Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Carson Plays Race Card To Destroy Dickerson

In a cheap, ugly display of blatant racism against her African-American opponent Eric Dickerson, Rep. Julia Carson (D) drops a negative attack ad in the mailboxes of white voters to scare them away from voting for Dickerson, playing on white people's worst stereotypes of black men. In a mailer sent out this week by the Democratic National Congressional Committee, Carson shows a grainy, black and white photograph of Dickerson (ala the famous police mug shot posted on Taking Down Words) and tells 7th District voters he is guilty of a heinous domestic violence crime for which he was never convicted and his wife denies happened. As Matt Tully describes the mailer at his blog:

A campaign mailer, sent out by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, hits Dickerson hard. It relies on reports this summer that Dickerson was arrested for domestic violence 15 years ago. (Dickerson's wife later denied the charges, which were eventually dropped.)

"What's worse," the new mailer asks. "A candidate for Congress who beats his wife, bites his kid, gets arrested and goes to jail ... or a candidate who lies about it?"

The ad does not appear to be the work of a party that thinks its candidate is a sure thing on Nov. 7. One interesting note: The mailer features a grainy picture of Dickerson. Four years ago, Carson and Democrats alleged racism after Republicans sent out a mailer featuring a grainy photo of Carson. Both Carson and Democrat are black.

If you folks aren't convinced that Carson is the dirtiest politician in the history of the state of Indiana, you should be now. The hypocritical Carson, as Tully notes, was the first to scream racism when Marion Co. Republicans sent out a flyer raising legitimate questions about her public record and used a grainy, black and white photo. AI warned you about Carson's bag of dirty tricks. AI told you she and the Democrats would do everything possible to destroy Dickerson, even if it meant using the race card.

It's nothing new. If you look at the Carson record, it is completely devoid of any accomplishments of note for the benefit of her constituents. It has always been about helping herself and her friends to the benefits of government in the most self-serving of ways. Whether it was an insider deal for her clothing store, putting family and friends on the government payroll, firing pubic servants who refused to support her political wishes, or using campaign funds illegally as political slush funds for friends and supporters, it's always been about Julia helping Julia.

When an accomplished, respected black man comes along and dares to challenge her grasp on political power, she does what all corrupt, career politicians do: try to convince voters that their opponent is even worse than they are. She attends a conference claiming to seek social justice for blacks on Monday, and then she strikes a blow against the black man on Wednesday. She has no legislative accomplishments she can point to in asking voters to re-elect her. Struggling with life-threatening illnesses, she must turn to surrogates like former Rep. Andy Jacobs (D) and Mayor Bart Peterson (D) to deliver her message. She is too ill to sit and look the voters in the eye and tell them why they should re-elect her. And she is too cowardly to say to her opponent's face in a real, live debate with the voters, what she seeks to do through subterfuge.

It's all very sad. And who really wins in the end? Carson? Indianapolis' black community? The voters of the 7th District? The answer is none of the above. A congressional district is a terrible thing to waste, but the voters of the 7th District may well do just that.

UPDATE: Because some Carson supporters seem to have a case of selective amnesia and profess complete shock and horror that this ad just simply appeared out of nowhere without any knowledge of the Carson campaign, let us remind them that the very first person to raise this issue in this campaign was none other than Rep. Julia Carson during a meeting with the Star editorial staff. She told the Star that Dickerson "beat up his wife to a pulp." A volunteer for her campaign produced the first copy of the 15-year-old unproven police report to substantiate their claim, which was posted on Taking Down Words the day after Carson leveled the accusation against Dickerson. TDW is edited by Jen Wagner, communications director for the Indiana Democratic Party. Carson's congressional campaign shares office space in the same office where the Indiana Democratic Party's offices are located. Try as they may, the claim of the Carson campaign that they had no knowledge of the DCCC's mailer this week rings hollow with this blogger.

It is beyond belief that Carson would tell WTHR-TV tonight that she is outraged by the ad, that she told the DNCC not to go negative and that she did not authorize the ad. Sorry lady, if you're outraged by it, why were you the one who raised the issue to begin with? She tells WTHR: "We attempt to keep a clean race. We attempt to. Sometimes outside supporters get very zealous, overzealous and they do things that I don't approve of like negative talk. I don't approve of that. I wish it didn't happen." And I guess Carson thinks we all just fell off the turnip truck if she expects us to believe that load of crap.

As this ad accuses your opponent of doing, your own explanation strains credulity. Brian Howey of the Howey Political Report tells WTHR he has never seen a more scurrilous attack leveled against a candidate with less than a week before the election. Interestingly, every voter WTHR interviewed who received the mailer was a white voter. Judging by the response of the voters interviewed, Carson and the DNCC may be regretting their decision to try and convict Dickerson for a 15-year-old criminal allegation a Democratic prosecutor chose not to prosecute. Don't forget this response she gave to WTHR after she raised the allegation herself the first time: "Congresswoman Julia Carson says she didn't mean to bring domestic violence into the upcoming campaign when she mentioned her opponent's 1991 arrest to the Indianapolis Star editorial board. 'I don't know that it makes him unfit, because there are others who serve in Congress,' said Carson ."


Anonymous said...

Julia TOLD Dickerson she wasn't going to run a negative campaign and look what she does. I'm sure Wilson will come on and tell us it was the DCCC - but don't kid yourself, she knew what that mailer would say.

Julia, you have stooped to the lowest level, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Dickerson wins the 7th.

Anonymous said...

Julia said she would run a clean campaign:

"... or a candidate who lies about it?"

That's Julia.

Anonymous said...

Even Jim Shella chimes in on his blog . . .

November 1, 2006 2:31 pm

Close polling numbers may or may not suggest that Julia Carson is in trouble in her bid for re-election, but somebody is concerned.

That's the only possible explanation for the fact TV ads for Carson are about to hit the air and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is picking up part of the bill.


If the DCCC is paying for part of her TV Spots she must have known about the mailers even if she can deny that she approved of it.

Anonymous said...

... and Eric Dickerson torched the Hindenburg and kidnapped the Lindberg Baby - see how easy it is to make stupid accusations? Just post anonymously and any bullshit is permitted. Let the AnonyMice roar - they are full of sound and fury but signifying nothing.

It is not insignificant tht it takes a white Republican lawyer to put online the most vile, odious accusations about Black elected leaders. Not even Eric Miller and his minions use such overt unrelenting criticism against Julia Carson and associates.

AdvanceIndiana is matched only by Jocelyn Tandy in pure hatred - I had expected better of Gary. I guess he has sunk to that guttersnipe level too. What a pity!

And when AdvanceIndiana has finished trying to destroy the most gay-friendly group of politicians in Indiana, the Rightwing Crazies will kick him to the side and tell him: "Thanks, sucker! You did our work for us - we need you no more..."

Gary R. Welsh said...

Sorry anonymous, I don't support anyone blindly as you do. Perhaps you choose to overlook a public official's well-documented record of corruption and lack of accomplishments because she votes with you on a single issue, but I'm not a single issue voter. There is something to be said in the end for the higher public good.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:06, you can't have it both ways. You can't think it's ok for Carson to attack black opponents any way she pleases and then accuse others of doing something wrong for fighting back against her negative attacks on them.

Gary R. Welsh said...

I checked Wilson, your log in matches the post at anon 5:06. Nice try.

Anonymous said...

Geez anonymouse / Wilson.

Lets personally attack the host of this blog now.

I thought you were above that kind of stuff ?

When will it end ?

Anonymous said...

The 'anonymouse' comment was the clue for me, regarding Wilson.

So tell us there, Wilson..why is it acceptable for Carson and the Dems to trash their opponent in a blatantly racist wasy, ala smear remarks and a mug shot photo of a case that was never filed; and yet the Dems and Julia scream RACISM! when a grainy out of focus shot was used to show Julia? Hmmm???

The 7th District awaits your response, Wilson. After all, you've taken it upon yourself to carry Julia's water in this election. Tell us. Use LOGIC, not shrill, unadulterated emotional BS, mkay?

stAllio! said...

how exactly is julia to blame for a mailer that the DCCC sent out? give me a break.

are you going to start criticizing republican candidates for ads put out by the NRCC too?

Anonymous said...

You're right, Stallio. The Party isnt responsible for what they publish on Julia's behalf. Even though as a candidate, I'd sure as Hell vet anything with my name on it, before publication/mailing..wouldnt you?

Funny how this smear of ED is ok, but Julia's camp was screaming RACISM! when something not even remotely as odious as this latest crap was pulled against her. Funny but sad.

Still waiting, Wilson.

Anonymous said...

Advance Indiana:

Julia Carson is The Ghetto Mafia Queen and one of the biggest liars in this city. She is trash and an embarrassment to African Americans!

I warned you back in August that she was one of the dirtiest politicians in this city. Now these last minute attacks, last minute flyers and smear campaigns are proof.

She can go to a national convention, steal money from a white delegate’s purse and the Democrat Party covers it up.

She can pad the books of the Center Township Trustees office and get out of debt using taxpayers' money.

She can have an illegal PAC and get a slap on the wrist.

She can ride the polls on Election Day with goons and harass and intimidate precinct committeepersons and nothing is done about it.

She can pay drug addicts with drugs to do her dirty work on Election Day.

She is the most corrupt individual I have ever known in politics and is supported by the Democrat Party.

She can pay illegal voters to forge signatures on poll books and they say there is no voting fraud.

Republicans get the vote out on Tuesday, November 7th and show these corrupt Democrats that they are not fit to represent the decent people in this district!

stAllio! said...

as a candidate, I'd sure as Hell vet anything with my name on it, before publication/mailing..wouldnt you?

the truth is this: it is illegal for the DCCC to coordinate with candidates regarding the content of their ads. from wikipedia:

Under federal election law, an individual or group (such as a PAC) may make unlimited "independent expenditures" in connection with federal elections. However, the Supreme Court ruled in Buckley v. Valeo (1976) that these independent expenditures must not be coordinated with a political campaign.

in other words, julia had nothing to do with this mailer whatsoever. criticize the mailer if you like, but make sure you're criticizing the right people first.

Wilson46201 said...

I freely admit to being the 5:06 anonymous poster - was there any doubt? - I was simply making the point that anybody can be anybody one wishes on the Internets. It's interesting that Gary would "out" me for posting quasi-anonymously once (to make a point of the AnonyMice) but permit the arrant sock-puppetry of Jocelyn and Darla to continue.

Gary R. Welsh said...

stallio, you profess to be an intelligent and logical blogger. Allow me to remind you that it was Ms. Carson who first raised this issue back in September before a meeting of the editorial board of the Indianapolis Star. It was a volunteer of her campaign who produced the police report in question. And you suggest that Carson now be allowed to completely divorce herself of the very attack she first launched against Dickerson because the name of the entity paying for the mailer happens to be the DNCC. She doesn't get a pass on this one Nick Berg--which is stallio's real name for the those of you wondering. This was a coordinated attack by the DCCC to the tee. She can run, but she can't hide from this one.

Gary R. Welsh said...

By the way stallio, big hat tip for calling attention to the obvious federal election law violation. It won't be the first for the Carson campaign. We all knew who paid for that Barney Frank fundraiser.

Anonymous said...


Nice try on the alleged federal campaign violation, but I can tell you, since the Carson campaign has space in our office, that no one had seen the mailer or knew anything more about it than what was posted on Tully and Shella's blogs.

In fact, I was trying to figure out who I could call this afternoon to see a copy.

We take our campaign laws pretty seriously. So, too, do my professional counterparts across the aisle.

No coordination on independent expenditures. Period. Campaigns are fun, but I'm not going to jail over one.

If you want to attack the mailer, attack the DCCC. They sent it.

Gary R. Welsh said...

No amount of spinning gets the Carson campaign out of this one Jen. This attack was cooked up 100% by the Carson hit team. No amount of denying and obfuscating gets her campaign off the hook for illegally coordinating this attack with the DCCC.

Anonymous said...

Advance Indiana:

Trash is trash! The Democrat Party indulges itself in trash.

Republicans must be ahead in the polls or they would not be spending the money this soon attempting to turn it around.

Payback is a monster!. Eric will keep his word and remain positive throughout this campaign. Julia has proven to everyone that she can’t be trusted. Today is only Wednesday with 5 more days to go before Election Day. Now that the big boom has been dropped in the suburbs on Eric Dickerson, what will they do for an encore? the game is not over yet!

Wilson you are in no position to mess with me. Bring it on!

Anonymous said...

Advance Indiana;

One thing for sure, they won't be able to steal any votes on Election Day at the polls with the Voter ID law in place.

The absentee voters had better be legal, I would hate to see innocent people get caught up in a legal mess and have the very people they voted for deny any knowledge of their actions.

Anonymous said...

I hate to use a tactic employed by the other side today, but damn it, it's appropriate:

Wilson, tell your lady, if she doesn't approve of the mailer, since she was not a part of it in advance (wink wink), she should denounce it now.

I often disagree with Gary, but his earlier post, vis-a-vis Julia's attendance at a social justice for blacks conference Monday and slamming a fellow Black candidate 48 hours later, is classic.

We're all waiting...

Or should we relay that request through Mae? She's got a program at school tomorrow...and she'd love for Auntie Julia to come.

Anonymous said...


I'm not saying the Congresswoman didn't drop this in the Star's lap. That's been widely reported.

But to accuse the campaign of violating federal law is pretty serious, and I'd urge you to reconsider before lobbing that fireball without facts to back it up.

Dickerson's arrest and the controversy surrounding it was widely publicized -- in the MSM and on blogs.

The DCCC picked it up and ran with it. That's politics, and it's happening in dozens of races across the nation.

Dickerson doesn't deny the arrest happened, and his lies -- er, revised statements -- are documented in print.

If you want to find out more, I'd ask that you call the DCCC. I can't, but you can.

Anonymous said...

"Wilson, tell your lady, if she doesn't approve of the mailer, since she was not a part of it in advance (wink wink), she should denounce it now."

I was just watching the Ninth District debate between Mike Sodrel and Baron Hill, and Sodrel's closing statement dealt with McCain-Feingold. He was lamenting that as a candidate, he can no longer denounce and/or coordinate negative mailers and ads. He said that leaves voters at a disadvantage.

I'm not saying the law is great, but it's the law, and to accuse people of breaking it is pretty serious.

I check the IE reports every day to see what the national folks are spending in our districts; in fact, I just fielded a media call today asking me for more information about a particular ad. All I could do was refer the reporter to the DCCC.

I've been mostly silent with respect to Gary's attacks on Congresswoman Carson and his support for Eric Dickerson, but again, to accuse a campaign of breaking the law is probably not something a lawyer should be doing.

Sorry. You know I respect and like you, Gary, but this is a bit far-fetched.

Anonymous said...

Do you know something we don't Jen? After all YOU were the one who posted Mr. Dickerson's social security number and date of birth for all to see on TDW. Maybe YOU fed the info to the DCCC with the assistance of the Carson campaign? Did you help yourself to Mr. Dickerson's credit report (a la Ben Cardin Campaign - they ran Michael Steele's credit history looking for dirt) while you were at it?

just sayin'

Gary R. Welsh said...

Jen, these skunks are too easy to figure out at this point. See this post Chris Douglas made last week about the antics of the grand purveyor of smut and slanderous comments on behalf of the Carson campaign:

"I've posted elsewhere some extensive comments on Eric Dickerson as his candidacy relates to civil rights, as well as the importance of casting votes for moderate Republicans in what is shaping up potentially to be a year for significant Republican defeat.

I have heard from a couple of directions an intimation that in the race for the 7th District in Indiana, the Carson campaign has more information on Republican Eric Dickerson which it is preparing to drop, and that this information relates to past arrests in other states as yet unreported. At least one of the individuals who hints at an impending disclosure of some sort is Wilson Allen, who is closely linked with Carson, though to my knowledge not in her employ. Wilson Allen comments extensively on local blogs.

These intimations are clever, for they inhibit people from vesting their reputations in support for Eric Dickerson. If true, these intimations could be a public service. If false, these intimations would seem to be slander, in the legal sense of the word. I assume it is for this reason, if not this reason alone, that Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana, who seems willing to let opposition have its full voice, has refused to allow such unsubstantiated comments appear on his website.

While I have not personally put the question to Eric Dickerson, I now know of another who has, and who has received from Dickerson a statement that he has not "ever been arrested or charged or detained or followed" in connection with anything not already public knowledge.

So we have a clear dichotomy... between the intimations of more embarrassment flowing from someone very closely associated with Carson, and the outright denial coming from Eric Dickerson, who also has said that he refuses to be drawn further into this web.

It's time to lay down the cards. If it's the full hand that Wilson suggests Carson holds , then it is to the service of the voter to reveal it sooner rather than later. If, on the other hand, it is a bluff, then it seems to me it would be dishonor for which Wilson Allen or others closely attached to Carson are responsible. It seems to me that each day that proceeds without revelation calls Wilson's honor into greater doubt, and by association Julia's, which is a disservice to Julia Carson.

So which is it? Truth or bluff? Words in the service of the public which shed unfavorable light on the honor of Dickerson's candidacy? or words of partisan slander which shed unfavorable light on the honor of Carson's candidacy?"

Wilson Allen clearly had advance knowledge that the DCCC was planning to drop this mailer. He posted this comment in response to Chris' post: "Bureaucratic files once scattered widely and obscurely are now accessible via the World Wide Web ... not all rise to the sworn specificity of IPD reports. Does Dickerson consider this Internet information "public knowledge" in the context of his denial ?"

So now we know--the folks had DCCC just happened to be trolling the Internet and stumbled on this information and all on their own decided to drop this mailing with less than a week to go in the election in a district that, purportedly, nobody includes in the 30-40 competitive House races nationwide.

You have already independently confirmed to me that Wilson Allen comes into your office on a daily basis. He works in a cubicle nearby, which is reserved for the Carson campaign. Very convenient.

Anonymous said...


If Shella reports that "That's the only possible explanation for the fact TV ads for Carson are about to hit the air and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is picking up part of the bill."

If they are paying for part of her TV ads one has to assume there is some sort of coordination.

And if a CONGRESS member does not have enough influence within her own party to know before hand and STOP this kind of ad - what kind of power do they really have in congress and here at home ?

indyernie said...

Gary you are 100% right and no one will ever convince me otherwise. Jen needs to stop lying for Julia Carson. Carson even hinted in her interview with channel 13 today. She inferred that sometimes people do things that she hasn’t approved. B... S..., she knew.
Julia Carson was apart of this process to slander Dickerson.
Wilson crawl back under a rock you won’t have any creditability for awhile, don't even try to excuse this one. Wilson you are apart of this too. You cry about Gay Issues then your team goes racist and trashes a black man and infers that all black men are stupid. I didn’t think Julia Carson could go this low.
I felt sorry for her when I would see her out and about babbling about little girls. And watching Carson eat from the serving lines was a real treat. I should have taken her photo when she was stuffing chicken legs into her mouth like a starved orphan. Those days are over she has proven that young cheating crooks grow up and become old cheating crooks. No more Mr. Nice guy, this will only entice the Republicans to turn out and vote in greater numbers. I will be working the polls and I will be doing everything in my power to get the vote out for all republicans. Julia Carson has got to go and her team needs to follow.

Anonymous said...

"And if a CONGRESS member does not have enough influence within her own party to know before hand and STOP this kind of ad"

That's my point. She can't know about it or stop it. See also: Mike Sodrel's closing statement from tonight's debate.

To my knowledge, Wilson is a volunteer on the campaign.

That's all I know about him, and I'm sure he'll speak for himself on this blog before long.

I guess I'd just urge you to independently verify the facts about the mailer with the DCCC before you make any more wild allegations to suit your purposes.

I'm not trying to dissuade you from picking on the Congresswoman; that's your First Amendment right. But accusing people of violating federal laws isn't something I take lightly.

I think you've stepped over the line, and I think that undermines your credibility on this particular issue. You can be for or against a candidate without alleging violations of law.

Personally, I'm just glad all of this will be over in six days.

Anonymous said...

Advance Indiana;

This is "Spiritual Warfare". connect the dot.

Did you know that Andy Jacobs is a Warlock, and Julia Carson practices Voo Doo? They just celebrated their holiday, halloween.

This is the hold they have on all of their supporters.

Take a real good look and don't be fooled!

indyernie said...

Jen you did this same type of dirty trick when you posted it on your blog and then you repeated it at the Bloggers Forum. Eric Dickerson's wife said 15 years ago that this didn't happen. She repeated the same statement a month ago on a radio program. Are you going to call her a liar? Have you met her? I met her years ago, and I’ve talked with her several times during the campaign, she is not a woman who would lie. If Mrs. Dickerson said that it didn't happen, then it didn't happen. Julia Carson, the DCCC, Wilson and you are all part of the same club, and it stinks.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the WTHR piece when Julia was interviewed before the station new about the garbage coming out in the mail and in as much admitted that she knew the piece existed.

"... or a candidate who lies about it?"

Wilson, the only reason Julia wanted you to take a picture of her with Eric is so all at the DNC and her campaign could see her sticking a knife in Eric's back.

Too bad, it didn't work. Dickerson Wins.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that Andy Jacobs is a Warlock, and Julia Carson practices Voo Doo? They just celebrated their holiday, halloween.

Has got to be the funniest thing I've read on these blogs in a while, LOL!

On a serious note, I received one of those mailers and wasn't too happy to find it in my mailbox.

Actually, it pissed this Democrat off, so much so, I'm voting for Dickerson, whom I don't even much care for but he at least has kept his campaign clean and above board.

indyernie said...

Amen to 11:37pm

Anonymous said...

Andy Jacobs was a big joke in Congress. He was respected by very few people there, and this is who Carson calls on to bail her out. I can't wait for the demolition crew to level that post office building that bears his namesake. Good riddence to him and his multiple wives and girlfriends.

Anonymous said...


Carson herself said she told the DCCC not to run any negative ads.

How many other incumbant Democrats in a "SAFE" district has the DCCC stepped in with a negative ad ?

Why would they go against her wishes ?

Do they know something she does not ?

Is she in more trouble than she realizes ?

Anonymous said...

This may sound strong, but I've grown to HATE Julia Carson.

Anonymous said...

What happend to Wilson? He must be in hiding. Is he scared that he may have been caught? Hmmm...

You are very much on the defensive Jen. Why?

Anonymous said...

Strategy for the Democrats' fall campaign. Melina Kennedy for prosecutor and Julia Carson for congress re-election bid.

Julia says to Melina; I know, we will launch a campaign around domestic violence because my number one puppet Wilson Allen found a 15 year old police report on Eric Dickerson accusing him of abusing his wife and daughter after the Primary; but the only problem is, the charges were dismissed by my buddy Jeff Modisett, he was the prosecutor back then. The report is the worst thing we could find on him to put a dent in his clean reputation. It will work, just you wait and see!

Oh! Melina says, well how can I use that in my campaign for prosecutor against Carl Brizzi?

Julia says, if we can get the white women's vote, we will have the edge in the fall election. You start slowly and attack Brizzi on his record as prosecutor, and I'll hold this information back until the right time in the campaign. Brizzi doesn’t have a strong record for prosecuting wife beaters. We can research that part of his experience and use it. You know, timing is everything. With my failing health, I won't be able to campaign like before, but I will need to win this office, just one more time and then I am going to step down and support my grandson Andre Carson to succeed me. Is that a deal? If we can pull this one off, that is what I want to do. I am so tired and need to get my rest, but I can't quit the race now. I've discussed it with Andy, and he promised me that he would support my grandson for the office. The Party will have a special election and put him in.

Melina says, but Julia what happens if I can't shake up the Brizzi administration. You know, I really don't have too much experience practicing criminal law or campaigning.

Julia says; oh girl don’t worry about that, just leave it to me. I know how to put this thing together and make it work for us. I will endorse you in your commercials to get my black voters on board just like I did for the Mayor. Make sure you visit as many black churches as possible while you are out campaigning. Smile and be nice, that is how you get them wrapped around your finger. Gradually attack Brizzi, but never sound bitter. Brizzi can't afford to attack you. Play the innocent mother of twin’s role. You know what, I mean. Motherhood and apple pie is all American.

Melina says; but Julia, what about my experience as a trial lawyer? How can I convince the voters that I am qualified for the office?

Julia says; Girl don’t worry about that. Just leave it to me and my operatives.

Marti said...

This is all so very tiresome. Gary, I like and respect you, but I think you're fostering what is wrong with politics ATM. Politics is a dirty game, and both sides are running full steam to the finish. Using Julia's health as an issue (her average time missing votes is the same as most people in Congress) is no different than using an old police report... it muddies the water about what's really important.

I won't vote for or against either candidate because of what happens during the campaign season. I'll vote for the person that best represents me in Congress.

The rest is just mud slinging... and it looks like you've set up a table to serve the mud pies up.

Anonymous said...

Part II: Melina Kennedy and Julia Carson Strategy for the fall Campaign

Carl Drummer, Center Township Trustee says: Hello, Julia; Eric Dickerson is holding a press conference outside the government building right now about the bar/restaurant. He had a couple of television reporters with him. What do I do? Yea some guy named Kahlo called the Star about the park and zoning, there was an article in the paper about the bar.
I guess that is what this is all about.

Julia says; that B…d!, Don’t let him in the building, stay calm, I’ll be in town this weekend, You call the gang together for a quick meeting and we will figure out something on Saturday.

Saturday meeting.

Julia says: Let’s see! He paid off Fifth Third Bank, so that didn’t work with his dealership. He is gaining in the polls. I guess we are going to have to use the police report early. I was several that for the final week of the campaign. Wilson have you found anything else on Dickerson?

Wilson says: Queen, not yet. I have been busy on the blogs. I thought I would take out two of his supporters while I was still waiting for more information to come in.

Julia says: which two supporters?

Wilson says; I know that Atty. Darla Williams is supporting him; I haven’t found too many other black people who really know him yet. However, you know Jocelyn Tandy will probably be supporting him against you. You two go way back, ha, ha, ha. She will probably bring up all of those old accusations she been rambling about for years. She is such a loser. I will dog her out on the web and maybe that will keep her out of the campaign. I’ll tell Dickerson she is a jinx and a loser and not to let her be on his campaign staff. You know, she is really the only person that can bring up a lot of dirt on you, but people aren’t going to listen to her. I’ll see to that!

Julia says; well you take care of them, I can’t afford to get in a public fight with her, she is crazy. Make sure Wilson that you monitor their activities and keep me posted. Carl
don’t you talk to the press at all! Maybe you need to hire a public relations person to turn this issue about the bar around. Damn, I was hoping this would be finished in time for the Circle City Classis weekend. I hadn’t planned on the bar becoming an issue in the campaign.

I guess, I will have to bring out the domestic violence charge early to slow Dickerson’s campaign down a bit. You know the Latinos are having a rally next Saturday, on Monument Circle on domestic violence. The Julian Center is having a fund raiser this month also, they need some money. Carl, call Ann Delaney and pledge some support and money for the Center’s fundraiser from the Trustee’s office. She can tell you what they need. Damn, I need to call Melina and make sure she stays on track with Brizzi.

Julia says; hello Melina, yea I’m in town, need to talk about our plan. Stop by later today, so we can talk about the plan. Ok! Oh! I’m tired; need to go lie down now,
Tony bring me a drink and my pills. The meeting is over until later. You all get out there see what people are talking about and report back to me.

Anonymous said...

Marti - The truth is not mudslinging!

Anonymous said...

11:43, are you serious? Andy Jacobs was a joke?

I know that's not the topic of this thread, but for cryin' out loud, he's been out of Congress for ten years. He rose to lead nthe social security subcommittee of Ways and Means. When his staff answered the phone in his DC or local office, they were instructed to answer: "10th District Indiana," instead of using his name, because he believed the eoffice belonged to the people. He worked well with Republicans and forged many compromises on Social Security legislation.

If that's a joke, Congress could use a lot more of it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:04 AM
Andy is a joke, 30 years in congress; what did he do for black people but use them. He put all his eggs in one basket The Ghetto Mafia Queen, and he was in denial the whole time. Never admit you know what is going on. He owed her big time for stealing enough votes to keep him in office that long. Who supllied the money she used to ride around on election day and paid for votes corrupting poor people in the process? dirty! dirty! dirty! Julia will get hers this time!

Anonymous said...

Calling Fran Quigley, When you wrote that brief biography for Julia back when, you left out quite a bit of information in her background. Give me a call and I will fill you in.

It is time to update the lie!

Anonymous said...

"You are very much on the defensive Jen. Why?"

Gary accused people in our office of violating a federal law. Others have lumped me into that group.

I've remained silent for most of this debate. I know Gary has his opinion, and I have mine. That's all well and good.

But accusing people of violating a law with precisely zero evidence is going a bit far.

As for the "if Dickerson's wife said it didn't happen, then it didn't happen" line, that doesn't mean he wasn't arrested, and it doesn't mean there wasn't a police report filed.

He told quite a few fibs in the days after this information surfaced, which is why I posted it on my blog.

Hell, the GOP is running ads elsewhere accusing a guy who dialed a wrong number of calling a phone sex line. He hung up after three seconds and immediately called the right number, but that's not stopping them.

So y'all get down off that high horse right now. National campaign committees do this stuff. And they do it without the permission or knowledge of the candidate.

I don't know how many times I have to say it, but I honestly didn't know these mailers were coming, and I don't know why the DCCC sent them. I'm not allowed to know. Call them and ask.

I'm out.

indyernie said...

Out my ass. You or someone in your party leaked the info. Julia Carson knew the info was out and she knew that the flyer was coming. A lot of people get arrested that doesn't mean they are all guilty. Innocent until proven guilty applies the Dems. (RON GIBSON), but not the Republicans?
No excuse this time. This is slimy and it stinks.

indyernie said...

Julia Carson must have told Wilson to stay off of the blogs. Be a good boy Wilson and mind the Old Lady.

Anonymous said...

6:29 I don't like Andy Jacobs any more than you do but at least I can find one thing - he introduced more bills in ONE TERM under GOP control than Julia Carson did in 5 terms.

Oh Julia you say we should look at your public record, we have. There is NOTHING there worth speaking of.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me Jen, there's hardly a day that goes by that you don't accuse someone in the Daniels' administration of breaking a law over at Taking Down Words.

Anonymous said...

"But accusing people of violating federal laws isn't something I take lightly."

So it is ok to accuse someone of beating their wife years after charges were dropped, but election laws are off limits?

Liberals, they only care about things when it affects them. Drilling Dickerson for his 15 year old wife beating is ok...even though the case has been over and done with for years. However, it's horrible to even bring up the idea that someone might violate McCain-Feingold. Hypocrites!!

indyernie said...

This was sent to me,
“Julia Carson is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America's Congressional Caucus. Two years ago their website had a page just listing who the Rats in this seditious caucus were. They have since buried the list. I think now they call themselves the Progressive or Democratic Progressive Caucus to be more stealthy. Nevertheless Carson is a bona fide Socialist and proud of it“.

Anonymous said...

Using Julia's health as an issue (her average time missing votes is the same as most people in Congress) is no different than using an old police report... it muddies the water about what's really important.

It might, but it takes long hours and lots of energy to get anything meaningful done up on the Hill. Even the State Legislature can be in session from 9 AM until past midnight.

You can't help but wonder about someone who sounds constantly coughs during a candidate's forum - especially one that she was not expected to attend. You can't help but wonder about the self respect of someone who can't even dress properly for a candidates forum knowing it will be on TV. Or showing disrespect to another candidates forum by getting up and wandering around the buffet table while other candidates are speaking.

indyernie said...

· Radical caucus of more than 50 members of the House of Representatives
· Until 1999, worked in open partnership with Democratic Socialists of America

The Progressive Caucus is an organization of Members of Congress founded in 1991 by newly-elected Representative Bernie Sanders (Independent-Vermont), the former socialist mayor of Burlington and a member of the "" (DSA), which describes itself as "the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International."

The Progressive Caucus today includes Sanders and more than 60 other members of the House of Representatives, all of them leftist Democrats and almost all in districts heavily gerrymandered to guarantee the re-election of any Democratic Party incumbent, no matter how extreme.

On November 11, 1999, the Progressive Caucus drafted its Position Paper on economic inequality. It reads, in part, as follows: "Economic inequality is the result of two and a half decades of government policies and rules governing the economy being tilted in favor of large asset owners at the expense of wage earners. Tax policy, trade policy, monetary policy, government regulations and other rules have reflected this pro-investor bias. We propose the introduction or reintroduction of a package of legislative initiatives that will close America's economic divide and address both income and wealth disparities. … The concentration of wealth is a problem because it distorts our democracy, destabilizes the economy and erodes our social and cultural fabric."

In order "to bring new life to the progressive voice in U.S. politics," the Progressive Caucus has worked closely with Progressive Challenge, a project of the "". Progressive Challenge is a coalition through which the activities and talking points of leftist groups are synchronized and harmonized with one another, producing coordinated, mutually-reinforcing propaganda from some 200 seemingly-unconnected groups.

The Progressive Caucus recently crafted its """" document, which advocates socialized medicine; radical environmentalism; the redistribution of wealth; the elimination of numerous provisions of the Patriot Act; dramatic reductions in the government's intelligence-gathering capabilities, debt relief for poor countries; and the quick withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. These measures, says the Progressive Caucus, would help "re-build U.S. alliances around the world, restore international respect for American power and influence, and reaffirm our nation's constructive engagement in the United Nations and other multilateral organizations."

Until 1999 the Progressive Caucus worked in open partnership with Democratic Socialists of America. After the press reported on this link, the connections suddenly vanished from both organizations' websites.

As of June 2006, Julia Carson is the 6th name listed as a member.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the votes Julia, your post card just pushed Eric Dickerson over the top to becoming the next congressman in Distric 7.

250,000 post cards mailed to our supporters. Your wrinkled face on the telvision helps to. Keep up the good work and your retirement will come very easy on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Wow a SECOND piece of mail today.

Rehashing the same thing from yesterday.

How desperate is Julia and the Democrats ?

Anonymous said...

Wow a SECOND piece of mail today.

Rehashing the same thing from yesterday.

How desperate is Julia and the DemocRATS ?

You just answered your own question. Obviously very desperate. They would not be doing this unless someone's poll internals are showing Eric Dickerson with a shot of winning and no dead voters and election shenanigans from the "vote early vote often" crowd. Its fun to turn on the flashlight and watch the DemocRATS scurrying about.

Karen Speaks said...

There's negative campaigning and mudslinging on BOTH sides of the fence. Are you all watching the boring, continuing, crap ads from Mike Sodrel... or no, those are from the NRCC aren't they, my mistake.

It states Sodrel didn't endore the statements against Hill, just as it says the statements made by the DCCC were not endorsed by Carson.

In the Dickerson ad, my point still remains... the accusations were made. The daughter called the police. The daughter and mother both showed physical evidence of abuse. The arrest was made. The history of domestic violence cases should tell you that all too often when it comes to prosecution, the accuser often recants their statement because of promises that things will get better. That doesn't mean it didn't happen, it just means the accuser didn't want to pursue the charges, for whatever reason.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Karen W. is really Wilson Allen 46201 undercover. Don't hide now behind an alias. This is war! Figured this one out didn't I?

Anonymous said...

Jen denies any knowledge about DCCC's involvment, but didn't Bill Burton from the DCCC himself say on AMos Brown's show that he consulted with the Indiana Democrat State Party prior to sending the mailings? If that is so, it doesn't sound like Jen and her state party were completely in the dark here as she claims.

It is just very hollow for her to say that they knew absolutely nothing about this, especially when the guy responsible for sending them clearly indicates otherwise. She may not have known the what and when of the mailers, but she isn't fooling anyone when she claims complete ignorance.

Gary R. Welsh said...

To be fair, Burton said the DCCC consulted with people in the party. He didn't specify whether those people were with the state party, the county party or just someone in the party.

Anonymous said...

Julia, the sunglasses don't hide the wrinkles or your hangover.

Anonymous said...

Julia admitted on Amos's show today ( With Dickerson in the studio with her ) that she DID know about the ads BEFORE yesterday - yet she goes on TV All day yesterday saying she knew nothing about it.

Who is the Liar now ?

Anonymous said...

Jen, "There's negative campaigning and mudslinging on BOTH sides of the fence." but NOT from Eric Dickerson.

Julia Carson told Eric three different days "Now we're not going negative." So I guess you are saying that it's okay to sling mud because someone outside the race did it to someone else outside this race. That logic is so wacked. So if another demacrate in another state jumps off a bridge, it's okay for Julia Carson to jump off a bridge? Lets see how that works for her.

That is just dumb.

Anonymous said...

Julia does have a drining problem when she can't get her drugs.