Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Star Wants Peterson To Douse Gray Controversy

During his tenure as your distinguished CCC President, Monroe Gray has been caught at an illegal gambling establishment in his IFD-furnished take-home car; he's been caught lying on his statement of economic interest about contracts his concrete company had to perform work on city-county-financed projects; his wages have been garnished to pay unpaid debts; he's been caught claiming two homestead exemptions; his make-work job with IFD that allows him to walk away with $83,000 a year and no work to show for it has been brought to light; and not to mention the complete lack of decorum he displays while conducting CCC meetings. Yet, through it all, not one person in the Democratic Party has called for him to step down. The Star's editorial writers now think it's time for Mayor Peterson to take a position publicly on Gray. You can read the editorial here, but if you ask me, it is one of the most pointless editorials the paper has published recently.

In case the Star's editorial writers haven't figured it out, there is only one appropriate action in this case, and it's one which should have taken place more than a year ago, not a few weeks before a criticial election: Monroe Gray must resign now. I just don't get how any person of any integrity and honesty in the Democratic Party could sit by and allow Gray to continue his reign as CCC President. Perhaps the lamest excuse I hear from people defending Mayor Peterson and members of the council like Joanne Sanders, Angela Mansfield and Jackie Nytes for their do-nothing attitude about Gray is that there is nothing they can do about it. You have to understand it would cause a backlash with the African-American community if they spoke out about their true feelings about Gray so they must remain silent they explain. Well, that's fine, but don't complain when folks question the honesty and integrity of Mayor Peterson and these council members when they allow this public disgrace to continue to remain in power. Try leading by example for a change.


Wilson46201 said...

Less than 40 days before the election do you seriously expect candidates of any party to be going around beating up on anybody of their same party? Get real!

IndyU and its ilk have long made their preference known -- now it's the peoples turn. The voters of District #8 will make their choice soon enough. Monroe Gray will be re-elected!

Anonymous said...

The real answer is for Carl Brizzi to step up to the plate and charge both Monroe Gray & Chief Greeson with Ghost Employment.

Long ago, Indiana passed the Ghost Employment law to prohibit political patronage. Far too long, Gray has had a MAKE-WORK, DO-NOTHING job with an executive salary ($83k+) and a city car.

The Star revealed that Gray has been on the public dole and had no meaningful responsibility and has no work-product.

In other words, Gray has been receiving this salary from the city to "go the flow" and be paid for the sole "job" of being Democrat. In fact, the only job Gray did for the city was to "be a Democrat." He has been a force with the TAX & SPEND policies of the Democrats and the highest TAX INCREASE in the city's history.

--While it is ethically wrong to do what Gray & Greeson (and Bart Peterson) have done, the law is clear and declares what they have done a felony:

A public servant who knowingly or intentionally:
(1) hires an employee for the governmental entity that he serves; and
(2) fails to assign to the employee any duties, or assigns to the employee any duties not related to the operation of the governmental entity;
commits ghost employment, a Class D felony.
(b) A public servant who knowingly or intentionally assigns to an employee under his supervision any duties not related to the operation of the governmental entity that he serves commits ghost employment, a Class D felony.
(c) A person employed by a governmental entity who, knowing that he has not been assigned any duties to perform for the entity, accepts property from the entity commits ghost employment, a Class D felony.
(d) A person employed by a governmental entity who knowingly or intentionally accepts property from the entity for the performance of duties not related to the operation of the entity commits ghost employment, a Class D felony.

Is there any doubt that one or more felonies has been committed? If Carl Brizzi fails to prosecute, then this city is admitting that the doors of corruption, political patronage, etc are wide open!

Sir Hailstone said...

"any person of any integrity and honesty in the Democratic Party"

You said it right there. There is no integrity or honesty in the Democratic Party.

Anonymous said...

I ask JoAnn Sanders how she and her party could allow Monroe to continue on at the Tax Meeting on Sunday night and she got upset over my question.

Anonymous said...

So the issue is NOT Monroe Gray, it's about appeasing the African-American Community.
Quite honestly, I've had it up to the gills with this appeasement and reparation game that the so-called leaders of our African-American Community continue to play in our City.
For lack of a better word, Monroe Gray is a crook and should be dealt with as such and the African-American voters be damned for voting for him.
This IS an issue of race, nothing more and nothing less. How else can you twist it? Indianapolis had best wake up and decide if the road taken by Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore or Camden is the one they really want to take.
Corruption needs to end in this City and it needs to start now REGARDLESS OF THE COLOR ONE'S SKIN!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget those councilors all rallied in support of Ron Gibson on the lawn of the CC building after he was charged with public intoxication and shoving a police officer.

Anonymous said...

Indianapolis has one standard of conduct for white elected officials and another for black elected officials. A previous poster was correct, this is an issue about race. Does anyone honestly believe that a Phil Borst would have been allowed to skate like Monroe Gray has?
Now, I think it is becoming very apparent why many GOP members of the CCC threw in the towel and chose not to run again.

Anonymous said...

There's some degree of truth in most of the posts on this subject, even (sigh) Wilson's.

Monroe Gray has no shame. That's a given. I honestly don't know how he holds his head up in public--but he does, and that shows a complete lack of character. Throw king Ro into the mix on the character issue--he shamelessly schills for his wife's job, then demands in council caucus that his fellow Dems support her on her stupid zoning decisions. Pitiful.

It is a little late to demand Monroe's resignation.

Hail--there are many members of my Democratic Party who have integrity. Honestly, how do you expect to win over anyone with that kind of broad brush?

If Joanne got upset, it's a built-up frustration, because she should be council president. But she can't under this regime, because she's white. Purely and simply.

That could change next month. I hope it does. But I do udnerstand how the voting public is fed up. The cumulative effect of this nonsense does get overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

First off, Wilson, you're basically admitting you're okay with this guy being re-elected. That's the problem with you die-hard party affiliated people, whether you're Dem or Repub; you won't take the blame.

It's so sad. How could you align yourself with this guy? Of course you won't answer my question. You'll comment on me addressing you by calling me 'obsessive', or focus on some misspelling in my rant... But you won't answer me. I think you seriously are blinded by your party. But don't worry, there are Repubs who are too.

As for Hailstone saying there is no one with "integrity or honesty in the Democratic Party," he is also incorrect. I plan on voting for my Council person, Dane Mahern, solely for the fact he voted against the tax increase Bart put out there.

Again, the politics in this town are crap because hayseed mid-westerners have nothing better to do than pick sides and fight. And don't tell me to move. I was born downtown and 34 years later I live downtown. It's just that the politicians and their lemmings in this town suck! GROW THE HELL UP!!!

Sir Hailstone said...

"Now, I think it is becoming very apparent why many GOP members of the CCC threw in the towel and chose not to run again."

Many did that back when it appeared there was nobody to run in their places, nor anyone to take on Bart Peterson.

Now, Peterson is on the hot seat and voters are revolting. Not quite to level of pitchforks and torches but pretty damn close. I've seen dozens of "Had Enough?" Greg Ballard yard signs, in multiple parts of Indianapolis. Not a ONE for Peterson.

Anonymous said...

The only reason the Star is taking any kind of stand (well sort of taking a stand) on all the corruption going on in Marion County is due to the pressure of the local blogs. Between Advance, IndyU, IN Barrister et al the Star is being made to look like the partisan rag it has become.

The answer is NOT in Brizzi, it is at the Federal Court house downtown. Now that Tim Morrison is the acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana, perhaps SOMETHING can be done to indict some of these crooks!

Anonymous said...

Funny how Wilson can chime in on this, but he didn't dare touch the carson question. So if you want to shut him up just bring it up.

Anonymous said...

So we are to belive that only a black can sit in the CCC's President chair?
The last time I looked the black population of Marion County was somewhere around 25%.
So 75% of the white people in this County aren't allowed to have a white person lead the CCC?
That's pretty goddam pathetic!

Anonymous said...

You haven't seen Peterson yard signs yet because Marion County Code allows a temporary sign to be in place for only 30 days, so in an attempt to respect the law, the Mayor has not put out yard signs yet... Too bad Greg Ballard's folks don't respect the law...

Anonymous said...

Wilson, just a reminder you are banned from this blog...that happened several months ago.

Stop trespassing thru the tulips, Wilson.

Anonymous said...

What did Jesus say as recorded by Dr. Luke...

Luke 16:10 "Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much. 11 So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches? 12 And if you have not been trustworthy with someone else's property, who will give you property of your own? 13 "No servant can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money." (NIV)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
You haven't seen Peterson yard signs yet because Marion County Code allows a temporary sign to be in place for only 30 days, so in an attempt to respect the law, the Mayor has not put out yard signs yet... Too bad Greg Ballard's folks don't respect the law...

9:07 AM EST

Hey Genius. You might want to check Section 734 of the Marion County Zoning Ordinances. You happen to be completely wrong. Too bad Peterson's folks do not know the law.
I suggest a little research next time before you go accusing people of breaking the law.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Advance, I think you made a very good point. If you lay with dogs you're going to get fleas. So shouldn't the local Dems expect everyone to look at them like they're infected? With people like Monroe running the show it shouldn't come as a surprise...

Anonymous said...

The voters of District #8 will make their choice soon enough. Monroe Gray will be re-elected!

The voters of district 8 support corruption. This is why I will never live inside Marion County. Why would I want to live with folks who constantly vote for this kind of corruption?

Anonymous said...

Too bad Greg Ballard's folks don't respect the law...

If it is good enough for Democrats, why is it not good enough for Republicans?

Anonymous said...

"The voters of District #8 will make their choice soon enough. Monroe Gray will be re-elected!"

Does District 8 include Crown Hill cemetary?

Anonymous said...

We, the undersigned, fervently wish that this salacious site desist in repeated attempts to disenfranchise our portion of the Marion County 8th Council District, and 7th U.S. Congressional District.

Signed, Dedicated voters of Marion County, Indiana

A. J. Beveridge

J. Baskett

E. R. S. Canby

H. Capehart

L. Conrad

J. C. Davis

C. Fairbanks

R. J. Gatling

Mr. & Mrs. B. Harrison

T. A. Hendricks

J. W. Kern

O. P. Morton

A. Ralston

J. W. Riley

L. A. Seaton

O. H. Smith

T. Taggart

on behalf of the thousands of our esteemed neighbors and friends.

Wilson46201 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wilson46201 said...

That's certainly a bipartisan list of voters there - I guess we know Webber will get those Harrison, Capehart and Morton votes!!! Of course, their photoIDs might be a little moldy by now...

Anonymous said...

Wilson, you're trespassing on this blog (again).

Wilson46201 said...

My obsessive stalker is trying to distract discussion off of Monroe Gray and Bart Peterson. Can't AdvanceIndiana do anything about her trying to hijack threads for her personal jihad?

Anonymous said...

Wilson, you're not even talking about Monroe Gray. You haven't answered my question from above when I asked how you can back someone as shady as gray. How about it. I think you're obsessing about your stalker. Correct?

Anonymous said...

Wilson, if you don't want the readers of this thread to object to your uninformed obfuscations and utter ignorance, then obey the blog owner and STAY AWAY!

I know this isn't the only blog you are banned from.

Anonymous said...

Carl Brizzi needs to step up to the plate and announce the filing of criminal charges against those involved in the "Sweet Pea Racquet"!

I'd call it racketeering. The voter fraud, lock-out of voters from the budget meeting, Ghost Employment of the Democrat city council president, the variance granted by the wife of the city council majority leader to the city council president to put a bar in a government building, the no-bid concrete contract given the city council president by the co-owner of the city council president's bar (who happens to be on the Airport Authority Board), the appearance in criminal courtrooms on TV while apparently on the city fire payroll, appearance at illegal gambling houses and drug arrests....it sounds like racketeering and corrupt business influence.

Anonymous said...

Brizzi is too scared to charge Gray with anything.
He won't even ask a special prosecutor to look into it.

Brizzi is a lame prosecutor.

Wilson, Gray might be re-elected. People are tired of his crap. He may be on his way out also. Even IF he does win again, he won't be President of the CCC.

Anonymous said...

Gary, Thanks so much for your hard work on this blog. You bring an entirely new dimension to our local political campaigns which has been sorely missing. I think you are having a real impact on some of these political races in a positive way. These candidates read what you write here and are taking it very seriously. Let's just hope enough voters are paying attention to help turn this city around.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Pea now has a position with IFD
Chief James Greeson declaired this morning that he will respond to large incidents as a staff run car. Kinda after the fact isn't it you spineless little weasel?

Anonymous said...

Staff run car? LOL!!!

He won't be incident commander with that high rank, now, will he?

Staff run car sounds a lot like "$83,000/year observer."

Anonymous said...

Anyone who shows up tomorrow at the Democratic Fundraiser to support Monroe Gray WILL have their photos taken by the activists. They are taking action because the fundraiser targeted only minority businesses as a veiled threat that unless the current council remains in place, city MBE contracts could be compromised.

They will be there from 5:00 - 7pm with video and cameras.

They will also display signs for passerbys to bring awareness of Monroe Gray's corruption.

Anonymous said...

"shofar" has it correct.

Wilson46201 said...

That'll be quite a spectacle! A bunch of white folk trying to intimidate African-Americans attending a political gathering? I'm sure Ballard will be grateful for the publicity. Webber must be really desperate...

Anonymous said...

Wilson, isn't that what you were doing at the city-county building when you had a camera (Democrat exception) in violation of the CCB rules???

P. S. Previous post said you were banned from this blog. Go trespass thru the tulips on TDW.

Wilson46201 said...

There goes poor Jocelyn again trying to take over Gary's Blog with her personal obsessions and jihads...

Bart Lies said...

I didn't know the Democrats had the power to dictate what I put in my own yard or when I could put it there.

It's too bad they don't hold their own to the same standard - booting Monroe Gray from their party would be a good starting place if they are so dedicated to righting wrongs.

Anonymous said...

Wilson, isn't that what you were doing at the city-county building when you had a camera (Democrat exception) in violation of the CCB rules???

Wilson got special permission from Shirley Challis, head of CCB security. Of course, Frank would have to answer to Julia if he was told NO!

There is a ruling against the prhibition of cameras and recording devices in the CCB. Now all we need is a challenger!
May have to challenge that at the next CC meeting.

Anonymous said...

That'll be quite a spectacle! A bunch of white folk trying to intimidate African-Americans attending a political gathering?
all they gotta do is be in police uniforms and the party will be short lived. We know that "po-po" has a way with breaking up parties where drug dealers, thieves and felons hang out. That just Monroe Gray

Anonymous said...

Bart Lies needs to do some research on political signs...that city law was passed years ago when the GOP had the mayor's office and lopsided control of the council. You may NOT put a political yard sign in your yard until 30 days prior to the election...all of these Ballard signs are illegal.....that says something about what kind of mayor he would make...I did exaggerate a little...there aren't that many Ballard yard signs.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that the head of CCB security, a civil deputy sheriff, does NOT HAVE AUTHORITY to suspend CCB rules & regulations!

Where is Carl Brizzi???? It is called Official Misconduct, and it IS A FELONY CRIME!

A public servant who:
(1) knowingly or intentionally performs an act that the public servant is forbidden by law to perform;...commits Official Misconduct, a Class D FELONY!

Aren't the CCB rules law by virtue of a city ordinance? If so, then the head of CCB Security, a civil deputy sheriff, MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. (If not a law, then certainly the head of CCB Security, a civil deputy sheriff, has NO AUTHORITY to set aside building rules...and, as for discrimination, why were the rules set aside for a DEMOCRAT party operative???? Sounds like dirty politics, cronyism, CORRUPTION!!! (If not criminal)

Anonymous said...

7:07 Welcome to South Gary, Indiana!

Anonymous said...

-A question for Carl Brizzi:

Since Official Misconduct is a FELONY: Is Wilson Allen guilty of Conspiracy to Commit Official Misconduct by virtue of being the instrumentality of the crime???????????

Anonymous said...

If a civil deputy sheriff, working for a Democrat elected sheriff, is wrongfully allowing a Democrat operative to break established rules on the use of city-county building, isn't it called RACKETEERING???

garyj said...

Its a
"security measure" designed to prevent terrorism. With all the terrorists in Indy, (aside from those on the 25th floor) the CCB could be a real target.

However, Indiana Open Door Law, allows recording device in public meetings.
IC 5-14-1.5-3
Open meetings; secret ballot votes; member participating by electronic means of communication
Sec. 3. (a) Except as provided in section 6.1 of this chapter, all meetings of the governing bodies of public agencies must be open at all times for the purpose of permitting members of the public to observe and record them.

So, we are stuck between a law that is in place FOR the people, and a security measure that is there to PROTECT people.

Most people will not take a camera into these meetings because they are disruptive to the meeting. (Wilson was disruptive, as is the media) Most people will not record these meetings because they would be difficult to record.
Some people may want to take photos of certain people, like Wilson wanted to of Andre Carson.
It seems to be a bogus rule that is almost un-enforceable, but Barts people seem to be untouchable.
We'll see how that goes in Nov.

Not in Wilsons defense, but he did get prior permission, and I think that anyone else would get the same if they asked.

Maybe something for someone to think about on the 8th.

Anonymous said...

Who should take care of the Monroe Gray problem?

If Gray has done something illegal, it is Brizzi's job.

If Gray has done something that violates CCC ethics, the CCC could take care of it.

If he is a dishonest, incompetent, freeloader, the voters a responsible for taking care of it. The mayor shouldn't interfer with the will of the people in Gray's district.

Steve said...

To the posters who keep talking about yard signs being illegal more than 30 days out:
Section 734 of the Marion County Zoning Ordinances exempts political signs from the 30 day rule.

(m) Noncommercial opinion sign, as defined in section 734-501 shall be permitted,
provided the following provisions are met:
(1) Noncommercial opinion signs may be displayed as freestanding signs, as
a. Number of signs per street frontage--Five (5).
b. Maximum sign area--Six (6) square feet.
c. Maximum sign height--Four (4) feet.
d. Setback--Not within the public right-of-way, nor within the clear sight
triangular area.
(2) Window signs--Regulated per the applicable zoning district provisions
pertaining to window signs.
(3) Notwithstanding the limitations set forth in section 734-201(m)(1),
noncommercial opinion signs may be displayed on a sign face that has been
legally established to display advertising signs, in the same manner and size as
an advertising sign is permitted to be displayed on the same sign face.
(4) Noncommercial opinion signs shall have no time limits.

definition of noncommercial opion sign:
Noncommercial opinion sign. A sign, which does not advertise products, goods,
businesses, or services and which expresses an opinion or point of view, such as, a political,
religious, or other ideological sentiment or support or opposition to a candidate or proposition for
a public election.

Any questions?

Anonymous said...

"Who should take care of the Monroe Gray problem?"

--The REAL ANSWER is the FEDs need to do what Carl Brizzi won't: prosecute a criminal!!!

Anonymous said...

" You may NOT put a political yard sign in your yard until 30 days prior to the election..." Don't you just love the Constitution?!

Anonymous said...

How do you like living in South Gary, Indiana?

M Theory said...

Wilson? Who says the people at tonight's rally are only white?

How foolish of you to bring this down to race!

HOOSIERS FOR FAIR TAXATION is staging a photo op and video rally outside the entrances to 1449 N. Pennsylvania tonight from 5:30 to 7pm. (WEDNESDAY)

The rally goers will be photographing (in high res) every single person going in and out of the building.


Because the Democratic Party is hosting a fundraiser and targeted only MBE's and suggested via a veiled threat that if they didn't turn out and spend $100 each to help keep Monroe Gray on the council, that the awarding of contracts to minorities would be in jeapordy.

We wouldn't care if they held a fundraiser and invited everybody. But we call foul when they target only minorities and suggest that without the current band of thieves in control of the City Council that minority businesses will suffer.

Hopefully a lot of LEO's will drive by tonight and honk in support !