Thursday, August 02, 2007

Long Leads Democratic Field For Governor

Much to the disappointment of the head honchos over at the Indiana Democratic Party, former U.S. Rep. Jill Long Thompson is way ahead of her Democratic primary opponents according to a poll conducted by the Benson Strategy Group between July 23 and July 25. Big bucks Jim Schellinger came in dead last. Here are the numbers:

Jill Long Thompson 33%
Richard Young 12%
Jim Schellinger 8%

I got a chuckle reading these comments in the South Bend Tribune from Schellinger's campaign:

Mike Edmondson, Schellinger's campaign manager, said the poll's only surprise "is that Jill Long Thompson is not doing better" . . .

Edmondson said he also thinks it strange that the list of supporters attributed to Schellinger did not include former House Speaker John Gregg, who is from southern Indiana.

"They tried to make him an Indianapolis candidate," Edmondson said.

He added: "We're focused on providing better leadership for Indiana, not defeating other Democrats."


Anonymous said...

" "They tried to make him an Indianapolis candidate," Edmondson said." clueless. Perception isn't everything, but it sure counts for something!!!!

Now, if you'll excuse me I have to go and find a rag to clean up all the coffee I spit on my monitor...

Anonymous said...

Mike is a good guy, doing the company line. Don't blame him.

Blame the power brokers who put up Jim. Jim's a nice guy, too...but he has no political ties or experience. Just a bunch of officeholders supporting him.

And in case you haven't looked lately, voters' gag reflex just isn't very good right about now. We don't like being told who we should support.

Jill is sometimes flakey, always smart and would try do do her best.

But my guess is that Mitch sealed his re-election with the reassessment announcement. Brightest political move in Indiana in 40 years. Damn it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous two postings - but just wanted to add that I think it is sad that a state party is trying to push someone down the voter throats...based soley on his bank account.

I think Jill Long Thompson is the best candidate to represent Democrats this fall.

Anonymous said...

I vividly recall back in 1980 when the late Don Michael was Democratic State Chairman he steered clear of endorsing any Democratic candidate for Governor even though the majority of District and County Chairman jumped into the Hillenbrand camp very early. Don took a lot of heat for not taking sides.
Why did they jump on the Hillenbrand bandwagon? Money!
Carter took the entire state ticket down in '80 but Chairman Michael at least had the smarts to stay out of the Hillenbrand, Townsend and Rock primary fight.

I'm afraid Chairman Parker, Jen and all the others backing THE SHELL from their positions at the Democratic State Committee will all be in jobs in the private sector after this primary is over, if not before.

Chairman Parker flunked politics 101 and his career in politics is now at an end.

Anonymous said...

Jill Long = political hack

Anonymous said...

"Mike is a good guy, doing the company line. Don't blame him."

Mike is an idiot. He's never won a race (not even his own) and is probably Jim's biggest problem.

God knows I wont give Jim a check knowing he's using it to pay that party reject.

Besides, If Jim was so important why hasn't Bayh, Bauer and his S. Bend brothers backed him?

Anonymous said...

Parker has told all of the party insiders that he fired Edmondson for backing Shellinger too early out of the gate. Mike knew he could never win the race in his district, but he took a bullet for Bart. He may be on the outs with Parker, but we shouldn't underestimate his ability to raise money for Shellinger, that would be to our detriment. We should definitely be pulling for Long Thompson to win the primary.

Anonymous said...

Hey, 2:4, genius:

Bayh has backed Schellinger. He dropped several dimes on major contributors and backers, as well as unions.

Anonymous said...

BINGO, 6:16 just won the prize. There's a reason why the party is lining up behind Shellinger. Bayh made his decision and they have their marching orders.

Jill and Richard are just wondering if they can run for Lt. Gov., and THAT job has already gone to John Gregg.

Anonymous said...

We could do a lot worse than Jogn Gregg for LG.

Wait, we did in 2004...