Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dickerson Didn't Hide Arrest

Chris Douglas, founding president of the Indy Rainbow Chamber of Commerce, writes at that Republican 7th District candidate Eric Dickerson acknowledged his domestic violence arrest 15 years ago months before Rep. Julia Carson (D) told the Star's editorial staff that he "beat up his wife to a pulp." Douglas relates a meeting Dickerson had last June with the First Republicans and a question one of the women in attendance put to him:

This issue is a legitimate concern. I share the following information without giving it a slant. I now understand that a woman at the First Republicans meeting in June asked Eric whether he had any dirty laundry. (I arrived late and sat at the far end of the table, so I was unaware of this exchange.) He answered that he had a domestic charge on his record. It is the woman who asked him who informed me of this exchange, and who therefore observes that he himself brought the charge to the fore in June, at least to anyone listening.

Douglas' accounts contradicts assertions by Carson, the Star and others that Dickerson tried to hide his past arrest record. Douglas also dispels any notion that Republicans did not support him in this year's primary because of the arrest record. He writes:

I have heard speculation, and have speculated myself, that it was the knowledge of the domestic charge that may have precluded the Republican Party from supporting Dickerson earlier on. I put that question to a highly ranked Republican in the Party, who told me that the news came as much as a surprise to them. I believe the lack of Republican Party support for Dickerson relates to three issues: the fact that he gored the chosen ox in the Republican Primary, that he refused to submit to House Republican leadership (more on that shortly), and that the Republicans don't expect him to win. I don't think there was any knowledge of the domestic charge at higher levels of the Party, even though he himself spoke of it.

Douglas has much more to say on the Carson-Dickerson race and an explanation of why he believes Indiana's GLBT community would be better served in Congress by Dickerson, who opposes a federal constitutional amendment banning gay marriages, and who supports extending federal civil rights protections to cover sexual orientation. Douglas also details Dickerson's refusal to sign a pledge promising to support Dennis Hastert for Speaker as the reason national Republicans have so far failed to support his campaign. To read more, click here.


Anonymous said...

Chris is always a thoughtful poster, and this one is a gem.

His premise may be a tad flawed, but it's worth reading. If only for another view on this complicated race.

He basically believes Mr. Dickerson answered the domestic battery question earlier in the eyar, honestly, and the fact no press reported it is only coincidental.

A great read.

braingirl said...

Personally, I think Dickerson's lack of support came from deep with the party and significantly before the primary. My understanding was that the party *knew* he was considering a run, and they made it clear they didn't want him. We all know that slating deadlines aside, if the party wants you, they'll make sure you're where you need to be. and yet, they supported Franklin -- with significantly more legal issues in the closet -- anyway. (Everyone toeing the party line from precint captains on down were instructed to give the pat answer about Dickerson missing slating deadlines although it became harder for many of it to say it with a straight face as Franklin's campaign ran into problems.)

My sense of it is that Dickerson thinks the GOP party machinery is a problem and he won't commit to their full agenda. He's received virtually no party support since he won the primary.

Wilson46201 said...

I doubt if Dickerson realized that the gruesome police arrest record could ever surface. It seems that in addition to the IPD (available to any member of the public for 16 cents), another copy was retained in Prosecutors files ...

I am quite amused by E.D.s story about refusing to sign the pro-Hastert GOP pledge fax. Why didnt he tell me that yesterday when I asked about him voting for Hastert in the wake of Foleygate? But I'm pleased Dickerson so nobly sacrificed financial backing by the national Republicans. Smart move!

I guess he's going to have to mortgage Maggie Moos to buy yard signs...

Anonymous said...

I am quite amused by E.D.s story about refusing to sign the pro-Hastert GOP pledge fax.

Eric is an independent thinker, and takes into account ALL constituents opinions.

Why didnt he tell me that yesterday when I asked about him voting for Hastert in the wake of Foleygate?

Because you are irrelevant and anything said to you will be no doubt twisted and spun. Eric owes you no answers to anything after what you've done in the name of your queen Julia Carson. You're a two-bit hack Wilson. You think you're the Karl Rove of the gay far-left wing.

But I'm pleased Dickerson so nobly sacrificed financial backing by the national Republicans.

The national GOP is putting their resources towards the 2nd, 8th, and 9th and you know that going into it. Eric is getting votes from those who count: THE PEOPLE! And the people Eric sees are saying "I'm normally a Democrat but I'm voting for you this time!" Eric doesn't need to mortgage anything to get yard signs. Nor to get his name out there in some blasting "in your face" TV spots - Everyone knows he's a car dealer, and those who don't thinks he's a former football player. Either way the name is known. You remember former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura don't you? I don't know how much TV ads he spent but it wasn't a whole lot. Most people knew who he was from pro wrestling. Same for the late Congressman Sonny Bono and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger - both have strong name recognition.

Wilson46201 said...

it looks like we just heard from the GOP pseudo-monarchist peanut gallery from up around Chicago ... the usual name-calling with no facts...

Jocelyn-Tandy Adande said...

Response to Brain Girl and Wilson:

Eric Dickerson does have support of the Republican Party.

Obviously you and Wilson are attempting to lessen the support Dickerson has. He won the votes of Republicans in the Primary to become the Party's nominee.

You Democrats should condern yourself with your own nominee.

There were three candidates for the 7th District who paid slating fees. Ron Franklin received a majority of the precinct committeepersons votes because of his popularity amongst precinct persons.

Eric Dickerson was informed about the slating fee after the noon deadline when he filed.

Eric dickerson will be the new 7th District congressman on November 7th.

Julia' dirty tricks have backfired!

Anonymous said...

Hey Wilson, Eric isn't hiding like Julia. Where is she? When do I get to ask my rep a question to her face? Congress is out of session - where is her next appearance??? Why won't you answer that question?

Did you get good pictures of her not even able to walk down the few stairs at the Fiesta Festival? And that is a fact! Please publish those!

AI is a good site, but as long as Wilson continues to sit and just call people names, it is time to say goodbye.

Dickerson is going to win this race because the people of this city are sick of the mess they are living in. When State Senators stand up and tell what they have been working on for 30 years, you have to ask, how many more years do you expect us to wait for an improvement.

Anonymous said...

Why does all of this "blogging" about everything (the bar, Eric Dickerson, Eugene Anderson) make me think of the "Willie Lynch" theory. Pit one group of blacks against another group of blacks. Where is all the name calling, finger pointing going to get us???
I am a registered voter, I have a job and I have a clean record and I am not a trouble maker. This is just making me wince!!!!!

Wilson46201 said...

for that last AnonyMouse
: you were seemingly at the Fiesta - you heard our Congresslady speak to the entire crowd. Afterwards she went over to her campaign table to meet voters for an hour or so ... you dont really seem interested enough to go to the stageside to talk to her ... throw questions, not rhetorical brickbats afterwards!

A hint: the Circle City Classic is coming up - our Congresslady will be quite out and about. Eric's lily-white flock of supporters will fit right in there! LOL !

Vote Her Out said...

Response to Anonymous 4:37 PM;

Don't blog in and play the "race card" in this election for Julia. Both candidates for the 7th Congressional District office happen to be African Americans.

The individuals you named happen to be of the same race. If their actions allowed them to be exposed publicly, blame them. "Willie Lynch had nothing to do with this.
Julia Carson has always injected racism into every election when the tide is not in her favor.

For your information, elections are held every two years for voters to decide if they want to keep their current representative in office or elect a different one.

It is the choice of each registered living voter to cast a ballot for the person they want to represent them for the next two years in Washington.

The issue of domestic violence was used by Democratic candidates Melina Kennedy, Julia Carson and bringing up the rear Ann Delaney of the Julian Center.

The term "wife beater or abuser" was used by Carson with the Star's Editorial Board with the intent to discredit her opponent Eric Dickerson.

Eugene Anderson never disclosed his charges of domestic abuse to Mayor Bart Peterson before he was hired in 2002. Where are the Democrats on this police report?

Lacy Johnson III, was to be the bar manager and petitioner for the liquor license. He as a recent DUI charge.

Ron Gibson, city-county councilor, indicted for assaulting a deputy sheriff while under the influence. Willie Lynch had nothing to do with their actions.

The bar/restaurant issue is an example of arrogance and total disrespect the investors and Carl Drummer, Trustee, who also happen to be black, had for the law and the people who live and own property in the immediate area.

No, this is not a "black thing".
Tax payers of Center Township have a say on the types of developments allowed in their neighborhoods. The Government Center is owned by Center Township tax payers.

Carson supporters are attempting to label Mr. Dickerson in a negative way, but it is not going to work. Go back to the drawing board and come up with something new!

Carson’s old dirty tricks are not going to work this time. She will be retired very soon

braingirl said...

Um, Jocelyn, you're going to give yourself a head injury with that knee jerk reaction. I am a registered and proud Republican. Carson, her administration, and cronies make me sick. But Dickerson can't win this election on belief alone. It's the blind faith and failure-to-see-reality political tactics of those who are convinced (no matter what!) that Dickerson will win which makes me concerned.

Wishing won't make it so. We're five weeks out -- turning this RV around and getting him some *money* will. When I say he's had no GOP support, I mean he's had no GOP *financial* support. Considering other candidates have practically been paid to run against Carson and lose badly, it's disgraceful that they have not supported Dickerson's campaign.

Dickerson is going to need a serious cash infusion in the next five weeks to make inroads. He needs television. And he needs to get serious about the realities of Julia's adminstration and ability to serve. The vast majority of D7 doesn't read blogs. The vast majority of people in her district don't have a clue about the questionable connections, inbreeding, and other dealings the Carson machine. And getting the word out is what's going to get Dickerson to DC. When I say the state and Marion County GOP isn't behind him, I mean they're not helping him get there. They're just not.

Anonymous said...

Wilson46201 said... ( 4:53 PM EDT )

A hint: the Circle City Classic is coming up - our Congresslady will be quite out and about. Eric's lily-white flock of supporters will fit right in there! LOL !


I hope I fit in - I enjoy a good parade and bands and a football crowd. Plus I have been working on my tan all summer.

Good thing the parade route is shorter than it was for the labor day parade.

"out and about" Do you mean she will actually get out of her car and meet and greet the crowd ? And lets see - 2 out of town teams with lots of out of town supporters at the parade . . .

Or is she going to sit slumped down in her car weakly waving to the crowd like she did at the Labor day parade.

Wolfrham Hart said...

Go get her braingirl :-)

The problem with political hacks...zealots...(umm I'm really trying to come up with a better phrase, but just cant) like Wilson and sadly Jocelyn now is in public they HAVE to tow the party line for the favored candidate. Wilson couldn't defend a factually based, non-political, criticism of Julia Carson if his life depended on it.

Polticians, their stategists, their staff, and most importantly us as citizens would be so much better off is they would face reality.

I've seen for more Republican party support for past Carson opponents than I have for Eric Dickerson. That's a fact. It really appears as if the Republicans don't care about Eric Dickerson for whatever reason.

As for Julia Carson she seems to be always in the middle or nearby in some scandal/problem. As non-partisan as I can be I have to start wondering if there is so much smoke around her where is the fire?

Jocelyn-Tandy Adande said...

Response to Brain Girl and Wolfrham Hart:

Anonymous Brain Girl, you know my name, what is yours. I doubt that you are a registered Republican

Hart: You obviously don't know me. "Tow the Party line."

I've always exercised my right to participate in the selection and election process of our public officials.

Eric dickerson has what he needs to win. Money doesn't always win elections, votes do.

For the millionaire candidates in other states who have spent $30 to $50 Million dollars of their own money attempting to win a seat in the U. S. Senate, and lost; were they trying to buy votes but were rejected by the voters?

The majority of black elected officials have never raised the amounts of funds white candidates do, but they win with votes.

Both political parties have had winners in the past who did not raise large amounts of money.

Eric Dickerson beat the Republican slated candidate in the Primary.
No voter fraud, did not buy votes,
he received a majority of Republican votes to become the nominee. Accept it!

Brain Girl, maybe you are referring to the so called power brokers in the Party. They don't control Mr. Dickerson. Is that a problem for you?

What about the average voter? Do they count in this election?

To be frank, the average citizen is tired of the control freaks who own the candidates and the offices after election day.

There are more voters involved in elections than power brokers.

If Carson is such a sho-in this time, why doesn't she come out of hiding and stop the usual dirty tricks.

Wilson "spy puppet" Allen would not be working overtime on the internet speaking for her and countering opinions registered on these sites.

Opinions, everybody has one.

Advance Indiana said...

Braingirl is a Republican. She's in the book publication business, and she's a very nice person. Ask RiShawn if you don't believe me. Or better yet, check out her blogsite.

braingirl said...

Thanks for vouching for me, Gary.

Jocelyn said: "To be frank, the average citizen is tired of the control freaks who own the candidates and the offices after election day."

I *totally* agree with you. The problem is that up in the suburbian reaches of D7, the voters don't *know* about the backroom dealings and shady Carson connections.

I agree that money doesn't buy votes (and I have *never* implied that a) I was less than thrilled Dickerson won the primary. I voted for him! or b) that there was any voter fraud involved.) All I'm saying is that money can by exposure. Money buys educating the voters about his opponent's problems.

I don't have a problem that Dickerson won't kow-tow to fat cat party bosses, but I do resent the fact that they're happy to let Dickerson be their scapegoat (if he loses) and they can keep their hands politically clean. It's no secret that 7 isn't a priority race for the state party. But some money would make a huge difference for Dickerson. Julia has a big war chest and while some party people early on said they didn't fund Dickerson because they didn't want to gear up her spending, I disagree.

The other issue is that Dickerson hasn't done his part (in my opinion, and it's just that) to campaign against Julia. If Dickerson was going to take on her on in an advertising campaign, he would *have* to go negative. Political strategists much smarter than me know that the winning combination for beating an entrenched incumbant with potential scandal problems like Julia is to get out and get against it. Dickerson hasn't played up her health problems. her connections to questionable deals, or her inability to serve and that could cost him the race. I hope it doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Chris tries so hard to change his beloved GOP. It is a shame that he generally gets a nice audience with R party leaders and sweet assurances of tolerance and inclusion, then they ignore him once he's left the room. As Nixon's disgraced Attorney General John Mitchell once said, "Watch what we do, not what we say."

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what everone thinks is the perfect strategy to use agaisnt Julia - the conventional methods have not worked.

What I have seen is that everywhere Eric has gone democrats come up to him every day and tell him they have voted democrat all of their lives and they are going to vote for him this time around.

If just 10% of those people actually do that on election day it will make it a 50/50 race.

Anonymous said...

Response to vote her out 9:12 pm.
I just ,for my own edification, re-read the Willie Lynch theory. Maybe you should have read it before you made your comment. You totally missed the point I was trying to make. I know when elections are held. I vote every time. You totally ignored what I was trying to say and went off again on this angry tirade. Two things folks can't debate about: religion & politics. I realize everyone is expressing an opinion but it is begining to read like a bunch of "haters". One class of people vs the opposite class of people. Maybe some of you, who know how to do things the right way, could get together and come up with a nice place to gather and make things well in Indianapolis again. But then no one would have anything to bitch about.