Sunday, September 03, 2006

Drummer Hires PR Flack; Johnson Goes Into Hiding

After stumbling badly in his initial reporting on the proposed restaurant/bar in the Julia Carson Government Center and the demolition of the neighboring Polin Park, the Star's Will Higgins takes another crack at the story weeks later and comes up short. Don't get me wrong. I'm pleased to see today's story. At least the Star hasn't completely abandoned reporting on this news-worthy item. But how Higgins could do another story which did not look at the circumstances surrounding how the restaurant/bar could have been illegally constructed and the park demolished, and how its owners then obtained swift approval of the zoning/variance petitions from the City's Department of Metropolitan Development Commission to permit its use is beyond belief.

Higgins instead gives us an assurance from city parks director Joe Wynns that the former Polin Park will remain a green space. Note that he said "green space" and not "park space." That has a lot of significance because as Higgins reports, the concept of a restaurant/bar in the government center remains alive. If the land were to be restored as a children's park as it was previously used, it would pose zoning problems for the proposed bar because of its close proximity to the park. The Center Township Trustee, at a recent hearing considering an appeal of the earlier MDC approval of the project, withdrew his petition to rezone the park space so that it could be used as a parking lot for the restaurant/bar's employees.

As for Center Township Trustee Carl Drummer, he's not talking. Instead, he's hired a "public relations counselor", as Higgins calls him, to tell reporters that plans for the restaurant/bar are full steam ahead. "Drummer's newly hired public relations counselor, David Ayers of MZD Advertising, confirmed that Drummer continues to push for the restaurant-bar," Higgins reported. Lacy Johnson, the Ice Miller attorney who DMD permit documents identify as representing the proposed restaurant/bar's owners, which includes his son who bears his namesake, has gone into hiding and is not returning phone calls. The young Johnson is doing the same Higgins reports. Here's where Higgins' reporting becomes really comical. He writes:

If approved, the business would be built on the ground floor of the center. A deck already has been erected for outdoor seating.

The establishment would be operated by a group of private investors who would lease the space from the trustee's office.

Ayers said the investors included prominent businessmen William Mays, Al Oak and Lacy Johnson III.

What can you make of Higgins' statement that the "business would be built" if approved? Is he not aware that it has already been built and was done so months ago before the proper building permits were obtained, or before any zoning/variance petitions had been filed with the Metropolitan Development Commission? Even Ayres gives Higgins that the investors have spent "$500,000 to remodel about 2,000 square feet at the government center." That figure is very hard to believe, particularly since DMD permit documents pegged the costs at just under $100,000. The point of inflating the number is no doubt intended to stir sympathy for the investors. You know the one. "We've already spent a half million dollars. How can you possibly turn down our request now? That wouldn't be fair."

Also, is Higgins unaware that the Department of Metropolitan Development issued a stop work order on the site after an anonymous tip clued it in on the mischief of Drummer and friends? Or does he not know that the signage for the new business has already been erected on the west side of the building? He does acknowledge that the wood deck has already been constructed, but you can't drive by the building without noticing that. He must not have read the DMD's activity report that noted that the deck's construction violated city building code requirements.

I don't think anyone will be surprised to learn that businessmen William Mays and Al Oak are investors in the business, along with Johnson's son, as Higgins reports. Higgins fails to mention in his report though that attorneys for Ice Miller are representing the Center Township Trustee in Drummer's quest to have the property rezoned to permit the space on the first floor to be used as a restaurant/bar. Johnson, a partner at Ice Miller, and his law firm have performed legal work for the township in the past. The apparent conflict of interest should have been raised in Higgins' reporting, particularly since DMD permit documents identify Johnson, and not his son, as the contact for the tenant at his Ice Miller address. But he's missed all of the other important matters in this sordid deal so I don't think we should be surprised.

Higgins reminds us that the hearing for the appeal of the zoning/variance petitions for the project will be conducted on October 4. He notes that city-county councilor Patrice Abdullah (D) in whose district the project resides is opposed to putting a bar in the government center. Higgins writes, "Abduallah, who is a Muslim and doesn't drink alcohol, feels the same way." "I think it's unethical to put a bar in a government building," he said. Higgins also reminds us that Rep. Julia Carson is against the bar. "Congresswoman Julia Carson, for whom the building is named, said she, too, opposes serving booze in the building," he said. Higgins adds, "But Carson said she doubts the commission will go along with the recommendation [to approve the zoning/variance petitions]." "There's just been too much drama about all this," she said. Hmmm. Does she know something we don't? Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

He also fails to note the contribution of Mr. Kahlo who first spoke against the proposal and the press conference by the Dickerson campaign that got the TV coverage and those that attending the MDC Meeting on August 16th and spoke out against it.

I hope there is a link somewhere on the Star page where we can comment on the weak reporting of these events.

How he can say "If approved, the business would be built on the ground floor of the center." when anyone who stops by can look into the doors and SEE the restaurant is ready to start operating. He makes it sound like construction has not even started. And if it has not been then where has the $500,000 that he reported has been spent ?

And $500,000 ( If you can believe that figure at all ) for 2000 square feet - that is a pretty expensive footage - $250 per square foot. What is the average for an entity like that ?

And will Julia Carson show up on Oct. 4th ? She is stated as saying "But Carson said she doubts the commission will go along with the recommendation. "There's just been too much drama about all this," she said." Will she be there to exert her influence to stop this project ?
Fox 59 did report her as the "Queen of Marion County Democrats".

Wilson46201 said...

October 4th is a workday in Washington DC for Congresslady Carson.

Anonymous said...

Mabye she could have a statement read into the record ?

Anonymous said...

"If the land were to be restored as a children's park as it was previously used, it would pose zoning problems for the proposed bar because of its close proximity to the park."

The aforementioned is not true; since the pending petition is a variance of use, the fact that the adjoining property is zoned as a park does not trigger any additional zoning issues. A variance of use permits a use otherwise not permitted. If they get that variance of use appoved, their zoning issues will be over. Of course, they still would need to get their liquor license approval.

As I have indicated before, read the file and look for the early permit.

When does the Star ever cover a story properly; they rarely do any any real reporting. If they had looked at the file and asked questions about what was in the file, the story would be a lot more interesting.


Anonymous said...

Speaking from some experience in these matters (zoning and tenant/ landlord construction)...

1. The green/park space point is ill-advised, AI. The variance petition, aptly pointed out in the
5:08 post, is not made easier or tougher by the park issue. Now, a liquor license, that could be a little dicey...but guess who chairs the alcoholic beverage board which grants that permit? The wife of Julia Carson's staff manager. How cozy is this going to get? Stay tuned. It's incestuous.

2. $250 per s.f. for a lounge is very, very high-end. But that depends to some extent on the space as it was presented to contractors. If, for instance, the bar owners have to put in new HVAC or a lot of new wiring, that could inflate the figure quickly. And a whole slew of permits had to be issued. I'm talking a half-dozen or so. That many permits don't get issued without proper plans, etc., unless someone has put the fix in.

3. So much was missed in Will's story today. Where to begin? AI, you did a good job of trying.
Someone, cut and paste all of AI's remarks and send them to the editor at the paper. I'll hold out hope that Will wrote more, but got edited. He's a good reporter.

4. Ms. Carson could easily weigh in on this issue in writing to the MDC.

My guess is, Councillor Abdullah will have been "compromised" by the time the hearing rolls around. Don't give up on him...stay in contact. Call. Write. E-mail. Youd better believe Drummer and Co. will put pressure on this councillor. Big time. Big-time as in "support this or we will run someone against you next year." This crowd has no shame whatsoever.

But the biggest points in the story, and AI's excellent post, are the PR and law firm tie-ins.

So now, a township freaking trustee has a PR counsellor? At whose expense? SHAMEFUL! Pay me, CD, and I'll tell you for a lot less money, that when you stir this kind of crap, it stinks.

Do we really need any more evidence that this trustee, and the township system, are broken?

To whom does this out-of-control trustee answer? The township board is one place, because they approve the budget. But that's once a year, and the rest of the year they're, well, let's just say they're worthless.

Do not let up. Ask tough questions about public expenditures for Ice Miller the PR flack. Stay on your councillors and Mr. Abdullah, in particular. Prop him up. Tell him you understand the pressure he's under from Drummer and crew.

After this is all over, and, hopefully, the public's will prevails, the tough Ice Miler/PR/Judy Conley questions will be asked again.

And without AI and Ruth Holladay and their blogs, this wouldn't be reported. Tulley can dismiss it all he wants: the facts do not lie.
This is one of the most outrageous abuses of power in a long time.

And Drummer has a weak GOP opponent. Here was a chance for someone to make an inroad. It's a perfect argument for filling out a ticket with top-notch just never know what stupid things incumbents or candidates will do, and then your candidate can sometimes slip by.

Five hundred thousand dollars spent with improper permits and a stop work order ultimately issued.
Someone at DMD should lose a job over this.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Anon, I appreciate your comments, but I don't have time to go over to the city-county building and pull files for review. If you have a copy of it, please feel free to forward it to me. I don't get paid for doing this so if it's not furnished to me or available on line, I don't have the time and resources to go digging through public files. I should have been more clear as to the problems in relation to obtaining approval for a liquor license for the establishment. Your point is well taken. However, it should have rightly been considered an issue with respect to the variance as well. If someone other than Conley had handled the matter, they would have taken a closer look and given consideration to the comprehensive neighborhood plan.

Anonymous said...

Drummer, a trustee, can't speak for himself he has to hire someone? Who is paying for that?

Where are the building permits? Did this get even go to the board of health? Were the plans approved by them?

This is just wrong. I don't understand what is wrong with the city officials who have nothing to say about this! A bar in a public building? Destruction of a playground? City officials silent on this issue? Outrageous!

Tully and the Star will say NOTHING. It is a sorry excuse for a newspaper.

Anonymous said...

According to the Indiana Alcohol Tobacco Commission website, a company named Network, LLC is attempting to transfer a liquor license to 300 E. Fall Creek Parkway (210 restaurant license) Hearing is Oct. 16 at 9:30 a.m.

Anonymous said...


Welcome to the Indiana Alcohol & Tobacco Commission Alcohol Permit Search. This service will allow you to search the department's records for active Business and Employee Permits. Basic license information is available at no charge and is provided by the Alcohol & Tobacco Commission.


Status: Pending


Permit Type: 210 Restaurant

Permit Number: RR4904398


City, State, ZIP: Indianapolis, IN 46205

County: Marion

Jurisdiction: INDIANAPOLIS

Hearing Date: 10/16/2006 09:30 AM

Expiration Date: 09/14/2006

Extension Expiration Date:


Stockholders: 0



Anonymous said...


I think they call this "Organized crime".

Remember the Bolejack Fiasco? She was working with all of these same players. Bill Mays, Lacy Johnson & Co. In fact, the notorious picture taken of her was at another watering hole they had just recently opened in downtown Indianapolis.

No wonder our city is going to crap, these guys are opening up these joints all over town. How many liquor licenses do they own or control anyway?

Yep, this is "very" similar to the bolejack situtation...absurd behavior and ultimately running to the PR Firm ~Lawyer~

Anonymous said...

interesting...the state website doesn't list the officers of Network, LLC. I'll call tomorrow when they open and ask for a copy of the entire file.

This will go to the local alcohol/tobacco control board, chaired by Julia Carson's staff manager's wife.

The transfer means they bought an existing permit...and the complete files of that should be available, too.

But the liquor permit board, has been discouraging links to zoning issues lately. They've been trying to keep the liquor issues separate from zoning issues. The good folks from McANA have testified before the liquor board about zoning concerns, to no avail.

The best chance to sink this ship remains at the MDC.

Do not give up. Call your councillors, and encourage Councillor Abdullah to hold the line. Email him, and tell him the entire city is watching and rooting for him.

Wilson46201 said...

it's interesting all the AnonyMice scurrying around here ...

Anonymous said...

Wilson46201 - I have no idea who anybody on here is, so who cares why people choose to be anonymous.

AI- I am just suggesting that anyone interested in the file should either look at the documents in the file or call the planner for the case to gain more insight (327-5155) - it does not necessarily have to be you. Not only will it be helpful for this case, it will be helpful for future issues related to land use.

I also witnessed how MCANA was recently shut down at a recent hearing at the liquor board. They were told that their interpretation of the law was invalid. But there seemed to much more to it than that.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Anon is correct--the Secretary of State's online business listings shows no entity by the name Network, LLC. The SoS' office typically gets these online within a couple of weeks of the paperwork being filed. This raises the question of whether the entity has even been legally formed yet. I don't even know how you could file a petition for alcoholic permit for a business entity that has not even been legally organized in the state of Indiana. Also, the ATC's records would indicate that the license the entity is attempting to obtain is currently held by The West End at 617 W. 11th Street. The officers for the West End are Martel Fields and James Davis. This license expires on 9/14/2006. A hearing for the West End license is scheduled for 10/2/06 at 9:30 a.m. Presumably the West End is renewing the license to facilitate the transfer to Network, LLC. As anon pointed out, that hearing is currently scheduled for 10/16/06 at 9:30 a.m. It is a 210 license, which is a 3-way license for a restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Atty. Belle Choate is the name of Julia Carson's Campaign manager's wife, she is the member on the ABC Board.

Carl Drummer is spending taxpayer money for public relations counselors for what?

He has a $5 million surplus in the bank and has cut services to the indigent people in need of services.

He lacks the vision for this office. Obviously, he has missed the boat.

The Trustee is not in the business of supporting privately own businesses for-profit.

However, Julia Carson allowed her friends Louis and Doris Morse to have an expensive clothing store in the trustee building on Davidson and Mass Avenue while she was trustee and it closed soon after she was elected to Congress. Kick-backs were paid to her. Drummer is following the same pattern.

Talking about anonymity, who are all the people involved in this move.

The Star's article in Sunday's paper reported the investor's were Bill Mays of Mays Chemical, Al Oak and Lacy Johnson, III as the resident agent.

We need to check the campaign finance reports of the elected officials involved including the township board members.

All of these individuals are Democrats and should be looking out for the interests of the less fortunate in the township.

Anonymous said...

Where is Mayor Bart Peterson on this issue? The conduct of the Department of Metropolitan Development is his responsibilty!

Anonymous said...

Atty. Sarge Vixher is the name of
Atty. Belle Choate's husband who is Julia Carson's campaign manager.

Anonymous said...

Sarge Visher, with an "s."

Anonymous said...

Why is it--if Bill Mays's name is attached to something, we're all supposed to bow down and kiss the ground? He's behind a liquor license across from St.V's which has been improperly obtained, and the neighbors are now remonstrating as best they can on the zoning side (bar placed illegally in an H-2 district)(guess which hearing officer is involved?). To hear Amos Brown and some of the black community tell it, rich white folks don't want black folks to get ahead.

That is NOT what these cases are about.

Wilson...instead of worrying about anonymice, why don't you pull your head out of your posterior and look around at the people you've revered so many years?

They're conducting themselves shamefully. And if you defend these actions you should be ashamed.

By the way, just for the record, the whole Morse family clothing store kickback issue was brought up years ago, investigated, and found to be wihout merit.

Can we stick to the problems at hand, Joceyln, without digging up old dirt? It's distracting, and takes people's eyes off the real nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous-There are other persons with information regarding the clothing store at the trustee office, Jocelyn never worked there.

Anonymous said...

I never asserted she did. It just sounds like her in previous posts.

There were prosecutorial inquiries into that deal. Nothing came of it.

Move on.

Anonymous said...

Al Oaks, is that the CEO of Paul I Cripe, Inc., the company that gets all the lucrative city contracts. If it is, is he even aware that his business/name is involved in this crap or was he just trusting Bill Mays to do the right thing?

Also if it is the CEO of Paul I. Cripe, Senator Billie Breaux is on the Board of Paul I. Cripe, and if I'm not mistaken, this is her district.

P.S. the reason some people complain about the Anonymous usage is because in the past they've been able to use the color of law or public officials to harrass those that tell and complain. They'd get them or their spouses fired, contracts cancelled, deputy sheriffs to harrass them, etc..."dirty them up" as they'd say. Even the Star News and the Recorder is afraid to speak up.

The Blog is the News of the Present and the Future!

No more Tyranny! (smile)

Anonymous said...

"October 4th is a workday in Washington DC for Congresslady Carson."

Like she's ever done anything in her years in Congress

Anonymous said...

For your information, the records were laundered for the clothing store.

Queen916 said...

Anonynous-I have been harassed for speaking out and requesting copies of public records. I have noticed that my name is mentioned several times on this blog.

I will continue to question the practices of these public officials as long as I am an active voter in this community.

For those who have a problem with it, you know what you can do!

Anonymous said...

Paul Cripe was the general contractor and did the renovations on the Government Building after it was purchased.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Paul Cripe also obtained a permit to build the parking lot over Polin Park.

Sir Hailstone said...

You tell 'em Queen!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should be notified. I'm sure Bart will wake up then.

Queen916 said...

Anonymous-How well do you really know me? There are several disgruntled former employees of the Center Township Trustee Office who are talking about the past and present conduct of that office. They do have first hand knowledge of everything that has been done. Some of them were terminated because they would not go along with the program.

If these elected officials are
going to run on their record of incumbency, every issue is relevant to this debate.

For too long they have been silenced by threats and intimidation to "whistle blow".

You seem to have a problem with the truth being told finally. the public does have a right to know.

The bar/restaurant deal is just another example of their abuse of power in that office.

I am very capable of speaking for myself, and identifying issues of concern in the comunity, and when I do, you will not have to guess about it, my name will be on it!

Anonymous said...

There is no question that the crowd in power, beleives it's "my way or the highway," and they're hellbent on taking everything they can for themselves. And their friends. The word "greed" hasn't been used here, but it is one of their credo words. Right behind "arrogance."

And, they believe heartily in retribution. No one who questions them is beyond their wrath. The people who post here regularly know that is a fact.

My only point in earlier posts, was that the clothing-sale issue has been beaten like a dead horse.

I'm tellin you--this Carson Center bar issue has legs. Big time.

Just look at the number of posts AI gets on this issue, and the other blogs get. AI rarely gets over 10 posts on any issue. This one's up to 30 now in a little under 48 hours.

Ruth Holladay posted on it and it damned near busted her computer. The responses were overwhelming.

Drummer, Carson, Johnson, and their pals, may have reached their low water mark. Stay on this issue. Keep posting new facts. Stay anonymous--these people fight back, hard.

Please, don't forget Councillor Abdullah. I gaurantee you he's feeling extreme pressure from fellow Dem bigwigs. Let him know his questions and concerns are valid, and that you support him.

Don't give up.

Sir Hailstone said...

I never thought I'd support Patrice Abdullah in ANYTHING but in this case he better not fold or bend under the weight of the Machine, for the good of the City.

Once again - it's not WHAT they are putting in that's the problem. It's WHERE and HOW it's being done that is the BIG PROBLEM.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1048 is right. Keep your eye on the ball and the ball is the restaurant/bar shenanigans. Yes it is time to post, but it is also time to write. Put pressure on council and make people accountable. No one should be hiding behind a spokesman.

Anonymous said...

Because of the rules of engagement, lobbying the decision makers is not real easy, and to the average citizen, it can be confusing.

Step One is the Metropolitan Development Commission hearing.

Step Two, a few days later, is the alcohol beverage permit hearing.

Step Three, if the MDC allows this travesty to continue, is the full council, who, after the MDC hearing, can allow the rezoning to pass quietly into law, or, if they choose, call it up for a full council up/down vote.

It's early to write councillors for Step 3, but write them anyway. They will remember. You cannot lobby the members of the MDC, because their rules don't allow it. They don't even vote publicly--they write their vote on a piece of paper. (It's time for that archaic practice to end, also).

You can lobby the alcohol commission members--but their chair is Cong. Carson's staff manager's wife. Go figure. Lately, they have been disallowing evidence based solely on zoning, so at that hearing, brush up on the law, and put forth evidence or comments that speak only to the alcohol permit transfer process.

Councillor Abdullah is no doubt being visited regularly by the Drummer-Johnson-Ice Miller crowd. Throw in Mr. Mays. Mr. Abdullah needs to knonw he is supported by the people on this one, because we don't have the same kind of access those clowns have.

Write him today.

And--could someone go to the next Center Township Board meeting? And ask publicly why this crap continues. And ask publicly for evidence on the law bills, to see if we Center Township residents paid for the rezoning application. For that matter, any citizen should be able to request payment claims and vouchers now, because thye're public record. But it'd better be someone who has nothing to lose, because in Drummerworld, if you ask, you must be promptly extinguished.

That's how serious this crowd plays the game. They'll intimidate you by staring you down. Pathetic.

Sir Hailstone said...

With respect to the MCABC - at least there is one Republican on the board and that's Tim Sadler. Though he will be outvoted by Belle Choate and the ATC representative, who just votes with the wind.

The full CCC would be a logical stop if this passes MDC. Of course we all know who the most brazen, take no prisoners GOP councillors are - Jim Bradford and Scott Schneider - and one of them could call it out. One Dem would break ranks to vote against it - Patrice Abdullah.

Anonymous said...

If the ATC Hearing date is on 10/16/2006 then they should have to do the following 10 days prior.

They must post a public notice of application at the building.

On the day of the hearing they must fill out form - AFFIDAVIT OF COMPLIANCE REGARDING NOTICE POSTING

On that form they swear that

The undersigned applicant(s) for a permit concerning alcoholic beverages, swears or affirms that a Public Notice of Application has been continuously and
conspicuously posted on the premises for which the license is applied, in the manner prescribed by the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission, for no less than ten
(10) days prior to the scheduled Local Board hearing.

The foregoing statements are provided under penalty of perjury, IC 7.1-3-1-28 and ATC rules.

This affidavit must be submitted at the Local Board hearing. The Public Notice of Application must be posted for no less than ten (10) days prior to
the scheduled Local Board hearing.

** The same person or persons who signed the actual application or notice must execute this affidavit. If the applicant is a corporation, the corporate president and secretary who signed the application of notice shall execute this affidavit by affixing the same signatures and titles.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Network, LLC is registered with the Secretary of State according to the Lexis database of SoS records. The filing took place on April 26, 2006. Lacy M. Johnson, III is shown as the registered agent with a registered office address at 5968 Medora, Indpls, IN 46228. I don't know why it isn't showing up in the SoS online database.

indyernie said...

Today paradise ...put up a parking lot...Tear down a park a yuppie racist bar...,
Makes sense to me...NOT.

Anonymous said...

Peyton's Place on Indiana Avenue is for sale. This would be an ideal location for this group.

Anonymous said...

Interesting posts.
Bradford and Schneider have been no friends of neighborhoods lately. The ridiculous Whole Foods case on the northside is just one example. The same case that Ms. Conley presided over, and which her husband pleaded with fellow Dems in caucus to support. The typical council protocol, which goes cross party lines, is that the district councillor must call it up. Or, at last resort, an at-large councillor.
That puts the ball squarely in Mr. Abdullah's court. And I'm telling you, he may be a good man, I hardly know him...but better men than him have succumbed to the pressure he's going to face before that vote. It's like water torture...drip, drip, drip...
AI, I hate to be an idiot, but what this about the difference between SoS online and a Lexus database? You lost me there.
Here's another tactic to consider: what does the Comprehensive Plan call for at the Carson Center? Not that the Comp Plan actually means anything any more.
Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we work to deceive...

Gary R. Welsh said...

The Indiana Secretary of State's website has an online database you can search of Indiana's registered business entities. Lexis is a subscriber-based service that has a database with the same information it gathers from SoS records.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Is the Lexus very expensive?

Anonymous said...

If this bar is ever allowed to open, won't it have to be smoke free since it is in a government building?

Queen916 said...

To All Concerned:

This email was sent today.
We have an over abundance of liquor stores and bars within this community. Mapleton Fall Creek Neighborhood is presently being revitalized. It is primarily residential, and has had a major problem with illegal drug activity in the past. There have been drug marches and demonstrations to drive the drug pushes from the area.

Our youth do not need to be endangered with drunken drivers leaving this facility in a government building in their neighborhood. I am sure there are other locations within the city for these investors to locate a bar/restaurant. May I recommend Peyton's Place on Indiana Avenue is for sale as an alternative location.

The hearing for a variance is scheduled for 10/4/06 , liquor license on 10/16/06. This enitre process was rushed through without the community's knowledge; no building permits etc.

When this proposal is presented to the Council for a vote, I am hoping that you will vote no!

Please review the budget for the Center Township Trustee and the contractual agreements. The public has a right to know if a conflict of interests exists when attorneys for the township are paid with their tax dollars to represent petitions for this project, and public relations firms in support of a privately owned business venture unrelated to the conduct of important Township business. This effort is not the responsibility of the Trustee, assisting the less fortunate in the township is!

I look forward to hearing from each of you.

Emails for your city-county councillors:
Dr. Borst, Patrice Abdullah, and Bob Cockrum did not have an email listed.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Queen916 said...

Email addresses for these two counillors.,

Queen916 said...

Excuse the typo errors "councillors"

Anonymous said...

Very well said Queen.

Anonymous said...

"it's interesting all the AnonyMice scurrying around here ..."

As opposed to your sock puppets, Wilson?

Anonymous said...

The Star Editorial board has stepped into the fray . . .

No good reason to build this bar

Our position: Plans to open a bar at the Center Township government center should be halted.

There's plenty about the proposed bar at the Julia Carson Government Center that is offensive to the cause of good government.
Start with the effort by Center Township Trustee Carl Drummer (with the acquiescence of Indy Parks Director Joe Wynns) to turn part of Al E. Polin Park into a parking lot for the bar, a move since aborted amid public pressure. However, playground equipment, used by a daycare center, already has been removed and slated for relocation. As a result, a haven has been lost for the mostly poor families residing in nearby neighborhoods.

Drummer cannot give a good excuse for advocating the elimination of park space designated for residents he was elected to serve. Especially for the benefit of a private business.

Given that surrounding neighborhoods such as Fall Creek have long been plagued by drug- and alcohol-related crime, adding another bar would contribute to, not help, the area's problems.

As the landlord, Drummer shouldn't have allowed the bar's ownership to build out the space and construct an outdoor deck without obtaining the proper permits from the Department of Metropolitan Development. It shouldn't have required an anonymous complaint, filed in June, along with an inspector's stop-work order, to cease construction.

Given his relationship with the club's owners, which include longtime powerbroker Lacy Johnson and his son, Drummer shouldn't have been so closely involved in the deal. The fact that the bar's clientele was originally intended to be Center Township employees and their guests -- essentially making it a club for Drummer and his allies -- adds to the perception of cronyism.

The blame doesn't belong to Drummer alone. No one, from Judith Hawley Conley (who approved the partial demolition of Polin Park) to the City-County Council, was looking out for residents' best interests. If not for community activist Clarke Kahlo, no hard questions would have been asked about the propriety of opening the bar.

No good reason exists to open a bar in the Carson Center. Drummer should reverse course and kill the lease.

Anonymous said...

As for The Star...

Better late than never. Even a blind squirrel can find acrons once in awhile.

But this is an opinion on the editorial page. Where is their news coverage? It was pathetic and incomplete, at best.

If not for AI and other blogs, I'm not sure this would ever have seen the light of day.

And Clark Kahlo, too...he grate son my nerves, but sometimes, he'r gith, and he's persistent.

Anonymous said...


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