Saturday, August 25, 2007

More Vote Fraud Convictions In East Chicago

The Lake County Joint Voter Fraud Task Force has obtained 2 more convictions from voting irregularities which occurred in the 2003 primary election in East Chicago, bringing to 32 the total number of convictions obtained to date. The Northwest Indiana Times writes:

Two more guilty pleas in the 2003 East Chicago primary election bring to 32 the number of voting fraud convictions since the maligned polling took place, prosecutors announced today.

Ashley Dunlap, of East Chicago, has pleaded guilty to one count of aiding the fraudulent application of a ballot, a Class D felony. He is scheduled to be sentenced Sept. 27. In March 2006, Dunlap was charged by the Lake County Joint Voter Fraud Task Force -- a cooperative effort between Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter and Lake County Prosecutor Bernard Carter.

Raymond Carillo, of Hammond, has pleaded guilty to one count of voting in a precinct in which he did not reside, a Class D felony. He is scheduled to be sentenced October 3, the attorney general reported. Carillo was a health inspector with the City of East Chicago when he was charged in August 2006.

And who said vote fraud doesn't happen in Indiana? All the more reason we need a voter ID law in Indiana.


Anonymous said...

Come, now, Gary, getting rid of several known problems with voting isn't as important as protecting the right of some unknown, hypothetical person to vote.

Anonymous said...

It is too bad we didn't have an agressive prosecutor in Marion County all of these years who would have investigated and prosecuted the violaters in past elections.

LEO Supporter said...

Maybe we should get out there with our cameras during the up-coming elections and make SURE we follow the "Get out the vote" guys around.

Anonymous said...

I've been following this story line closely. Not a single individual who was charged would have been stopped by any of the recently-implemented voter ID requirements. Look them up; the charges were for offenses such as unauthorized presence in the polls; improperly assisting voters; and voting in precincts where the voters did not live.

Without a doubt these are bad offenses, and the individuals deserve a harsh punishment. Just don't think for a second that any of this could have been prevented by identification requirements.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU 12:55.

Another prosecuted case of voter fraud in Indiana.

Amazing how it works, huh?

10:16, if YOU know of such violations in Marion County, why didn't YOU step forward, file a complaint, and present evidence?

Old wives' tales and urban myth doesn't count as evidence. IN East Chi., they dethroned a longtime corrupt mayoral gulag.

So it can be done.

Anonymous said...

Why stop at requiring photo IDs? Let's be sure these potential imposter-voters are who they say they are. I say, mandatory fingerprinting and DNA testing for all, and at the voter's expense (it's called a user fee), so we can have absolute certitude our elections are fraud-free.

Anonymous said...

My friends, if someone like Mayor Pastrick and HIS machine can be dethroned rest assured it can happen in Indy.
Just curious though, did they play the 'ol race card trick up in East Chicago like they play here?

Anonymous said...

Leo Supporter,
Hope your team can work all the voting places in Center Township. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

The Machine has an East Chicago chapter.

The Indianapolis chapter has a larger membership.

T Charles said...

True, a Voter ID law is needed.