Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Brooks Departure Offers Glimmer Of Hope

Fighting public corruption has been one of the lowest priorities for U.S. Attorney Susan Brooks, who today announced she is leaving her post to become the chief legal counsel for Ivy Tech Community College. Given the low esteem that institution is held by most educated Hoosiers as an institution of higher education and the cesspool of political cronyism it has become, some observers might find Brooks' new place of employment quite fitting. Looking beyond Brooks' lackluster performance in the local U.S. Attorney's office, her departure provides an important opportunity to refocus the Indianapolis office under new leadership.

In recent history, both political parties have turned to political insiders for this key law enforcement position. Whether Republican or Democratic, the U.S. Attorneys in the Indianapolis office have turned in a lousy performance when it comes to prosecuting public corruption cases. As a consequence, unchecked public corruption has run rampant in the Southern Indiana district in comparison to the Northern Indiana district, where there has been a plethora of high profile public prosecutions under the leadership of nonpartisan, professional prosecutors.

As Indiana's senior senator, Richard Lugar (R) will have an opportunity to recommend a replacement for Brooks to President Bush. Instead of turning to political bosses for advice on who to nominate for this important post, he would be well-advised to follow in the footsteps of a former Republican colleague from Illinois, who turned down the choices of local political bosses and turned to an out-of-state seasoned professional prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, who had absolutely no ties to Chicago politics. His performance has been nothing short of dazzling. He has prosecuted scores of high-ranking politicians and their cronies, including former Illinois Republican Gov. George Ryan, and still found time to successfully prosecute Scooter Libby in his role as a special prosecutor in the high profile Valerie Plame case.

Sen. Lugar, if you care about the future of the city you once proudly and honorably served as mayor, please help rescue us from the grasps of the widespread public corruption which has a stranglehold on our city. There is nothing you could do to help your beloved city more than to find a hard-charging, seasoned prosecutor to clean up our city. Please don't let us down again by recommending another political hack for this critical law enforcement job.


Anonymous said...

Brooks was so intertwined with the Republican establishment here, that any public corruption cases, and some others, got lost in details.

She's smart.

I can't help but observe, that another hard-right Republican female is given a top job at Ivy Tech (Carol D'Amico). The right cannot resist the temptation to mold IT in their image.

The difference with Susan? She's smarter than Carol, and her job, chief counsel, is actually needed. And she won't likely whine if she isn't appointed president.

I'm told by two career federal prosecutors, that a deputy may be named Acting USA until the end of Bush's term. That's happened in a couple of other jurisdictions. Why?

The Bushies messed with USAs so much, especially in New Mexico and San Diego...I don't think they want anything to do with new nominees. The DOJ is a mess, thanks to Fredo, and trying to get a nominee approved is like throwing gas on a fire. Like so much of the rest of this administration, they may just try to ride it out.

The career men and women at the SoInd USA office know what they're doing. Any of them can do an outstanding interim USA job.

Sir Hailstone said...

Gary - while Patrick Fitzgerald performed admirably while operating Safe Roads and the Hired Truck scandals, FitzFong's prosecution of Lewis Libby was misplaced though. If anyone did any leaking look at Joe Wilson and Richard Armitage.

At this point I don't see the Senate getting votes to approve ANYTHING the Administration puts forward. I foresee 2008 as a useless year for Congress altogether.

Whoever takes the reins should take one in-depth look at the goings on within the Marion County government starting at Sweet Pea Gray and Mayor Bart Peterson, and go down the line along the D's.

Anonymous said...

It is time for the feds to expose the corruption that is The Democrat Machine and put the criminals away.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a democrat, Susan Brooks is one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Anonymous said...

Did she apply for the most recent
Indiana Court of Appeals position?