Friday, August 24, 2007

Special Prosecutor Appointed To Investigate Murphy Sexual Assault Case

Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer James Voyles succeeded in obaining the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate allegations his client, Glenn Murphy, Jr., sexually assaulted a 22-year-old man while he slept late last month. The Jeffersonville Evening News & Tribune is reporting that John Colin, chief deputy prosecutor for Harrison County, will serve as the special prosecutor in place of the Clark Co. prosecutor's office. An online article in the Evening News & Tribune indicates that Collin investigated a Utica councilman last year for allegedly offering to fix drug charges against a woman in exchange for sex. In that case, Colin ruled there was no evidence the councilman had committed a crime.

Murphy had been represented in the criminal case by local Clark Co. attorney Larry Wilder. Wilder told the Evening News & Tribune he asked Voyles to handle the case. “I have asked Jim to represent Glenn at this juncture in this matter,” Wilder said. Voyles said the appointment of a prosecutor was necessary to avoid an outcome driven by political motivations. The Clark Co. prosecutor, Steve Stewart, is a Democrat. "The motion sites not only Murphy’s political involvement — which includes seven years as the county’s Republican Party chairman — but references the fact that his father, Glenn Murphy Sr., has served and is currently a candidate for Utica Town Council and that the elder Murphy owns a screen-printing company that has done campaign work for countless Democratic and Republican politicians," reports the Evening News & Tribune.

Murphy served as the Clark Co. GOP Chairman and president of the Young Republican National Federation prior to being accused by a 22-year-old man of performing oral sex on him while he slept after sleeping over at the victim's sister's home after a YR party at which both men consumed alcohol. Murphy resigned both party positions after the allegations became public. Murphy concedes he had sex with the man, but he insists it was consensual. Murphy has in the past served as a consultant to conservative GOP candidates, such as former U.S. Rep. Mike Sodrel (R), who use anti-gay themes to drum up support from the religious right.


Wilson46201 said...

It's going to take many months of silk-screening to pay the legal bills from Jim Voyles!

Unknown said...

Young Mr. Murphy doesn't want for money.

I'd rate Colin as higher than average (to be charitable) on the partisanship scale; for Murphy that's not much of an improvement over what he was facing in Clark County.

Anonymous said...

Who cares?

Anonymous said...

"Murphy concedes he had sex with the man, but he insists it was consensual."

Very Kobe Bryant-esque. Sometimes I wonder whether men really understand what consensual is, or is this just the BS guys use when they're caught (literally) with their pants down?

Just wondering....I have a lot of male friends, and my dad and brother are both men, so I hate to sound like I'm bashing anyone....but as a demographic you guys need to get your act together.

And before you start slamming this comment - think about why it is that this question has any legs at all.

Anonymous said...

Just asking, I honestly don't understand the point of your third paragraph. Please explain.

Not bashing here, jsut don't understand.

And, if this is truly Kobe-esque, shouldn't the blowee get a big diamond?

David C Roach said...

just another Republican c--ck sucker.
what was it- something about a live boy, or a dead girl?
those whacky GOPhers. always good for a giggle!
signed- a RhINO