Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Haughville Syndicate Busted By Feds

Federal agents announced a big-time drug bust today involving 22 persons charged with running the Haughville Syndicate, a long-time westside drug ring, and another two dozen persons charged on state drug charges. A Marion County Special Deputy and an IMPD officer's roommate were among those arrested today. WTHR reports:

Drug task force officers arrested nearly two dozen people connected to a longtime west side drug ring. Among those taken to jail were a Marion County special deputy and the roommate of a metro police officer.

Only Channel 13 Cameras were there as officers went after members of the Haughville Syndicate suspected of cocaine and crack-cocaine trafficking. The arrests were the result of a nine-month investigation.

A 300-man drug task force team began Tuesday morning by serving arrest and search warrants and confiscating money, drugs and guns to bring down a huge west side drug ring known as the Haughville Syndicate.

"We hope that Haughville Syndicate will be no more," said Susan Brooks, Indiana US attorney.

The task force searched for suspects at 38 locations. One of them was the home of Marion County Special Deputy Darrell Greer, who was arrested for possessing drug paraphernalia.

Eyewitness News also learned that another man taken into custody is the roommate of a Metro police officer.

"Cleary it's disappointing to have anybody involved in law enforcement become involved on the other side of the law," said Michael Spears, Indianapolis Metro Police chief.

The task force name 27-year-old Roy Lampkin as leader of the Haughville syndicate. He's one of nearly two dozen people taken into custody. Officers seized approximately $67,000 cash along with 70 weapons, including a machine
gun, an Uzi, assault rifles, a Cobray 9 millimeter rifle, and several thousand rounds of ammunition. Police also found drug paraphernalia and small amounts of drugs at the various search sites.

"You see the number of guns that Ms. Brooks talked about today and that's fairly significant and it shows that they were armed and they were drug traffickers," said Brandt Schenken, ATF.

Drug task force officers expect even more arrests.

Meantime, Eyewitness News talked to the police officer whose roommate was taken into custody. The officer says he's done nothing wrong. Deputy Daniel Greer is in trouble for allegedly having a small amount of marijuana.

The suspected leader of the Haughville Syndicate, Roy Lampkin, surrendered in Atlanta, Georgia Tuesday.

Interestingly, the neighborhood where the drug busts took place, Haughville, is the same neighborhood where controversy has surrounded the residency issue of City-County Councilor Patrice Abduallah. Advance Indiana's investigation uncovered numerous run-ins Abduallah has had with city inspectors for failing to maintain a home he owns at 937 Sheffield Avenue. Abduallah claims to fight for safe, clean and liveable neighborhoods on the CCC's website.

A question worth asking is whether today's drug busts are related to a reported RICO investigation into the operation of pea shake houses in Indianapolis. You may recall a report months ago by Abdul Hakim-Shabazz claiming such a federal investigation was underway. "Sources say the Government has identified nearly a dozen pea shake houses with net profits of more than $29 million, after payouts," Shabazz wrote then. "And that is a conservative estimate," he added. "There is also reason for the federal government to believe that in addition to those profits, millions more have been funneled into financing drugs, prostitution and loan sharking." "Money may have also been funneled into financing legitimate businesses in Indianapolis." Indianapolis police began raiding and shutting down the pea shake houses earlier this year only after pressure started coming from the blogs and area media reports.

WTHR identified the following persons who were arrested in connection with the Haughville Syndicate:

Indictment #1:

ROY LAMPKIN, a/k/a "Baby Boy", a/k/a "Unc", 27, Indianapolis (in custody)
TERRELL TURNLEY, a/k/a "Talls", 30, Indianapolis (previously in state custody)
JAMAEL CARTER, a/k/a "Gar", 25, Indianapolis (in custody)
ANTONIO HARDIN, a/k/a "Loc", 29, Indianapolis (in custody)
ANTWAN SHACKELFORD, a/k/a "Shack", 27, Indianapolis (in custody)
SHERIDAN SISK, a/k/a "Bossy", 25, Indianapolis (in custody)
WILLIE STOTT, a/k/a "Meat", 27, Indianapolis (in custody)
JARVIS WATSON, a/k/a "Jarhead", a/k/a "Bo", 21, Indianapolis
JAMARR GAINES, a/k/a "Omar", 26, Indianapolis

The first indictment alleges that Lampkin is the leader of the Haughville Syndicate and dealt cocaine and crack. It says Turnley, Stott, Carter and Hardin acted as Lampkin's 'lieutenants' who allegedly provided guidance on distributing and pricing the cocaine. Shackelford and Watson are accused of assisting Lampkin by relaying messages from him to his 'lieutenants,' delivering cocaine and collecting and forwarding the money to Lampkin. Sisk is accused of storing, transporting and selling cocaine.

Turnley, Stott, Carter and Hardin are accused of distributing anywhere from an eighth of an ounce of cocaine to nine ounces, with prices from $100 to $6,500.

Gaines is accused as a 'mid-level' distributor of the cocaine.

When police arrested Turnely on July 19, they found 270 grams of crack cocaine in his pants pocket. Whe police raided his house later that day, they found firearms, two digital scales and $3,200. When they searched his cars, they found secret compartments. One of them contained $78,900.00 and approximately 1040 grams of cocaine.

Indictment #2:

EARL ALLEN, a/k/a "E", 32, Indianapolis (in custody)
DAVID LEE HARRINGTON, 30, Indianapolis
LARRY WILLIAMS, a/k/a ""Elbow", 28, Indianapolis
MARIO ADAMS, a/k/a "Bubba", 26, Indianapolis
DEMARCUS GARNER, a/k/a "CoCo", 29, Indianapolis (previously in state custody)
JERMAINE JOHNSON, a/k/a "Main", 24 (in custody)
DEWON WILSON, a/k/a "Cortez", 31, Indianapolis
ERIC GARNER, a/k/a "Mackbone", 31, Indianapolis (previously in state custody)
GARY McMILLER, 40, Indianapolis
JONATHAN FURR, a/k/a "Elo", 26, Indianapolis
CHRISTOPHER SMITH, a/k/a "Cool Breeze", 23, Indianapolis (previously in state custody)DAWAN CALHOUN, a/k/a "Valdez", 28, Indianapolis

Harrington, Allen, Calhoun, Williams, Adams, Demarcus Garner, Johnson, Wilson and Eric Garener are accused of associating with Lampkin's lieuteants. They are called 'mid-level' distributors of cocaine for the syndicate. Police say they distributed the cocaine primarily in the Indianapolis metro area but also sold cocaine to customers from Bloomington and Lafayette, Indiana and the counties surrounding Marion County.

McMiller, Furr and Smith are accused of acting as an alternate source of supply of cocaine for the mid-level distributors in the conspiracy.

The following individuals were charged with state drug offenses:

JASON ABSTON, a/k/a "Jay, 35 (in custody)
ALEXANDER CASH, a/k/a "Credit", 45 (previously in state custody)
WILMER COLE, 36 (in custody)
NATHANIEL HARDIN, a/k/a "Black", a/k/a "Tan", 26
BRANDON HAYES, a/k/a "B", 24
TOSHAWN HINTON, a/k/a "Sin", 20
ANTJUAN JEFFERSON, a/k/a "Twan", 23
STEVEN LEWIS, a/k/a "Rat Boy", 29 (in custody)
COURTNEY LONG, a/k/a Jamal", 21 (in custody)
DEANDRE MAJOR, a/k/a "Fat-Life", 24 (previously in state custody)
ANTHONY MASON, a/k/a "Ant", 30
LONTRELL MILLIGAN, a/k/a Milk Man" 23 (in custody)
JOSEPH MODESITT, a/k/a "White Boy Joe", 21
KEENAN ROLLERSON, a/k/a "Bird", 19 (previously in state custody)
JAMES SUBLETT, a/k/a "Jizzle", 27 (in custody)
RIONDAL TAYLOR, a/k/a "Ron", 26 (in custody)
ANTWAN WATKINS, a/k/a "Twan", 27
CAMERON WILLIAMS, a/k/a "Killer", 19
DESMOND WILLIAMS, a/k/a "Tink", 26


Anonymous said...

dang. they didn't get monroe gray in this one. i wonder if he's still involved in the activities at the "used tire store" at 38th and capitol. drugs and prostitution abound because of what happens there. his car has been seen there. i know amos bron says it's a cultural thing and we just can't understand it. i doubt that many african americans would consider the drugs and prostitution part of there culture. i hope it is just a matter of time before this gets blown wide open.

Anonymous said...

That is some list of suspect nicknames, I'll say that.

But too many lack real creativity, and you'd expect at least one "L'il..." and maybe a "P-Nut" in a group that size.

I hope they can manage to keep these losers locked up.

Anonymous said...

Who is the cop that was the "room mate"? Is he/she involved?
The ryerson rag is quick to post the names of "suspects", lets have ALL the names. OR do we not believe in "innocent until proven guilty"

Anonymous said...

I am confused. Is the special deputy the room mate of the IMPD officer, or is someone else arrested/wanted that room mate?

Anonymous said...

"Syndicate" is a kinf word for a group this large. Using normally-accepted standards, you can bet there were jsut as many felons on which they couldn't get sufficient warrant evidence, and whom they're still trying to indict.

This constitutes a full-scale gang. A large one, too.

Undoubtedly, the more they operated, the more brazen they got. Typically, in these kinds of raids, the evidence technicians find a bonanza, and it takes a week or two to decipher all the info they gather from these houses.

And I'm hoping that some of that information has some common denominators with these pea shake goons. Neighborhoods need to be permanently rid of pea shakes and drug houses. (Same thing?)

Kudos to US Attorney Brooks, and all involved in this indictment. It is clear they've worked a long time.

Anonymous said...

For everyone's info, all of the pea-shake houses that had been shut down have been open and running strong for months now. The Carson/Gray/Drummer gang seems too hot for Peterson to handle.

Anonymous said...

A family tree of some of the suspects might prove interesting.

Anonymous said...

Please call the Pea Shake Houses by their real name.


The numbers racket in Indy is the largest of it's kind in the United States. It's is Arican American Organized Crime, AKA The Black Mafia.

These top drug dealers will be prosecuted by the Feds under RICO.
If the numbers houses in Indy were hit by the Feds they would be charged under RICO too.

The numbers houses are tied in with local law enforcement for protection so don't expect anything to happen on that end.

If the Mayor has a weakness it's the numbers racket. If the Feds hit the numbers racket here as most believe they will, the Mayor and many on his Council will go down in flames at election time.

Anonymous said...

I hope the arrests were done by feds. If they were done by our guys, we might not get convictions due to our officers not being sworn in as cops.

Anonymous said...

Find the Big King Pin and cut is head off!

Did they get the financial backers of the large shipments being transported into the city? The respectable men in suits who payoff the corrupt politicans and recruit replacements for the ones arrested. The smaller dealers makes headline news, while the big guys serve on corporate boards and contribute to political campaigns. These small time dealers don't have the big connections to smuggle drugs in from South American and the Middle East.

Who really reaps the mega millions in profits from the illegal cocaine and heroin sales? All of the dope is not in Haughville. What about Meridian Kessler, Fishers, Carmel, Geist, Noblesville, Avon, Brownsburg, Greenwood.

How much drug money in being laundered through the banks and huge real estate investments?

Anonymous said...

Man. Center Grove don't get no respect.

Anonymous said...

This blog is usually very informative and interesting. Until the IndyU crowd wanders in and takes over.

Anonymous said...

they need to travel a little further south of Michigan street as well.belmont, holmes, addison and belleview seem to have the crackhouses spaces every two doors apart as well.

caseyalexander said...

Haughville syndicate the real story. My father is Cash Alexander. He is on the third sey of men arrested. First off the name Haughville Syndicate is a name givin to the group by the media. Here are some things you wont hear about this group. The list by media is only 22 people. The real list is over 175 people. The reason you dont know this is that. Some of the people on this list ar giveing infomation to the police. You ask whats so wrong with that? Well when children are being killed over it i find it very wrong. Oh but no one herd about that did they? demarcus gardner's son and Ex-Wife were shot and murderd along with a longtime family friend and her daughter. The media said "this is a drug related murder". This is a false statement. Ther were drugs and mone in the home but it was left untouched. This was a message to those who were arrested from those who escaper prossicution. It was ment to let them know not to tell or "snitch". Alot of these men did deserve to go to jail but, a good portion of them were just addicts caught in their addiction. Another person on the death toll is a man called mainer. He shot and killed himself after a police persute. They said in the media that he was killed by a stander 9mm which is a police issued round. This is also a false statment he was found with a 45 calliber round as the cause of death. The only weapons in the car were a 45 revolver and a 12 gauge shotgun. My father did not want this information to be released for fear that the groups remaneing members may come after me. After reading your posts i had to set the story strait. It was never the meaning of this group for someone to be killed. It sadens me and my father that it has come to that. I set out to open the eyes of some people inthis matter and i hope i have done that here. Thank you for reading. If there are any questions please feel free to reply to this comment and i will try to answer some questions you may have.