Thursday, August 23, 2007

Commission Wants Help From Everyday Hoosiers

Only an elite group of insiders were chosen by Gov. Mitch Daniels earlier this summer to sit on the Indiana Commission on Local Government Reform. Now they want help from everyday Hoosiers. As Niki Kelly of the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette writes:

The Indiana Commission on Local Government Reform wants you. Sort of.

They want Hoosiers to give them ideas on how to improve and restructure local government.

In the wake of many Hoosiers suffering a form of property tax sticker shock, Indiana Chief Justice Randall T. Shepard and former Gov. Joe Kernan were appointed by Gov. Mitch Daniels in July to co-chair the commission, which has five other members.

Kernan said the ultimate goal of the commission is to streamline and modernize local government without compromising the quality of services delivered.

He and Shepard also hope the changes will result in cost-savings to Indiana’s taxpayers.

“Everything is on the table,” Kernan said. “Everything is fair game.”

According to Kelly's story, the panel plans only 3 public meetings where the public can be heard. These are very busy people after all. "But the real decisions will be made behind closed doors – as the group’s first meeting was Wednesday," Kelly writes. "Behind closed doors?" Don't these meetings have to be conducted in accordance with Indiana's public access law?


ja said...

So why did he pick Kernan. Didn't we pick Mitch Daniels to replace Kernan b/c we didn't like him running our state. It just doesn't make sense that he would pick a democrat that has more eyebrows than brains. Why doesn't he pick some smarter people like Greg Garrison and Abdul to head it up.

Anonymous said...

Picking Kernan and Shepherd, is rather like patting the dog on the head, for having shat on the rug.

One can only surmise that he chose them to say something so stupid, that anything he says (regardless of its absurdity) will seem intelligent by comparison.

Anonymous said...

I put my two cents on the IndyStar Topix thread. doens't much matter anyway, as the solutions would surely cost a great many political hacks their livelihoods.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Tough crowd.

Let's just say Joe Kernan is no dummy...and neither is the Chief Justice. This commission is stacked, but there are some brains.

And, to correct the record: few people voted "against" Kernan, because few people actually knew him. He succeeded an immensely popular governor who died in office.

We elected Mitch because he hicked us up, with that effing RV. Cornponed us to death, trying to be something he definitely is not.

And what we're getting now is exactly what we elected. Unfortunately.

Who peed in your oatmeal, Jeremiah? Pretty damned sour attitude.

ja said...

what are you smokin mister i wont even give my name. Joe Kernan is a nobody who became governor by accident. And old franky boy wasn't anything special My Man Mitch has actually turned Indiana into a state that people want to come to instead of being the center of every retarded hillybilly joke. Maybe you and kernan and julia should pack up and head to San Fran. where you can hang out with all the other socialist liberals.

Anonymous said... you have any clue what it means to have been a Prisoner of War?? His plane was shot down in the Viet Nam War and
just like Sen. McCain, he was held captive by North Viet Nam in very inhumane conditions. Jeremiah, since you're such a tough guy at only 21 years of age and have such major league testicles, why don't you volunteer for military service in Iraq or even Afghanistan?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who knows Joe Kernan knows he has more brains, more guts and more skills in his little finger than these nay-saying malcontents have in their entire bodies.

One would suspect that whomever this guy "Jeremiah" is, he's so insignificant that his only way to find a measure of security in his life is to attack one of the finest public servants the State of Indiana and the city of South Bend have ever known.

And, you're correct Anon6:19, Gov Kernan served our country honorably during which time he was shot down and held as a prisoner of war for an extended period of time. Guys like "Jeremiah" would cower, shake in their boots and pee their pants at the mere thought.

Gov Daniels has taken an admiral first step at trying to solve what anyone who understands the situation knows is a huge problem with the layers of government we have in this state. Gov Kernan knows and understands state government from the bottom up. He also knows what it will take to fix the problem and hopefully the bipartisan commission can get something done. Then it will be up to our legislature and ultimately the voters to make the changes to the state's constitution which will most likely be needed to implement the much needed reform. This process will take, at a minimum, four years and that's if all goes well.

"Jeremiah", go out and live your life a little more. Perhaps you'll one day come to understand what genuine service to your community is about. Maybe, too, you'll gain some measure of peace in your own life sufficient to comfort you in your own insecurity.

ja said...
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ja said...

You had to delete the first one i ripped it up too much, heres the nicer version!

oh so he's like sen. mccain the socialist democrat who pretends to be a republican. Every good soldier has a pot smokin hippie who only joined during peace for the college, so a uniform isn't all it takes to make you respectable. I didn't go into the military b/c i have a new baby and also i'm in line to be a LEO so suck it. You nazi liberals are so eager to tell us how great frank and joe were at taxing people out the pooper. your just pissed b/c mitch has a six pack and your listening to colmes drinking a six pack. Stop hating just b/c im 21 and married the high school cheerleader, and you have to suck down a pill for your ED you communist retard.

Anonymous said...

Courage, leadership and humility
are qualities of Joe.

Name calling does not enhance
any of your political beliefs

Remember that the salaries of police officers are paid for by taxpayers. Be respectful to everyone, even those you perceive as weak and even those who you disagree with and hopefully your future police career will be a success. And, lose the skinhead

Anonymous said...

I doubt this guy will pass any psychological test given to police wannabes. He's a mental case. We sure don't need the likes of someone like him carrying a gun and having police powers. I think the police will screen this guy out right away. He's a nut case.