Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Abduallah Residency Issue Escalates

Advance Indiana was the first to report last week on questions surrounding whether City-County Councilor Patrice Abduallah (D) is a resident of his district. Up until a few months ago, Abduallah has claimed an address at 937 N. Sheffield Avenue, which is in the 15th District, as his residence; however, his address on the council's website changed in recent months to show his address as 1144 N. Warman Avenue, which is located in Counselor Marilyn Pfisterer's 14th District. Today, Abdul Hakim-Shabazz reports that the statement of candidacy Abduallah filed to run for his CCC district this year lists the Warman Avenue address as his residence. That makes his candidacy invalid on its face and that has prompted an investigation by the state according to Hakim-Shabazz. It also raises questions, as Hakim-Shabazz notes, whether Mayor Peterson's $90 million, 65% increase in the county option income tax is valid because the ordinance was adopted by a single vote with Abduallah's vote in support of it.

The 1144 Warman address is listed as being owned by Christena E. Ross. According to DMD records, a Christena Ross also once lived at the 937 N. Sheffield address. An investigation by Advance Indiana uncovered numerous zoning and building code issues with the residence at 937 N. Sheffield, as well as a delinquent tax bill. At least one source claims Abduallah inherited the 1144 Warman Ave. address from his mother. A homestead exemption is being claimed on both the Sheffield Ave. and Warman Ave residents according to county property tax records. Advance Indiana has repeatedly called on Marion Co. Democratic Chairman Mike O'Connor to take steps to resolve this issue promptly. So far, he's opted to remain silent. The voters of the 15th District deserve representation on the City-County Council just like the other 24 Districts.

UPDATE: It looks like some folks in the Democratic Party are getting anxious for Abduallah to step aside. It's being rumored there are plans to appoint Andre Carson, grandson of U.S. Rep. Julia Carson (D), to Abduallah's seat in the event he resigns. Just in case, Wilson Allen has already registered the domain, www.andrecarson.com, which has a photo of Rep. Carson and Andre together.


Anonymous said...

Don't stop. It's working.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Note: Abdul's reporting indicates the state is investigating, which I assume means the state's Election Division. Under state law, it is the responsibility of the Marion County Election Board to act on a complaint of this nature if I'm reading the statute correctly.

Anonymous said...

Like we said on one of our signs--Patrice has his thinking cap on, but it ain't working!

Anonymous said...

to bring a lawsuit to invalidate his votes including that for the income tax increase, would it have to be done by someone in his district of by any citizen of marion county? any attorneys want to have some fun with this one?

Thank you AI for pursuing this.

Anonymous said...

It could be argued that every decision made by the CCC is invalid because of Mr. Abdullah's alleged illegal presence on the council.

Had history gone another way and someone else was in his seat, that individual could have said or done something different which potentially could change the decisions (yes or no) of other councilors on every vote since Mr. Abdullah sat on council .

Anonymous said...

10:39...that sign was HILARIOUS!

Gary R. Welsh said...

You'll love this folks. Guess who may be waiting in the wings to take over if Abduallah is forced to resign? Julia Carson's grandson, Andre.

Anonymous said...

Gary, does Andre have to be elected by a popular vote?

Anonymous said...

and you can see a picture of him at his website www.andrecarson.com.

anyone else think it is interesting that he has this domain name? guess there is more content coming when he decides what office he is going to pursue.

Anonymous said...

Granny is checking the star charts.

The voodoo doll will be sewn just as soon as his opposition is announced.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Check out who registered www.andrecarson.com. According to godaddy.com, it was none other than, drum roll please.......

Wilson Allen
1146 Tecumseh St
Indianapolis, Indiana 46201
United States

Anonymous said...

Looks like Patrice may be deep-sixed:

Article 6, Indiana Constitution-

Section 6. Residence of other officers
Section 6. All county, township, and town officers, shall reside within their respective counties, townships, and towns; and shall keep their respective - offices at such places therein, and perform such duties, as may be directed by law.

Section 7. Impeachment of state officers
Section 7. All State officers shall, for crime, incapacity, or negligence, be liable to be removed from office, either by impeachment by the House of Representatives, to be tried by the Senate, or by a joint resolution of the General Assembly; two-thirds of the members elected to each branch voting, in either case, therefor.

Section 8. Impeachment of other officers
Section 8. All State, county, township, and town officers, may be impeached, or removed from office, in such manner as may be prescribed by law.

Section 9. Vacancies
Section 9. Vacancies in county, township, and town of fices, shall be filled in such manner as may be prescribed by law.

Section 10. County boards
Section 10. The General Assembly may confer upon the boards doing county business in the several counties, powers of a local, administrative character.

Section 11. Repealed
(Repealed November 6, 1984).

Updated: 25 Februrary 1999
URL: http://www.law.indiana.edu/uslawdocs/inconst/art-6.html

Wilson46201 said...

That website is over a year old...

Anonymous said...

mr. wilson (whoever you are), your point?

ok, so you have been waiting over a year to figure out what office to put on this place holder site.

so, since you appear to be the webmaster but have not taken the time to keep it updated, what are his intentions? what are his qualifications?

oh what a tangled web.

Anonymous said...

Julia still looks like a bag lady next to her grandson.

And SHE allegedly represents Indianapolis in Congress?

Anonymous said...

Ol' Wilson has had his hand in just about everything.

Speaking of tangled web....have him explain about DUV.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats don;t care if you live in the district as long as you agree to go along with the program, or don't get caught.

Ask Carl Drummer. He used Julia Carson address in a special election to get the Center Township Trustee's office and he was a Lawrence Township resident.

Where does Andre Carson live? He shall have resided 2 years in the district prior to taking office.

Anonymous said...

Great, that's all we need is another government employee on the council.

Anonymous said...

it is hard to find out any information on mr. carson. what does he, in fact, do for gainful employment?

Anonymous said...

Wilson, do you ever get tired of being the Democrats dirty little lackey that they won't associate with in public? There's words for people like you, but I have a hunch Gary would delete my post if I called you them.

Wilson46201 said...

It's kinda sad when my hysterical, obsessed stalker tries to distract this thread again. I'm not the issue: Abduallah's residency is.


Anonymous said...


In the grand scheme of things you had/have your hand in it. Maybe not so much now, but when The Machine was starting to take over this city(while you were in the trustee's office), you were there greasin' the wheels.

Anonymous said...

So Mr. Wilson you stated " I'm not the issue: Abduallah's residency is."

What is your stance on his residency ? If he truely does not live in the district even if by accident ( I did not know the side of the street my house is on is in another district ) should he resign ?

Pike Voter

PS. AI did make you part of the thread by associating you and Andre and his web site to a "possible" replace for him.

Anonymous said...

If Partice resigns it is up to the County Dem Precinct Committee Chairman to vote on his replcement.

Anonymous said...

My my my Wilson, you can't seem to find enough teets to suck on can you? Now you go after momma's baby.

First hand has it that your bitch against Patrice is that he is Muslim. Is that right? His being black wasn't good enough for the Ghetto Mafia's good Christian black ministers was it Wilson?

I don't know a damn thing about your Andre other than the group he was raised in. I don't need to know anything more.

Wilson46201 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wilson46201 said...

If you'd been reading the threads here, you'll notice I have NOT been dumping on Mr. Abduallah, unlike most of the jackals here!

Gary R. Welsh said...

I understand Andre Carson is employed as an excise police officer for the state's Alochol and Tobacco Commission.

Anonymous said...

mr. wilson (whoever you are), i don't think anyone is "dumping" on mr. abduallah. he brought this on himself. he does not live in a residence in his district-- by his own admission, his former house is a disgrace, and he has an inoperable vehicle in his yard. these are facts. then there is the subjective stuff such as his behavior at CCC and committee meetings, apparent lack of gainful employement, or playing the race/religion card when he is criticized.

he chose to run for and be elected to office. what is happening now is not dumping. it's demanding accountability of an elected offcial. there is no defending him.

indyernie said...

Hey Wilson. Look up. Your sky is starting to fall.
City government will be Republican again in November.

Anonymous said...

Someone should look at Patrice's 2003 candidacy declaration form, if it's still around. Just to check and see if he lied then.

Andre Carson. I know him. Personable, maybe. Smart, not on your life. Not that brains are a prerequisite for the Council--on EITHER side of the aisle. (Do we really need to start naming names here?)

Another government employee on the council. That about takes the cake. Jeezus Freaking Christo, can Democrats find ANYONE to run for Council who's, oh, not sucked at the public trough his/her entire life?

I realize it's damned difficult for minority males to rise up and find gainful employment sometimes.

And I also realize the State of Indiana is a gainful employer.

But please, please Mr. Chairman, don't do this to us. If you have the chance to start moving away from this clandestine internicene crap, do so.

Im gonna look up the website: www.dumpsterdiver.com
and see who registered it.

Anonymous said...

A declaration of candidacy is an affidavit. If Mr. Abdullah knowingly signed his declaration with an address inside the district, but resides outside the district, He has committed fraud.

Mayor Bart Peterson, Beth White, county clerk and secretary for the county election board and Aaron Haith, attorney for the council are attorneys and democraps to name a few. Is he legal? What is there to think about?

Mr. Abdullah has to forfeit his seat on the City-County Council.

Mike O'Connor, county chair do your job!

Gary R. Welsh said...

Abdul is reporting that the statement of candidacy listed the Warman Ave address, which is not in his district. If that is the case, he should never have been certified by the County Clerk's office for the ballot.

Anonymous said...

From the Candidate Guide from the Sec of States office.


2. City-County Council [Marion County only] IC 3-8-1-1 provides that: “…(b) A person is not qualified to run for … (2) A local office…unless the person is registered to vote in the
election district the person seeks to represent not later than the deadline for filing the declaration or petition of candidacy or certification of nomination.”

IC 3-8-1-25 provides that:
“A candidate for membership on city-county of a first class city [Indianapolis] must have resided in the district in which seeking election, if applicable, for at least two (2) years before the date of taking office.”

Anonymous said...

This city adminstration has proven that corruption is the order of the day. It has no respect for voters and taxpayers, but it loves spending tax dollars to the benefit of their contributors and political cronies. To heck with the average citizen.

A change is coming in November, bank on it!

Sir Hailstone said...

Channel 13 leads off the 6 PM news with this story!!

About time the MSM picked up on this, Gary!