Monday, February 08, 2010

More Media Double Standards

A few weeks back, the congressional office of U.S. Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) sent out a color, four-page brochure to voters in his 7th congressional district that I mistakenly confused with a campaign brochure. The brochure was full of smiling pictures of Carson and plenty of talk about how many great things Carson is accomplishing for his constituents. If a candidate had to pay to send out such a brochure, it would have cost his or her campaign well in excess of $50,000. Taxpayers picked up the tab for Carson's political mailer. Naturally, the media had nothing to say.

Today, the Star's Mary Beth Schneider takes Secretary of State Todd Rokita to task for the contents of an official e-newsletter put out by his office last week. "In his Rokita Report, e-mailed by his office last week, Rokita posted a note: 'Friends, Thank you for continuing to follow me and my office through the Rokita Report," Schneider reports. "If you are interested in my campaign for U.S. Representative for Indiana's 4th Congressional District, please visit my campaign Facebook page. Best, Todd.'"

I'm not going to defend Rokita's inclusion of the reference to his congressional campaign. It was wrong and showed poor judgment on someones part in his office. The actual cost of this blunder to taxpayers? Zero. My point is that transgressions of Andre Carson are completely overlooked by the media in this town, while it pounces all over every transgression of other politicians. I swear, Andre Carson could be caught in bed with a dead prostitute or a live boy and the media in this town would simply throw up their hands and say, "Hey, he didn't have a father growing up."


artfuggins said...

I received the brochure and found it to be a briefing from my congressman and contained absolutely nothing political. Unlike Rokita, when Carson sends a Christmas card, calendar or something of that order, it is always labeled that that is sent at campaign expense. If he never sent anything, the blogs would be saying that he never communicated with his district.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

I get Carson's mailers. Oversize, multi-color, slick paper, using his signature as a stamp (franking).
What is REALLY sad is the content.
"'s clear that folks are cutting back on expenses...I believe the government should do the same."
"I'm working to rein in spending..."
All of this after voting YEA to spending and giving away $TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars.
Yet I'm sure his people will believe every word he says.

Downtown Indy said...

Likewise, a Start article the other day - chastising by name several Indiana senators and representatives who voted for Obama's deficit-increasing legislatation - conveniently omitted Carson's name.

M Theory said...

Did you guys know that Carson sold his house in Indy and lives full time in Washington now?

I wonder if his grandmother, who was always close to The People, is rolling over in her grave.

Gary R. Welsh said...

art, Why doesn't Carson conduct townhall meetings open to the public? Is he afraid to answer his constituent's questions?

Blog Admin said...

Gary, I'm by no means a defender of Carson, but I'm confused in the legal aspects of the matter.

The franking privilege lets members of Congress send mail to constituents free of charge, and as you cited here, material that often looks like campaign advertising is sent. But who actually pays for the production of this pseudo-campaign material? Certainly the franking privilege is meant for Congressional reps and their official offices to use, and not their campaign committees, right?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Indy Student, The maling could have been done much less cheaply if it hadn't been a full-colored brochure and four pages in length. Nothing much of substantive value was contained in the mailing. Its purpose was clearly to promote Andre Carson and not to inform his constituents as these mailings are supposed to do.

Wilson46201 said...

Melyssa Donaghy is sadly misinformed about Congressman Carson's residency but there's no need to spread her ignorance. André, his wife and small child own their home in Center Township -- she's an educator in a Township school system -- he also rents a small apartment in Washington, DC. He commutes regularly for the weekends.

interestedparty said...

Since the subjects of franked mailings has come up, the ones that irritate me are the ones from my reps (R) at the statehouse. These are self-serving and paid for by my taxes. Always cloaked as a "questionnaire", they present issues written in a way that I am not able to choose an answer that states what I believe. So, I have to choose one that is (a) not adequate for stating my view, (b) write in comments that probably won't be tabulated, or (c) not reply making it seem that I am not interested in the issue or what my rep does on the issue. Oh yes, our household name is on the return portion, so that politician gets to put my name on some list or other, and probably weights any answer that I do provide. I find this shady.

Marycatherine Barton said...

I never receive any mailings from Congressman Carson's office. Since he voted against auditing the Fed, for bailing out the banksters, and for the military/war budget submitted to him by Obama, the liberals now have not only a war president, but a war congressman in the 7th district. Way to go, Andre.

M Theory said...

I'm sorry Wilson. Does he reside in his home in Mapleton Fall Creek or did he buy another house in Indy?

Please advise where he lives.

I've been informed by numerous people that Andre no longer lives in Indy and spends all his time in Washington DC.

Do his kids go to school in Indy? Does his wife still teach in Indy?

Please update us for the record.

Wilson46201 said...

Congressman Carson regularly commutes between his Indianapolis family, office and residence to Washington, D.C.

1. Yes, he moved to new address within Center Township.

2. His wife still teaches in Indianapolis.

3. His child is way too young to attend school anywhere.

M Theory said...

Did Carson sell his house in Mapleton Fall Creek?

And if so, where does he live now?

Transparency. I'm not taking your word for it that he lives in Indy, Wilson. That's too easy.

We knew where his grandmother lived and that was always kind of comforting to know she didn't hide away from her constituents.

Exactly where is Andre's home?

indyernie said...

Want to know where Carson lives? Look for his property tax bill...if he still lives in Indy the statement will show his property address.

Wilson46201 said...

Ernie's right. Congressman Carson's residency is on a number of public records. If you disbelieve them or me, disprove it!

Melyssa, people talk about you like a dog so why do you want to spread bullshit yourself? You know how harmful and hurtful gossip, rumor and innuendo can be. Don't do it yourself to others...

Blog Admin said...

Wilson saying not to gossip about others after calling Gary Welsh a "Religious bigot and white supremacist". Now Wilson previously has gotten away with the religious bigotry comments on entries concerning AI over at iPOPA, but the "white supremacist" comes out of the blue.

TLDR: Wilson preaching the gospel that gossip and slander is bad is full of lols.

indyernie said...

I think a better question concerning Carson is... where did he get his mortgage? Did he pay market value for his new home or was there a discount for favors or... did someone help him with its purchase price? Did Carson get the Obama Deal? Is he paying the normal interest rate or did he get the FAMILY rate for past or future considerations?

artfuggins said...

HFT, you need to review neighborhood boundaries. Congressman Carson, his wife and small child have never lived in Mapleton Fall Creek. Why you are attempting to smear him with some kind of fake info that he has moved to D.C. You can check with his property tax records, his campaign filing papers, his campaign finance records etc if someone from Mars has beamed to you that he has moved to D.C.

M Theory said...

I'm checking out what I've been by from numerous sources.

Please don't take an attitude with me. I'm Carson's employer and Carson chose to be my servant. As employer, I'm doing my job.

I know my place in the relationship.

And I know something doesn't smell right in regard to this. And now that the issue is out there, several people are looking at it.

I've already had four or five emails on the subject. :)

If I'm wrong, that's ok. What's important is that The People (Carson's employers) know all the facts.

artfuggins said...

Melyssa, if you are so concerned with the facts, why not start with researching the fact to find out which neighborhood he resides. You have repeatedly stated the wrong neighborhood. Just of of your pieces of misinformation that you attempt to pass off as "fact".

indyernie said...

I was told (and I believe that I read here at AI)that Andre agreed it was important for our Congressman to stay in the hood like Grandma a matter of fact the Carson team made an issue of Eric Dickerson's residence when he ran against Julia.
Oh what a difference a couple of years make.
Is Andre is movin on up...and leavin the rest behind.

M Theory said...

Art? You defend Carson, yet don't offer me a an address.

I'm looking. You can bet others are too. I have not come up with any conslusive, but I'm going to ask until the question is answered.

He did sell his house, yes? Why did he sell his house? Where did he move?

I appreciate that you are in the know here. Please share the address so we can check it out. Please, offer up the facts as you know them.

Paul K. Ogden said...

I'm sorry, I'm just now reading this. I got such a laugh out of Art's statement:

"I received the brochure and found it to be a briefing from my congressman and contained absolutely nothing political."

Never in the history of this country has there NOT beeen a political angle to the franked mail that is sent out by our members of Congress.

Paul K. Ogden said...


I have to agree with HFFT. You're way too defensive on the subect. Andre Carson is a public official who has to have his address of public record. Why then are you skittish about revealing the address?

interestedparty said...

I don't have a dog in this fight. However, from the perspective of my limited experience on the internet, I wouldn't think it is prudent to list someone's PERSONAL information like address, phone, school children attend, etc., etc.,. There are too many people out there who could use it wrongly on a whim, and who would want to be the unintentional facilitator of unfortunate things happening? Since you-all seem to know each other, why not make private contact some other way to exchange needed information. I'm not saying his info should not be available to the public, but I have reservations about posting it on line.

artfuggins said...

I know his address. I have visited his home. If Melyssa is as smart as she says she is.....two minutes on the computer will give you his address. I am not her lackey and it is my responsiblity to provide her with data to use to smear Andre.

M Theory said...

Art? You are being evasive. And one can own a rental property, for instance, and not live here.

Last I checked Obama's Chicago address was on the Internet. I saw aerials of his whole neighborhood and his house was marked. His address was published too.

We know where Sarah Palin lives. I bet she has way more haters than Carson could ever dream of having.

We knew where Julia's house was too.

Is our Congressman Carson more special than these public servants including his Grandmother, who was a single elderly woman?

artfuggins said...

Again, Melyssa, your partisan blindness here is wearing thin. I just checked 3 sources on the internet which listed Andre's address. It took a total of 2 minutes. If you can find Obama's house etc then quit bitching and look up Andre's address. You say you are his employer then use your skills to verify his skills. It seems to me that you don't want to know so you can claim some kind of conspiracy theory. It is shameless that you claim that his deceased grandmother would be ashamed that he no longer lives in the hood. Let me assure you that he is in the hood, alive and well with his family and Julia is looking down and is quite proud.

varangianguard said...

I guess Rep. Carson doesn't share his late aunt's penchant for keeping a house among one's most loyal supporters.

Not just his wardrobe improved upon appointment and subsequent election to Congress, I see. It appears that the Carsons markedly improved their homestead arrangements as well.

No reason to put the address here, but a description of the historic neighborhood near the old Lilly estate reads, "*** remains a very exclusive enclave for the wealthy".

So much for being a person of the people, like his late aunt was.

Still, this is just making a mountain out of a molehill. He can certainly live whereever he likes and can afford. It still is America, after all.

M Theory said...

The problem is Art, I'm not so sure he LIVES there.

M Theory said...

Why would you insult those of us who live in the inner city by labeling Julia's neighborhood with the word "hood", which carries such a negative connotation?

Do you have something against the historic inner city neighborhoods with their racial and cultural diversity?

You still evade my questions, Art. And you've convinced me of nothing.

You have, however, in the name of your beloved Congressman, insulted one of his constituents.

Congrats on that :)

M Theory said...

And Art? I'm an Independent. I voted for Julia once. I voted for Bart twice. I voted for David O. I've voted for Republicans and I've voted for Libertarians.

How does that make me partisan? Explain that to me, please.

I know it is hard, but don't label me or call names. I see a lot of labeling and name calling directed at me coming from members of Democratic party and the behavior is tacky. Not only that, but it alienates the very people you should be trying to bring in...The Independents.

Furthermore I'm completely in line by questioning where, indeed, my Congressman really resides.

indyernie said...

This whole issue goes to Andre Carson's core belief. Andre is a member of the 95%'ers. What's that you ask? Andre joined a club/GANG of other likeminded folks who believe they also rank in the top 95% of the AA population. Thus Andre is a 95%'er. Andre believes that he is smarter than 95% of the African American population.
Now in this day of inlightment we all know that the color of one’s skin isn't a sigh of a greater or lesser intelligence. Could it be that Andre believes that he is more intelligent than 95% of the entire population or he is a racist who believes that AA's are of a substandard intelligence? To quote someone who knows, “PITFUL”.

artfuggins said...

Melyssa, I used the term "hood" since it was a term thrown out by IndyErnie. I live near the Carsons so if I were to insult the neighborhood, I would be insulting my own neighborhood which I love. It is not my job to inform you or anyone else when you clearly have your mind up by the "numerous sources" that have emailed you. Several people on here have given you instructions on how you can ascertain the home address of Congressman Carson. If it is that important to you then follow the instructions.

M Theory said...

Art? If Ernie's use of the word "hood" is deplorable, why do you imitate it?

I don't live in the "hood".

Golden Hill neighborhood is not a "hood".

Julia's neighborhood is not a "hood".

You never answered my question. Why did Carson sell his house by Fall Creek? And where is he living now? I have seen all kinds of documents pertaining to real estate.

I used to use a Mailbox Etc. place as my address. Didn't mean I lived there. I could rent my MK home and move to DC and it would not mean I lived there.


indyernie said...

I was in error when I stated that Andre was a 95%er...Andre considers himself a 5%er.
Google 5 percent’ er. Andre Carson belief in this term is an insult to all Americans.

artfuggins said...

Obviously you are trying to make some disparaging statement re: Andre.....I will not assist you in that. This is my last comment to you about this silly crusade of yours.

indyernie said...

Here's the link.

M Theory said...

And rather than build bridges to independents, Andre's supporter, ArtFuggins/Wilson, insults then runs.

Am I the only one troubled by that?

I'd like to find a representative to Congress that UNITES The People and really listens to us.

The insults don't make me want to vote for Andre Carson in the next election, Art.

Jon E. Easter said...

When I lived in Dan Burton's district, I got the same slick mailings from him. This is nothing new. Nothing to see here...please disperse.

It's not like he's running "PSA" ads to keep name recognition up...Todd Rokita.