Sunday, August 12, 2007

Frame This: Long Accuses Miller Of Misleading Voters

Advance Indiana has long complained about how Eric Miller and his Advance America organization are prone to misleading voters on a variety of issues to advance their agenda. These complaints have largely been ignored by the mainstream meda. A couple of weeks ago, Miller ran a full-page ad in the Star touting his plan to repeal property taxes in Indiana through a constitutional amendment. AI noted then that, at least according to Miller's ad, House Minority Leader Brian Bosma and Senate President Pro Tempore David Long, who are both supporters of Miller's proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages in Indiana, were against his effort to repeal property taxes. That ad has Sen. Long seeing red according to the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette's "Political Notebook" column and the Star's "Behind Closed Doors." Long fired off a letter to Miller, which read:

“The ad was misleading at best and certainly misrepresented my personal position and the position held by many of my colleagues,” Long said.

The Senate leader went on to clarify that he supports long-term, permanent property tax reform but said the plan must be based on valid numbers and reasonable assumptions.

“If the numbers don’t add up, then we need to find a plan that will provide the permanent tax relief our constituents deserve,” Long said. “To act in any other way would be to put politics and self-interest ahead of the protection and well-being of our citizens.”

The Star added this: "'That must come as a shock,' Long said in a letter to Miller, 'to those members of the House and Senate who were pictured in the anti-repeal section but actually support either the complete or partial elimination of property taxes.'" Now that Sen. Long has been on the receiving end of Miller's misrepresentatons maybe he will show a little mercy to Indiana's GLBT community, which has been scorched plenty by Miller's false and misleading rhetoric on the proposed gay marriage amendment and hate crimes legislation.


Anonymous said...


I just love to see Republicans eating their young.

Then I get snapped back to reality with a thought that sends a shiver down my spine: the possibility of:

Gov. Eric Miller.

Anonymous said...

"Then I get snapped back to reality with a thought that sends a shiver down my spine: the possibility of:

Gov. Eric Miller. "

Someone I spoke with recently that knows Miller said he asked Miller if he is running for governor and Miller said he definately is not. This is what I heard, thought I would throw this in.