Monday, August 13, 2007

Another Tea Party Planned

Property taxpayers in Noble and LaGrange Counties are planning their own Indiana Tea Party this Sunday, August 19 on Sylvan Lake at 2:30 p.m. Andy Horning of Hoosiers for Fair Taxation wants to dispel the notion that "ungoverned government and property tax problems" are unique to Indianapolis. "We will continue to make plain our demand to abolish all property tax in Indiana," Horning said. "And while we accept our duty to pay for just, responsible and governed government, we will no longer tolerate profligate spending that benefits only the elite few." "So in the spirit of responsible protest, and as an active petition for redress of grievances, we're pitching our tax bills into Sylvan Lake in the giant HOOSIERS FOR FAIR TAXATION teabag."


Wilson46201 said...

Can we assume "BART LIES" t-shirts and yardsigns will be prominent in this demonstration too?

Anonymous said...

Will Mike O'Connor be quoted as saying property tax increases are "phony," just like the election polling?

And Wilson, the more you write, the more I'm reminded of Kevin Bacon in Animal House: "All is well!!!" I suspect your party will have the same result-being trampled by a horde of ordinary people.

Anonymous said...

Sure, Wilson!!! I'll take soem Bart Lies yard signs up there aand tell them they are a gift from Julia.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Bacon was in Animal House? I missed that. AS great movie with great lines, like:

"Let (___________) do it. He's a sneaky little shit."

As for the phoney poll, I got a copy of the questions late yesterday.

In addition to the skewered party affiliation, some of the questions were diced, to say the least. (41/40 D/R is not representative of the last election's results, or the one before that either...)

For once, Mike O'Connor is more right than wrong.

But, the "poll" did its job, huh? Clever politics.

I'm gonna do my pwn poll, ala Tom John: Question One: (With apologies to Wilson, but just to make a point):

"You do think Wilson is a complete and utter raving lunatic, right? Right? Come on, dontcha?"

The "poll" does show one thing: traditional media in this town is so freaking lazy they can be led by the nose without substance and deep questions.

But that's not news.

Anonymous said...

Will and the Democrat party make fun of these folks as well?