Saturday, November 04, 2006

Hypocritical Carson Pleads With Democrats Not To Go Negative

The only candidate in the 7th District congressional race to negatively attack her opponent, Rep. Julia Carson (D), is now pleading with Democrats not to go negative. Feigning outrage at campaign fliers sent out by the DCCC which repeated unproven charges she first raised against her opponent, Eric Dickerson (R), she now professes to support clean campaigning. The Star's Mary Beth Schneider reports:

U.S. Rep. Julia Carson, D-Ind., today called on Democratic campaign groups to stop sending negative attack mail against her Republican opponent, Eric Dickerson.

"I am outraged by the negative mailers sent out by the (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) and completely denounce them," she said.

The mailing accuses Dickerson of having beaten his wife and daughter, and of lying about the incident now.

Carson had disclosed the 1991 incident during a meeting with the Indianapolis Star editorial board several weeks ago. Dickerson was arrested 15 years ago, but the charges were later dropped after his wife refused to testify. The couple is now separated.

Carson said she has never sent out a negative mailing in her 30 years of running for local, state and federal officials. But, she said, under new campaign finance laws, political party groups can spend money on ads that the candidate has no knowledge of nor control over.

"The closing days of a political campaign are crazy, and I favor sanity," Carson said. "I hope the remaining days of this campaign signal a return to sanity and the issues."

Carson's hypocrisy is nothing new, but what is equally disturbing is the disengenuous reporting the Star's Mary Beth Schneider has done everytime this issue is raised. I refer specifically to the following passage in her story: "Dickerson was arrested 15 years ago, but the charges were later dropped after his wife refused to testify. The couple is now separated." While the passage is factually true, the facts not mentioned by Schneider in this story and others she has written on the subject greatly alter its meaning to readers. Those include Paula Dickerson's written denials days after the arrest 15 years ago that her husband beat her up and, more importantly, her public statements immediately following Carson's accusation against Dickerson more recently vehemently denying that her husband beat her up.

The omission of these facts almost seem like punishment because the Dickersons refused to grant an interview to the Star, which first entertained its newsworthiness after Carson leveled the unproven charge during an interview with the editorial board where she, as the Star described it, "rambled" and often provided "disjointed answers" to their questions; instead, the Dickersons chose to respond to the charges through interviews on local talk radio programs. Paula Dickerson's interview with Abdul Hakim-Shabazz of WXNT, in particular, was quite compelling.

Whenever a newspaper discusses a criminal charge involving any person where the alleged crime was never proven in a court of law, it only seems fair that it should disclose all the facts that are known, and not just those that paint the accused in the most unfavorable light. The Star's reporting on this matter from the very beginning has been completely unfair to the Dickersons and misleading to its readers. It is practicing the very form of hypocrisy its editorial board has accused Carson of practicing. It attacks Carson's negative attacks, then repeats the unproven allegations in the most unfavorable light for Dickerson.


Anonymous said...

Elect Eric Dickerson!!!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to refute a police report and a 911 call from your daughter claiming her father is trying to kill her mother. Hard to refute the physical condition of both Mother and daughter.

I don't blame Eric Dickerson for not granting the interview to the Star. They'd bring up the facts and those, he wouldn't be able to deny.

Anonymous said...

I resent voting for Julia in 02 now.

What a hypocrit!!!

The Star's editorial board are a bunch of hypocrits too!!!

Look back to their coverage on Julia's grainy photos sent out by McVey's campaign. The Star had their painties in such a bunch over it.

When Julia does the same thing four years later, when she thought everyone had forgot, the Star excuses her and tries their best to defend her.

Julia and the Star don't care one inkling about our district's real needs.

Hypocrits should not get elected.

People should not subscribe to hypocritical news papers!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you missed Paula Dickerson's interview in response to Julia's mud slinging. Maybe you missed the letter she wrote to the prosecutor 15 years ago.

Noone believes you Karen!

You are just a hired henchman out to destroy Dickerson.

Julia found someone mad at the Republican party for losing her job. She hired you to slander Dickerson.

We know you needed the job. Too bad this job will only last til tuesday.

It was going to be a close race. Not anymore.

Dickerson wins by a landslide.

Noone likes to vote for hypocrits!

Anonymous said...

I voted for Juia before but not this time. Her health is clearly bad and now she is resorting to these nasty mailers. This definitely made up my mind. I will give Dickerson my vote.

Gary R. Welsh said...

karen w, for someone who claims to have been wrongfully terminated by the state, you seem pretty quick to judge someone accused of a crime they were never convicted of committing. You also obviously didn't listen to the lengthy interviews both Eric and Paula gave on local radio station at which they answered all these questions. I hope those who judge your employment case are more open-minded about your case than you are with Dickerson's case.

Anonymous said...

Amen AI. Karen is quick to judge others, but when the shoe is on her foot, she looks for compassion. Maybe when you sue the state, like you said you would do, everyone should come to an unproven conclusion and dismiss your case.

indyernie said...

When Carson was interviewed on the Brown’s show AM1310, she denied that she knew in advance of the Mailers. Later in the interview she stated that she had received a call prior to the Mailers being sent.
She broke campaign laws, she lied in a radio interview and you can't tell me that she didn't have the power to stop these Mailers. She's lying again. Dirty politics by a slimy cheat.

Anonymous said...

I came forward and stood up for myself against my charges. There was absolutely, positively NO PROOF of the charges against me. None, zip, zero.

That's the difference.

If the news that the star is reporting is untrue, then by God Dickerson needs to stand up and fight. File a lawsuit! Stand up against these false claims!

I'm not seeing any of that. Are you?

Anonymous said...

Karen W.

blah, blah, blah.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but it's true blah, Mr./Mrs. Whoever you are/

Anonymous said...

"Hypocritical Carson Pleads With Democrats Not To Go Negative"
Oh she didn't know.
How stupid does she think Indianapolis is?


Anonymous said...

Response to Karen W:

I am inclined to believe that the charges against you are true. Now prove it! Mr. Dickerson's charges were dismissed by the Democrat prosecutor Jeff Modisett. Do you understand what that means in legal terms? are you implying that the prosecutor's office gave him special treatment when he dismissed the case?

You don't have any proof otherwise of the charges against him, yet you are accusing him 15 years after his wife denied it. Who are you to second guess the results?

You had better pray that the jury or the judge does not rule aginst you. If you think Julia Carson cares about you, have her to have one of her cronies give you a full time position.

Anonymous said...

Sure Julia Carson is pleading today after she lied on Amos Brown's showand redused to apologize for the actions of the congressional committee. The Democrats realize now that the 3 mailings has cost them one of their seats in congress. After all of these years, her dirty bag of tricks have caught up with her, and she is not the one who sent it out.

Julia's puppet Wilson Allen took the photographs of Dickerson and sent them to the NDCCC. That is why he is hiding now. He has been exposed too for the liar that he is. I always knew that his cheap camera would get him in trouble.
The games people play when they are desparate. Your plans have backfired again!

Anonymous said...

I'm not accusing Eric Dickerson of anything. I don't even know the man. I'm going by what I've learned through the media (and not just the star). I know of numerous domestic violence cases where the female retracts her statement. Happens all the time. But the police don't retract police reports.

It would be almost impossible for Modisett to have been able to successfully prosecute the case without the wife's testimony. That is pretty obvious.

I say again... if someone had put vicious lies like that about me in the news, I would have sued. That's slander... defamation of character! I would stand up for my rights. Mr. Dickerson has chosen to sit, rather than stand. Why is that?

Anonymous said...

Karen said; "Mr. Dickerson has chosen to sit, rather than stand. Why is that?"

No he isn't..he said it's not true. What else can he do with three days left before the election?

This crap was timed to come out just at the right time so he couldn't do anything but say it isn't true. It was a setup.


Anonymous said...

By the way, I never said that Julia Carson wasn't playing dirty pool in the political area. I don't know whether she knew about the mailings or not... that is between her and her God.

I despise negative campaigning on anyone's part, but it's the nature of the political beast. Too many candidates do it... on both sides of the fence. I don't condone it, but some things you just can't ignore no matter WHO presents them to the public.

If Dickerson were to sue for slander, I might believe. Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words.

Anonymous said...

"If Dickerson were to sue for slander, I might believe. Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words."

I hope he does...but he said he won't go after Carson and lower himself to her level.

The wife said on radio that he didn't beat her. What else do you want?

Anonymous said...

No he isn't..he said it's not true. What else can he do with three days left before the election?

The information was initially brough up by the Indianapolis Star on September 21, 2006. He's had time to at least announce that he's filing some form of lawsuit for slander and/or defamation of character.

I'm not buying the argument that he hasn't had enough time. Just announcing that he was going to file a lawsuit would have made me feel a little more sympathetic to his plight.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on...sue Carson and the machine? Hahahaha. Yea Right!

This guy is getting the bums rush by the National Dems as it is. They are the ones who set this up.

Wilson46201 said...

My digital camera system cost over $1700 - thats what Ernie threatened to destroy online here - and ignorant Jocelyn cant afford a $10 CVS throwaway camera !

And all this whining is done under cover of false names and hidden identities - doesnt ED have any supporters who arent ashamed of themselves?

This is America, the land of the free and the brave -- except for ED supporters here who are whiny un-American anonymouses...

Anonymous said...

I find it laughable that the only thing Wilson has left to harp on is the anonymity of blog commenters - as if it even matters. Is that all you got left big guy?

To use a phrase Wilson is fond of... "Pathetic. Pitiful."

I'm praying for a Dickerson victory. He deserves it, and the old lady needs a rest.

Anonymous said...

Wilson46201 said...

This is America, the land of the free and the brave -- except for ED supporters here who are whiny un-American anonymouses...


I am pretty positive I was born in America - so that does not make me an un-..... anything.


Anonymous said...

Laying awful low, aren't we Wilson? Where have you been. Is Karen your new replacement while you hide out?

She's not doing a good job for Julia. Looks like she'll be looking for another job soon.

Are you scared that your camera and the radio appearence have exposed your illegal activities? You should be.

You and Jen are big time on the defensive.

And don't use that crap that because it is illegal you wouldn't risk going to jail. People do stupid things to risk going to jail all of the time. Your crew wouldn't be the first.

Hope it is a soft landing.

Anonymous said...

The 7th district won't vote a hypocrit into office. Dickerson has my vote.

Anonymous said...

Political speech is the most protected speech. Dickerson could get nowhere with a lawsuit because he is a public figure now.

Go back to school Karen.

Anonymous said...

Karen W, I see you just want to join the sue-crazy, sue-everybody society.

Julia Lied. Period.

Dickerson is going to win this thing and Julia can have her rest.

Anonymous said...

If you look at Julia, it is easy to see that she doesn't really want to win this race.

Only the people who won't let her retire do. They don't care about her health. Just that they can continue their selfish agenda.

Let the woman retire. She had a good run. Let her retire with some dignity.

Anonymous said...

What is MOST amusing is the deafening silence on TDW about the entire negative flyers put out by Julia and camp.

Julia, you LIED.

And by the way, Dickerson NEVER went negative Karen W. And that is the TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

They are going to run Julia until she just drops dead...they don't care if they are contributing to her death either.

She's too old and sickly to undergo the rigors they are pushing her through, all so that they can continue to line their pockets.

When she is no longer in office, those bums won't even go see her.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't look like you are going to get that full time job you were hoping for Karen W.

What's next for you? A few lawsuits to dibble and dab in? Why not earn a living on your own, instead of shooting the dice in the court system. It's much more respectable.

Anonymous said...

Julia LIES again. She was just on a Channel 13 piece saying she "inadvertantly" said something about Dickerson. JULIA YOU ARE SUCH A LIAR!!!

You KNOW you PERSONALLY gave the police report to the Star and said the most vile garbage!!! You should be ashamed of yourself.

The FACTS are out there in the press and on the electronic media. I know one of your minions will try to spin it somehow but these are the facts.

Does Julia and her camp think we are so stupid? In addition to your lies, you go and insult my intelligence.

JULIA LIED AGAIN. "what's worse, or a candidate who lies about it."
Julia Carson, that's who.

indyernie said...

Wilson when did I threaten to break your camera? Why are you attacking me? Have I done something to offend you, if so I'm sorry?
All I've said is that I'd be happy to show you a coward through your viewfinder and stick the camera somewhere so it won't be lost. I’ve never said that I would break your camera. I've haven’t said anything to you in days. Why are you coming to AI and starting your slander and innuendos towards it because of what I posted a few days ago?

“I did hear Julia Carson tell Wilson46201 to stop taking photos. She was rather sharp and to the point. Something like "That's enough, stop that". Wilson was being a jerk by annoying folks trying to attend a church function. One man stepped between Wilson and the people he was harassing by constantly photographing them. Finally Carson chastised Wilson. He acted like a spanked toddler. He didn’t say a word but followed her out sulking.
Sorry I have to ask Wilson. Do you ever bathe and change clothes? I know its not Saturday, but a little soap and water go a long way. And you must have more than one shirt. If not, I'm sure that the Center Township Trustee can help. “

Wilson you need help. If the money is tight ...Please try the Center Township Trustee Office, maybe they can help. You'll feel better on Wednesday, it will all be over and you can rest then. Julia won’t yell at you anymore.

Anonymous said...

Response to Karen W.

You have written several comments on the subject with no objectivity.
You are alleging the proseuctor was wrong to dismiss the charges.

You admit that you did not hear Mrs. Dickerson explantion of the incident on WXNT Radio. I heard the entire interview. I have never met her, but she did not sound like the kind of woman who would recant a battery charge against her husband or allow him to abuse their daughter.

She is a Christian and a teacher, very strong personality and character. She didn't sound like a weak or docile female.

One, if physical damage was that extreme to Mrs. Dickerson and her daughter. The prosecutor could have elected to prosecute him regardless to her letter for a crime against the state for battery. A recant does not mean the prosecutor along with the report of the police and photographs could not have made a case against Dickerson.

You should not be commenting on a domestic case which had no standing in the first place.

He is not guilty and the prosecutor dismissed the charges. What is it about this police report you do not understand. Innocent until proven guilty.

Julia Carson lied to the Indianapolis Star and personally delivered the report. They had not anticipated his wife speaking out publicly about the incident.

Wilson Allen provided the other photographs to the DCCC. This last minute smear of Dickerson is just another example of the kind of politician she really is. This is not the first time these tactics have been used against her opponents. She is behind in the polls and Dickerson will be elected on Tuesday inspite of the mailers.

Thanks for the additional votes Julia and Wilson. You put him over the top!

Anonymous said...

Stupid Insecure Wilson:

You may have to pawn the camera to pay for your libelous lawsuits after the election.

You don't know what I can afford. I can afford to sue you if you continue to slander my name on these blogs.

I am not a candidate this year.

Wilson46201 said...

Ignorant Jocelyn needs to return to Martin U for some education in basic English. "Libelous lawsuits"? huh? Tandy is well-known for her slanders and she is well known for not winning lawsuits.

She's a perennial candidate and a perennial loser. She's a nasty screaming homophobe. She's a mess!

Anonymous said...

What's next for you? A few lawsuits to dibble and dab in? Why not earn a living on your own, instead of shooting the dice in the court system. It's much more respectable.

Might I suggest you borrow a life of your own and leave other people's lives to themselves? I've been doing just fine without baseless, moronic comments from uninformed people like you.

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that this was a blog for people to debate opinions, not a place where other people personally attack those with differing opinions.

Thankfully there are some intelligent, informative opinions on here.. no matter that they differ from mine. However, some children have obviously gotten hold of Daddy's computer and run amok!

Anonymous said...

Stupid Wilson:

I have just been informed by one of your Democrat precinct committeepersons that you are the one who spent hours in the city-county building searching for information on Eric Dickerson and dug up the police report on Eric Dickerson for Julia Carson to give to the indianapolis Star. You sent the information and photgraphs to the National Committee to be used in the mailers.

Did you ever find out the number of earned college credits Julia has while you were digging? Is that a secret too?

When this election is over, what will you be doing with your camera?

Anonymous said...

Response to Stupid Wilson 2:13 PM:

Wrong Again:
Several employees of the Center Township Trustee's office contacted me and provided the information in the complaints.

I filed as a resident of Center Township, and as an elected Democrat Precinct Committeeperson paid for copies of public records to support their information. The employees feared for their jobs and harassment for reporting her abuse in that office and had agreed to testify under a subpoena to protect their employment. I did not disclose their names in my complaint, but they were willing to come forward if Modisett had pursued an investigation.

Andy Jacobs was Modisetts' honorary chairman and Julia had carried him around the black community as a candidate. Jeff Modisett was not about to investigate Julia for fear of losing his black Democrat supporters.

Faye Mowery, clerk and the County election board did have a hearing on the illegal PAC Committee and said the charges should go to the prosecutor’s office while she was the township trustee.

The election contest for voting fraud was well documented on the voter registration affidavits and the poll books. Stephen Goldsmith sent Senator Julia Carson and the 4 voters a warning letter that they would each be charged with a Class D Felony if they did not vote from their legal addresses instead of her address on Park Avenue. Get your facts straight or is that possible.

Anonymous said...

Stupid Insecure Wilson:

Did you attend College?

indyernie said...

She said she was going to(HACKKK-HOCCCCC) church...even Julia (COUUUGGGHT-GERRR-SPIT) wouldn't wear a wig sideways to church. (HOOCCCC-HACCKK, COUUGGHHT-GERR)...GULP (swallow).

Anonymous said...

She's a mess!

Like your clothes.

Anonymous said...

Election Board INFO:

Marion County Election Board

To report cases of election fraud and accessibility problems during the election:

Anonymous said...

I started paying attention to this race when I saw Carson sling the first handful of mud. I followed Mrs. Dickerson's statements and checked out Eric Dickerson carefully.

The irony is that Carson's mudslinging caused me to look closely at Eric Dickerson and in the process I realized he's a far better candidate for Congress than she is. In the meantime I started following what is said about her on blogs, etc. and realized that she is far from the saint I once believed her to be. She's a joke and certainly doesn't belong in Congress.

Recently a friend of mine told me a story of seeing her at a large well attended annual Indianapolis benefit. She rambled about something incomprehensible for so long on stage that someone finally removed her from stage like a bad, unwanted vaudeville performer. He said it was a scream.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:47 - then where Megan had to hold the plate at another candidates forum while Julia fed her face, and all the while the other candidates were still talking at the podium!

Anonymous said...

To check your polling place online: