Sunday, October 01, 2006

And Indy Undercover Is?

Those anxious to learn the identity of Indy Undercover today were met with a big disappointment. Indy Undercover, as promised, unveiled it's identity. It just wasn't the one person people were anticipating. Instead, Indy Undercover identifies itself as many:

Anyone who thinks crime is Indianapolis' number one problem is Indyu!

Anyone who thinks the Peterson administration has failed over the crime issue is Indyu!

Anyone who respects the fact LEOs put their lives on the line everyday only to be disrespected by a CCC who would rather defend on their own than law enforcement is Indyu!

Anyone who gives a damn about public safety is Indyu!Indyu is all the LEOs, public safety officials and concerned citizens who care about our lives!Indyu is not one person!

Indyu is all people who care about public safety!

This administration cannot catch Indyu!

This administration cannot stop Indyu!

They cannot stop an idea!

They cannot stop a movement!

They cannot stop Indyu!

Indyu will not let them!

You will not let them!

AI doesn't expect this cover to last much longer. And when it is revealed, some folks might be feeling some long-term repercussions. I think Indy Undercover is doing a good job bringing to light things which should be brought to light in our law enforcement community and elsewhere locally, but it does matter who the real persons are behind Indy Undercover. Their work product could become tainted if the real hands at play are revealed to have nothing more than self-serving political motives behind their work.


Doug said...

Man, that's about as lame as the South Park episode where we learn who Cartman's father is.

sirhailstone said...

I figured someone wouldn't reveal themselves. This person is too close to the 25th Floor to blow their cover.

Wilson46201 said...

IndyU is quoting too much from communistical Howard Fast's novel "Spartacus" made into a popular movie ...

We all are Spartacus!

Anonymous said...

Wilson "ghost employee" Allen 46201:
Who are you spying for on this blog, Julia Carson's number one spy puppet? Are you snooping for Mayor Bart too?

Wilson is a spy! Don't trust him.

Anonymous said...

2:34, here's a hint re: Wilson: The Mayor pays no attention to him. That's a lock. Julia/Carl et al do sometimes, when they have a mission for him.

I've been reading IndyUnderground for a week or ten days now. It's full of postings by disenchanted law enforcement officers. I feel their pain, and agree to some extent, but not unlike the tired old Wilson-Jocelyn crap on this blog, the IndyU rambling is predictable.

Evidently the law enforcement community doe snot like: consolidation, the Mayor, or the sheriff.

Evidently they do like: the township government system, their take home cars treated as their own vehicles, and rampant insubordination.

I'm a strong supporter of the police, but this site could drive you over the edge.

sir hailstone said...

There's a reason the LEO's of Indy Undercover are disenfranchised or disenchanted or whatever.

They are constantly being [excremented] upon by Mayor Bart, Sheriff Frank, and the rest of the corrupt Dem gang that runs this city [into the ground].

Anonymous said...

Please tell me how, Hail, the LEOs are baing crapped on.

The FOP, under Vince Huber, has consistently been anti-consolidation. He refuses to bury that sword. It's over already.

The mayor offered a 4.5% salary very difficult budget times.

I'd love to be so "shat upon" as LEOs. Some people are holding onto jobs by the skin of their teeth, and lucky to have jobs.

The 25th floor, and the FOP and judges, prosecutor, etc., did everything they could to beg, borrow and steral money in August, to divert to extra patrols, another (night) court, etc.

They're all later to the party...but better late than never.

What more do LEOs want, pray tell?
I support their mission, but they have to recognize budgetary difficulties. Four point five percent is a huge increase.

46038 said...

This post brings to mind once again, Gary, the question if you are AI’s lone contributor?

Steph Mineart said...

My frustration with IndyUndercover is that rather than actually discussing crime prevention, they're just bitching - originally about their jobs, but increasingly just partisan stinkers that have no real connection to either law enforcement or to current crime rates. They seem to be celebrating the current homicide rate without any thoughtful analysis about what's causing it.

And now they're just blogging about themselves and all the attention they're receiving, which is funny, but not in the way they intend.

Advance Indiana said...

Gary would be AI's lone blogger. He does receive lots of helpful hints from AI readers.

Anonymous said...

"The 25th floor, and the FOP and judges, prosecutor, etc., did everything they could to beg, borrow and steral money in August, to divert to extra patrols, another (night) court, etc."

Slight correction. FOP, judges, Prosecutor and the GOP of the CCC did on the initial proposal to lease space from IDOC. The CCC Dems (including the Ghetto Mafia) and the 25th floor DID NOT! Then when the blowback occured the Dems reluctantly got onboard and agreed to lease space from CCA/Jail II.

Anonymous said...

Steph hit it on the head.

Anonymous said...

Steph did not "hit it on the head." She fails to realize the very essence of the "crime rate" problem. Put yourself in their shoes. The 25th floor, via the line supervisors, tells the officers, keep your hands off the (hand)cuffs. Look the other way when it comes to the protected class that supports us finanically in political office. Last time I checked, arresting people has never been a really popular idea. The reality is however, it is the most effective tool society has as a detterent to criminal behavior like it or not.

Meanwhile, the current city administration loves to throw meaningless sound bites at the media that they have new and innovative approaches to dealing with the increasing crime rate (ie. lets clean up the trash in a couple of alleys to deter crime. Yeah, like that really alters behavior). Trust them, they are on top of finding solutions. It doesn't benefit them to find solutions, people. What they should be doing is working with and developing officer initiatives that deal with certain individuals/groups that are engaged in victimizing others for big profits or rivalry. It cannot be said enough, crime problems will rarely be solved by people at the time. Rather, effective law enforcement issues must come from the street officer, who day in and day out deals with the daily crimes and is more in touch with their neighbors then someone downtown at the city-county building.

99.9% of people in law enforcement took the job because they want to be the hero that helps/saves a victim (despite the outdated notion some still hold that they just want to bully people around). Its not an easy field to get into it, nor to stay in. Yet for all of this, they get paid much less than the private sector, job duties that change by the day, and do not enjoy the same fair labor laws that everone except firefighters enjoys.

Oh, did I mention they regularly run towards people firing guns and houses/cars that are burning?

For those who don't understand their ranting and raving, I would recommend attending walking in their shoes for about a month and see how long one could last. If not, join a citizens academy and gain a little insight before dismissing their concerns. If you have taken the time to read their blog, you would notice they don't quickly dismiss the arguments of those pushing for gay equality.