Thursday, August 16, 2007

FSSA's Chaplain Out Of A Job

The state chaplain hired by FSSA Secretary Mitch Roob, who seemed chosen more on the basis of politics than any professional qualifications, has been let go by the agency in the wake of the all controversy surrounding his hiring and a pending lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of his hiring reports the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette's Niki Kelly. “We decided the program was not living up to its goals,” FSSA spokesman Marcus Barlow said. Although Mitch Roob originally said Rev. Michael Latham's position would be reviewed after he served 2 years, the agency insists his firing had nothing to do with news media reports or the lawsuit. Apparently, Latham qualified for disability, however, due to an illness he encountered prior to the decision to terminate him. He receives 60% of his regular plan under the state's disability plan. He first became sick about the time he missed a controversial luncheon at which the Indiana Family Institute's Curt Smith was invited to speak.


Anonymous said...

This was stupid to begin with. If I were Muslim, I'd demand my faith be represented. Ditto B'hai, Wickans, Hindus, and athiests. And I know each of those beliefs exists in the FSSA.

Now, because of Mitch's wedge-whacking,we're stuck with, potentially, hundreds of thousands of dollars in "disability" claims.

This is shameful government in every sense of the word. Mitch deserves to be booted from office next year for this alone.

Our preciously-scarce tax dollars going to apy someone not to work at a job that shouldn't exist, and a job on which the worker performed few hours weekly anyway.


Anonymous said...

How does he possibly qualify for a 60% pension after only a few months of service?! I have to put in 20 years to get a 50% pension...

Bob G. said...

You just gotta love "da rev"...he's always got something "cookin" on the burners.

If there is ANY disability to be doled out, it should come from whatever ministerial or religious affiliation he is pastor within.

Like the archdiocese would "pay" for any time lost due to illness.

Something just "ain't right" with all this, and as usual...WE pay for it.