Sunday, August 12, 2007

So Where Does Rep. Win Moses Really Reside?

The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette's "Political Notebook" column discusses how Fort Wayne legislators, too, have been impacted by skyrocketing property taxes. Sen. David Long (R), who was already fuming over Eric Miller's misleading ads claiming he opposed the repeal of the property tax, saw his taxes rise 75 percent to $7,188 a year. Ooch! On Rep. Win Moses (D) the column writes:

Rep. Win Moses, D-Fort Wayne, saw bills for his two rental units skyrocket by 68 percent and 52 percent.

Those bills of $3,787 and $2,447 don’t include key exemptions or deductions because they are not his primary residence.

He lives in an apartment in Fort Wayne, where he does not pay property taxes though he does pay them on a second home in Indianapolis.

Is it really a "second home" in Indianapolis? According to the Marion Co. Treasurer's records, Moses is paying $9,032.50 on the lakeside home he owns at 6407 Oxbow Way in the upscale Shore Acres subdivision near Broad Ripple. The home's proposed 2007 assessment is $772,800. Those same records list him as owner of a second property at 4701 Indianola Avenue next to Arsenal Park in Indianapolis with annual taxes of $1,571.22 and with a delinquency of $809.16. Rep. Moses was forced to resign in the 1980s as Fort Wayne mayor after he pled guilty to misrepesenting his campaign finances. Democratic committeepersons reappointed him mayor days later, but he was defeated for re-election. Is Rep. Moses misrepresenting something to voters again--namely where he actually resides? Moses was smart enough not to claim a homestead exemption on his Shore Acres home.


Anonymous said...

Dan Sigler was the Adams County Prosecutor who was assigned as Special Prosecutor in the Win Moses case back in '80.
I sat in Dan's living room at that time and Dan said point blank that he would have sent Win to prison.

You see, Dan cut a deal with Win at that time. The deal was that Dan would not send him to prison if he would simply agree to step down from as Mayor and NOT run again.
Win doublecrosssed Dan and got a majority of the precinct committeemen to vote him back in as Mayor.
Needless to say, Dan was extremely pissed and rightfully so.

Now Dan is handling the Kelty case as Special Prosecutor.

Dan was a tremendous prosecutor and great all around person. He could have had several shots at Congress but elected to practice law.

To this very day, if he had it to do over again, he would have sent Win to prison. Shame and disgrace apparently was not enough to do Win's political career in. I'm not sure Kelty will fair as easily as Moses but Dan won't get burned twice.
Only a handful of people know the break that Moses got back in '80. Call Dan about it, ask him.

Anonymous said...

Win Moses has never, ever been trustworthy.

But Holy Jesus, if that were a quality demanded for Indiana legislators, you could convene the annual session in a phone booth. Seriously.

The legislature even oversees it own lobbyists with a commission it appoints.

Sounds like Win wound up right where he fits in.

Anonymous said...

Remeber Moses' first mayoral campaign slogan?


Actually, it was a crook named Kelly who really won.

I still have a button, a gift from Sigler.

Anonymous said...

My only recollection of FW mayoral campaigns was helping my father's friend, a liquor store owner named Ivan Lemabmoff, win one year, a long, long time ago.

Ivan told my dad there was more graft and corruption per capita in Ft. Wayne than Chicago.