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Another AIDS Charity Up To No Good

Last August, AI outlined a number of cases involving Indiana charities where government investigators had uncovered waste, fraud and abuse by nonprofit, AIDS grant agencies. That story prompted a series of comments from a Fort Wayne-area activist, Ron Muckway, who detailed allegations of wrongdoing against the Rev. Donald Archey and his Fort Wayne-based Archey AIDS Foundation. Muckway's allegations caught the attention of the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette's Dan Stockman, who has an eye-opening investigative story in today's paper on Archey and his AIDS foundation. Stockman's opening paragraphs say it all:

In July 2002, the Rev. Donald Archey began holding fundraisers for his Archey AIDS Foundation to build two group homes for people who are HIV-positive and have substance abuse problems.

Two years later, he said the House of Hope for men and the House of Love for women could open within a year.

At the end of September 2006 – when it told the Internal Revenue Service it had raised $43,500 since being formed – the Fort Wayne foundation had less than $2,000 in its bank account, and Archey said all of that would go toward running the foundation’s Let’s Talk program for area children.

Where did the money go? Those involved with the organization say some of it has gone to pay Archey’s personal expenses.

Despite a laundry list of troubling facts uncovered by Stockman, Archey tells Stockman donors should not be worried about the questions being raised about the nonprofits finances. "Yes, some i’s weren’t dotted, some t’s weren’t crossed,” Archey said. “But all money has been accounted for. … There’s been nothing misappropriated.” But the nonprofit's secretary says Archey kept the organization's finances secret from her and forged her signature on bank documents. “It’s just been him that’s getting the money and disbursing the money the way he wants to do it,” Cathy Wilson said. “I’m supposed to be the treasurer, but I’ve never had any dealings with that part at all. I’ve never written a check; I don’t know about the grants.”

So where has the $43,500 the charity has raised been spent, if not to fund two group homes for people living with HIV-AIDS as was promised? Here's at look at where Stockman learned the money was being spent :

  • Archey's Capital One credit card
  • Archey's Comcast bill for telephone, cable TV and Internet service for his home
  • Monthly payments for GEICO car insurance payments for Archey's automobile
  • The cost of publishing a book Archey is writing entitled "Pastor, how did you get AIDS", which is about his own life, and the success of which he says is essential to raising the funds necessary to build the two group homes
  • $2,000 to Fort Wayne Newspapers for advertising
  • $2,650 to A&B Sound

Stockman also uncovered evidence Archey personally owes as much money in back taxes to the government as the nonprofit has collected over the last four years. Stockman also reports that Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter's office is reviewing material related to the Archey AIDS Foundation.

A big hat tip to Ron Muckway for staying on top of this story and making sure Archey's misuse of the AIDS charity were brought to life. His persistence on this issue is paying off.


Anonymous said...

I like Ron was unwise to Donald Archey's scam before I assisted him about four years ago. Upon moving up here from Texas, I was introduced to this con-artist, and was asked to assist him in obtaining donations and market AAF. At that time he did have a small, but 'active' board of directors, and a few things going well. So I agreed starting in the late winter, and continuing to mid summer. Through out my tenure with the organization, I assisted him define the organization's budget process, alas the $85,000 budget. But soon, I had too many questions -
1.) What about the van? A few weeks before I left, he finally told me that the van was the organization's, although he drove it all the time. Being a business person who does not have two seperate vehicles, I keep mileage logs and only turn in mileage expenses, i.e. visiting clients, to the government. I don't turn in the 5 mile trip to Scott's for personal grocery items. I expected the same from him, but I was very much lied to.
2.) Did he even have AIDS? You would expect a person with AIDS, to be getting very sick and frequent hospitalizations. This never happened, which lead me to believe that he came up with a story of how he became infected, and now claims to have the disease. I would like to be in the room when an AIDS test is done, and I want to see the results. I like Ron contacted the FSSA regarding SS payment abuse.
3.) Rumors about using with the youth in his program. According to another short lived volunteer, Archey often smoked weed outside the church with the teens. The volunteer informed me he had been in contact with the ACJC, talking to officials. Once AAF recieved funding from the Consortium, I sent several e-mails to the organizations lead about this issue. The responded that they could care less about the issue, as long as they had decent salaries to hold onto.
This is just a short list of things, but Ron and I could swap stories all day. Kuddos to Ron for keeping track of this guy! All my e-mail attempts to the JG and NS failed! At least they paid attention to you!

Anonymous said...


There is hope for this loser.

In Indy, those who allegedly misused similar monies a few years ago, were never charged. Not quite enough evidence could be gathered. Some of these folks have even resurfaced as leaders of the gay community. Go figure.

But the real tragedy in these scams, via AidServe and the Ft. Wayne organization, is the lack of needed funds for those who depend on it.

And if this clown faked having AIDS, well, that elevates fraud to a whole new level.

Such public disagreements also havhe an additional unintended effect: it dries up legitimate donations for awhile.

Let's hope it all gets cleared up and the money has gone/will go to the intended receipients.

Anonymous said...

Hello there....especially to the first "anonymous" comment. I wish you would contact me so we can compare notes...please email me at I would like to know who you are and what scams Archey laid in front of you.

During my time helping him...I KNOW he was doing some sort of drugs with one of the older kids. Archey would have closed door meetings with this kid...and then several of the other kids let me know this "kid" used pot often..and SOLD cocaine. Interesting that Archey admits to being a former cocaine user.....

You will be interested to hear Archey added a second van to the inventory....telling me one(old green one) was transferred to AAF so he could get the insurance for the newer one(reddish color)covered by the insurance. He told me the old (non running) green van was listed as being owned by AAF...and then the newer reddish van being in Archey's name.

Sure seems odd that a person having two IRS liens...and several legal local judgments could have ANYTHING in his name...

As usual....what Archey quoted to Dan Stockman is not the full truth...but rather a combo of lies/shady we shall see...

I'm sure this is not over yet...I had a conversation with Cathy Wilson this afternoon. She is ready for questions from the state/IRS regarding what Archey has done with AAF funds.

OH...I spoke with both the exec director Jerri and the person who answers the phone... Cherie at the Allen County Drug & Alcohol Consortium. I could clearly see that neither of them really and truly cared about what Archey was doing... Jerri asked me several questions and then told me MY integrity was in question....OUCH!!!

Please contact me...

Have a great evening,

Anonymous said...

Ron -

Just an interesting thought since I know a thing or two about the may want to contact the County Commissioners and County Council, since they provide the authority for the organization to dole out its money to groups, such as nonprofits. Also, all funds are overseen by the state, Mike Cunnegin,....these funds come from DUI charges. It is quite interesting that a few years ago, that the state took out the firefighters fund, after a lot of abuse. One way to end this may be to contact the ICLU....since, a majority of the DUI funds go to faith-based organizations, who make their clients attend 'religious studies' and use government money to pay for them. After, I was left my position as regional consultant for the state, I had several conversations with ICLU, and they were ready to go to work on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Sure seems odd that a person having two IRS liens...and several legal local judgments could have ANYTHING in his name...

Did he? With Geico you can that all online, so I am wondering if he was using someone's elses SS# to get insurance? How do you get a credit card? His credit had to been terrible condition? Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Jerri made quite a bit of money from a grant he helped the agency recieve. I find it very interesting that she could give money to AAF and the not the FWPD. The police officers requested the same exact funds for a breathalizer.

DAC Ex-Board Member

Anonymous said...


Jerri made quite a bit of money from a grant that Archey recieved for his alcohol and drug program. Twisted, sickly twisted.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:28,

My name is Jeff Cox. I am a deputy attorney general with the Indiana Attorney General's Office. We are currently reviewing the situation with the Archey AIDS Foundation. I am interested in discussing your experiences. If you could contact me at, I would appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Hello again....

I really would like for the people who helped AAF in the past to contact me. We need to have documentation of the continuing drama as it unfolded.

NO DOUBT many of us were used and set aside by AAF.

ALso the person who used to be invovled with the Drug & Alcohol Consortium of Allen County to contact me as well.

I did see that Jerri Lerch runs a business which assists companies in streghtening their boards of directors. Could (and I so say "could") it be Jerri may act as a consultant to NFPs on the DACAC list?

I wonder this...since the peson who says they are a past DACAC board member stated he knew that Jerri made money from the grant given to AAF/Archey.

NOW is the time to speak up and be counted..... The man at the Indiana State Attorney General's office left his email address for those who can assist in this investigation...PLEASE help him.

The only way agencies such as AAF will be stopped...are for people to open thier mouths and speak up.

Hopefully this sort of attention to the scammers will put the fear to other agencies who are currently scamming.

ALL one needs to do is look at the list of Allen County, IN registered "Not For Profit" agencies to see there are literally hundreds of tiny NFPs out there.

How many others lack oversight?

I voiced my concerns...AND...then Pastor Archey calls me a liar...the truth is there...and will be exposed. THEN...let's see what "excuse" he comes up with.

He can be very charming and convincing when the need arises. BUT...if you disagree with his actions...or question his motives..>WATCH OUT< he turns on you and leaves you out for trash pickup.

I find it reprehensible for Donald to use the kids as bait for his scamming....

He talks a good talk...but...that's all it is. He has no track record for doing anything besides TALKING!!!


Please contact me at

Have a great evening,

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Please take off the last comment. I have recieving very strange call at all hours of the day and night since the above comment was made. I would like to quit worrying about who is calling me number.

Anonymous said...

Hello again,

I telephoned one of -the many- people AAF/ARCHEY owes money to yesterday(Tuesday)afternoon.

This man(William "RICK" Brown) owns A&B Sound. A&B Sound provided their services for the Mississippi Mass Choir date here in Ft Wayne 10/2/2004. Archey Aids Foundation did that event as a fund raiser...

Brown(A&B Sound)hesitently agreed to allow Archey to pay his fee at the end of the event. BUT...Archey evaded Brown...and then repeated phone calls...and repeated excuses by Archey as to why payment($3,400.00) was not paid as agreed. Archey FINALLY showed up at A&B Sound with $100.00 stating that is ALL he could pay towards that $3,400.00 bill. went to court...Archey appears with out a lawyer. Sadly, no one asked to see Archey's?AAF's bank records. They would have seen Archey sold several hundred well as receiving several grants that year...which it sure seems could have been used to pay AAF bills.

Rick Brown(A&B Sound) then told me to call Roger Miller of RAM PRODUCTIONS-Bluffton,IN. Ram had provided the "backline" for the choir date. This is the background music for the choir. Ram Production was owed at least $1,200.00 for their part of the choir event. Needless to say..>ARCHEY/AAF never paid the bill.... Ram would have needed to pay the lawyer $400.00 to file a suit against Archey/AAF. Roger Miller(owner of Ram Productions) could not justify spending the extra cash to proceed with a law suit.

You see...if these people would have pursued the suit.....they would have seen who sat on the board(according to the brochure handed out the day of the event--10/2/2004---which clearly show a few local Ft Wayne people would have been equally liable for the money owed by AAF/ARCHEY for the event.

I have copies of the choir date brochure....and will gladly send copies to whoever would like one...please contact me at

I also received a telephone call from a minister of an out of state church where Archey spoke...this minister told me Archey received a check for his part of the event... WOWEE...Donald Archey is on full SS disability for AIDS, has a $35,000 IRS tax lien, and three legal judgments against him. HOW can he accept income from any outside source without reporting it? Sure seems as if these people/IRS who hold liens against Archey would be first in line to get any money that comes Archey's way.

THEN...Archey has FROST ILLUSTRATED do an article featuring him in a 12/2006 issue of FROST ILLUSTRATED... In this article(I will forward that on request) Archey brags about how ALL these people PAY him for talking...and also how he gets cash for autographed photos of himself.

WELL...I can tell you from my invovlement with ARCHEY...and the fact I filled out the IRS Advance Ruling Period Paperwork...he did NOT disclose any income from these speaking dates or sales of photos or whatever else he got these people to buy.

You will also note that the person who has done the articles promoting Archey/AAF in FROST ILLUSTRATED is the same person listed in the 10/2/2004 Mississippi Mass Choir fundraising date as AAF's Chairman of the board. As I say...I will forward copies of that brochure to anyone who wishes to see it.

Seems like perhaps the "anonymous" blogger who wrote recently may have been telephoned by people wanting to know their involvement in AAF???

These names are clearly shown on the AAF handout for the Mississippi Mass Choir date of 10/02/2004. Sure seems to me as if these people should have known their names were listed as board members and personal friends/consultants/advisors of Donald Archey/AAF???

Many of us feel this is only the tip of the iceberg regarding the scams....if people want to give me information to pass on to the Indiana State Attorney General's office feel free to contact me at the email address shown above.

We need to see this sort of abuse to end.

TOO many people see HIV/AIDS as a business opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Hello again....I was contacted by someone who attends BINGO GAMES at Speedway Drive Bingo(AKA New World Church, Ft Wayne, IN---which is the church Donald used as his "base" of operations).

According to my source.....People who run the bingo game told people who asked about Donald Archey that Archey had been FIRED as associate pastor of New World church very shortly after the 1/07/2007 Ft Wayne, IN -Journal Gazette- article. I was also told---take into account this is second hand I am quoting a source...--- Donald Archey is banned from entering any building owned/operated by New World Church--AKA Speedway Drive Bingo, Ft Wayne, IN.

I left a message for Rev Bobbie Markey, who is the head pastor of New World Church, Ft Wayne, IN. I want to know if anyone is doing anything with the kid's programs that were being done at the New World Church Outreach bldg at 2104 Miner St. Ft Wayne, IN.

While it is clear Archey had other motives for the funds received by AAF...I feel it is sad the kids used as bait(for local support/funding) could now be with out any sort of on site program.

It would be great if Rev Bobbie Markey of New World Church could continue some sort of legitimate program at the New World Outreach on 2104 Miner St, Ft Wayne, IN.

If anyone can give more information please contact me at


Anonymous said...

Hello all,

It's Wednesday 1/31/2007.... I received a telephone call from Cathy WIlson ("other" AAF Treasurer) and she and I talked for about an hour.

I told her about my conversation with Valerie Blue Ms. Blue is the bookking agent & representative of The Mississippi Mass Choir. The Mississippi Mass Choir performed at an fundraising event put on by ARCHEY/AAF on 10/2/2004.

Cathy Wilson told me she recalled a luncheon meeting where she(Cathy), Robbin Melton(Frost Illustrated-Ft Wayne, IN)and Donald Archey discussed the money owed to the choir. Donald told both Cathy & Robbin he had mailed the FINAL payment to the choir..and how pleased he was to be able to pay off the debts for that event. Archey told them(Cathy & Robbin) that ALL debts were paid regarding the 10/2/2004 fund raiser. ALTHOUGH IT MADE NO PROFIT...

According to Cathy WIlson Donald Archey never told the AAF board of directors of ANY outstanding bills owed by AAF or Archey for the fundraiser.

It's very sad that Donald kept every one involved totally unaware of the lawsuit A&B Sound placed in Allen County Court. Nor did Archey tell Cathy(his treasurer) that he had made payment arrangements on two other debts relating to the 10/2/2004 event. One was to Ft Wayne Newspapers for the ads placed for the 10/2/2004(owed them $2,000.00...finally paid off in the fall of 2006)Yet, Donald arranged to pay A&B Sound only $25.00 a will take a decade for A&B to get paid...and I think we can all take for granted AAF will totally dissolve long before A&B has been repaid. I advised Rick Brown of A&B Sound to contact his attorney(Love & James) to see if they can't ask the court to see AAF/ARCHEY's banking records..and attach any property in AAF's name before AAF goes under.

Cathy feels that she can no longer trust ANYTHING Donald Archey told her as being truthful.

Cathy told me that she felt as if Donald had turned into a very committed man during the planning of the 10/2/2004 fundraiser...and is so very sadly disappointed to realize the scam artist never left Donald's heart.

Cathy is being most helpful in putting the AAF scam in some sort of order for me. She does have other things in her life that keep her occupied...and I am most grateful for the time she takes to speak with me.

She did assure me...DONALD HAS NOT LEFT THE even if he doesn't answer his phone...he is still here.

Oh...she also reminded me that Donald assured her two months ago the AAFOUNDATION.NET website had been shut down...yet again...another lie by Donald...that website is up and running..along with the links to donate to AAF.

I beware Donald...about taking more money from people... How would you know if the people donating are not federal/local law enforcement agents hoping to snag you?

Cathy told me again last night that she warned Donald to NOT accept another dime from anyone who wishes to donate to AAF.

Let's see if Donald followed that advise......

You all have a great day,

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous,

WELL....this sure is a great thing to see on the blog. I guess I should have expected something like this sooner or later.

You see....Cathy is being very cooperative in getting AAF facts in order. may write all you like attempting to discredit me...BUT...Cathy is quoted in the 1/07/07 Journal Gazette article making it quite clear she felt Archey had taken AAF money for Archey's personal bills, forged her name on documents at Tower Bank(AAF accounts) and basically reinforces the fact AAF has been absued by Archey.

I have to say since Archey chose to create fictions regarding me and my involvement with skin has gotten a bit thicker. I do care what people think of me...and in the past a statement such as the one left by the previous person would have hurt me...if only for the fact that people who were unaware of the facts just may believe them...

I do realize that statements like that one....(saying I'm telling lies) are only done in order to take the attention away from the main problem..THAT BEING...Archey has obviously used the AAF accounts (for scamming) because of his inability to show any sort of income.

HEY...if a person owes Uncle Sam(FEDERAL IRS)over $35,000.00....and has several local legal $ on Social Security Disabilty...of course one would need to find a way to launder money....

SO..if this "person" feels the need to distract peole from the main issues...then...c'est la that is the way of life for a scam artist.

I swear to GOD that every statement I have made in this blog regarding conversations with Cathy Wilson is honest and true...Have CATHY come on this site and dispute my statements...if they are not true...I know that will not happen...because she wants the madness of AAF to stop as well.

I realize I may be making a few enemyies over this...again...C'et la vie. In my opinion...the only ones who can back Archey are in two is the people who honestly DO NOT KNOW HIM...and the second would be people complicit in his deceit. Take your these are the only two real options...

Which camp is your "anonymous"?

You all have a great day...this recent comment only makes me want to seek more people to talk to about in a way...thanks for waking me up...and getting me back on track.

More soon,

Anonymous said...

I like the anonymous wrote, Ron is all about Ron. Ron calls all day and all night, have you lost your mind. And it might be that Ron is the con-artist here. When you point one finger four more are pointing back at you. Ron what kinda of hidden agendas do you have here. Soo Sad!

Anonymous said...

rhehhpHello to these "anonymous" folks...if you believe so much in your views...please let us know who you are. If you are not willing to let us know who you are perhaps keep your comments to yourself.

MY that people who condone the actions of ARCHEY are most likey guilty of similar activities.

This also makes it quite clear that if someone is willing to put themselves out there in order to see a scam stop...they need to be prepared for people like this "anonymous" character to come online and try to take the attention away from the main problem.

HEY...People scamming hurt us all...and most of all those of us who have HIV/AIDS. Our federal government is only looking for excuses to cut HIV/AIDS funding.

SO, it does make it a tricky people keep quiet so the "boat" stays steady...or do they speak up. WELL...I for one feel I could not keep silent because it's painfully evident a scammer merely finds more people to scam.

The evidence in this case speaks for unless you have something credible to add...maybe find another blog to clog.

I will say...with the wonders of the internet it's easy to find people....and ya one has said they did NOT want to speak with me about AAF..or what AAF has done to them personally.

So...that's about all I have to say right now....

Take care...and it would still be great to have K. Godfrey Easter contact me or the state attorney general's office.....please?

Have a great evening,

Anonymous said... the way....I telephoned Cathy(yes, I guess I just can't stay off that read her the statement left by "ANONYMOUS" later yesterday evening.

Cathy told me today....that she bets the "anonymous" person is either Archey...or someone he has doing this for him...

Cathy assured me she has never made these statements to anyone...and as I say...she places her bet on the "rev" as the culprit.

There are lots of agendas out have few to air in this sort of arena. My concerns are much more living...and making sure my life has some sort of meaning..BUT...heck..that's why I wanted to help the AFTER SCHOOL KIDS PROGRAM done at New World Outreach by Donald Archey/AAF.

I know this has taught me to be evasive when it comes to helping who has AAF really served in this drama?

I'm sure the "anonymous" blogger is not finished...bring it on...


Anonymous said...

help you to me and all my buddies...remember Chris.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello "WOWEE",

You are way off base...and in fact you are speaking about a different blog. Go to the other blog and let me know exactly what I'm "RUINING" for you..

It's very easy to go on...when you won't leave a why would you need to hide your identity?

Looks like you are merely attempting to muddy the waters as to the main issue of THIS blog..

Have a great evening,

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


I HAVE HIT A NERVE... least you got it out of your system.

If someone goes back to the first blog..they can read all they want to about the ATF.

I do have to tell you....Advance Indiana is the first blog I have EVER written to and been invovled in. should get your facts straight...little of what you wrote is actually accurate. know confidential aspects of a grievance I filed against the ATF...a few years will also know that it was proven the lies were on the part of ATF...NOT ME...

BUT...wowee...if you are privy to this information...this only proves that the ISDH & ATF violated my HIPAA sharing my personal information with outsiders...WHICH was the main reason I complained to the state.

AND...if you are invovled with either the ATF or are using my personal files to slander me in some way...but...golly gee whiz...if you are going to do least get it right...please?

I also feel in reading this last comment...that I have a better idea of who is doing this. is someone who tried to pursuade me to NOT to report AAF's debacles to the press.

SO......please feel free to attack me if you does not change the facts of what is going on with AAF.

ALSO...if you are so brazen to write such "stinging" and slanderous comments...why not leave your name?

There is a main difference in what you write...compared to my comments...I KNOW I am telling the feel the need to slander hopes people will not believe my forget..sooner or later..this probably will have an update in the media...


Have a great evening...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


There is a new article in the FROST ILLUSTRATED regarding ARCHEY/ARCHEY AIDS FOUNDATION. Frost is a local(Ft Wayne, IN) african american newspaper that comes out every two weeks.

The article is for the most part fair. The only misquote from that I did not help out with the "Let's Talk" program...but...helped ARCHEY with the "KIDS AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM" which had nothing to do at all with "Let's Talk".

Also keep in mind when you read the article...that Archey and Robbin Melton have been friends for many years.....Also...Archey lists Robbin Melton as "board chair for Archey Aids Foundation" in the brochure handed out at the 10/2/2004 Mississippi Mass Choir event.

MORE INTERESTING NEWS...Archey is in Omaha, Nebraska participating in the BLACK HIV/AIDS AWARENESS DAY events.

I have had numerous conversations and shared emails back and forth with people who organized the events. I was told that after careful consideration...the group who was going to give Archey an "honorarium" backed out of their commitment well as the University of Nebraska...and people scheduled to speak at the event featuring Donald Archey this evening in Omaha.

I was told today...that when something like this puts a negative mark against the groups sponsoring the events.

A man who helped to initially set up the BLACK HIV/AIDS AWARENESS events in Nebraska told me...the groups should have done a background search of ANY person coming in from outside the area who was going to have such an important role in the planned events.

He was not sure if Omaha Mayor Fahey would back out as well....He told me Mayor Fahey was behind the BLACK HIV/AIDS AWARENESS events...and again...he hoped the mayor would not back out because of Archey's involvement.

I WAS PLEASED TO SEE...on page three of FROST ILUSTRATED..that other groups had planned BLACK HIV/AIDS AWARENESS DAY events here in Ft Wayne.

I guess all this does beg the question...WHY did Archey need to travel all the way to Omaha, Nebraska...when he lives here in Ft Wayne?

If there is anyone who attended the Omaha events...please let us know how it went today.

Have a great evening..and STAY WARM...sure has been cold lately.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Hello again,

I pulled up a press release from the University of Nebraska Medical Center dated 2/02/2007.

This press release outlines the events planned in Omaha,NE for the "NATIONAL BLACK HIV/AIDS AWARENESS WEEK.

Sunday--Church events

Monday-Friday- Free HIV screenings at Charles Drew Health Clinic, 2915 Grant St., from a.m. to 5 p.m. Call 457-1208 for more information.

Wednesday--Prayer breakfast hosted by Pastor Portia Cavitt of Allen AME Chapel and featuring PASTOR DONALD ARCHEY, INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLING AUTHOR of the book "Pastor, How Did You Get AIDS?" at Lake Pointe Building, 2401 Lake St from 9to 10a.m. Rev. Archey was voted ONE OF THE TOP 50 MOST INFLUENTIAL AFRICAN AMERICANS OF NORTHEAST INDIANA. He is co-founder of the Archey Aids Foundation.

Wednesday--A news converence featuring Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey and other community leaders will be held at 10a.m. at the Lake Pointe Building, 2401 Lake St.

Wednesday--A town hall meeting FEATURING ARCHEY will be held at Lake Pointe Building, 2401 Lake St., from 5:30 to 8 p.m. The meeting is free to the public and includes dinner. The theme is "Re-sound the Alarm; HIV/AIDS in Black America." A panel discussion will include Sharoon Renter, executive director of Nebraska AIDS Project; Dr. Richard Brown, CEO/executive director of Charles Drew Health Center; and Steven Jackson HIV/AIDS program manager for Nebraska Health and Human Services. Contact Mark Patten at 451-1066 for more information.

There are also events scheduled for Thursday, Friday & Saturday...none of which show Archey as being involved.(you should be able to pull up the press release by doing a web search for Pastor Donald Archey...or...Archey Aids is interesting to see all that is out there about a good thing to take a look anyway.)

I checked out the TATE PUBLISHING website...and they do now show Donald Archey as being an author of a they show a title of "Pastor, How Did You Get AIDS?" as being available.

I can find NO record of Donald Archey publishing ANY therefore...HOW can Donald Archey be an "International Best Selling Author"?

I spoke with many of the people scheduled to participate in the events today...and I was told the panel may end up being ARCHEY only...this evening...and as I said in the earlier entry...the funding source for Archey's "honoraria" (aka speaking fee) canceled out Monday. My source is someone who works at HRSA...and KNOWS what they are talking trust it. They are IN Nebraska...and involved in this drama.

I read the article done by Frost Illustrated...and it does appear as if Union Baptist Church may end up taking over the KIDS AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM at their Church on Smith St., Ft Wayne, IN I am EVER so pleased the kids may have a safe place to go after school.

My main concern was with the kids...and their wellbeing. If the Union Baptist Church takes over...I do feel safe in thinking they can make it a good experience for the kids.

You all take care,

Anonymous said...


I am from Omaha. NE I was told about this site. I just wanted to say that Pastor, Archey did come to speak here and was at the pres CONF with the Mayor. I all so wanted to say that Pastor, Archey did a great job!! And we look foward to him comming back soon. As I read what is on this site I only see one person saying all these bad things about Pastor, Archey so let me say this, if the city of Fort Wayne dont want Pastor, Archey. Here in Omaha were I work I let Pastor, Archey know we could use him here and I ask him if he would come back and stay. But, Pastor, Archey said his kids are there and he want leave them so, that's were he will stay untill they grow up he said. WOW !! God bless Pastor, Archey.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous,

I'm glad to see someone from Omaha, NE wrote. I would like to clarify one thing for you.

If you read the comments in this blog you will see several people outline their negative experiences with Archey/Archey Aids Foundation.

It's good to hear you appreciated what he had to say to your group.

I too have trust me...when I say that if someone is really good and doing as they say...GREAT...but...on the other hand we need to be careful that we're not being scammed. Sadly, that is the reputation AAF has earned over it's five years of being in existence. That is sad...because people doing good things is sorely needed in the struggle with HIV/AIDS.

If this deal with Union Baptist Church does work out...I trust all will be overseen in the right protect the kids. Archey is quoted in the 2/7/2007 Frost Illustrated Article that Union Baptist church is most likely going to take over the KIDS PROGRAMS AAF was doing at New World Outreach at 2104 Miner St, Ft Wayne, IN.

In that same 2/7/2007 Frost Illustrated Article archey outlines his being fired as associate pastor of New World Church.

Have a great day,

Anonymous said...

Hi from Omaha, NE :

I all so was told about this site and I wanted to say what a great JOB Pastor, Archey did here for us in Omaha!!

It was the largest crowd we have ever had at an HIV/AIDS event here in Omaha, NE and they all came out just to see Pastor, Archey.

Because of all the negative publicty some one sent hear to Omaha, by calling and sending out e-mail's about Pastor, Archey they give Pastor Archey a standing ovation for a long time!!!!

Pastor, Archey is one of best speaker's we have every heard, God is turley useing this man in a mighty way!!!

Pastor, Archey took the time out to meet and sign his photograph for all the people who came to see him, which took Pastor Archey all most two hours to do. After Pastor Archey had spoken for over an hour

I must say that Pastor Archey did look a litle weak but, that did not stop Pastor, Archey from going all over the city and meeting people who couldent waite to see him.

May God keep blessing Pastor Archey!!!

Anonymous said...


The wheels of justice are very slow. We are still waiting to see what the Indiana State Attorney General's office is going to do regarding Donald Archey and The Archey Aids Foundation debacle.

There is some good news though. Archey was fired from New World Church. He had been an associate paster there for a few years. Archey was fired shortly after the investigative report was printed in the Ft Wayne Journal Gazette. Dan Stockman(investigative reporter for the Journal Gazette)did a fine job.

It was too bad it took the Journal Gazette article for the people at New World Church to wake up and do something about what Archey was doing.

In the February 7, 2007 article in FROST ILLUSTRATED, (small Ft Wayne afro american paper) Archey states he was talking with the Union Baptist Church regarding that church taking over the suspended "Let's Talk Program" that had ended at New World several months prior to Archey being fired.

I contacted The Union Baptist Church...and so far no reply regarding the "Let's Talk Program" being operated at their Smith Street church.

I have kept an eye out for any press releases relating to The Union Baptist Church the "Let's Talk Program"....and...nothing so far.

Archey has also stated in the February 7, 2007 Frost Illustrated Article(if you would like a copy please contact me at I will gladly get you a copy of the articles)that he (Archey) has "stepped down" from Archey Aids Foundation. As Archey fully admits..he ran Archey Aids Foundation without the advise or consent of his board of directors. Operating a not for profit charity without consulting board members goes against all the ethical/moral/legal rules set up for the operation of not for profit organizations.

Archey also admitted the 1/7/2007 Journal Gazette article was accurate. I spoke with the woman who wrote the Frost Illustrated article. She told me Archey admitted to her I was on his board...and was his treasurer.

If people deal with Archey...they soon realize he says what he feels he needs to say to make things "sound okay" or that he is a victim of circumstances...or that is he unaware he was doing anything inappropriate or "wrong".

You see that sort of excuse may work once or twice..or even three times. The problem comes to the forefront when several people -who have been lied to in this same manner by ARCHEY- get together and talk...this is when it' quite apparent Archey knew he was deceiving people all along.

Sadly, after attempting to help Archey for a few months I began to notice he gave me different answers for the same see...when a person lies...they need to remember what they said...if a person tells the truth..all they need do is recall what happened.

Archey Aids Foundation had little to do with helping was more for the benefit of giving Archey a platform for his own person agenda. That agenda was to make DONALD ARCHEY a household name. a way he has accomplished that. Do a GOOGLE search for Archey Aids Foundation and see what I mean. Also do one for Reverend Donald Archey...and also one for Pastor Donald Archey.

The Indiana State Attorney's office is slow...and takes it's time to investigate. So, since several weeks have gone by...people should not take this to mean the wheels of justice are not turning.

Archey fears being indicted...and he should have thought of this before he abused his authority/postition with the Archey Aids Foundation checkbook/checking accounts.

I say again...if anyone wishes to see documents I have regarding this matter...please contact me at GRAWAY925@YAHOO.COM

You all have a great Sunday.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Hello from Washington, DC :

It was good to see Pastor archey here in DC last week with the Rev, Jesse Jackson Sr.

After listen to Pastor Archey speach here in DC I can see why he is being attact,and I am happy to see Rev Jesse Jackson Sr. take a stand aganist HIV/AIDS.

Seeeing Rev Jesse Jackson Sr. and Pastor Archey togouther here in DC will help the cause of HIV/AIDS when it comes to braking down barries in the black community aginst HIV/AIDS were it has hit the hardest.

May God keep using Pastor Archey and Rev Jesse Jaskson. Sr on the fight aginst HIV/AIDS in the black community.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous from Washington DC,

Could you tell us more about this event in DC?

Anonymous said...

GREETINGS again from Ft Wayne,

Please go online and take a look at the current issue of FROST ILLUSTRATED (News & Vies of African Americans Established in 1968-Ft Wayne, IN)

There is a small article relating to Donald Archey. There is also a photo of Archey with Rev Jesse Jackson.

The two (Archey & Jackson) attended a CAEAR Foundation training meeting in Washington DC. The meeting was held on Feburary 15 & 16 of this year(2007).

There is a quote by Archey..."I stepped down from Archey AIDS Foundation but I'm not going to turn my back on those in pain and suffering." Archey stated....that Jesse Jackson gave him(Archey)words of encouragement.

WELL....then take a look at the CAEAR FOUNDATION website. You will see CAEAR FOUNDATION gets several million dollars of HRSA AIDS FUNDS and disburses these funds to different agencies.

I telephoned CAEAR FOUNDATION and asked them for a listing of agencies they fund with Ryan White Care Act dollars...and/or HRSA funds.

The people at CAEAR FOUNDATION told me it is their policy to NOT give out information regarding who is involved with their organization...OR...who receives funding.

Keep in mind these are FEDERAL funds...and since Pastor Donald Archey has had to "step down" from Archey AIDS FOUNDATION who would CAEAR hand over this funding to?

In a recent telephone conversation with Cathy Wilson(another Archey Aids Foundation board member) Cathy stated Archey was going to "hand pick" a board who would do his (Archey's) bidding once he was gone from any official relationship with Archey Aids Foundation.

Archey then stated in the February 7, 2007 Frost Illustrated article (written by his friend and past AAF board chair Robbin Melton)that Donald Archey was going to operate Archey AIDS Foundation from his home in Ft Wayne since he was fired from his position at NEW WORLD CHURCH.

THEN...if one goes to the ARCHEY AIDS FOUNDATION website AAFOUNDATION.NET and you will see Archey has NOT changed the website to acknowledge his is no longer affiliated with AAF.

The address to send money to AAF is STILL the same PO box number in Ft Wayne that Archey picks up mail.

THEN...add to this the fact Archey is attending meetings where federal grant money is funneled through CAEAR FOUNDATION to individuals and agencies...and one can clearly see the reason Archey would attend these sorts of meetings.

Add to that...the fact CAEAR FOUNDATION has a policy to NOT divulge who gets these federal grant dollars???

One does not need to be a rocket scientist to understand what is going on.

IT all goes back to the same thing...ABUSING HIV/AIDS FUNDING.

We are still waiting for something from the Indiana State Attorney General's office regarding Archey and Archey Aids Foundation.

It is quite clear Archey is not going to stop on his own...

PLEASE...if anyone has more to share...please feel free to contact me directly at GRAWAY925@YAHOO.COM

Anonymous said...

Greetings once again,

It appears as if Archey Aids Foundation has been taken over by the UNION BAPTIST CHURCH on Smith St here in Ft Wayne.

One must keep in mind this is -at least- the fourth church Pastor Donald E. Archey has been affiliated with since he began Archey Aids Foundation back in 2002.

In each case he was "set free" when the problems began. If this follows the same pattern it will only be a matter of time before Reverend Donald Archey is looking for a new church.

Cathy Wilson (other AAF board member) telephoned recently. She told me Donald Archey had been by her home. He asked her to write a letter requesting TOWER BANK(bank where Archey Aids Foundation holds accounts)to take her(Cathy Wilson's) name off the account. Cathy informed me Pastor Archey added his name to the letter to have his name removed from the account as well.

Cathy told me it appeared as if Archey was driving a newer van...(sorta wonder who paid for that one)

Cathy told me alot more...and in fact she told me Archey made a comment regarding the fact he wished I were dead...or wished it could be arranged. must understand this could have been said in jest...or it would also be obvious Archey is not pleased I put an end to his taking cash from the AAF accounts for his personal use.

Cathy told me she was a bit concerned...since his tone did not seem that of merely kidding.

Of course...many of the things Archey says/does are not things that any other clergy member would do or say.

I guess we can hope the IRS is keeping track of his speaking engagements....and sales of his photos. I know for a fact he did not include these dollar amounts in the paperwork we submitted to the IRS in Oct/2006.

We also must keep in mind that Archey is on full SS trecking around the USA doing speaking dates(for pay) is really not something the IRS finds acceptable.

People who may want to hire him...should be a bit leery as well.

AAF/Union Baptist Church put on a play this past weekend...and I hope it went well...AND...I do hope the kids' program is IN DEED being accomplished at Union Baptist Church.

BUT...also keep in mind the lady in the office of that church also works as Donald Archey's PR person...and arranges his speaking dates. She runs a business called PJ ENTERPRISES here in Ft Wayne. She calls herself an event planner. No doubt she has made cash from AAF over the years. Her name is Pam Jones....

I will add more later...we must not allow this to fade away.

According to Cathy Wilson...Archey has been assured by the pastor of Union Baptist Church the scandal will fade away....and let's do our best to make sure people don't forget..because as well all know...people like Archey count on long term memory loss. HECK..he coulda been a politician.

You all have a good day...


Anonymous said...


There is more to the ongoing drama of Pastor Donald Archey and his Archey Aids Foundation.

Somehow....Reverend Donald Archey found the $4,000+ to give Tate Publishing to get his book "PASTOR, HOW DID YOU GET AIDS" in print.

If you don't know....Tate Publishing is a vanity press. This means anyone with money can have a book printed. Archey peddled his biography to several legitimate publishers...all with the same result...None of the "regular" publishers would pay Archey for the rights to print his biography of how he "got" aids.

I am anxiously awaiting my copy of this book. I spoke with someone who was given pages of the rough draft before Archey sent it to Tate. These people(friends of Archey) told me it was a incongruent mess...with several parts of it being different versions of what they had been told by Archey regarding his past life/experiences. shall be interesting to read the book. I'm sure the book will be an interesting and humorous read.

Reverend Donald Archey DID get Union Baptist Church(Smith St, Ft Wayne, IN) to put on a play last I would venture to say this is where Pastor Archey "found" the money to get his book into print.

Reverend Archey repeatedly told me he was SO very special in that he was a pastor having HIV/AIDS. WELL, my a google search for PASTER HOW DID YOU GET AIDS or CLERGY WITH HIV/AIDS and you will see many other pastors have HIV/AIDS as well.

There have been many misleading press releases put on the internet regarding this book. In February(LONG before the book was even given to Tate Publishing)Archey was already getting the "word" out that he (Archey) was a worldwide best selling about spin.

The saddest aspect of this drama is that many people WANT to believe what he says....because Archey knows just exactly what to say.

After the horrible experience of sitting on his board of directors as his treasurer I know first hand that Pastor Archey says what he needs to in order to quiet people when his questionable actions come up. Sad though...Archey does not recall what he each time a question is asked Archey comes up with a different answer. THEREIN lies the problem. If one dearly wants to believe what he can one pretend the inconsistencies do not exist?

Donald was fired from New World Church this past winter...after the Journal Gazette(Ft Wayne, IN)exposed the fact Archey was skimming ARCHEY AIDS FOUNDATION funds to pay his personal bills. I had the bank statements to prove it...recall...I was appointed by ARHCEY as his treasurer...and Archey was so very dismayed I would not "go along" with his deceit. I realize now why Archey attempted to get me to take cash from AAF. He wanted me to take some cash because of all the assistance I did to help AAF be a great organization. I told him I -or him for that fact- could not legally or morally accept any AAF funds. Donald threatened to step down if I stopped him from paying his personal bills using the AAF checking account.

We cannot forget what Dan Stockman(reporter with the Journal Gazette, Ft Wayne, IN)uncovered in his investigative report on Archey Aids Foundation and how Pastor Donald E. Archey was skimming nearly all the funds for his personal use. Pastor Archey has several personal liens against him...including owing Uncle Sam (IRS) nearly $30,000. That along with him being on SS disability means he could not show any income whatsoever.

We wonder can Reverend Archey travel the country...and still benefit from a Social Security Disability award???

No doubt Archey will find the excuse now to do a nationwide book tour. IF there are any IRS agents who see this blog...perhaps they should go to a book signing of Archey's Book?

Donald also sells photos of himself for ten bucks each when he does his speaking can Archey travel the country...making money selling photos(and now books)and still keep his SS disability intact???

I will give my "review" of his book as soon as I receive me copy...

We cannot allow people like Pastor Archey to abuse the money legitimately given to fight HIV/AIDS.

More to come...


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! What a powerfully book!!!

Pastor How Did You Get AIDS? This is a MUST READ!!!

Pastor Archey is to be applauded for his BOOK, Pastor How Did You Get AIDS?

This book will help the MASS, when it comes to HIV/AIDS and the church!!

Thank you Pastor Archey for this book, it was a help to me, and my family.

I have lost two sons to AIDS, and I am sure your book will HELP MANY PEOPLE!!!

God Bless you, Pastor Archey, and CONG!!! On your new book, Pastor How Did You Get AIDS?

Anonymous said...

Greetings one and all;

I received my copy of PASTOR, HOW DID YOU GET AIDS? yesterday from Tate Publishing

I have to say that some parts of the book could be considered inspiring. Of course, that is if the statements in the book are correct and honest.

I have the dubious honor of saying I know Reverend Donald Archey. I assisted Donald with the kids program he was doing at New World Church. Pastor Archey was fired from the New World Church and told to stay clear of any property owned by New World Church. Archey was "let loose" from two churches prior to New World Church that we know of.

SO....Donald has linked himself with Union Baptist Church on Smith St here in Ft Wayne, IN.

I was Archey Aids Foundation's treasurer. I told Reverend Archey I would not stand by and watch/condone his use of Archey Aids Foundation funds to pay his personal bills(ie phone/cable/internet/car insurance/plates and misc personal charges to credit cards).

The Indiana State Attorney General's office is still investigating.

I had several friends who were quite willing to give several thousand dollars to AAF. The only stipulation was that Reverend Archey could NO longer use the AAF funds to pay his personal bills or use the AAF checking accounts to pay his personal credit card payments.

At this point Archey decided he wanted us out of the picture. The 1/7/2007 article in the Ft Wayne Journal Gazette (by reporter Dan Stockman)put Archey's misdeeds in print.

This included a $30,000+ IRS tax lien against Archey personally. You see....this is why he used the AAF accounts to pay his personal bills and more clearly to launder income... Archey also has several personal legal judgements against him which would mean ANY income to him personally would need to be handed over to the IRS first..then to the people he personally owes money to.

SO...back to the book. Donald puts several things in print which can be verified. Trust me there will be several of us doing just that.

One of Donald's true drawbacks is that he feels the need/compulsion to come up with statements to get people to believe what he wants them to "think" is the truth. SO, eventually he retells the same sagas using different statements as to what he feels at the time will get the people to be quiet...or to believe Archey was blameless.

Archey's mantra is always the same...someone is always doing him wrong...

In the book he says it's the Devil...or demons speaking to him.

I especially enjoyed his telling of the story of how he would stand on his bed and urinate as a child...he said this was due to poor self the hope(???) his adoptive parents would send him back to the orphanage.

THEN...his scam of stealing a purse(from the arm of a woman)..then using the credit cards to buy clothes(to wear to the gay bars)then using the cash from the purse to buy cocaine and heroin.

IF YOU READ THE BOOK AND DESIRE TO NOT DO AS HE HAS DONE...great...and that is the only true message I see in the book.

One should be leery of the reasons he left out SO much of his life story. What about the Hepatitis C and how you got it? What about the IRS lien and how that came about. What about all the people you owe money to...and continue to accept speaking fees without handing the money over to the people you owe.

What about the autographed photos you sell at these speaking engagements? I filed the IRS paperwork for AAF. You did not list any of this misc income...and you most certainly did not turn it over to the IRS or the lawyers of the people to whom you owe many thousands of dollars.

I too have HIV/ don't think this is any personal attack because of the fact Archey has aids...or is gay...or is black.

I did my best(along with my friends)to make AAF a success. Of course this does not count the many other peopleArchey has duped along the way as well.

When someone is doing your bidding or getting you cash...they are "Sent by GOD". Yet, once they ask too many questions when your many stories change over time...they are then sent by that same "demon" you speak of who talks in your ear attempting to get you to do evil things.

Archey does admit to many con artist activities in his book.

PEOPLE...don't forget Archey will never be able to get rid of that aspect of his personality.

I will research the stories in his book and get back with the results...

Keep in mind.....there is just as much left out of this there is in it.

Also who is the "famous preacher" he speaks of...interesting huh?

ALL Archey wants is your money....don't forget that...and he wants to be able to keep it for himeself avoiding the IRS lien and personal judgments.

The IRS should look into this book...because any profit from this book goes to the IRS first...then to the countless others Archey owes.

How can a person on a full SS disability travel the world...and accept money without losing that SS disability award each month? If someone has an answer for that please share it with the rest of us.

More soon,

Anonymous said...

To Pastor Archey :

You have wrote a book that will BLESS many many people!!!!

Pastor How Did You Get AIDS?

I dont know if you will read this Pastor Archey, I will send you an email, but I want to think you for the BLESSING that I and my son recived from your new book!

I pray you stay on the battle field like you have for GOD!! And please keep doing what you are doing!

My son has AIDS and was close to gaving up, but after reading your book he has HOPE!!!

Thank you again Pastor Archey and God BLESS YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from LA ;

It was so nice to see Pastor Archey here in LA, CA this week, and I must say, what a powerful speaker Pastor, Archey is!!!

I think God for the powerful spirt of obedience that he has placed in Pastor, Archey heart, to tell the world who God is.

This man, Pastor, Archey is turly a man of faith, inspite of what some may say about him, he keeps going, and doing the work of God.

John 10:10 reads " The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy"

Pastor, Archey dont you dare give up, it is the thief who is talking bad about you !!

The thief hates you, because of the Good work you are doing for God!!!

His new book Pastor, How Did You Get AIDS? is a book we all should read. The crowd here in LA which was more the 4000 stood for at least 20 min after Pastor Archey spoke.

I belive Pastor, Archey in his speach touched us all.

I look foward to seeing Pastor Archey on the Tonight Show and, then the whole world will see, what we saw, that hot night, here in LA.

Keep up the good work Pastor, Archey and keep spreading the word about HIV/AIDS.

As you ended your book, I will do the same.

With much love!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD.....Archey is up to it once again.

THERE IS NO THIEF talking negatively about Donald Archey.

OH PLEASE...if anyone on the Tonight Show staff would do a background search on Archey they will see as we all do...Archey is a scam artist.

This spring he told people he was going to be on OPRAH while he was in Chicago, IL. That never happened. He also had the book in the world wide best seller list a year before it was published.

He is supposed to be speaking in Minneapolis, MN this coming Friday.

No doubt he will still go...and...most likely his paycheck will not be waiting for the people have been made aware of how deceitful Archey truly is.

When a person uses GOD's name to lie/cheat/steal they will pay forever after they die. These people can say all they want...but...come judgment day Archey will pay dearly for his treachery.

I am very sure the reason(by the you all realize the blog administrator most likley knows your email address when you write???) this latest entry was done is because of the trouble with Archey's upcoming speaking event. the way...go to and check out the ranking of Pastor How Did You Get Aids. It was DOWN to 1,303,420 this morning. PLEASE be aware this does not mean he has sold this many books...but rather one MILLION three hundred and three thousand four hundred twenty books are selling better than his.

Some day Archey will kwow he is not going to be able to continue the con game...people are watching you Pastor Archey.

The media in Minneapolis have been alerted to the upcoming event as well...

Let's see what this coming week brings.

I'll keep on eye out for Archey to be on The Tonight Show.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from FT Wayne;

Pastor How Did You Get Aids has fallen in the sales ranking to 1,452,146. This is means the book went down another 148,726 in the sales ranking.

I had a long talk with Helen Washington. She is the president of the National Association of Black Social Workers-Minneapolis,MN chapter.

She was very disappointed to hear about Pastor Archey and his deceits here in Ft Wayne. She was also very unhappy to learn what that book is really about. She had been led to believe the book was a "real" book, not a rambling collection of unconnected stories...more like a short story than a real book...104 pages long...double spaced printing and smaller in size than an old format Reader's Digest.

She was also amazed to know Archey had been fired from New World Church. In the pamphlet for the even Friday Archey states he is an associate pastor of New World Church here in Ft Wayne. Archey himself states in Frost Illustrated articles he was fired from New World Church in Janurary/2007.

Helen and I also discussed the fact Archey Aids Foundation's website does NOT list any schedule of the "world wide book tour" Archey is supposedly doing these days.

I looked at the Tate Publishing website..and it shows a book signing in Kokomo, IN on 11/3/2007.

So...all of you wishing to stand in line please make sure you find out where that event is being held. It's at Books-A-Million. There is nothing else scheduled for Archey...yet this upcoming date is not shown on the AAF website.

If everything were on the "up and up" and would expect Archey to post his schedule so people would know where to see him speak.

Could it be Archey doesn't want IRS officials to know what he's up to?

The AAF website does not show the event this Friday 10/26 in Minneapolis, MN. That event is the National Association of Black Social Workers -Minneapolis branch. Do a "google" for Pastor Donald Archey - Minneapolis, MN and check out the results.

In that states Archey's book is RISING in the rank of best selling books...HA..falling quickly is more accurate.

I still have not seen any mention of Archey being on the Tonight Show in Los Angeles. If that were true...should have happened by now. How else could Archey do it and keep on his hectic "World Wide Book Tour"?

Hopefully people will understand the history will follow this man.

I'll keep you all updated...

Have a great day,

Anonymous said...


Pastor How Did You Get Aids sunk 31,533 down in the sales ranks since yesterday.

At 10:09am 10/26/2007 Archey's book is DOWN to 1,483,679 in the sales ranking.

It will be interesting to hear if Archey went to Minneapolis. NO doubt he the tickets would have already been purchased by the sponsors of that event.

Now...if a paycheck awaits him is another story.

Sooner or later...people will need to do a background search before they hire folks from outside their area for speaking engagements. Archey does have at least one person who works hard at booking speaking dates for him. No doubt this lady charges a "finder's fee". How long will she do it when Archey cannot pay her?

I found an interesting tidbit on Archey. The Indiana State Dept of Health has a DIVISION of HIV/STD.

This state agency has a monthly meeting for all state funded HIV/AIDS issues. One of these meetings is referred to as The COMMUNITY PLANNING GROUP....or CPG for short.

They meet once a month in Indy...funded by ISDH. Archey attends and is given mileage money...etc.

In August/2007(meeting minutes can be viewed on the ISDH website) CPG had their monthly meeting.

Archey makes a comment as follows" Allen County refuses to sign MOU's with Archey Aids Foundation." There is no further mention of this in the meeting minutes.

I discussed this with Helen Washington(National Association of Black Social Workers-Minneapois branch). I learned MOU stands for Memorandum of Understanding. This is an agreement between entities which means they agree and acknowledge the organization. Helen realized since Archey Aids Foundation cannot get anyone to sign these MOU's it shows no one acknowledges Archey Aids Foundation as a viable agency.

This fact (no MOU's) and the realization Pastor How Did You Get Aids is not a "real" book forced her to realize the group had made a mistake in hiring Archey as the keynote speaker for the event today in Minneapolis.

She is acutely aware the group should have NOT hired Archey to be their keynote speaker.

I will be most curious to see/hear how it went today. No doubt Archey will have someone(or himself???) make a blog entry trying to tell us how great it was today.

WELL..if someone writes...would they please let us know who they are?

Sure seems odd that anyone who has written praising Archey NEVER leaves a name. Many of the words/phrases look like Archey's writing. HUMMMMM.

So, if someone has anything positive to say...please leave a name and contact info so we can converse.

As I have previously stated...feel free to contact me at GRAWAY925@YAHOO.COM

Best regards,

Anonymous said...


At 10:19 am on 10/27/2007 shows "Pastor How Did You Get Aids" has fallen another 18,224 in their ranking of book sales.

This puts Pastor Donald Archey's book at 1,511,893 in rank of sales.

In Frost Illustrated articles Archey states the book is rising in the best seller list. has continued to fall in the rank of book sales from the day it was released.

Oh...but then again...that the "spin" Archey and his buddies want to one could maybe believe the book is actually something worth buying.

If Archey did speak at the event in Minneapolis yesterday I trust the IRS was there to monitor how many books and signed photos-of himself-he sold. It will take a lot of books and photos to satisfy that $35,000+ IRS tax lien.

I've searched the web to find media reports of the conference yesterday. None seem to be showing up yet.

If any of you find documented media reports please let us know where to find them.

Cold and damp here in Ft Wayne today...stay warm and dry.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

We are all so happy to here that Pastor Archey is on his way back to CA to vist all of us once again out here on the west coast.

It's been almost two months since the last time Pastor Archey was out here and what a good time we all had at church that hot night in LA

May God keep you Pastor Archey and have a safe trip and we will all see you real soon.

Blessing to you Pastor Archey :

Your friends in Christ, on the west coast.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Fort Wayne,

Well....Archey Aids Foundation and Pastor Donald Archey appear to be operating "business as usual".

Archey stated in the media that he had given up all ties with AAF...then he is at the Community Planning Group meetings in Indianapolis asking for grant money supposedly for AAF.

It's sad the Indiana State Attorney General's office appears to have done nothing to stop the scamming.

All I can do is keep an eye on what's happening and report what I find out to the proper authorities.

I watch these type ministers on television. They tell all sorts of fabulous tales..and sadly some people fall for the hype. Of course if one thinks about it a bit they can see the aim is to relieve these people of their money.

Archey Aids Foundation was created for one purpose make it's founder "famous" and most importantly to provide him with money for his personal use.

Dan Stockman's 1/7/2007 Journal Gazette article clearly states these facts.

Had it not been for me getting the word out one would be able to know these facts.

It's amazing that some people out there still continue to support Archey even though they are fully aware he is a scam artist.

Somewhere along the line this will catch up to him.

He scammed me and my friends into supporting AAF. I feel it's my duty to do what I can to alert others.

I know there must be others who were scammed by Archey and AAF over the years. Please contact me.

Have a great day,
Ron Muckway

Anonymous said...

I want to think Pastor Archey for comming all the way out here to Las Vegas last week to do my Son's Euglogy who was only 23 that passed away from AIDS.

Pastor Archey you did a good job with the Euglogy of my Son and my family and I want to think you for the time you spent out here with us, in our time of need.

I dont care what anybody else says about you and think you for telling me about this site so I could post a comment.

When I called and told you about my Son the frist thing you did was you prayed for our family and when I asked you to come here to help you said you would and, you did.

You dident have to come all the way out here, you dident even no us but, you did.

I dont know anyone else who would have stop everthing they were doing to help some one they dident even know, but you did and I want to think you.

God has his hand on you Pastor and I pray you keep helping people all over who is need like my family.

I hope and pray one day no one eles will die from AIDS.

Once again thank you for comming Pastor Archey my family and I will never forget what you have done for us.

We Love you Pastor and if there is anything my family and I can do for you, please let us know.

God bless

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Fort Wayne:

All has been news of Donald Archey or Archey Aids Foundation.

I did have a conversation with another clergyman. He told me about the difference of someone being a "Reverend" compared to someone being a "Pastor".

I was told...if a person uses "Reverend" this can be linked to a specific ordination. The using of "Pastor" requires the person to actually have a church this person is "pastoring" a congregation.

Donald Archey stopped using the "Reverend" quite awhile ago. I did not understand why. At that time he was still affiliated with New World Church.

Archey states he is a "pastor" at Union Baptist Church here in Ft Wayne, IN. Yet, no one can find a listing of his name on the Union Baptist pastor listing...or do we see any mention of Archey Aids Foundation being a part of Union Baptist Church.

Archey states -on his website- the "Let's Talk" children/young adult program is in operation at Union Baptist mention of that program at Union Baptist Church or it's website.

SO..the question is...can Archey actually be a "Pastor" without having a church.

Also interesting is the fact the book he wrote shows DONALD ARCHEY as the author...NOT using the Pastor or Reverend.

I wonder if this is due to legal reasons?

If there is anyone out there who knows more about this please leave a comment on the blog...or contact me directly at GRAWAY925@YAHOO.COM


Ron Muckway

Anonymous said...

I would like to say to Pastor, Archey.

Keep fighting for what is right and dont worrie about what people say, and please dont worrie about what Ron Muckway says.

God no's all things, not Ron Muckway, so keep up the good fight for God, Pastor.

Keep the FAITH Pastor, Archey

Heidi said...

Where is the agencies that are supposed to audit this type of entity every six months. In each state, thier are investigative agencies that are there to audit records for every grant given entity and if the agency are not doing there job, I would make a call immediately! You can locate this information at your state house website or call your goveners office. And to all of the people who are frauding others, "YOU" will have to stand before GOD and confess your sins, I would not want to be in your shoes.