Friday, November 03, 2006

Win-At-All-Costs Campaigns

The Star's editorial board calls out Rep. Julia Carson's campaign for re-election for what it is: "[A] mean-spirited, win-at-all costs campaign." "Both the DCCC and Carson owe Dickerson an apology," the Star writes. The DCCC and Carson made their position on this clear yesterday. They both adamantly refused to apologize to Dickerson during a joint appearance of the candidates on Amos Brown's afternoon radio talk show on WTLC-AM--to which Carson wore dark sunglasses--indoors.

Political columnist Matt Tully weighs in with his view that Democrats are betting on Carson's racist attacks on Republican Eric Dickerson working. Tully's recount of the reaction of the two candidates' reaction to the latest attack is quite telling. Tully writes: "Carson says she is 'really mad' at her party for sending out the fliers. 'I had nothing to do with it,' she insisted, adding she does not believe in going negative, even though she was the one who first leaked word of Dickerson's arrest. Tully writes of Dickerson's reaction: "Dickerson says Carson's claim of ignorance is a lie. But the attacks, he said, are helping his campaign. 'It's really buzzing now,' he said."

Tully thinks the attack shows the Democrats are really nervous about Carson's re-election chances. He also reminds us of Carson's obvious hypocrisy on the issue. He writes: "In 2002, Carson faced a tough challenge from Republican Brose McVey. Many people believe that race turned in Carson's favor on the day another Republican sent a flier featuring a blurred, fuzzy picture of Carson." "That message sold [for her]," he adds.

Tully closes with the reminder that negative campaigning often works. As much as I would like to think differently, I believe it will probably work. I grew up in a rural county of Illinois where no blacks lived and people spoke very honestly about how they felt about minorities. There are just enough white voters in the 7th District who will accept the DCCC's and Carson's message to 7th District's white voters that black men are bad and are not fit to serve in Congress. As she and Amos see it, "Racism in the defense of Julia is no vice."

By the way, the racist flyer which the DCCC claims wasn't specifically targetting white voters, did not arrive in my mailbox or my immediate neighbors. Is that because we live in the 46202 zip code where a large number of African-American voters live?


Anonymous said...

Win at all costs to promote the Socialist Agenda of Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders.

Lenin must be beaming with pride over seeing what's happening in Indianapolis now.

Anonymous said...

While I think the mailer is outrageously over-the-top and wasn't called for in the least, I also think that, well, that's the same thing this blog has been for the past couple months (at least as it relates to Julia Carson.)

You're insinuated that she's broken federal law, that she's rigged elections, she's done this, she's done that. All with very little proof and mostly no evidence. You condemn Julia for finding old dirt on Dickerson, but thought it was perfectly okay for you to go dig up even older dirt on her.

As an example, now you claim that her campaign - in violation of federal election law - coordinated an attack mailer with the DCCC. And that the mailer was intended to stir up racial tensions by targeting white people to tell them that black people shouldn't serve in Congress. Except she is black, so it's black men shouldn't serve.

Which makes absolutely no sense. If you're going to appeal to racism, will the racist make the differential between the female and the male? "I hate me some black men, but black women? Hell, they're perfectly fine!" C'mon Gary. Think about this rationally for a minute. How many homophobes do you know that can't stand gay men, but think lesbians are peachy keen? Real life doesn't work like that.

You're grasping at straws in your obsession to try to take down Julia Carson. You've attacked other bloggers, Indianapolis politicians, the media and anyone who dares disagree with you. You've let Jocelyn Tandy have free run of your blog, for crying out loud - and you're agreeing with her most of the time!

It's okay to support Eric Dickerson. We have the right to choose whom we support and who we don't. But when you attack the candidate for going negative while engaging in negative attacks against the candidate the entire time, don't expect most people to take you seriously.

And that's what worries me the most. I think you have a lot to say and most of it needs to be shared. I'd hate to see you lose even more credibility with these half-baked conspiracy theories.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Sorry to disappoint you Bil--I've documented what I've written. Most of it came directly from the archives of the Star & News--unlike the outright lies published on Bilerico about Carson's opponent Kris Kiser--a gay man--by Marla Stevens. You thought that was just all peachy to do that, and you knew the Carson campaign was responsible for peddling that smut that played off people's worst stereotypes of gay men. You selectively apply your standards--I don't--that's the difference between you and I.

Anonymous said...

to which Carson wore dark sunglasses--indoors.

Because the fluorescent lights hurt her eyes??

Bil - As I've posted before, if she's so gung-ho on lifestyle rights, why did she miss a vote on DoMA? She talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk. Or as Eric Dickerson says "it's about deeds, not words." and there's lots of words from Julia but not a whole lot of deeds.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the reason Gary didn't receive a mailer is because 46202 is one of the smallest (in terms of population) zip codes in the city. As of 2000, the population in 46202 was just under 2% of the county's total population of 860,000. The total Black population of the zip is small compared to the total city Black population. Just under 4% of the Black community lives there. Even with the influx of new housing in the zip code, it is still a miniscule portion of the county and the 7th District. A previous post said the DCCC person heard on the Amos Brown show said the mailer went to likely voters. Maybe Gary doesn't fit the DCCC's criteria.

Anonymous said...

Well, AI, you sure got Bil's goat.

He cannot refute that claim.


Anonymous said...

AI, let me share something with you about Bil's days down here in Bloomington. He once had a job at a gas station he couldn't seem to show up for work at on time or at all so his boss fired him. Bil accused his boss of firing him because he was gay and organized a protest against the guy's business. Ask Bil how many jobs he's had in the past 5 years. I'll give you a hint, you can't count them on one, two, three or even four hands.

Anonymous said...

For what its worth...I live in the 46204 zip and I received the mailer.

I'm also receiving nasty ones about Ed Mahern. While the ones about Mahern aren't quite as vile as the one about Dickerson, both parties have plenty of mud on their hands.

Anonymous said...

I live in a 46228 in a racially diverse neighborhood. I am white amd I am in the minority and my neighbors are black. We all have voted in the last few years.

I got both flyers - my neighbors did not.

This was targeted at ME.

Was the DCCC afraid this flyer would change the minds of black voters ?

Anonymous said...

Bil, the main difference here is, that Julia started this, by throwing down that Wilson-obtained file on the editoral desk at the paper. That fact is not in dispute.

Most of the JC-ED dialogue here has been Wilson and Jocelyn ranting about nonsense. I know both of them. Both of them have become sad charicatures of themselves. I've seen several posts deleted by AI, and I can only assume they were hateful and inappropriate. But, from blogs and using my own eyes, I have learned:

1. Eric quickly sold a business on difficult, at best, terms. Undeniable.

2. Eric and his ex-wife had a huge fight 17 years ago. The police file suggests some physical violence. Undeniable. All Dickersons profess none. Hardly credible, but that's their story, and they've stuck with it for almost two decades. A prosecutor declined to press charges for that reason. It happens every day, Guilty people walk free, and some innnocent people are charged. Prosecutorial discretion. Most of the time, they get it right.

3. JC had a cerebral meltdown on TV a couple Sundays ago. I saw it, and it was sad, but comical, to watch the reaction here and on other blogs. You sure as hell didn't read about it in Tully's column, and it was very newsworthy. The woman was hallucinating for Christ's sake. Frankly, it was the (lazy) media's opportunity to venture into the health records question: she had this meltdown on a pre-recorded TV news show, not in private somewhere. Her health, at that instant, became a viable campaign and news issue not because she may have cancer or a bad heart, but because her mind is clearly vulnerable and suspect. Cancer and heart issues are often played out privately among public officials, and if they can beat it, and not have it affect their service, so be it. But a mind...well, it's a terrible thing to waste.

That pious stool you're sitting on only has three legs, and one of them is wobbley.

Blogs are fun, they are (sometimes) informative and sometimes ridiculous. Yours included.

Live. Learn. Move on.

Anonymous said...

Just a couple thoughts. You've documented that the Carson campaign broke federal election law by coordinating with the DCCC? If so, why haven't you gone to the authorities? That would surely help your candidate to win...

And while we're dragging out the old chesnut of Kris Kiser, let's tell the whole truth since you were pretty involved in that too - after all, you advised me as an attorney! You know that on the contributors post without editorial review. They post on their own without input from me. Marla's Kiser post went up one morning. The Kiser campaign called shortly thereafter. I called you. You suggested I take it down since Marla didn't have anyone on the record willing to speak - and I did. Grand total of "on-the-blog" time? 5.5 hours. I took down the post and the Kiser campaign even called it "the responsible thing to do" and praised us for it. They're beef was with Marla - not me. So to refer to my feelings as "just peachy" is obviously a lie. Your readers can read my thoughts on it at my post from that day: And using Kiser was a gay man is a red herring. So what? So was Jeffrey Dahmer, but that doesn't make him an upstanding citizen...

As for Anon 9:22's accusations - that's so laughable as to be up there with Jocelyn or Wilson. Sorry to disappoint them, but instead of anonymous accusations all you have to do is look at public records. The Bloomington Human Rights Commission and the Department of Workforce Development would call you a liar Anon. Not even the company tried to use attendance as an excuse so you're obviously grasping at straws... For the record, three of us sued under the HRO since we were all terminated on the same day. Perhaps we were all late? LOL

But I do find it humorous that I just intended to gently chide you about attacking everyone so forcibly and without telling the whole truth or having proof of your charges... Only to have you attack again without telling the whole truth while your minions spread more baseless accusations.

Remember, as you attack - I agreed that the mailer was in poor taste and was over the top. I don't think she should have opened her mouth at the Editorial Board either... But why have to turn around and engage in the same behavior? Do two wrongs make a right?

Anonymous said...

They must have used zip code lists combined other lists because I got three of the crazy things. Maybe I got Gary's. Zip here is 46208.

PigUgly said...

"There are just enough white voters in the 7th District who will accept the DCCC's and Carson's message to 7th District's white voters that black men are bad and are not fit to serve in Congress. "

And an old (looking), mumbling, half asleep black woman is? I think the white people in the 7th are a little more intellegent than that.

Anonymous said...

I too live in the 46228 zip code in Pike in a racially-mixed neighborhood and I received both Anti-Dickerson mailings. I'm African-American.

Both of these mailings were addressed to me, by name. They are so over the top and have absolutely nothing to do the issues affecting voters in the 7th Congressional district.

I said and will say it again, District 7 voter have no viable option in either candidate, but this vile and underhanded mailing has convinced me to give my support and vote to Dickerson.

For Julia Carson to say she had nothing to do with it is laughable as she was the person responsible for dregding up a 15-year-old non-issue in the first place.

I don't like negative politiking or even dirty campaigns an that's what this one has become. Sorry, but I can't succumb to Ghetto Mafia tactics.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Bil, let's set the record straight. I have never been retained by you to provide legal advice to you on any matter as your attorney.

stAllio! said...

i received the mailer at my address in 46205, which is 2/3 black. my parents, also in 46205, got two copies.

Anonymous said...

In Bil's world, you were probably his attorney, AI...face it, if he talked to you, you're his attorney, in his mind.

Bil's post on the Kiser kerfuffle was as he stated. Marla's post, on Bil's site, was the untruthful one. Hatefully untrue. And as I recall, she refused, as Bil noted, to provide backup.

Lesson learned: stay away from Marla, which, is you put your ear to the ground around here, is oft-repeated, before May and now. She's a dangerous, angry woman.

Kiser and really wanna stick with that comparison, Bil? Maybe you oughta re-read your posts before you make them. Damn.

That being said, the tardy-for-work thing was over the top too, and, frankly, not germaine to this thread.

But since you brought it up, Bil, how did that HRO violation case conclude? Just curious. I'm all for using HROs to show out anyone who needs to be shown out. If you won, good for you.

Win at all costs campaigns...that was the original topic before this little detour erupted. And the Carson campaign cannot have been ignorant of the DCCC expense, practically speaking. You really want to believe that the city's most vaunted GOTV operation was not aware of the mailer? Even a hint?

It's a low moment for the DCCC. I doubt it will make much of a difference. For what it's worth, mailed the way it was, if it went to 250,000 homes as reported (which is impossible...there aren't that many homes in the district), the cost would've been, all told, printing and mailing probably 100K. Minimally.

And that alone tells me they're worried.

Anonymous said...

I sent a PDF to my sister OUT OF STATE and she is ready to write a letter to the DCCC and Carson camp on this vile piece of garbage they put out.

I explained to her the mailing four years ago when a grainy picture of her came out and she SCREAMED RACISM.

As far as negative, Julia HAS personally attacked Dickerson - repeatedly, even after she said she wouldn't. A candidate who won't keep her promises, is there anything you can believe she says?

Pitiful Julia, just pitiful.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:33 - We won our case for unemployment and under the HRO. The company settled with us rather than get the judgement. We were supported by the AFL-CIO, Pride at Work and many other helpful organizations. As an aside, the accusation that I picketed outside the guy's business is also a little inaccurate. Pride At Work organized a protest that I attended, yes - as did all the fired employees. And "the guy's business?" It was a chain across the midwest...

One last thing - as I mention in the post I referenced, I called Gary as a fellow blogger and an attorney. He advised me of my legal rights and responsibilities. He didn't charge me anything for it, and I didn't seek any other council. I'll leave it up to you to parse the difference between "you advised me as an attorney" and "have never been retained by you to provide legal advice to you on any matter as your attorney."

I should clear up though that in our conversations, at no time was the Carson campaign blames for Marla's actions until a recent post by Gary. At the time we spoke we both wondered what the hell Marla was thinking in posting the defamatory material. We did the right thing in removing the post, I believe, and I stand by that decision. In fact, a few days later the Kiser campaign did a Q&A with about the issues at my request.

As for the Dahmer/Kiser corollary - I simply meant that just because someone is gay doesn't mean they're an upstanding citizen. In fact, it proves nothing other than, well, they're gay.

Again, my main reason for commenting was to chide Gary not to fall into the same trap others are using. Attack ads and negative posts don't really add much to the debate but turn folks off. I don't think the mailer is going to inspire anyone to vote for Julia - but it's probably meant to keep people from voting for Dickerson as versus voting for her. No matter what, it's a disgusting mailer - no question about it.

Anonymous said...

I live in 46236, which is relatively wealthy, and mostly white and we didn't get either mailer. I've voted in the last four D primaries as has my singificant other. I'm guessing voting performance of a zip code or precinct had something to do with the targeting and NOT race (since there is no reliable way to tell race from the voter file).

This flier was ill advised at best. But, as I have commented before, the hyperbole by some makes this look like the worst thing in Indiana politics.

Just curious, AI, were you the "blogger" that was with ED when he was on Amos yesterday?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1256 - I saw the piece on WTHR at Amos' studio. Who was the gentleman standing behind Julia?

Anonymous said...

Julia won't apologize because she is NOT sorry the mailers came out. She is so out of touch she thinks the voters are buying this, when in fact, they are sick of this trash.

An apology from Julia? Like blood from a stone. Ain't gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading Expresso over on the Star's website. Man, that RiShawn Biddle is rude. In one post, he says the Star staff "isn't there to please" readers.

Woooooowwwwwww (as Flavor Flav would say).

Since he nor the Star staff is there to please the public by reporting and publishing accurate news stories and editorials, this reader thinks its time to cancel our newspaper subscription.

Wonder if Babara Henry would agree.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Bil, and congrats on the HRO victory!


Gary R. Welsh said...

Bil, you left out the part of the conversation where I made it clear to you I was not speaking to you as an attorney but as a fellow blogger. It makes a difference.

Anonymous said...

Bil Browning, I don't need you and Wilson Allen discussing any issues I have raised on Julia Carson. Julia is well aware that I can prove everything that I have discussed. I don't need you or Wilson attempting to discredit my statements, many of which I have attested to under the penalties of perjury when I have sued her.

I already know that most of you do not know the facts regarding she and I. If she would be more honest about it. she would tell you, but she won't. I don't have to lie about her. There are too many other Democrats who know the truth about both of us.

I will confront Julia anytime. any-place, or anywhere to answer any and all comments I have made about her.

I am willing to clear my name once and for all and kill the lies and rumors that she and her Ghetto Mafia members have told on me since 1975.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Anon 12:56, I was not with Dickerson yesterday or any other day of his campaign. I've met the man once in person. I've never been on board his RV. I am not a member of his campaign staff, paid or volunteer. As Julia would say, I have no nickel in that dime. Just consider me the Equalizer. You have one candidate that's been in public office most of her adult public life, she's sitting on hundreds of thousands of dollars in funds she's raised from special interests and political insiders, and she has plenty of people with a vested interest in her remaining in power to spin her message. Eric Dickerson is a respected veteran and self-made businessman who has never sought public office before. I spent many years working with the type of ilk that infests the Carson camp. I'm too familiar with what these folks are capable of doing in the name of self-preservation. What I seek on this blog is to restore some sense of fairness and balance to a political system that favors insider politicians like Carson. I will receive no rewards for what I do here. I will receive no compensation for what I do here. I will be threatened and insulted by those who fear what is said here might actually reach some voters and make a difference. At the end of the day, I will have the satisfaction in knowing that I did something for the benefit of our political process.

Wilson46201 said...

and after all of Jocelyn Tandy's lawsuits and affidavits since 1975, the authorities and courts have concluded she is a loon (putting it nicely).

If Jocelyn had any proof whatsoever, she would have brought it forth already.
As it stands - she is a whacko accusing a respected public figure of multiple felonies without any proof whatsoever. And Gary would be jumping at the chance to volunteer his services to also whack Ms. Carson in the courts - if there were proof!

The dogs bark but the caravan moves on...

Anonymous said...

the caravan moves on...

Gypsies, tramps, and thieves on that caravan...

indyernie said...

Wilson your candidate is a mud slinging scum-ball. Its no wonder that folks in Indy think that she is a crook. You need to come out of the closet on this one, the opinion on the streets is "she knew and she was apart of the process". I think that she asked for the help and that you knew, that’s why you where AWOL for a day or two.

indyernie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
indyernie said...

An idea, post a thread asking -"what attention getting scheme will Carson try this year at the polls. Sick, No ID, cat got ran over and its Dickerson’s fault etc".
I think it might interesting.

Anonymous said...

I live in 46205, a predominately black area, and I did NOT receive the flyers.

Anonymous said...

Just got home to 46227 and received our third dirty mailing trashing Eric Dickerson from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. It is a little bigger than the other two and has a blurry distorted picture of Eric Dickerson on it. The Democrats have stooped to a new low. I know I'm not voting for Julia Carson but now I'm starting to doubt my support for ANY Democratic candidate.

Anonymous said...

Three different mailings from the DCCC?


Then they are really worried. Are they the same quality as the first one? (Well, OK, quality is subjective, but...profesisonally done? More than B&W?) Addressed by name or "Resident" ?

Hard to tell the distribution, but...this kind of drop, or multiple drops, are easily $100K.

Anonymous said...

Keep dropping them. The Postal Service can use the revenue and nobody in their right mind is going to pay attention to it. They'll turn up their nose at Julia as they vote for Eric Dickerson on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

In zip code 46227 - All three mailings were slick - professionally done. The first two arrived at our house yesterday and were smaller than the one that arrived today. All three are different, with the same message. All three were addressed by name. We are registered voters.

Anonymous said...

46227 - far southside, lots of white voters down there. The Perry Meridian area if I recall correctly.

Wilson46201 said...

I live in 46201 (duh) and I am a regular voter - I havent received a single mailing from the DCCC - I've even contributed to them! I'm going to call and complain.

Nobody around here has gotten the fliers. 46201 is majority Caucasian - so where's the targeting just to white folk?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Perhaps the DCCC was smart enough not to waste the mailer on voters who always vote in the Democratic primary and, therefore, are almost certain to vote for the Democratic candidate. The mailings are broken down not only by district and zip code, but also party registration, history of voting in primaries of one party or the other or not voting in primaries at all(the truly independents).

Anonymous said...

Wilson, we've missed you (not). How's Mae?

i got two mailers tonight.

Someone should be ashamed of this crap.

Wilson46201 said...

Mae's fine, Darla.

Anonymous said...

"There are just enough white voters in the 7th District who will accept the DCCC's and Carson's message to 7th District's white voters that black men are bad and are not fit to serve in Congress."

This is BS. Everyone in Indy knows that the majority of the conservative black males in Indy are far more understanding of everyone then Julia. I'm serious!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome Earthdweller. We can use more right-wingers.

I have scans of the flyers (not the third one which supposedly came in the mail Friday) posted to my blog

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:18

My comments are factual. Why don't you identify yourself? Don"t compare me to Wilson. I have sued Julia Carson several times in the past and have filed compalints under the penalties of perjury, and not once has Julia Carson called me a liar publicly!

indyernie said...

The third came to my house yesterday all where addressed to my wife. Thanks Julia, I heard it from several people today, Three strikes, Your out. Game over Dickerson wins!!!

I see Wilson crawled out from under his rock...was a good place for him.

Anonymous said...

indyernie, I bet your wife gets more mail. There are a few days left to go.

Anonymous said...

Response to Stupid Wilson 2:13 PM:

Wrong Again:
Several employees of the Center Township Trustee's office contacted me and provided the information in the complaints.

I filed as a resident of Center Township, and as an elected Democrat Precinct Committeeperson paid for copies of public records to support their information. The employees feared for their jobs and harassment for reporting her abuse in that office and had agreed to testify under a subpoena to protect their employment. I did not disclose their names in my complaint, but they were willing to come forward if Modisett had pursued an investigation.

Andy Jacobs was Modisetts' honorary chairman and Julia had carried him around the black community as a candidate. Jeff Modisett was not about to investigate Julia for fear of losing his black Democrat supporters.

Faye Mowery, clerk and the County election board did have a hearing on the illegal PAC Committee and said the charges should go to the prosecutor’s office while she was the township trustee.

The election contest for voting fraud was well documented on the voter registration affidavits and the poll books. Stephen Goldsmith sent Senator Julia Carson and the 4 voters a warning letter that they would each be charged with a Class D Felony if they did not vote from their legal addresses instead of her address on Park Avenue. Get your facts straight or is that possible.