who controls the Indiana General Assembly will have a major impact over the next two years on the extent of government regulation of our sex lives. McPhee provides a good rundown of what's at stake, including efffort to outlaw abortion (constitutional or not), artificial reproductive choices, same-sex marriage and sex education, to name just a few. She does not, however, discuss the candidates involved in several hotly contested Marion County legislative races which will help decide which view will prevail, such as Orentlicher v. Densborn, Buell v. Barnes, Bosma v. Fuldauer and Merritt v. Brown.

In a separate article, Michael Snodgrass focuses on "New Nativism"--the push for anti-immigrant legislation. The inclusion in the story's headline of "The Republican answer to immigration" is misleading, because it is hardly a straight Republican v. Democrat issue, which even Snodgrass acknowledges. In fact, President Bush and a number of moderate Republicans led by Sen. John McCain, have led the push to provide a path to citizenship for the more than 12 million illegal aliens in the country, along with tougher enforcement--a fact Snodgrass concedes in his article. Democratic congressional candidate Brad Ellsworth has been trying to run to the right of Rep. John Hostettler (R) on the immigration issue, and that takes some effort given Hostettler's hardline view and attention he's given to the issue. Again, though, the article fails to tie where the respective candidates stand on the issue to be instructive to its readers.


Anonymous said...

Notice whose yard sign is conspicuously missing from the front cover photo on the Nuvo?

The Left is running scared. Their Ghetto Queen is about to be sacked and they won't know what to do without their Queen in Congress.

By the way, what was with that angelic heavenly music in the background on the Julia Carson radio ad for Meliar Kennedy on 1310AM during Amos Brown (it was on just before Eric stormed the studio and caught Amos off-guard)? Is this a sign of things to come?

Anonymous said...

Amos is becoming more and more irrelevant, just like Wilson.

Quit hoping for strong media coverage of this election, folks. I've given up.

Wilson46201 said...

What could be more irrelevant than a nameless and faceless whiner on the Internet? Definitely a proud spokesperson for "The Party of Personal Responsibility", eh ?

Wilson46201 said...

I actually agree that much more attention should be spent on the issues in the 7th District - the Dickerson crowd just wants to talk about wigs and walking. This election is not about township zoning issues despite making it the big kickoff issue for the GOP congressional campaign. Listening to ED at Robin Run it comes out that he is really a very conventional conservative-talking Republican. He still thinks it was right for Bush to plow us into that Middle East quagmire of Iraq! ED calling the ACLU "the terrorists lobby" is just recycled Rush Limbaugh - a cheap shot.

It's interesting that he refuses to answer VoteSmart's detailed questionnaire on the issues - Congresswoman Carson always fills it out completely. Eric's a slick used car salesman but he doesnt really want you to look inside at real issues!

Anonymous said...

How the f--- does he do it?

I mean, you're reading along, and right before your eyes, Wilson spins the topic and goes off on a tangent.

I'm actually starting to admire the obfuscative technique. It's borderline brilliant.

In a strangely mental health issues sort of way.

It's kind of like a really bad wreck. You just have to look.

indyernie said...

Eric Dickerson sold three new Buicks for every used car. His CSI (Customer servive index) rating was the highest in Central Indiana. He recieved awards from GM for this and they don't give them to everyone. Wilson again, you run your mouth without knowing the facts. There's nothing worse than a hate filled liberal with nothing to do.

Anonymous said...

Sort of like how Julia at Robin Run and again at Crooked Creek made the remarks about how Eric Dickerson can't fix her car (the Roadmaster).

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the list of Democrat senators and congressmen who voted for the budget and the war in Iraq?

I am tired of Democrats blaming the President as if they had nothing to do with it. I thought only Congress could declare war and approve budgets.

How can President Bush be blamed for the war alone when after 911 most Americans and a majority in Congress voted to support this decision?

Democrats are cowards and liars, name them one by one and the states they are in.

Anonymous said...

I am GLAD they both were together at the Crooked Creek Forum Last night.

Just as Wilson felt it was RUDE for Eric to show up un-announced on the Amos Brown show Julia Carson showed up un-announced at Crooked Creek. The people running the event had never received a reply from the Carson campaign to let them know if she was going to attend where as all of the other candidates had replied if they were going to attend or could not make it. As far as they knew she was going to be a No Show. They had to HAND WRITE a name plaque for her after she decided to grace everyone with her presence.

The good thing is they BOTH talked issues and questions sent up to the moderator on note cards.

After the congressional part Julia left the event. Eric stayed around and listened to the questions for Kennedy then stay and talked to everyone there after the event.

The entire event will be replayed on Comcast chan 16 in a few days uncut and unedited. There the people can see for themselves how each candidate answered each question.

Anonymous said...

Democrats should stop lying to voters about Voter ID!

Instructions given to Poll Inspectors, it’s the Law.

Photo Identification

Beginning this year, all voters must provide valid photo identification (ID) to be able to cast their ballot. A photo ID must meet four criteria to be considered valid.

1. It must display the voter’s photo
2. It must display the voter’s name, and the name must conform with voter’s registration record (conform does not mean match identical)
3. It must display an expiration date and either is current or have expired sometime after the date of the last General election (November 2, 2004): or contain an indefinite expiration date such as those found on military IDs.
4. It must be issued by the state of Indiana or the US Government.

To be considered valid, it cannot be issued from another state or be issued from a private institution of any kind and the address on the identification does not have to match the person’s voter’s registration address.

*In most cases, an Indiana driver’s license, Indiana photo ID card, US passport, or Military ID is sufficient. A student ID from an Indiana State school may only be used if it meets all four (4) of the criteria stated above.

If a voter provides valid photo identification, the voter is then allowed to sign the poll book and vote a regular ballot.


A Challenged Voter:
If a voter is unable or declines to present proof of photo identification – the inspector or judge determines the photo ID presented does not meet all of the above criteria – the inspector or judge will challenge the voter (PRO-2/PRE-4 Envelope form). After completing his or her relevant portion of the PRO-2/PRE-4 Envelope form, the voter may sign the poll book.

Voter Claiming an Exemption:
A person who wishes to claim an exemption from the photo identification requirement based on either indigent or religion may do so by signing an affirmation (on the PRO-10 form) in front of the county election board or circuit court clerk-or their designees; this form must be filed not later than noon 10 days after the election.

Voter having No Photo ID – Provisional Ballot
Someone who is challenged and wishes to vote and does not have photo identification must complete the bottom half of the PRO-2/PRE-4 Envelope form and may cast a provisional ballot. This ballot will not be counted unless the voter brings a proof of identification to the office of the Marion County Clerk no later than 10 days after the election.

Anonymous said...

After the congressional part Julia left the event.

Her handlers whisked her away - QUICKLY!

Anonymous said...

Inspector: Enjoy your role in two weeks. Your gig as Inspector is up. And judging from your tenor, not a moment too soon.

When I arrived in Marion County in 1981, and went to vote, Inspectors at a polling place refused to remove a Hudnut for Mayor sign on a voting machine. There were no Democratic poll workers at my near-northside precinct. The Inspector and most of the workers were offended that I was offended at the blatant electioneering inside the polling place. You acted like you owned the place.

It has taken a long time, but your comeuppance is finally here.

We promise not to be as snotty.

I'm sure Mom TDW, and my mom, would slap the ignert right off our faces if we tried to be snotty.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:07:

You should be glad you didn't vote in Center Township where The Ghetto Mafia Queen Julia Carson and her goon squads drove illegal voters from one precinct to another casting votes for people who did not show up the last hour of the day.

Yes, Mary Smith signed the pollbook for Martha Jones, and the Democrat clerk let them.

Maybe in your precinct the Democrat Party couldn't find workers for the board. You should volunteer.

Anonymous said...

We promise not to be as snotty.

No need. You'll just stuff the ballot box and check off the non-voters as voters at the last minute.

Wilson46201 said...

Republicans seem to imagine their candidates get defeated by continuous and pervasive and overwhelming voter fraud --- funny that they never can seem to prosecute anybody! Were Steve Goldsmith, Scott Newman and Carl Brizzi such fuckups? Even your own GOP prosecutors cant back up such silly claims of voter fraud.

The GOP used to be the Party of Personal Responsibility - now its the party of blame, whine and crybabies. Pitiful!

Most Republicans here are so embarassed that they have to post anonymously - they wouldnt dare act so stupid in real life!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you could not get a ride to the Crooked Creek event Wilson.

But Megan was there - what a trooper.

Everyone there got to see both candidates in living color and hear where they stood on the issues that were asked.

Anonymous said...

Dumb Wilson

You claim to know everything. Reason no one was ever prosecuted for voter fraud. You had to know where to look and the names on the poll book. Your Democrat clerks let them sign in the designated precincts. Try checking out the Ward 3, Precinct 2. It was one of the dirtiest. The prosecutor did send her and the participants a warning letter. I have copy of the letter.

Anonymous said...


Wrong again!

Real nice paper trail in the prosecutor's office. Stephen Goldsmith did send out the warning letters. I am surpised you have not found copies since you seem find documents belonging to opponents. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Anonymous said...


The joke is on you, unless you are still in denial, and there are others.

Why don't you ask The Ghetto Mafia Queen Julia Carson and her ex-lover Tony Duncan if they kept their copies?

indyernie said...

Wilson you are nothing but a joke. Go back to sleep, we will wake you up on Nov 8.
The loss will be easier for you to take that way. Your girl is going down. That will be a first for you.