Sunday, October 01, 2006

Star Flacking For Kennedy

You have to give Democratic prosecutor candidate Melina Kennedy credit. When you get the Star to do your flacking for your campaign, you must be doing something right. If you read area blogs, you know that pro-Kennedy bloggers have spent a lot of time criticizing Brizzi's ads questioning Kennedy's experience. And just this past week, pro-Kennedy bloggers were all over area blogs making the argument that the raid on the coroner's office this week was nothing more than a cheap publicity stunt, noting that Brizzi even had makeup on when he arrived at the coroner's office to serve the warrant.

The writers of the "Behind Closed Doors" column help Kennedy out on both accounts. On the experience argument, they write "OK, Carl Brizzi, we get it: You don't think Melina Kennedy's qualified to be Marion County prosecutor." I guess these writers don't think much of this argument. They show us this response to the claim from Kennedy: "Kennedy says her experience as a lawyer and a deputy mayor of Indianapolis is relevant in running a large prosecutor's office in which deputy prosecutors handle nearly all of the cases. Referring to the TV ad's inexperienced pilot, she said: 'I'm not seeking to be a pilot. I'm seeking to be CEO of the airline.'" Okay, following that logic with a more analagous comparison, would you hire someone to run a police department who has never worked as a police officer?

On the coroner's raid, the Star's writers say:

A search warrant raid of the Marion County coroner's office turned into quite the circus Tuesday when the media showed up before the investigators.

As several reporters watched from the parking lot, radio show host Abdul-Hakim Shabazz sauntered into the office at 521 W. McCarty St. and asked about the warrant.

That was 20 minutes before Brizzi arrived.

Coroner Kenneth Ackles wasn't happy to be the last one to get the tip about the investigation into alleged thefts and obstruction of justice there. He said the raid was unnecessary because he'd been cooperating with the probe, which followed reports of more than $3,000 stolen from one corpse and the cremation of another without notifying the police or family.

He questioned whether Brizzi's alert to the media was an election-year publicity move. "How did you find out before me?" Ackles asked later. "You must be in the club with that guy with the makeup on."

Brizzi said he was wearing makeup because he'd been shooting scenes for TV ads that morning. He said he tried to remove it but doesn't know much about taking it off.

"I guess I didn't do it perfectly," he said.

Help me out here a little bit, but doesn't the news media get ticked off when they're not given a heads up on these things? I can recall countless occasions when the police department has conducted raids and invited local news media to go with them. And did you ever notice they often take place just about the time a news broadcast is set to air so they can report live from the scene? On the issue of Brizzi wearing makeup, since Ackles didn't show up to accept the search warrant Brizzi had notified him he was serving on his office, how did he know Brizzi was wearing makeup. Which of these Star reporters do you think shared that with Ackles? And isn't it a little sexist to knock a guy for wearing makeup when women wear makeup daily and are not asked about it?

Incidentally, the Star writers credited with this week's "Behind Closed Doors" are Theodore Kim, Jon Murray, Mary Beth Schneider and Brendan O'Shaughnessy. Also, note that the Star has had nothing to say about the recent DUI arrest of Lacy Johnson, III, one of the person's behind the "bar/private club" in the Julia Carson Government Center--something that was a little more newsworthy and discussed on several area blogs this past week.


Anonymous said...

Behind C.D. has become an almost irrelevant column these days. Meaningless drivel.

The whole Carl-makeup thing is just silly. If his office planned the raid, how could he not know the timing? I don't think he's telling the full truth about that tidbit, and the thing is, it wouldn't matter to me that much. But his bob-and-weave answer is clever by half.

I'm seriously thinking of adding the prosecutor's race to 7th C.D in my write-in category. Andy Jacobs gets my Congressional write-in. I have no idea whom to select for write-in for prosecutor, but both candidates on the ballot are making me ill.

For what it's worth, courtoom experience means nothing to me...I want a prosecutor who knows how to manage 100 or so attorneys. Talk about a egomaniacal cluster f---.

Anonymous said...

The Star in itself is a joke. It's USA Today local edition.

Want to do a write in for Prosecutor?

"Indy Undercover"

if anything to see it register.

Wilson46201 said...

Unless a write-in candidate has officially registered to be a write-in candidate, such a write-in will simply be discarded at the precinct level. You will feel good and the poll workers will giggle but that's about it...

Anonymous said...

After all Wilson you are the expert at discarding ballots, eh?

Wilson46201 said...

poor Jocelyn ... always the bridesmaid, never the bride! Always cheated out of her due in life ... it's always somebody else's fault, scheming against her.

Poor child - find Jesus! He will comfort you in your time of woe...

Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself Wilson you probably look cute in a bridal dress yourself.

Anonymous said...

You wrote: "...isn't it a little sexist to knock a guy for wearing makeup when women wear makeup daily and are not asked about it?"

Come on... this is silly AI. Politics is politis - on both sides of the aisle. No need to make dumb excuses. He wore makeup for the cameras. Simple as that.