Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Take Comfort In This: Carson Reads The Stars

An item in today's The Hill will only further fuel concerns about Rep. Julia Carson's fitness to continue representing the people of Indiana's 7th congressional district. The Capitol Hill newspaper's column "In The Know" cites a Carson staffer as saying she relies on astrology to make important decisions in her office. The column item reads:

Rep. Julia Carson (D-Ind.) relies on astrology to make important office decisions such as hiring choices — and often she is spot-on, says the congresswoman’s scheduler.

Carson follows in the footsteps of former first lady Nancy Reagan, who was famous for having an astrologer, and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), who as first lady claimed to have channeled Eleanor Roosevelt.

Aarti Nayak, Carson’s scheduler, says her boss’s use of astrology keeps things in the office sort of mystical. Although she’s not burning incense just yet, Carson is a strong believer. In job interviews, she reportedly always asks for birthdays so she can check up on the astrological sign of the potential hire. “She’s usually dead-on,” said Nayak.

No word on which signs might take you out of the running.

A well-respected, long-time journalist in town once told me that she had it on good authority that Carson also practiced voodoo. I suppose if she's reading the stars to make important office decisions, almost anything is possible. Hat tip to Jim Shella's blog.


Wilson46201 said...

As somebody who used to be able to cast horoscope natal charts without computers, I know Julia plays around with astrology with sun signs - the kind of silly superficial stuff one sees in popular newspapers. She always says I'm such a Virgo! Nobody serious about astrology would use only a birthday for anything without knowing birth place and birth time. Aarti was quite over-reaching in her light-hearted characterization.

Julia also doesn't do voodoo - she's a damn serious Baptist -- that reporter confused her with Miss Charlotte, the Fifth Ward Chairlady who passed away 10 years ago. She had quite the reputation: lucky powders, death candles, etc. Great at elections too! I wish I knew her secret spells...

P.S. Someday I'll tell how upset the I.U. Astronomy Dept was at me for trying to get NASA tapes to use on their computer to program natal chart drawing...

Anonymous said...

"I ain't got no nickel in that dime."
-Julia Carson

Anonymous said...

Maybe the stars can tell her what happened to the little girl she was so concerned about who was sitting in her lap and eating food off of her plate.

Wilson46201 said...

Some folk worry about hungry children -- others worry about illegal aliens and homosexuals...

Anonymous said...

i saw her with my own eyes recently. she is not capable of consulting with anyone, including her astrologer. she didn't even have her wig on straight. she is clearly not competent to be representing her district in the house. there is no defending this. seriously, she looked so bad i cannot imagine how she is enduring any type of travel schedule.

looking ahead, way ahead. indiana is going to lose another house seat in 2010. this district will have to be expanded to include more burbs which are all solidly republican. if it doesn't change hands in the next cycle, it won't be long.

Wilson46201 said...

The next redistricting won't take effect until 2012...

Anonymous said...

Who do Voodoo? Julia do Voodoo? Voodoo Julia make Zombie? Julia Zombie?

Anonymous said...

He He He, sounds like script from “John from Cincinnati”

Anonymous said...

-Just a reminder: Wilson is banned from this blog. He is a trespasser (and liar).

Julia has been senile for the last few years. We all know that her votes are what The Machine tells her to do, her correspondence is not written by's from The Machine.

Let's face it, Julia is our Fool on Capitol Hill!

Since The Machine has taken over Indianapolis, you may want to ask Julia how her "party loyalist," Gus Savage (of The Machine) is doing, too!

Anonymous said...


Puh-leeze. I'd rather take my chances with the Magic 8-ball.

Anonymous said...

I looked up Gus Savage, Gary....sounds like a Julia clone!

Savage was born in Detroit, Michigan and graduated from Roosevelt University. He served in the United States Army from 1943 to 1946. He worked as a journalist from 1954 to 1979, owning a chain of community weekly newspapers in the Chicago area. He was unsuccessful in his candidacy for the House of Representatives in 1968 and 1970, losing the Democratic primary both times. Savage won election to the House in 1980, representing the 2nd District on Chicago's south side. He caused some controversy as he claimed that only white people could be racist, while also making statements against both white and Jewish people that were considered to be racist and anti-semitic. In 1989, Savage was accused of trying to force himself on a female Peace Corps worker in Zaire. Savage denied these allegations and blamed it on the "racist press." In January 1990, the House Ethics Committee decided that the events did occur, but it did not take disciplinary action because Savage wrote a letter of apology to the woman.

Wilson46201 said...

trespasser? huh? what sort of stuff am I being accused of now by the anonymous nobodies?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, things in her office are mystical, alright.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, astrological consultation is the least of her worries.

She's dillusional. The little girl on her lap thing, that was only part of the story.

Blow it off all you want, Wilson. She lost it. On TV, in front of anyone who cares to see. And from what I hear, it's not unusual. Just ask Sarge.

She has richly earned the right to relax at the twiligiht of her life. Hell, last week she missed a vote on a bill she sponsored.

The jockeying has already begun.
Hint: it won't be Carl, and it won't be her grandson.

Anonymous said...

Wilson is heaed for cardiace arrest when the Ghetto Queen leaves office. Who's horse is he going to ride when the voters finally replace her. Julia does practice voodoo and other occult crafts. You don't know everything Wilson.

Anonymous said...

Just like Nancy Reagen relied on astrologers to make decisions.

This is not newsworthy.

Anonymous said...

"Julia also doesn't do voodoo - she's a damn serious Baptist"

Voodoo is inter-woven into Christianity. Why? I don't know, ask Carson.
Someone being a “good Baptist” doesn't exclude one from practicing Voodoo or anything else.

Anonymous said...

"Just like Nancy Reagen relied on astrologers to make decisions."

Nancy Reagan was never elected to any office.

Anonymous said...

and thank God (and the stars) for THAT, 8:53. Her late husband did quite enough to us, thank you very much. But we all know Nancy was the 1980s Cheney, the uber-fuhrer, unelected and scary as hell.

Anonymous said...

Wilson...and some democrats worry about witch hunting a dominatrix who hurt no one, never had an incident complaint, helped many, and obviously broke no laws (see case dismissal). How do you explain that within the 'liberal' guidelines of the democratic party?

What was your point about the democrats again?

Anonymous said...

"Someone being a “good Baptist” doesn't exclude one from practicing Voodoo or anything else"

Ummm, that whole "Have no other gods before Me" commandment kinda gets in the way of that.

Anonymous said...

"uber-fuhrer, unelected and scary as hell."

You're now confusing Nancy with Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Meylssa, darlin, I have nothing against domination. You selected it as a hobby/profession (I honestly don't know which)(and don't care). I have friends who, uh, frequent establishments like yours. I cast no stones on that choice. To each his/her own.

But performing that activity in a residential setting, it it's more than, oh once a weke or so, has consequences. Zoning laws are put forth for a reason. Mostly to protect health, safety and general well-being.

Aside from the occasional parties one might hold, most other citizens don't have persons trooping in/out of their home on a regular basis.

I'm not saying the city had the right to harrass you. I just think this was a misunderstanding that got way out of control, and persons on each side refused to back down. Lots of ego here.

That said, you have now taken broad brushes and painted all who ever opposed you as dishonorable (your words), and all Democrats in office as less than human.

Try a narrower brush, dear. Zero in on specifics.

You have a better chance of being heard withi credibility.

Leo here. On the cusp of something, I never know what. You?

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's a big deal that she's into astrology or voodoo. It does explain a lot.... an AWFUL lot though.

I could see her being voodoo and Christian. But if she's something like Baptist (a very conservative sect), the affiliation probably wouldn't approve of her letting spirits inhabit her body and what-not. Although that would explain her conduct in the 90's.

Anonymous said...

I broke no zoning laws and never once had an incident complaint.

Had I broken zoning laws, the case would not be dismissed and I would be found guilty instead. I spent far more than the city's $2500 fine defending myself because I am innocent of breaking laws.

What I do in my house is my business and the business of those with whom I do it. I knew the home based business zoning regs and I did not break them. Do you know the zoning regs? It appears you are spewing opinion without reading the laws first. Which is what a lot of people did to me.

I know you have not read the laws pertaining to home based businesses. Have you read the Constitution lately?

I was nothing more than a tutor to submissives. Teaching is an allowable home based business. The government has no business telling people what they can teach or not teach when the lessons do no harm.

I was used for political agenda on the taxpayer dime. How much of your money do you think was wasted on this?

I could sue the city, which is what I was originally planning. Or I could do what I am doing which is to make sure I do everything I can to expose the corruption and abuses of the office held by our mayor and the city councilors who condone his unlawful actions.

As an aside, I saw no more than two or three clients a week at the most. Most of the work I did was consultation work with couples' and confused isolated individuals and was done by phone.

Remember that upon a time the gays were locked in closets of fear and shame by ridiculous hypocrisy and judgemental societal taboos.

People cannot self-actualize inside closets of fear and shame. The reason we live is to self-actualize. I gave people a platform to do that by letting them express who they are as an individual without judgement.

I'd say that is pretty 'liberal' thinking, wouldn't you?

Anonymous said...

""Have no other gods before Me" commandment kinda gets in the way of that."

Voodoo is a mixture of Christianity and magic. I know it's confusing but blame the folks who practice it.
A practitioner of Voodoo will participate in Voodoo on Saturday night and be at Sunday school the next morning. After service the same person will serve lemonade at the afternoon church social.

Scary if you believe in Voodoo.
So Wilson, tell us about the curses Carson has cast.

Anonymous said...

11:05 I'll answer that:

Julia cursed us with a Tax & Spend political patronage machine.

Anonymous said...

Repeating unsourced third-hand (at best) rumors that trade on invidious stereotypes? This blog is pretty much racist garbage. You should be ashamed of yourself, Gary.

Anonymous said...

Julia Carson involved in the occult. Who would have ever suspected? And Voodoo? Doesn't surprise me either.
What does surprise me is that people actually vote for her.

Oddly enough, astrology and Voodoo were all tied in to the black illegal numbers racket in Harlem first and then in Chicago. Players would spend a ton of cash for a lucky this or a lucky that as well as books using astrology to pick the numbers.

Julia didn't just develop some kind of innocent passing interest in this kind of activity, she grew up with it. It was taught to her.

I'm not going to knock her for using a little powdered mojo or a lucky monkey's paw now and then because a person has to believe in something don't they?

I don't want to stir the pot but is anyone aware that Julia may have a substance abuse problem.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the private sector ban the practice of asking age or birth dates in interviews out of concern of age discrimination lawsuits?

I guess Julia's argument to the EEOC is that she was discriminating against only Leos and Sagittariuses!

Anonymous said...

Mylssa, your explanation of home-based business is not what I was told, so I stand corrected.

2-3 students a week? Seriously?

Yeah, I know the home-based business ordinance. Better than you might think.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Gabe R, the reporter in question got the information from a prominent African-American woman who has known Carson for many years. Don't bring your Wilson-Allen race-baiting complaints to my doorstep.

Anonymous said...

I charged anywhere from $50 to $100 hour for phone interviews and consultations depending on the person(s).

Sessions were $350 each. I was very picky about who I would accept as a client. I pre-screened rigourously by phone in the pre-session interviews. If they sought sexual servicing they were not admitted. In fact I was vicious with sex seekers. One I even turned into the police.

As yourself is my offering sexual servicing to a man who thinks with his sex organ service to women? The point of femdom is to teach men how to serve women, not for men to exploit women!

I accepted only those clients who wished to be taught their role and who would comply with my rules. I had a lot of rules.

I also had a published Mission and Manifesto that served as guides for my work.

That's why I didn't see a lot of clients. I saw far less than a piano teacher would, for instance.

Bottom line is that taxpayer money was used to seriously hurt me for nothing more than a political agenda of the mayor's. You will note this took place right about the time he was trying to pass his IndyWorks and it was failing.

One would think that the 'liberal' democrats would be understanding about one's personal freedom to conduct what amounted to teaching role play.

I think the democrats are only liberal toward gays because they are organized and can bring votes in big numbers.

In fact, Chief Greeson was overheard calling me a bulldyke at Monday's CCC meeting. That sure doesn't sound very liberal to me. (For the record, Greeson says he did not call me that and professed his honesty to me when I called him after the fact.)

You will note that the Mayor has never apologized to me for what he did to me and how he wasted your money.

Anonymous said...

Oh please. The idea that I'm the one race-baiting here is absurd. Yeah, I'm race-baiting because I point out that you are trading in a stereotype that has been used historically to delegitimize and dehumanize African Americans? That's some gall. What's worse, by your own admission, the rumor you are spreading is third-hand and not publicly sourceable. In other words, by any reasonable standard of evidence, it lacks any and all credibility. No serious journalist would publish what you are writing, nor would any court accept it as testimony. It is simply unsubstantiated drivel.

Let's be clear: I don't like the idea of my congresswoman using astrology to make decisions. But that claim is of a different sort and the evidence for it is credible and can be independently verified.

Accusations of "voodoo" and "black magic" have a long and invidious history in American political discourse and shouldn't be flung around casually or without real evidence. So, Gary, what's your evidence for that racially-charged claim? Who was the journalist? Who is the "prominent African American" woman? If you can't provide that information, I suggest you keep your mouth shut and stop acting like a school-yard gossip.

Anonymous said...

Is astrology any weirder than believing in an immaculate conception? I'm not making any judgements here, just asking a question.

Anonymous said...

In the grand scheme of things not really. Like somebody said earlier, I don't care if she reads bones or sniffs muskrat hair. From what I've seen there's no reason to dislike somebody because of their religion when they give you so many more to work with!

If she was voting on a throw of the dice or if she had a little statue of Jobu in her office that she gave rum to every day that would be peculiar, but I would doubt it was at that level even when she had her act together.

Anonymous said...

It IS against the law to ask people when their birthday is. Tsk Tsk Julia.

Anonymous said...

Jason, I think most people dislike Julia because she is totally incompetent and senile, and a disgrace to the people of Indianapolis!

Wilson46201 said...

...and the voters have been choosing Julia Carson since 1972 despite the carping and gossiping of some! Deal with it!

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct for once Wilson. Julia Carson has served HER PEOPLE since 1972. That's a fact.


Without UNIGOV Indianapolis would have a population today of 330,000.

Now you see why Carson's district has over 11,000 abandonded houses and the highest inner city crime rate in the country.

Hell yes, she has represented HER VOTERS well.

Anonymous said...

Julia Carson is truly Our Fool on Capitol Hill!

Anonymous said...

Yeah.. Mr. Wilson she is kind of embarassing. Please tell her to straighten up.

Anonymous said...

I heard congresswoman Julia Carson is having an affair with Mitch Daniels. They are in love.