Monday, May 25, 2015

IMPD Officer Found Dead At Same Home As Aaron Barnes

Advance Indiana readers may recall the mysterious death we told you about of 34-year old Aaron Barnes, who was found dead inside the home of IMPD Officer Gregory Slaven, a 15-year veteran of the department. Indianapolis news media was silent about the death, but concerned police officers expressed concern of a police cover up of Barnes' death. Sources told Advance Indiana that Barnes was found in a bondage-like scene wearing a chloroform mask. Some of Barnes' friends, who defended his BDSM-lifestyle he led with Officer Barnes, claimed his death was accidental. IMPD refused to release any information about Barnes' death; however, the Marion Co. Coroner's Office confirmed it had recovered Barnes' body from Officer Slaven's home in the 8600 block of Ingalls Lane in his southwestern Marion County home in Camby on April 5. The coroner's office told Advance Indiana it was awaiting toxicology test results to determine Barnes' cause of death.

News reports today indicate that police have returned to Officer Slaven's home where they are investigating the death of an unidentified IMPD police officer who worked for the northwest police district. Police told news reporters that no foul play is suspected and that his cause of death is being investigated as a possible suicide. According to The Star, police responded after receiving a call from the officer's roommate at 10:00 a.m this morning. Officer Slaven's relationship with Barnes raised many eyebrows when social media posts of both men depicted Barnes as Slaven's sex slave. Although Barnes' Facebook site listed his name as Aaron Slaven, it was unclear whether he was married to Officer Slaven, the Mr. 501 Eagle 2014 winner who had vocalized his opposition to RFRA and lashed out at Gov. Mike Pence on his Facebook site, which was subsequently deleted following Barnes' death. At Slaven's request, a GoFundMe site was established to raise money to pay for Barnes' funeral costs, which raised $3,305. Slaven complained on social media three days following Barnes' death that he had been ordered to have blood and drug testing performed at Methodist Hospital Occupational Health Center. "I just have to wonder if everything would be the same if we would have been straight and my wife died while I was at work--feeling pissed off," Officer Slaven wrote on his Facebook wall on April 8.

Fox 59 News adds this information on its latest story on the officer's death:
. . . This is the second death investigation at the southwest side home since April.
According to a police report, officers responded to the same home on April 5th. They found an “unresponsive male,” later identified as 34-year-old Aaron Barnes. The report said used duct tape and chloroform were seized from the home.
Sgt. Adams said that investigation is ongoing and would’t say if it’s being investigated as suspicious. He said they are still waiting on a coroner’s reporter before releasing the cause of death . . .
But The Star quotes Chief Rick Hite as saying last month that Officer Slaven was not under investigation or subject to any disciplinary proceeding regarding Barnes' death:
The death comes nearly eight weeks after a 34-year-old man was found dead at the same home in the 8600 block of Ingalls Lane. That man’s estranged mother told The Indianapolis Star in April that her son and the IMPD police officer were in a relationship. 
The cause of the 34-year-old’s death was unclear. The Marion County coroner’s office told The Star in April that toxicology tests to determine the cause of death would take six to eight weeks. The coroner’s office was closed Monday for the Memorial Day holiday.
IMPD Chief Rick Hite told The Star in April that the officer was not under investigation, suspended or disciplined in connection with the 34-year-old’s death. 
Police were notified of the officer’s death Monday when a roommate called 911 around 10 a.m., Adams said. He did not provide any additional details. 
The officer had been with IMPD for 15 years, Adams said, and was assigned to the Northwest District.
It's interesting that IMPD provided information to The Star and Fox 59 News about Barnes' death when it denied in toto a public records request made by Advance Indiana. It's just another reason why I trust nothing IMPD says about any investigation. The department illegally withholds public records requests under the guise of the investigative records exception whenever anyone who isn't in the business of writing press releases for the department requests information. No mainstream Indianapolis news organization ever reported on the fact that a man died in a police officer's home until today even though they were furnished information about his death last month that was denied to Advance Indiana. Fox 59 learned that police took used duct tape and chloroform from Officer Slaven's home at the time of Barnes' death. Police sources told Advance Indiana that Barnes was found bound in a cage wearing a chloroform mask. The bottom line is that you cannot trust the local news media to fairly and accurately report on matters involving the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.


Anonymous said...

I'm assuming he committed suicide?

Anonymous said...

It would appear that a very dangerous sub culture exists within the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. One suspicious death at an IMPD officer's home can be overlooked to some degree by the general public but the second death merits serious inquiry, even if it were a so-called suicide.
The local media seems to be taking a hands off approach to these two deaths.

Anonymous said...

There is a serious homosexual undercurrent in many uniformed organizations.

The Nazis were famously homosexual.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:59, the sub-culture was actually fueled during the short time that Frank Anderson and John Layton were in charge of the IMPD. It is actually the culture now at the MCSO. If you are not of the culture, or a political operative, your life at MCSO is most likely one of a hellish nature.

Anonymous said...

Actually 5:28 that sub-culture pre-dated Anderson and Layton by decades going back to the days when Lugar was Mayor.The irony is that men in the gay community died back then as well who were connected to law enforcement and the city's downtown mafia of the day.However,I do wonder just how many straight men get by with investigationg cops finding a dead female victim at a law enforcement officer's house bound in a cage wearing a BDSM chloroform mask.
Given the fact that this is the second death in the officer's in two months one has to wonder what's keeping this from going viral in media.

Loki said...

For Christs sake, have you no decency, a man and his partner are dead, you focus on his work within the leather community, realizing that they over the work they've both done have raise tens of thousands of dollars to support those who are forgotten.
You make information requests as a blogger account, it's right to refuse, while legitimate news organizations have enough moral decency to offer the family and friends to properly grieve and come to terms with the situation. You should feel ashamed of yourselves. Go whine and bitch about your perceived conspiracy, the rest of humanity, we'll mourn a gentle soul and a man who in all aspects of his life, took service above self

Anonymous said...

Officer Slaven couldn't take the pain of losing his lover and chose to take his own life to escape the pain. Stop making this out to be a conspiracy you sick, sick people.

Anonymous said...

Well Loki, what kind of "gentle soul" has a bound prisoner in a cage wearing a chloroform mask. Hey, different strokes for different folks but when deaths occur from the "gentle souls" getting their rocks off then any and all sympathy goes right out the window.
And when does "service above self" include trolling other LEO's who aren't buying into "the lifetstyle" and making life unpleasant for not doing so?
Conspiracy? Looks like it. Two dead gay men, same house. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Have some human decency people. You are no longer attacking the man. He has left this world. You are no longer attacking his partner. He too is gone from this place. But, you are making it harder for these men's loved ones grieve. You are throwing up hate and speculation because you dislike people you don't know. For the sake of others, please stop. Let people grieve and not having to worry about policing the net because of this hatred.

Anonymous said...

The barrage of non-factual information, gossip and crave for scandals of you and other bloggers are in part responsible for the death of a decent police officer who risked his life every day for the Indy community.

Wash your hands well because they have some innocent blood on them.

The world was a better place when Officer Slaven was among us. Let those who cared and loved him to grieve his passing.

Anonymous said...

This coward knew Prison was in his near future.
The fake GoFund account NEVER paid for anything for Aaron.
The impd and media are absolutely disgusting.
Citizens should have been told EXACTLY what was occuring over a month ago.
Better yet impd should have gotten rid of slaven when they first knew of his need to Dominate.
He was not worthy of wearing a badge.
He faced judgement today, and hell is HoT for eternity.
We will now never know what this monster did to our loved one.
IMPD could at least give his family the closure deserved by giving us this cowards suicide note which more than likely holds his confession.
We will never know how many other men lost their lives because of this monster, thankfully he will NEVER harm anyone else. #shameIMPD #Justice4Aaron

Anonymous said...

I have to question the hiring of this person in the first place. We have documentation that he wanted to dominate people. Is that the personality that should pass mental evaluation for selection to be a police officer?

We have reason to believe that there was chemical abuse, wearing a chloroform mask. Do you want someone with a domination complex who enjoys chemical abuse working as a police officer?

Then there is the public representation of himself in photos that he posted that were totally unbecoming of the honor and trust of being a police officer.

I call it a lack of leadership, being too cowardly to make the employment decisions that had to be made.

Anonymous said...

I wonder as to the intelligence and literacy of so many of these anonymous posters. I mean REALLY folks... where in the heck did you ever read ANYTHING about Aaron being found, or ever HAD been, bound in a cage with a chloroform mask? Sorry, try reading articles a little more slowly, and if you have comprehension abilities, ask someone to help you.

And 7:30 - in the very article quoted here, which YOU replied to, the IMPD clearly stated

"The Star quotes Chief Rick Hite as saying last month that Officer Slaven was not under investigation or subject to any disciplinary proceeding regarding Barnes' death"

How anyone with any intelligence at all made the leap in logic that prison was in his near future? Inquiring minds want to know.

and folks... really... even people who are so clueless that the ONLY legal system knowledge they have comes from TV know that NO INFORMATION IS RELEASED UNTIL AN INVESTIGATION IS COMPLETE. The IMPD is following SOP in this case and you think there is a conspiracy?

shaking my head in amazement... the fear mongering and hatred you experience must be hard to bear. Considering Greg lived his life not in fear, but in authenticity, and showed only honesty and compassion for others, it is ironic that people like you are the ones casting stones.

You aren't even in his league.

And for crying out loud, BDSM is not considered a mental or emotional disorder by the APA, so what does anyone's sexual proclivity have to do with their being suited to perform as a police officer?

Perhaps you should take a look at the exemplary way Greg handled himself in the face of physical attack back in 2008 or 2009.... and tell me that HIS example is not one that so many police officers would do well to emulate.

Cant manage to google it. I will do the work for you...

I do not need to remain anonymous. I have no fear of standing behind my words.

Toby Schneiter

Anonymous said...

Do you all judgmental people KNOW that Officer Slaven was AT WORK all that night when the accident happened?

How he can hurt someone when he was not even in his house?

Do you know what CONSENSUAL relationships are? Aaron received the love from Greg that nobody else in this world gave him, not even his own parents.

When Aaron had a grave traffic accident, Greg took care of him for all his long months of recovery.

You just like to judge people. Start judging your own hateful actions. Greg and Aaron had a VERY LOVING relationship.

Anonymous said...

Toby Schneiter:

1. Do you think that a person who has the desires/need to DOMINATE others is fit for police work? If so, explain why. -The community says they are unfit.

2. Do you think that a person who gets joy out of binging a human in a cage with a chloroform mask should be a police officer? -The community says they are unfit.

3. There is nothing exemplary about the disgusting photos which he publicly displayed about himself. They are more than reprehensible, they betray the honor and trust of being a police officer! They demonstrate that he is unfit to be a policeman.

4. Why don't you target the leadership that failed. They failed by hiring him. They failed by retaining him. They gave him privilege to engage in prohibited actions because they lack the courage that true leaders must demonstrate to fire the person.

Anonymous said...

Hite has no formal training as a police officer, and he lacks the basic qualifications to serve as IMPD chief. The coroner had not issued a determination of Barnes' cause of death when Hite made a blanket statement he was not under investigation, a premature statement for him to make before an investigation had been concluded. Barnes' posting of nude and sexually-provocative pictures of himself on social media violated IMPD's code of conduct for police officers. How could Hite clear him when most police officers visited the social media sites and were appalled at the offensive material and images that brought the entire department into disrepute and concluded a clear violation, particularly when they have seen their fellow officers disciplined for far lesser offenses. Was there an internal affairs investigation and what did it conclude? A lot of officers would like to know the results of that investigation. After all, Hite claims he believes in transparent policing.

Anonymous said...

What is a "leather community?"

If there is a "leather community," why is it not all over the news telling everyone what goes on in it? Are such communities threats? Are they gross? We need to know. This story and everywhere it leads needs to be all over the news, for months.

Why isn't it? What is the media protecting?

Do leather cops pose more of a risk to citizens? Are they given to greater measures of violence?

Was Slaven at risk of being charged, so he committed suicide?

Anonymous said...

Police involved in the use of a controlled substance like chloroform and no reporting or investigation?

Mike said...

"man who in all aspects of his life, took service above self"...Loki not literally. Anon 8:41 you say dying during "consensual" activities. I say death by involuntary manslaughter. Today was a good day.

Anonymous said...

Until the investigation is over, no one knows the time of death for Aaron. That being said who really knows if the police officer was present or at work when it happened

I knew Aaron and it makes me sick that he was put in a position to be a slave. Guys using him and sharing him sexually. It really is sad.

I don't know the mental understanding of master/slave or for that matter dad/son relationship. However, I know the difference between right and wrong. How can a person purchase chloroform? Not just anyone can buy it. Chloroform only has one purpose and just thinking about what was being done to Aaron while whoever was using it on him really is sick.

Suicide is an easy way out. It is a cowards way out. I don't believe for a minute that the officer did it because he missed Aaron. After all the officer still had another member of his family

Aaron is gone and justice needs to happen.

Anonymous said...

You have no idea of Aaron's relationship with his parents period. All you know is what was told to you by unreliable sources.

I hardly think that if you are truly in a loving relationship, that you would share your loving partner with other leather masters and make him a sexual slave to them as well

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy your little vigilante rant. Despite your claims, it is very clear you knew nothing about Aaron and Greg. I am pretty sure Aaron was not secretive about their relationship, so I doubt you were even acquaintances. That makes you a gossip and a liar. If you did know Aaron, then you would know how ashamed of you he would be at this time.
Aaron wasn't doing anything he did not request to do. Their relationship was negotiated, loving, and consensual. It is also none of your business, as they were competent adults. While you are entitled to your opinion, you clearly have no knowledge of power exchange relationships and are merely spouting the mythical nonsense of the ignorant.
Greg and Aaron were great, and together they helped raise funds and awareness for several charities and causes. Aaron was one of the gentlest people I knew, Greg was a close second, despite being a cop. In 2008, when most would have used their pistol, and he would have been justified, he instead chose a chemical spray rather than gun down another person.
Since you claim to seek justice, may you find the justice you deserve for your maliciousness.

Unknown said...

Unless the unreliable source is aaron himself, Aaron had told me that his parents abandoned him soon after his coming out, greg took great care of aaron and loved him dearly, I'm not sure where you are getting that aaron was a forced sexual slave, anything aaron did he consented too, before aaron could even have the title of slave he was educated with book, conventions, and research, and if you were even at Aarons funeral you could tell the difference from the people that cared about him, and then his family

Anonymous said...

If Officer Slaven loved and cared for Aaron so much, why did he ask other people to pay for his funeral?

Unknown said...

I'm sorry but you didn't know aaron probably at all. Aaron was well loved by Greg and treated very well , after Aaron car wreak greg even helped aaron get back to walking, as you have stated that you do not understand s&m or dad/son(which FYI is just as it sounds, aaron was abandoned by his parents after coming out) so you probably shouldn't be assuming and hurting both there names, and the people that cared about them

Unknown said...

He wasn't, if I remember correctly it was created by a third party

Unknown said...

No slaven wasn't even close to being charged, he was broken hearted, anyone that have even met the couple could tell Aarons death hurt him deeply, as far as the leather community, no its not any danger to society, but if you would like more info look up "indy leather community "

Anonymous said...

For all of you that are saying horrible things, how does that make you feel? Do you feel superior? For all of you hinting at conspiracy, do you think you are better than others?

Also, why are you posting anonymously? For the cruelty you are providing to people thst loved both Greg and Aaron, you must not hold your own convictions in high regard to post as an anonymous person. If you even remotely believe in your own words, then stand up with your own name

Rhee M.

Anonymous said...

Not yet.

Anonymous said...

It was a third party that set the fundraiser up. Greg had nothing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

A.) Chloroform is only a moderately controlled substance. You can purchase it online. Anyone over the age of 18 can purchase it.

B.) Chloroform occurs naturally. It has more uses than the kidnapping type situations on television .

C.) Those of you claiming to know Aaron and are saying how horrid his life was, obviously do not know Aaron at all.

D.) BDSM, SM, DS. And all of the alphabet soup that goes along with leather and kink are not found in the DSM-V. They are not considered mental illness.

E.) To those saying he is going to hell, for what? Your judgemental ways will slingshot you right to hell when you are judged.

For 559-

1.) Time of death is fairly easy to figure out by forensic specialists and pathologists. Just because it hasn't been released to the public means nothing. Most things aren't released to the public as a matter of fact.

2.) If you knew Aaron at all, it was just in passing. He was a wonderful man. And the way you speak of his death is slanderous.

3. You are correct. You know nothing of a M.s relationship or the psychology behind it. As a matter of fact knowing the right from wrong that you speak of is subjective at best. What you consider right from wrong is not necessarily what others consider it to be.

4.) See above about the chloroform. It has other uses, can occur in nature, is available for purchase online. Educate yourself. As for the way the telly shows chloroform in use, it is not exactly factual. There is a thing called Google. Use it.

5.) Suicide is not an easy way out. It occurs when pain becomes too much to stand.

6.) You are obviously not a medical professional of any sort. You do not understand anything you speak of. Educate yourself.

To everyone that has posted nasty comments -

You are the worst sort of person, in my eyes. You are taking the deaths of two wonderful people and creating an argument for your own agendas. While everyone has opinions, not everyone needs to share those opinions. You are stomping on the memories of men we have lost. You are not letting their loved ones grieve In peace. That is the worst sort of cruel.

Anonymous said...

"before aaron could even have the title of slave"

Say what?

Being a slave isn't some sort accomplishment. It's a position of abuse, imprisonment and torture.

Anonymous said...

The third party stated they were setting up the GoFundMe site to pay for Aaron's funeral expenses at Slaven's request.

Anonymous said...

I really had no idea how big the weird side of Indy was until I read the comments to this article.

How can there possibly be an entire community revolving around "leather," "master and servant," and the cringeworthy "dad and son?" I didn't know there was that much of it to go around in a straightlaced medium-sized town.

Who gets into this stuff? Where does contentment with ordinary sex with the wife end, and there beginning a path of being put into a cage for sexual gratification?

Anonymous said...

his cohorts try to justify all the evil.
We celebrate this undeserving scumb never worthy of the honor of protecting Indianapolis is now burning in HELL.

Anyone whom is ok with manipulation, dominant acts resulting in death needs serious mental help.

The 34 years we had Aaron we are blessed and no evil seeds can take that, ever.

Vengeance is the Lords and we thank Him for it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Eric Hinkle: You said "Aaron had told me that his parents abandoned him soon after his coming out, Greg took great care of Aaron and loved him dearly." It's called "grooming," Eric! Click this link: Perpetrators of child sexual abuse (CSA) may gain the trust of potential child victims by methodically “grooming” them. This process begins with identifying potential victims, gaining their trust, and breaking down their defenses. After gaining access to the victim, now emotionally weak, the perpetrator initiates some kind of contact that he finds sexually gratifying. This sexual contact may range from voyeurism to rape or sex slave forced to have sex with multiple partners.

It looks like The Police Department had an unfit hiring. A person who had a DOMINATION issue over other human beings, that SELECTED HIS VICTIM who was emotionally weak and hurt, groomed him into becoming his SEX SLAVE and performing unthinkable acts on him and likely having others to that to him as well for the gratification of the DOMINATOR. We know that chemical chloroforum use was mentioned and that could mean taking advantage of a person unable to resist. Rapists may use it.

The United Nations calls the actions HUMAN TRAFFICKING!

Anonymous said...

Questions for The Police Chief:

1. Can you explain hiring a police officer with a propensity to DOMINATE others?
2. What did your Department psychologist say about this candidate?
3. After a death in which you became aware of DOMINATION of a human being, caged, and chloroforum used, did you initiate a HUMAN TRAFFICKING INVESTIGATION? If so, where did it go? If not, WHY?
4. Chief, Do you have a pair?
5. Chief, why didn't you fire this guy for conduct unbecoming an officer et al?
6. Chief, do you think that a Police Officer engaged in this type of apparent Human Trafficking, who proudly posts obscene photos of himself and brags about his behavior is fitting to be a Police Officer?
7. Chief, do you have any moral courage to do The Right Thing?
8. Chief, do you think your so-called 'Leadership Academy' produces leaders who ignore this behavior?

Anonymous said...

No I don't feel superior.

Only real men who are so called masters that do things to slave boys feel superior. Is that why they do it?

Anonymous said...

What is Human Trafficking?

Article 3, paragraph (a) of the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons defines Trafficking in Persons as the recruitment, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation. Exploitation shall include, at a minimum, the exploitation of the prostitution of others or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labour or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude.

It is disgusting, abhorrent, and calls for Firing The Police Chief for incompetence and allowing this to go on during his watch. The Police Chief failed to act. Two people are DEAD! The Chief of Police FAILED his duty.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I think all the regular commenters on Gary's blog were just sitting back and watching this whole back and forth. Gary - 37 replies (not including mine - when is the last time you had one of those!) :)

BTW, I have a friend who recently told me all about the leather community in Indy. I had no idea about it because it wasn't something I was interested in. If you want to find something, I am sure it is out there

Anonymous said...

Chief of Police Richard Hite: You have been called a FAILURE. You have been identified as having no Moral Courage. You have been identified as being incompetent to serve as Police Chief.

The MAYOR, GREG BALLARD, is responsible for your failure and continued employ with The City.

Greg Ballard: Have you no shame. You lack the moral courage to do what has to be done.

Rick Hite: Incompetent from a RACIST CITY of Baltimore, where incompetence rules and RACISM goes unchecked due to preference. Why haven't you resigned????

Anonymous said...

anonymous: exactly where is the funds officer Slaven raised for aaron's funeral? Since they never made it to the proper people for his funeral. If officer slaven used this for his own being, that is fraud. Again IMPD has a big cover up problem with this entire case. This latest death blew the lid on the cover up campaign. I just think somebody needs to be responsible and man up! Officer Slaven now dead? HMMMM

Anonymous said...

Greg Slaven physically attacked me in 2014. He was a control freak in life and death...his death was timed due to the coming out of his role in Aaron Barnes' death. He was like military villains who take their own narcissistic lives.

Unknown said...

Listen if what you said had any weight you wouldn't be hiding your identity, it accually called Paraphilia if you wanna get technical, and maybe try being educated their was no trickery, or trafficking, aaron wasn't an object he was a wonderful human being, and you making up stuff just so can feel important is very selfish, people that are being trafficked, don't a TON of friend and a cell phone at all times, or a Facebook account that would allow him to talk to anyone at any time, and the last point aaron and greg weren't some screwed up Hollywood hogwash where there's a antagonist and protagonist, they were two consenting adults that had a kink, one that by today standard are so tame their's a DAMN BOOK TRILOGY WITH MOVIES TO FOLLOW, if you accually had a heart you would stop being so selfish as to make up stuff to fit your egotistical morals, and let aaron rest in peace and stop hurting the people that accually loved and care for him, and if you wanna get biblical your bearing false witness so I'll save you a seat in hell and trust me we will have a LONG talk!!

Unknown said...

Not in a s&m relationship, being a slave is a title, s&m isn't just some free for all one hitting another like a pinata, it takes training and negotiations that accually can take weeks to hammer out, so yeah the title of slave is earned from hard work and understanding of what you want out of the scene and your partner

Anonymous said...

The funny part of everyone's comments is they are a assumptive and born from hear say.

Not a single person knows anything about the death scenes except , Police , Ems and Jesse the roommate .

Aaron's life was taken by no one else but himself.

Gregs life was taken by no one else but himself.

Their lifestyle aside , this has dick to do with a coverup of IMPD or anyone else.

The truth is its no one else's damned business what went on behind his closed doors, whether you like it
Or not , it's no ones business, it did not make him any less of a police officer , and 15+ years on the force
Proves that!
What you don't know is this man was a father , and a public servant .

Every person reading this has something about their life that if known would ruin everything
They have in life. So who give a shit about his sexual preferences and love for leather. It makes no difference.

There is no cover up , it's just no ones fucking business. The absolute only reason you know about
The suicide is he was a public servant and that's media hype.
People commit suicide daily in Indianapolis how many did you hear of in the last year? (Exactly)

Let this shit rest so his family can grieve , regardless of anything else he was a human being and served
His city protected and served the people of Indianapolis for a long time ,

Let him rest in peace , As not One of us is perfect!

Unknown said...

Or ever

Anonymous said...

Not in this world anyway as the coward took his own life for a very easy way out.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:37 OK, I'll respond to your laughable comment: You said "People commit suicide daily in Indianapolis how many did you hear of in the last year?"

All alleged 'suicides' (that is your term, the coroner would call them death investigations), whereby a subject is found in a cage with a chloroforum mask are highly suspicious; and could indicate human trafficking. Clearly it is news that is like a suicide.

Anonymous said...

As I also stated you have "0" clue what you are talking about and like everyone else You believe what you read on the Internet !
Neither person was found in a cage! That's a fact! That is speculation because of rumor!

Anonymous said...

This article does nothing but facilitate a conversation of ignorance and hate. you have no idea of the nature of their relationship. it was NOT human trafficking. I wish i could have a relationship that was half as healthy as theirs.

Anonymous said...

"None of our business"? Anyone who wants to keep their private life private doesn't post hundreds of pictures on line of themselves or what they are doing to others.

I dated Aaron years before he met fifty shades of Sir Greg. Arron was gentle, caring, innocent amongst other great attributes. Sir Greg posted on many slave sites including rcn. Photographs of slave boys being face down on a bed, hands and legs shackled, a leather crop lies across the slave boy's behind which is red from being beat. A glass object is shown beside the boy and you can use your imagination from there. SIr Greg proudly shown as if he is on a safari hunt. Is this the so called love you speak of?

If you know Sir Greg then you will know of the "house of slaves". Photograghs of at least three slave boys. Just sickening.

To whomever is thinking that comments are directed because the guy was gay, they are not. The comments are directed because there is a grave injustice being done.

This entire situation is scandalous. Out of the majority of police officers who protect and serve, and do a fantastic job, this one individual does not reflect on them.

Anonymous said...

"Not a single person knows anything about the death scene except for Jesse the roommate? Is that so?

Great Lakes Den reports that SIr Greg is survived by his boy "JESSE". interesting that SIr Greg has a roommate and also a boy names "Jesse'.

Why don't you coherts cut the craps and stop trying your feeble attempts to candy coat everything? Just tell it like it is. All of us can see what is and was going on.

Anonymous said...

So today, the coroner rules that Aaron Barnes died accidentally. What the hell does that mean exactly? Is this how the police would rather sweep this under the rug than seek justice! I am apauled at this entire situation.

Before Steve Slaven (Lopez) shut down his Facebook page, he belonged to some kind of Chloroform kink group. Than there is the supposed Jesse the roommate.

This entire situation stinks of foul play, yet the police do absolutely nothing. The coroner states Aaron died accidentally. How? With whom?

It sickens me, that the police do nothing, the press does absolutely nothing. Reminds me of the three monkeys, hear no evil, speak no evil and see no evil.