Monday, August 13, 2007

O'Connor Dismisses GOP Poll As "Phony"

A new public opinion poll released today by the Marion Co. Republicans showing Mayor Peterson's approval and re-elect numbers falling precipitously is being dismissed by Marion Co. Democratic Chairman Mike O'Connor as "phony". O'Connor sent this text message to campaign supporters today:

As Marion County Democratic Party Chairman, I've seen a lot of polls over the years. Some are good, some are bad. What always amazes me is when the other side puts out a flawed partisan poll and hopes the media will take the bait.

You might have heard about a Republican Party poll making news this morning. What you may not have known about is reason behind this questionable poll--the Republican desperation.

Our Republican opponents are so desperate for money and attention that they commission a poll with questions specifically worded to get the answers they want. They've admitted it was for fund-raising purposes.

Then, they use the tainted data from the rigged poll and shop it to the media in hopes of getting coverage and convincing supporters to give them money.

The Peterson Campaign doesn't use phony polling, nor do we release internal polling data. As a supporter of our Mayor, you know that the Mayor's leadership is working for Indianapolis.

I have to laugh at O'Connor's suggestion that Peterson's campaign doesn't release internal polling data. They certainly have in the past when the news was good. If there were good news to pass along, you can bet they would be showing reporters numbers just like the GOP is doing with the Political Opinion Strategies poll, which even partisan professional pollsters agree is a reputable polling firm.

It's too bad O'Connor isn't as quick to respond to evidence one of his council members, Patrice Abduallah (D), does not live in his district as he is to a politically-damaging poll. The voters of the 15th District are entitled to be represented on the CCC by a resident of their district. As the party leader, Mr. O'Connor, it is incumbent upon you to correct this gross injustice. Forget about the polls, Mr. O'Connor. Are the voters of the 15th District going to have representation on the council or not? We're still waiting for an answer.


Anonymous said...

Since taking power, The Democrat Machine has INCREASED TAXES more than ever in our city's history. The Democrat Machine refuses to pay the taxes they imposed on us for their own benefit and that of their cronys.

They call polls saying that the people of Indianapolis are unhappy false???

The Democrat Machine has a problem with delinquent taxes, it seems their elected officials ignore taxes. The list has Carl Drummer, Billie Breaux, Tony Duncan, Patrice "Dishonorable" Abdullah, Lonnell Conleym & Rozelle "I forgot my name" Boyd. Notice that Democrats cannot pay their taxes as required by law but they sure can TAX AND SPEND our money!

No, WE don't like the TAX AND SPEND Democrat policy and we become infuriated when the arrogant Machine Democrats refuse to pay what they imposed on us.

I am NOT voting for ANY Democrat in November.

Anonymous said...

O'Conner made a very very serious campaign mistake. He took the offensive against Ballard!

If Peterson were firmly in the lead then O'Conner's "memo" would not be necessary. The fact that he stated it was a "phony poll" was an even bigger political mistake. A smart campaign manager, confident his boss is in the lead, NEVER, and mean NEVER goes on the offensive like this if they didn't HAVE to.

Actually Chairman O'Conner, I don't need to see YOUR internal polling on how your boss is doing. Your memo told me everything I need to know.

Anonymous said...

Actually, 8:15, it reminded me of the Kevin Bacon character/ROTC student in 'Animal House', screaming "Remain Calm! All is well! All is wellll!......" right before he got trampled by the crowd. An accurate analogy would be the taxpayers and voters of Marion County being the crowd, pissed off and trampling the ineffective leadership of Marion County.

-Democrat voter, but not anymore, until the party can field candidates who actually care about the working man, and not their own nests.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Good point, anon 8:15. I thought the same thing. It clearly showed that he was perturbed when he fired off the text message.

Anonymous said...

Ok Mike, they showed you theirs, your time to show us yours.

Bart lies.

Anonymous said...

Hey Abdullah!
Hit the road before we the tax payers run you out of town!

Wilson46201 said...

So now the anonytrolls are threatening to assault elected officials? Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Anonymous said...

Wilson did you pay your taxes yet? You were on the delinquency list!!!!!! (Typical Democrat)

...and weren't you told you are not allowed on this blog?

Why do you continue to TRESPASS though the tulips on this blog?

Go away!

P. S. Pay your taxes, you scofflaw!

Anonymous said...

Wilson is trespassing again...but then he is a part of The Machine, Wilson Allen (D) Self-appointed voice of democrats, The list has Carl Drummer (D) Center Twp Trustee, Billie Breaux (D) County Auditor, Tony Duncan (D) Center Twp Constable with a 1/2 million dollar home, Patrice "Dishonorable" Abdullah (D) who doesn't know what district he lives in, Lonnell Conley (D) city county council whose wife gave the city-county council president a variance to put his bar in the Center Twp government building on Fall Creek Pwy & Rozelle "I forgot my name" Boyd (D) city-county council.

Notice that Democrats WILL NOT pay their taxes as required by law but they sure can TAX AND SPEND our money!

Anonymous said...

Now this is not a peterson poll . . but interesting numbers from the 2003 election.


I wonder how that number may change this year ?

Pike Voter

Anonymous said...

Wow. Now let's see if Bart and Mikey call for debates, too. Looks like they've put Ballard in the catbird seat, no reason for him to bother...

Wilson46201 said...

There goes my stalker again at 9:22pm trying to disrupt this thread with her hysteria and paranoia...

Get your own blog and you can be queen there.

Once again, exactly what do you mean about trespassing "through the tulips?" Are you a Tiny Tim musical fan? Or are you throwing around a thinly-veiled slur?

Anonymous said...

Hey Wilson, be careful now. You are awfully close to the tulips.
And I know my tulips.

Anonymous said...

Ironically, the last four democrat county chairs went along with the program of Julia Carson and the Ghetto Mafia. The Party needs the black vote to survive or it will die in Marion County.

Ron Gibson, Monroe Gray, Patrice Abdullah, Lonnel Conelly, These four seats can be won by the Republican if they would get their game together.

Anonymous said...

A word of caution to the Ballard campaign folks. IF and that's a big IF, Peterson should request a debate with Ballard DO NOT accept the challenge.
The candidate who requests a debate with their challenger is not leading from a position of strength. The debate gauntlet is always thrown down by the candidate who is behind.
On the other hand do not request a debate with Peterson for the same reason, let them make that mistake. At this point, most voters already have an opinion of Peterson, a debate will not change that.
Ballard needs cash to get media play and if an when that cash comes in then he can better get his own message across.

Anonymous said...

4:55, The strength of the black vote has reached the status of just another urban legend. Granted it's a good part of the Dem base vote in Center Twp but it's getting smaller each year.
Ballard need not bust a nut in Center because his votes aren't there, his votes are in the other townships.
With the overall black population in Marion County being about 25% and the fact of that not all 25% are registered to vote then their influence on the Mayor's race is minimal for a Republican candidate. In other word, Ballard should not waste time and money for Center Township votes other than in certain pockets.
If it is true that Peterson has sold his soul for the black vote then his soul can be bought far too cheaply. Ballard doesn't need to play that game.

Anonymous said...

"Bart is a fiscal conservative."

I saw that on TV.