Thursday, August 23, 2007

And Carson Has Two Opponents

It now appears Andre Carson will have some competition at next Tuesday's meeting of Democratic precinct committeepersons in District 15 to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of City-County Councilor Patrice Abduallah (D). Joanne Williams, a 47-year-old Wayne Township Trustee employee, has thrown her hat into the ring as has Mary Ann Sullivan. The 48-year-old Sullivan is a volunteer consultant for charter schools. "She said her political involvement has been mostly in policy formation, putting to work a master's in public affairs to help Mayor Bart Peterson and Jim Schellinger, a Democratic gubernatorial candidate," the Star's Brendan O'Shaughnessy writes. So is Sullivan Mayor Peterson's choice?

It still appears the Democratic Party is relegated to looking to the ranks of government employees to find candidates to run for public office. O'Shaughnessy notes Williams worked in state government and for the state party before joining the Wayne Township Trustee's office. Carson describes himself as in "investigator" for the Indiana State Excise police with an interesting twist. "He said he is assigned to counterterrorism efforts with the Homeland Security Department," O'Shaughnessy writes. Does this mean our bars are breeding grounds for home-grown terrorism? Someone should really ask some follow up questions on that one. Also, aren't there potential conflicts of interest in having an excise police officer serve on our City-County Council? Is it legal? Should it be legal?

On a historical note, Carson was hired for his job at the Indiana State Excise police during the controversial tenure of its former chief police officer, Gene Honeycutt. Honeycutt served as Julia Carson's campaign manager during her first run for Congress in 1996. Carson pressured Governor-elect Frank O'Bannon to hire Honeycutt, and he obliged. He later became embroiled in a scandal involving favoritism for certain strip clubs in town in exchange for sex. He was forced to resign and faced criminal charges for his actions as head of the Indiana State Excise police. Included in the criticism leveled at Honeycutt at the time of the controversy was his decision to hire two of Julia Carson's grandsons, one of whom was Andre.

I would be surprised if the deck isn't stacked in Carson's favor, given that only precinct committeepersons get to vote at next Tuesday's caucus. I would have to think the room would include many friendly faces for the Carson family.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Shouldn't there be a crescent on the city's logo? Indy is no diferent than New Orleans.

Were Neagan and Bartman separated at birth?

Anonymous said...

Precinct Committeeperson,
You are absolutely correct in what you say. Fear and intimidation will place Andre in office.
However, it will soon be revealed with the evidence in hand that Andre will be a far greater problem for our Mayor than Patrice ever was.
Andre, being a Black Muslim and presumably advocating the racist dogma of the Nation of Islam is not the type person ANYONE wants in their government.
If Andre is elected my church and many other churches will ask that he resign his position.

Sir Hailstone said...

Actually I wonder about the Excise Police angle myself. The CCC has among its duties placing a member onto the Alcoholic Beverage Board. It's 4 members, One appointed by the Mayor, one by the CCC, one appointed by the Excise Police, and one by the Marion County Commissioners.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Andre ever shut down any Blind Pigs as an excise agent. Indianapolis has several of them. Don't know what a Blind Pig is? GOOGLE it.

Anonymous said...


I don't know about Andre being Muslim, but I do know Patrice was. Why did you and your "churches" not ask for his resignation. What would happen if they slected an atheist?

Anonymous said...

I think know where you're headed on your comment Hailstone. Doesn't the CCC appoint someone who isn't a CCC member to the ATC?

Homeland Security liason? Actually,
cigarette bootlegging is one of the
ways that money has been funnelled to the Middle East groups in the past, although I think its far more prevalent in Chicago than in Indiana.

Anonymous said...

8:29,There is a huge difference between Islam and the American created Nation of Islam.
Patrice was a Muslim not a Nation of Islam Black Muslim.
The Nation of Islam preaches that the white race must be exterminated. The Nation of Islam IS NOT a religion, it's a black supremacist organization akin to the KKK.

Please do not confuse the two.
For more information just google Nation of Islam and you will see why some churches will oppose Andre Carson.

Anonymous said...

7:47, thanks for the history lesson. I did not know that. I see Blind Pigs running around 25th and Sheldon all the time. I also happen to see them around many of the ticket houses. Hmmm....

Anonymous said...

Where do you people GET this crap?

A majority of the committeepersons in Dist. 15 are not public employees. As a matter of fact, a half dozen or so slots are vacant.

And now we're reduced to cooking up schemes about cigarette bootlegging.

Gary, the IndyU crowd has taken over here. It's not pretty.

Try facts. It's so much easier.

Fact: Andre is Julia's grandson, and his religion means nothing to me, nor should it mean anything to any of you. No organized religion on erth truly advocates violence; insane leaders of some religious sects interpret religious writings as calling for violence. They are wrong.

Fact: Julia's folks will be twisting arms all weekend.

Fact: There are two opponents in this race against Andre for a reason. Divide and conquer. Split the opposition vote.

Fact: (sigh) Yet another public employee will be sworn into office after the caucus next week.

Gary R. Welsh said...

anon 10:08, I have not raised any issue about Andre's religion.

Wilson46201 said...

Please delete Jocelyn Tandy's libelous comment at 7:08am stating that I will be stuffing ballot boxes which is a felony. J-T has been slinging that accusation since she lost 121 to 7 in the race for Trustee in 1996. Of course, here she posts anonymously with her tired fabrications...

Anonymous said...

Wilson, I do think Andre would be better served if you stayed off the blogs for a while. I'm sure you don't realize it but you hurting him more than helping.
"Silence is the only thing that can't be misquoted".
Please help Andre by avoiding the negative comments made by others until Andre gets in.

Bart Lies said...

Wow, and the CCC was a sticky-enough wicket with police and fire department personnel on the board. NOW, perhaps someone from the excise department? What next, the mayor's daughter?

Sir Hailstone said...

"I think know where you're headed on your comment Hailstone. Doesn't the CCC appoint someone who isn't a CCC member to the ATC?"

YES! [Technicality: CCC appoints someone to the Marion County liquor board. The ATC is the State liquor commission]

You know who is the present CCC appointment to the Marion County liquor board? Belle Choate. Guess who Belle Choate is married to... Sarge Visher. Who is Sarge Visher? CHIEF OF STAFF FOR US REPRESENTATIVE JULIA CARSON!!!! Now do you see where it comes together?

By the way, GOP old timers will know there were alleged shenanigans with liquor licenses back in the "old days" and the legendary "kingmaker" Keith Bulen almost went to jail for it. Could this be a repeat? Where a group like the Carsons and the Ghetto Mafia controls who gets liquor licenses?

Anonymous said...

""Silence is the only thing that can't be misquoted".
Please help Andre by avoiding the negative comments made by others until Andre gets in."

Keep typing Wilson! Keep typing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Wilson!
You remember the Democratic motto.
" Vote early and Vote often "


Anonymous said...

One fact you forget 10:08. These empty PC slots will be filled by the Democrat Central Committee...for Carson. You can bet on it. Always happens at all slating or caucus, D or R.

Wilson46201 said...

Wrong! To vote, a precinct committeeperson must have held office at least 30 days before the Special Election and the Special Election must be held within 30 days of the vacancy. This prevents "stuffing", "stacking" and "packing". This particular election is being held 10 days after Abduallah resigned. To vote, one needed to be a precinct committeeperson at least 20 days before Abduallah resigned.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again Wilson Allen.

You and Tony did in fact handle the 2nd ballot box in that special election for Center Township Trustee.

Wilson, advice to you. You are hurting Andre more than you are helping. We Precinct Committeeperson in Center Township do know the truth about all of these elections.

Wilson46201 said...

Chill, Jocelyn! Julia Carson beat you for State Senator back in 1984 and you still haven't gotten over it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gary,

There is no way Wilson Allen could have worked in the Center Township Trustee's office and not be aware of Andre Carson's memberhsip in the Nation of Islam. This was common knowledge.

After grandma was elected to Congress she distanced herself from the Nation and Gene Honeycutt who she had promised a job to on her staff and doublecrossed after the election. Reason why he was hired by the state.

It is interesting that pass actions by this group of Democrats are now being denied by Wilson on the blogs. Common knowledge of the events are known by many of the Democrat Precinct Committeepersons. Deal cutting and dirty politics as usual prevail. Party officials have looked the other way for too long and have allowed the Ghetto Mafia to arm twist to get votes.

Wilson does not live in district 15, he is only used to show diversity for this bunch, a white face. But the "race card" is played often when the Party has slating or a special election.

Wilson is used as the attack dog to intimidate people, but this time he will be dealt with.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again Wilson,

I know you are tripping to know who I am. I will see you next Tuesday at the caucus.

The records speak for themselves "dumpster diver." If voter fraud gives you the victory during an election you should know Wilson since you have claimed to be an insider to Julia Carson and her political machine.

Wilson46201 said...

Jocelyn, you will not be allowed anywhere near that caucus! It's for Democrats only - you were thrown out years ago!

Anonymous said...

Again, the PC openings will be stacked. Easy to do,can be done,is being done. Mike does know what he is doing.

Anonymous said...

For the black community to comprise only 25% of the population of Marion County it strikes me odd that they actually control all of the County.
For a City that seems to advertise it's diversity to the world it's white citizens are left completely out of the political process.
How can it be that only a mere handful of black elected officials and black politicos have hijacked all facets of government in this City.

Wilson46201 said... the Mayor, Prosecutor, Assessor, Recorder, Clerk, Surveyor, most judges?

You want white power? Move to Iceland!

Anonymous said...

I am a white precinct committeeman in the 15th district. I will be there and voting for Andre Carson not because he is Julia's grandson but because he is qualified and will represent the district well. There is a difference between a slating convention and a caucus to fill a vacancy. The list was frozen 30 days before the vacancy all of the false claims being made by the Carson haters seem silly.

Anonymous said...

Facts are facts Wilson and one not need to move to Iceland to realize that whites are becoming less relevant in the Indianapolis political system now dominated by the Ghetto Mafia.
There is a vry good reason that the donut counties are leaving Marion County in the dust.
I think you would refer to the ever increasing exodus as a "cultural thing".

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

First they didn't think it was a "conflict of interest" when SAM Carson voted in favor of issuing that liquor permit when grandma Carson had an interest in it.

Andre is a nice guy...Maybe not to smart--I hear he tested at the level of an 8th grader when he went to the Law Enforcement Academy. Now he has a Masters Deree!!! Bet it was an "online" school!

As far as Andre never busting a "Blind Pig" he and Sam both had the policy of "not bustin a brother" Which I'm sure would violate some rule of the Excise Police. To let someone go because of their race????

There is a law that says an Excise Officer CAN NOT hold two "lucrative positions". I can't see how he could hold both jobs since both pay. I sure the Chief of the Excise Police will do something if Andre is elected. He too being a man of color.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time the Excise Police investigated any Blind Pig?

One of their officers (off duty) was caught by IPD in one a few years back. Nothing happened.

Anonymous said...

Julia Carson is a worthless piece of #$%@! What has she done for her people?

Really, what has she done?