Sunday, August 19, 2007

Star's Behind Closed Doors: "A Big Week For Blogs"

The Star's "Behind Closed Doors" pays a big hat tip to local blogs today, including this one, for their work on some pretty big stories this week. The column item reads:

It's not news that online commentary sites, or blogs, sometimes fan the flames of a story into a mainstream firestorm.

Still, blogs on both sides of the political aisle had quite a week in Indiana last week. Local Republican blog Advance Indiana ( investigated City-County Council member Patrice Abduallah's residency question and put on enough pressure to force the Democrat's resignation.

Democratic blogs kept at stories about oil giant BP increasing its pollution discharge into Lake Michigan until the governor finally said he would review the new permit.

And Taking Down Words (www.taking sniped for months about Matt Kelty, the Fort Wayne mayoral candidate. Last week, Kelty was charged with
five felony counts of fraudulent election filing and two felony counts of perjury. That followed blogmistress Jennifer Wagner's scoop earlier in the month about a Clark County GOP chair under investigation for sexual impropriety.

Do you think Jen will be ranting today because her blog was duly credited with a role in these stories?


Anonymous said...

Hell yes jen will be. And why not?

Anonymous said...

You are such a whiner.

Take a pay cut and become a reporter, if you want recognition.

Better yet, ask five people on the street to name three print reporters - not just for the Star, any print outlet in the country.

That should give you a sense of the recognition you're missing out on.

Anonymous said...

What did Jen have to do with the Kelty story other than repeat stuff from up north?

Anonymous said...

11:33, a/k/a/ Mr. Mary Milz (Dennis)--knock it off.

Whining is just what your post did, in case you didn't notice it.

Live begins when you get one.

Anonymous said...


not "live"