Friday, October 06, 2006

Criminal Investigation Warranted For Savoy Petition

Indianapolis city-county councilor Angela Mansfield (D), who represents the district where the Savoy nightclub is located, lays out facts surrounding the club's rezoning petition which screams out for a criminal investigation. WTHR-TV reports:

Councilor Mansfield explained the reasons for the denial. "One, they didn't get the proper zoning in the first place before building out. When they went to build out they did not obtain building permits to do so. The city issued a stop work order. They disregarded that and kept on building."

Mansfield says there were fire code violations, page after page of police reports detailing incidents at or related to the Savoy, and then the issue of a petition of support. The Savoy submitted a petition listing support and signatures from nearby businesses, including Le Peep, Bread of Life Bakery, Athens on 86th, MCL cafeteria and deli, and Brebeuf Prepatory School.

Mansfield says something just wasn't right. "Well we thought that was kind of odd. We couldn't figure out why a school would support a nightclub and one of the neighbors went to various businesses. And what we discovered was it was a fraudulent petition."

The "petition" was full of misspelled signatures and made up employee's names. Mansfield points to this and other documents of complaint to dispute some claims that racism played a factor in the board's decision.

"Individuals who think that might be an issue," she said, "go look at the law enforcement reports. They pretty much stand on their own."

The facts of the Savoy dance club are identical to 300 East in the Julia Carson Government Center where Savoy owner Bill Mays is also a principal investor. They proceeded to build the dance club without the proper zoning approval. No building permits were obtained. The city issued a stop work order. And they ignored the city's stop work order! Even worse, Mansfield found that the Savoy's owners forged signatures to show support for its ill-fated dance club. Hello, is someone going to investigate the criminality involved here?

Angela Mansfield is no bomb-thrower, and she's certainly not a racist. Somebody in a position of authority needs to prosecute these folks and hold them accountable for their criminal behavior. They are not above the law. This is a complete outrage. I cannot believe the City of Indianapolis permitted this illegal establishment to continue in operation for nearly two years in light of the facts Manfield brings to light. And may I ask where the Indianapolis Star has been. It's funny that Will Higgins' story in the Star managed to overlook these pertinent facts, which were pointed out during the Savoy's MDC hearing at which he attended. Isn't Will Higgins the same guy that missed all the misdeeds surrounding the 300 East zoning petition?Also, note from Higgins' story that the city is going after the landlord and not the Savoy's owners for the violations.


Anonymous said...

And this story wasn't new, either, AI. THe club stayed open for many months after the violations were cited.

How does the City allow this to happen?

Could it be, the "right" people were involved, thus the enforcement side of the Department of Metropolitan Development was a little "slow" ?

Ms. Mansfield, a great councillor, also didn't stand up for Councilman Ron Gibson recently, when many fellow Council Dems ridiculously stood publicly for a councilman accused of striking a police officer.

Isn't it amazing what happens, when some powerful people play the race card?

Anonymous said...

I was at the meeting. To see 20+ People stand up AGAINST the Savoy was impressive. They had documented everything that had gone on the past 2 years. They even did their own sleuthing and found the forged documents.

This same community response needs to happen Nov. 1st for the 300 E petition.

A lot of what happened at the Savoy is happeneing at 300 E.

Now that the bar ( lol ) has been set with the MDEC members lets hope the same fate befalls 300 E.

Anonymous said...

I know one thing if there's "petitions" presented in the 300 East case they better be scrutinized fully. You might as well consider any petition presented by the group to be suspect as we now know their MO. Then again fraud with the Ghetto Mafia is just like fraud with Lake County - it's part of the game.

Sad thing is - even if Carl Brizzi lowered the boom on the group behind the Savoy, it'll be picked up by Meliar as "political grandstanding" Damned if you do. Damned if you don't.

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt Melina wants anything to do withi 300 East.

Most Dems I know are steering clear of it. If you bring it up to one of them, they get a frozen look on their face, and immediately change the subject.

"Oh look at the time!" and exit.

It's a political embarrassment. Kinda like every family's bad seed. Nobody wants to talk about it in the Dem family...just hoping it'll go away.

Uh, it won't.

Anonymous said...

Author, I would like to contact you with more information about the Savoy. Please post your email in the comments section.

Anonymous said...

You can see in his profile on the front page of this blog:

Advance Indiana said...

You can e-mail me at

Anonymous said...

Where is "Miss get tough on crime" want to be prosecutor Melina Kennedy and Mayor Bart peterson on this one?

Thee public wants to know!

Anonymous said...

If Carl Brizzi, the CURRENT prosecutor does not investigate he's proving that he does not care about the african-american community.

Several of us were on the fence wondering how he feels about blacks, but this will prove it.

He can't just spend his whole time campaigning, he must continue to address white collar crime in the black community - RICO, Fraud, Abuse of Office Authority.

Just saying...

Anonymous said...

It's amazing, AI...

They can turn anything into a Carson/Dickerson or Kennedy/Brizzi fight can't they?

Focus,'s about the Savoy and itw owners' blatant disregard for ordinances and proper procedure, then throwing out the race card, pouting when they don't get their way.


Anonymous said...

Savoy ... 300 East ... same stinkin' difference. Some people think they can run roughshod over the city and claim racism if they don't get their way.

Anonymous said...

I saw CCC Jackie Nytes the other day. When I asked her if she was following the Carson Bar situation, she gave me that Oh God look. lol.

Anonymous said...

Jackie is rightly concerned.

Ultimately, she may be asked to vote on 300 East. If the petitioners push their friends to the wall, the Dem caucus will have its feet put to the fire.

And, if they lost, as in the Savoy case, it'll be called racist.

These two bars have set back race relations a good ten years. It was all avoidable. The arrogance of the petitioners is galling and unmatched. Essentially it's:

"Agree with us or you're racist."

I enjoy the music and entertainment varieties offered by Savoy. I'd patronize an establishment that was legally established.

Anonymous said...

As a resident who lives nearby and who saw the blatant behavior going on at the Savoy. I can assure you that race wasn't even considered. Urination on the bushes of the nursing homes, frequent police calls and overwhelming noise at 3 a.m. were clearly the issues involved here.

Perhaps the arrogance of the owners and their attorney may have factored into it. They tried to portray themselves as victims of City Hall.

The entry of fraudulous signatures into evidence is clearly over the top and needs to be prosecuted fully.

Anonymous said...

I recommend checking into the properties purchased around the Julia Carson Center. It will be all by cronies of those involved in the bar/restaurant.